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[2006-02-02] Answering your letters
The article of the previous issue developed around the question: “Why don’t you give flowers to women?”. You can read it here: If you have an interesting story on this subject, share it with us! Hello to everyone at Chance For Love, May I first of all wish you all a happy new year and offer my best wishes for 2006 to everyone at Chance For Love. I would like to say a warm Thank You to you all for the wonderful service you provide, in bringing people together, and making our dreams happen :-) I read the latest newslet [...]
[2005-12-27] Our news
Presents for Christmas and New Year! Do you know that we will send you the photo-report of the delivery absolutely for free? Certainly, it can’t replace your real presence, but you will know how it was happening. We will try to make as “live and natural” photos as possible! Probably in some years you will look through the photos together and recollect that happy time! You can order gifts using the following link: Send sms free of charge! Only for Kazan!!! Look: if her cell-phone code begins with: 7095, 7910, 7915, [...]
[2005-12-27] Answering your letters
Is there a proper way of asking a lady for additional pictures? Possibly pictures of her hometown, family or friends? Places she likes? Thank for the help. George Thank you, George, for so interesting question! First let’s answer the question why you want to have such photos? All know that women in Russia get photographed by a professional photographer to place their profiles on dating sites. Partially it is a requirement of the agencies and partially it is a requirement of the time. ‘Cause if there are some professional photos on the site, the girls on them get a lot of letters and g [...]
[2005-12-27] Why don’t you give flowers to women?
 I don’t speak about such occasions as birthdays, the anniversary of meeting, New Year and so on. I mean ordinary days that don’t differ from others! Why to give flowers without any occasion? They say that poets have a heightened sensibility to the essence of things. Maybe this is why they love to compare a woman to a flower? Flowers are a permanent attribute of any love story. Can you imagine courting without flowers? Flowers are a compliment to a lady, the way of saying that a man finds her feminine. Huge bouquets in the shape of a heart or delicate tulips that touch a heart [...]
[2005-12-19] Our news
New on the web-site: the history of the agency. News Thread Each newsletter begins with news about the life of the agency. As well as this issue :) If to collect all these issues together, they will make a textbook on the Agency History. Unfortunately, regular issues of newsletters started only in the year 2003, whereas our agency has been working for 10 years. But nevertheless it is interesting to see the stories of our couples, their weddings, birth of children, the agency's life, new things on the web-sites, our interviews and so on. Now you can see all these things in the section where [...]
[2005-12-19] Answering your letters
Hello and best wishes Looking through the profiles, I have seen some very stunning and beautiful ladies, but I can't help wondering are some western men to frightened to write to these ladies, thinking they are to beautiful to be interested in them? Some of the ladies if they were in my country (United Kingdom) I wouldn't stand a chance with. Yours from England Richard Hello Richard! Thank you for your interesting question! Really, the beauty of girls is not only a trump card, but also a hindrance. Either they receive a lot of letters, but not from the men they are looking for, or [...]
[2005-12-19] All about how to make Christmas merry!
Less than 10 days before Christmas! What presents to give????? This is the most important question of the year! Calm down, guys! We have thought it out for you. Look: a gift for your dreams girl should be: - romantic, - sweet, - show your care about her - and it also should be uncommon to make your girl charmed with it. You might find it impracticable. But it is not! Morning coffee with love Do you know that every morning you can make coffee for your beloved? How??? Present her a coffee machine! Even being on different continents, you will constantly take care of your lad [...]
[2005-12-03] Man, woman and telephone
They say that in love three is a crowd! It is not true, if you are on one continent and your loved one is on the other and between you is a telephone. You shouldn't underestimate the role of telephone conversations. Let's talk about it! When is it timely to ask for the phone number? Not to make personal remarks, let's make up two characters. Let one of them be called Bruce (I like «Die hard»), and the other one – Bill (I don't like Microsoft). :)) Bill dials up the number of some pretty Russian woman and hears the man's voice. - Hello, may I speak to Natasha? - (in reply he [...]
[2005-12-03] Our news
New on the site: How to find out the time difference? Friends, every time you contact us or write your lady, or call her, you wonder what time it is over there? You get into embarrassing situation when the sleepy voice on the other end of the line tells you: “It is 6 o’clock in the morning here!!!” Or when you wait for the reply, and your e-mail box is empty and only then it dawns on you: “Ah, it is night over there!” At about 4 pm I say to myself: “Oh, America have woken up!”, because twice as many letters appear in my e-mail box, morning has come to America! :)) You needn’t rack [...]
[2005-12-03] Answering your letters
In the previous issue I published the article “Does age matter?” You can read it here: At the end of it I offered to discuss what age difference you consider to be ideal? As always I received a lot of letters. Here are some of them. Let’s read them! Dear Slava and Irina Chernova, I must congratulate both of you for the face up-lift of your previous newsletter. It is excellent. The contents of the inbred culture, the psychological behavior, the home economic stability and the topic of age difference and Russian wome [...]
[2005-11-15] Does age matter?
So it happened that all dating services work with pictures. It is awful! As it is impossible to see personality behind the picture, but only appearance. So it happened that age influences our looks. So it happened that age becomes one of the major factors in choosing a partner. Age matters! And we must know all advantages and disadvantages of different age groups. 1. I am older than she is. It is the most numerous group. In nearly all international marriages spouses have disparity in 5-10-15 and even 25-35 years. I say “nearly all”, because I need to tell something in the next [...]
[2005-11-15] Winter is coming to Russia | One more couple at our agency!
Winter is coming to Russia Winter is coming to Russia. There’s been the first fall of snow! Certainly Russia is a huge country (the largest one in the world) and somewhere in northern latitudes there is a lot of snow on the ground already. But I mean the European part of Russia. We have a sign here: a real winter comes in a month after the first fall of snow. This is how beautiful Russian winter is: One more couple at our agency! Dear stuff, I am sorry I did not send message about my trip to Kiev earlier. I was in Kiev from October 14 till October 21 and we both liked it. At f [...]
[2005-11-15] Answering your letters
In our previous issue of newsletter we published the letter of the Russian girl named Anna. She was reflecting on the topic: “Why Feminism isn’t popular in Russia?” To refresh this letter in your memory, you can read it here: A lot of letters have come in response, thank you, guys, for the interesting and very helpful discussion! Niels Bang: What do I think about Anna's letter? You ask. I'll tell you my opinion. Anna's thoughts and opinions, is the thoughts and opinions of the dream woman for me - she shows self-c [...]
[2005-10-31] Amazing facts
=Higher education favours divorces= According to the recent research of the Study and Settlement of Conflicts Center which belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences, people working in intellectual sphere divorce much more often than those doing manual labor. Scientists also note that town-dwellers divorce more often than countrymen and they explain it by the fact that in villages a married couple is more controlled by relatives and neighbors. =Americans can’t make a step without God= According to a new NBC News poll, it is not just in times of crisis that many Americans reply on religi [...]
[2005-10-31] Answering your letters.
This week one of our girls told us an unpleasant story. She was delivered a bouquet ordered to her by her fiance through another web-site, but her joy was clouded by an unpleasant circumstance. Here is what she wrote to him: “You have a really fine taste. Cream-colored chrysanthemums with yellow herberas look stunning. The only thing that upsets me is when I unwrapped this bouquet it turned out that half of the herberas were broken. I was unpleasantly amazed that they were tied by scotch tape, i.e. it had been initially known that they were broken. Well, never mind. You know, that for me y [...]
[2005-10-24] Why Feminism isn’t popular in Russia?
Not long ago we discussed this subject and then I came across the letter of a Russian girl in the Internet. Take your time to read it! It is very arguable, but it shows well the state of public opinion in today’s Russia. Sometimes I see an opinion in the Internet that strong family traditions of Russian women is a myth made up by dating services. But such letters as this one – emotional and honest – prove the opposite. The letter was written by the girl named Anna. She is a feminist, or want to become such. She reflects on the future of feminism in Russia. [...]
[2005-10-22] Time change for many of us!
Time change for many of us! If you appointed the telephone conference ( or just agree about the telephone call, take into account that on the last Sunday of October Russia switches from summer into winter time. On the 30th of October all the clocks will be put one hour back. Like most countries, Russia does it to use the light time of the day more effectively and to save energy. Be attentive! 2005-10-15 Private office Let’s discuss! Private office Our primary value is trust of our clients. So we want to be absolutely “transparent” [...]
[2005-10-17] What should you do if you have found your girl friends’ s profile on another Internet site?
     You are hot of indignation??? You are going to marry her and she keeps placing her info in the Internet? You were dreaming about your common kids sleeping calmly in the cradles, and she goes on seeking a husband? At last, you’ve opened your heart to her, but she…      Don’t haste! In such cases psychologists usually advice to make a deep sigh and count to 10. No help? Keep counting until you realize that you can speculate reasonably.      While you are counting I can tell you that there are plenty of cases when the girl is not a [...]
[2005-10-17] Answering your letters
Dear Slava,     I rejoice with your growth, and with the many more possibilities of dear wives you give us at Chance for Love. But remember, don't get so big that you lose the PERSONAL TOUCH that I see only in your business.     I really liked Jeff's letter. It does make things look promising. God bless you and the staff! Peter Peter,     It is always a pleasure to read your encouraging messages.     We avoid talking about it, because it sounds too grandiloquent. But, nevertheless, PERSONAL TOUCH is our chief principal in work. [...]
[2005-10-15] Don’t humiliate women!
Just so: don’t humiliate! There are things that are impossible to change: this awful term “mail order brides” or the stereotype opinion that the economical situation in Russia is really bad and people live poorly and therefore women are ready to marry even a devil for the sake of a sweet life in the West. But if you are looking for your soulmate, your other half, your love, throw such thoughts away out of your mind! Yes, most likely, she isn’t rich. It is quite possible that she earns a month what you earn a day. But she is a personality with her own dreams, values and dignity, looking [...]
[2005-09-16] Kazan changes telephone numbers | New service: ”I am feeling lucky!”
Kazan changes telephone numbers Attention, please!!! Great changes in Kazan telephone numbers. || Firstly, phone numbers have come to consist of 7 digits (used to contain 6 digits). It is concerned with the growth and development of the city. I guess you know already that Kazan turned 1000 years old in August and the population of the city comprises over a million people today. So the city grew short of phone numbers for all its dwellers! || Secondly, the city code has changed as well. It used to be (8432) and now it is (843). || So you can see the new phone numbers of our agency [...]
[2005-07-30] News of the site: new design, new function.
News of the site: new design, new function. You could notice that lately we have been experimenting a lot with the design of our site There is no limit in perfection! :) Do you like it? You can send us any remarks. || Now on the first page of our site you can see some photos of our women. If you like someone, just click on the photo and you will be directed to the personal page of the girl. The photos appear without any conditions in a lottery manner. || Also I’d like to draw your attention to the new function “I am feeling lucky!”. You can try your fortune! T [...]
[2005-07-19] Just a bit of history: first lonely-hearts advertisement.
Just a bit of history: first lonely-hearts advertisement. 1695, July 19, the world's first lonely-hearts advertisement was published in John Houghton's Collection for the Improvement of Husbandry and Trade. It read: "A Gentleman about 30 years of age, that says he has a Very Good Estate, would willingly Match Himself to some young Gentlewoman that has a fortune of pond 3,000 or thereabouts, And he will make settlement to content." So people invented the way of acquaintance thru advertisements 310 years ago, but in the past they could find spouses only among those living in their area. Nowa [...]
[2005-07-02] Ukraine simplifies visas for the U.S. citizens | Updating: Happy stories | The press about us: the Irish Wedding & New Homes
Ukraine simplifies visas for the U.S. citizens starting July 1. President Victor Yushchenko signed a decree on June 30 saying that the U.S. citizens returning to the Ukraine within six months after their first visiting are no longer required to obtain a visa, provided the new stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days. This measure is a part of Ukrainian President’s plan to move the Ukraine closer to the West and it is intended to develop a "strategic partnership" with the USA. || Updating: Happy stories Updating on the page Happy stories [...]
[2005-06-18] Wedding in July | Constitution Day in the Ukraine
Wedding in July Lately more and more couples marry in Russia and only then start the process of getting an immigration visa. It used to be a rare case at our agency. || Well, next week there is going to be a wedding in Kazan. Its main characters are Russian bride and American groom. Meanwhile they are both preparing to the ceremony and count days until they can put rings on each other’s fingers, let us tell you their story in short. || It is an amazing story! The bride first saw the groom nearly a month before wedding!!! By that time they had corresponded for about half a year, planne [...]
[2005-06-06] Day of Independence | Testimonials: Guests from the past
Day of Independence: June 12 June 12 is the Day of Independence in Russia. On this day 15 years ago the Declaration of Sovereignty of Russian Federation was signed. Usually this day is a public holiday, but this year it coincides with Sunday, so a day off is extended into Monday. Bear it in mind, if you don’t receive response from your lady. Three days off in a row: Saturday, Sunday and Monday can cause delay in answering. As a rule, all people try to take advantage of days off and go to the country. However, our office will work according to the usual schedule. || Testimonials: Gues [...]
[2005-05-21] Happy story: Larry+Elena
Happy story: Larry+Elena Exactly a month ago on April, 2005 Larry and Elena were married in the US. This is their story: Larry had just been divorced and was surfing the web and accidentally came across a reference to Russian Brides. Being a curious man, he logged onto Chance for Love to look at the posted photos of Russian women. As soon as he saw the photo and profile of Elena K. from Ukraine, he knew he must meet her. They corresponded for a few months and Larry had a few personal problems and had to stop writing. After a few weeks, he wrote to Elena again and discovered that she had [...]
[2005-04-29] Easter | Kazan: Hotel reservation
Easter On May 1, Sunday, Orthodox Christians shall celebrate Easter, Jesus Christ's Resurrection! A lot of traditions are connected with this day. For example, a person says: "Christ resurrected!". Another person replies: "He truly resurrected!". Then traditionally they kiss each other three times on cheeks. Kissing on this day after the phrases is an old-Slavonic tradition, but now this tradition exists only between close people (for example, family, friends). After that people exchange colored eggs that they dyed on the eve of Easter. These are old-Slavonic phrases, which you can l [...]
[2005-04-02] We had an event! | The Ukraine opens its frontiers for the citizens of Euro Union
We had an event! On the 2nd of April the wedding of our clients – Carl and Alfiya – took place in Kazan. || Carl had come to Kazan the week before to help with preparations for the ceremony. Several days before the wedding his mother and friend (he was his groomsman) joined him in Kazan. We will tell you more about this wedding in next issues. In fact, one girl of the chanceforlove team was invited to the wedding as a guest as they appreciated her help with translating from the very beginning of their relations. || And so far I want all of us to congratulate this wonderful couple! May [...]
[2005-03-19] Day of Laughter | Testimonials: Don+Anna
Day of Laughter Next week, on the 1st of April, people of Russia are celebrating the Day of Laughter. It is not a national holiday, not a day off, just one of the holidays like Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and so on. On this day people play tricks, joke, make fun of each other in a kind way and so on. Popular tricks are sticking a funny ad on someone’s back and saying to someone that his suit is dirty. This day nobody believes in other people’s words and stories, and if someone does believe in a trick, all people around laugh at him happily. This day is also called “Fool’s Day”. Because w [...]
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