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[2007-06-06] A Russian citizen, who is married to a Nawanshahr resident, in a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner alleged that she feared threat to her life from her husband, who has remarried and has been living with his second wife in Chandigarh.
She appealed to the Punjab government to protect her and her two children and help her get divorce so that she could go back to her country. Polato Nargis alleged that she married Harminder Kumar in 2000 in Russia, where he was earlier working. He came back to India in 2004 and started a business, but often came to Russia. "He asked me to come to India and join business. And in 2006, after selling my entire property in Russia, I came here," she said, adding, "Harminder purchased a house in Chandigarh with my money and also used a huge amount in his business." "While bringing me to Nawanshahr [...]
[2007-06-06] Russian Drinks
The first thing that crosses one’s mind when speaking about Russian drinks is certainly vodka. Yet, as a matter of fact, long before vodka there were no less popular drinks in Old Rus. As for vodka, it came to Russia via Lithuania where it was brought by the Genoese from their colony in the Crimea. Actually it did not happen until the mid 14th century. So vodka is another story. Initially these were only nonalcoholic liquids that were called drinks in Russia: they were invigorative and nourishing. Perhaps hence is the now archaic Russian expression translated as “to eat tea”. The history o [...]
[2007-06-06] If you want to help the poor, promote marriage.
If you want to help the poor, promote marriage. That’s the finding of scholars like Kay Hymowitz. Poverty is a real problem, even in the affluent United States. The rich-poor gap is deep and wide. But many programs that are created to deal with poverty ignore the very clear roots of the problem. Hymowitz wrote Marriage and Caste in America, whose findings were recently summarized by Father John Flynn on Zenit. She demonstrates how the breakdown of the family isn’t just a personal tragedy for those involved. It’s an economic disaster for them — which means it affects us all. A combination of [...]
[2007-06-05] About 20 percent of high school girls have reported being physically or sexually abused by a dating partner
Jean Crinan, executive director of the Mt. Graham Safe House domestic violence shelter, said the level of local teen dating violence mirrors the state’s statistics, although exact numbers were not readily available.Statistics from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence state approximately one in five female high school students reported being abused physically, sexually or both by a dating partner. The resource center also reports that victims of dating violence are likely to exhibit other serious health risk behaviors.Girls, however, are not the only victims, according to the Arizo [...]
[2007-06-05] Advantages of being single
One set of relatives- I am putting this right on top because too many relatives make living tough. You already have your extended family. All kinds of characters are included in that. Now you wish to add many more from your partner's side? Imagine what will happen? No nagging partner- Who likes nagging? I do not think that any of us wants to be told that we have not kept our clothes in the cupboard? A single person can have his clothes handy by keeping them wherever they like and no questions asked. Own money- No body to ask you about what you did with your pay. you can spend a week's [...]
[2007-06-05] In 2006 Germans spent 65.6 million Euros in order to find a mate on the internet
This corresponds to an increase of 49% as compared to the year 2005. For the year 2007 the Jupiter Research market research institution calculated that turnover in this field could increase by another 29% to reach 84.5 million Euros. This finding was discovered by the above research institution in the course of a study which had been commissioned by the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). During the presentation of the figures in Berlin yesterday, Mr. Florian Koch, who is an internet expert with BITKOM, said: “Online-dating is a continuou [...]
[2007-06-05] IceBreaker raises $7.2 million, brings online dating to cell phones
IceBreaker has landed $7.2 million in new financing, money that the Bellevue startup will use to continue marketing its mobile dating service Crush or Flush. It also plans to use funds to bolster a research and development center in Beijing, where the company now employs more than 20 people and is looking to add more. Unveiled in mid-January, the Crush or Flush service allows singles to find potential matches by browsing picture profiles of other members on mobile phones. So far, more than 150,000 registered users have signed up. Vice President of Marketing Josh Levine said that the avera [...]
[2007-06-04] Beware of credit card foreign transaction fees
Beware of Credit Card Foreign Transaction Feesby Heshan Demel,, Consumer Credit ResearcherWhat you need to know before traveling overseasForeign exchange fees on credit cards should be of keeninterest to those traveling beyond the borders of the UnitedStates. Exchange rates offered by credit cards are usually hardto beat. Of equal and perhaps greater importance, however, isthe foreign transaction fee that your credit card bill might showonce you have returned home from your trip. This fee, which isoften a shock to cardholders, has been increasing as of late. Socardholders that [...]
[2007-06-04] The former East Germany is being drained of young women, leaving an underclass of disillusioned young men behind
It is well known that Germans living in the former East have been leaving the region in huge numbers since communism collapsed at the start of the 1990s. Many have gone to western Germany, or to foreign countries. The report, entitled Too Many Men, says women have made up the greater part of the exodus. Since the fall of communism one-and-a-half million - roughly 10% of the population of the former East Germany - have headed west in the hope of better work opportunities. Most of them are under 35 years old, and with a better than average education. Neo-Nazi recruits What this new [...]
[2007-06-04] A Vietnamese woman is challenging the widely held idea among Taiwanese that all Southeast Asian wives are poor women with low education.
Tran Thi Hoang Phuong is herself married to a Taiwanese man and has recently earned a master's degree in the Graduate School of Family Studies and Child Development at Shih Chien University in Taipei. She is also fluent in Chinese. Tran Thi has vowed to serve as a cultural bridge between Taiwan and her homeland in Vietnam. She grew annoyed by local news stories about "foreign brides." This is a term used by local people to refer to Southeast Asian women who have married Taiwanese men. Tran Thi said that most of these news stories are negative. Tran Thi began to serve as a voluntary interpre [...]
[2007-06-04] A Vietnamese woman married to a Taiwanese man is challenging the widely held perception among Taiwanese that Southeast Asian wives are poor women with poor education who can hardly speak Mandarin.
And she did it with style, earning a master's degree from Shih Chien University's Graduate School of Family Studies and Child Development in Taipei. She has vowed to serve as a cultural bridge between Taiwan and her homeland. The circumstances that led Tran Thi Hoang Phuong to her master's degree began a decade ago when she was a student at the National Law School of Ho Chih Minh City in Vietnam. She worked parttime after school and met a young Taiwanese man surnamed Chen, who had been posted there by a Taiwanese firm. She married Chen in 1993 and raised two children in Ho Chih Minh City u [...]
[2007-06-04] When it comes to dating, listen to your gut instinct, not your heart. Your gut tries to protect you from getting hurt, your heart has no clue what it is doing
Recently I interviewed Williams, author of the No. 1 dating book on, "Heartbreak-Free Dating."The basis of her approach can be found in this quote from her book:"When it comes to dating, listen to your gut instinct, not your heart. Your gut tries to protect you from getting hurt, your heart has no clue what it is doing."The secret, according to Williams, is to focus on what you want. You do this by knowing your requirements, needs and wants.Requirements - These are the things you must have in a relationship - these are the deal-breakers. If these requirements are not met, th [...]
[2007-06-04] In the Russian Federation, 69% of men smoke daily, a level that is by far the highest in the WHO European Region, where on average 40% of men smoke daily.
Although smoking levels among Russian women are much lower (21.6% smoke daily), this figure is the highest among women in the newly independent states (NIS). The NIS comprise Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.The prevalence of smoking among young people is also high, with smoking among boys rising: in a recent WHO study, 27.4% of 15-year-old boys smoked at least weekly (an increase of 3.4% in four years), while 18.5% of 15-year-old girls smoked at least weekly.At a tim [...]
[2007-06-01] Midlifers have become the fastest-growing segment of the online dating world
Jeff Moulden may have met The One online this week. But as he awaits her next move in the modern dating dance, the Toronto salesman has an old-fashioned case of butterflies in the stomach. "It happens almost every time," says the 45-year-old. "I don't want to be single." Mr. Moulden, who describes himself as an attractive and environmentally aware guy who loves food and wine, playing hockey and sleeping in on a rainy day, has been looking for dates online for 3½ years on three different sites. "I picked up on it as a way to meet people I otherwise wouldn't," says Mr. Moulden, who ha [...]
[2007-06-01] The popular online dating service eHarmony was sued Thursday for refusing to offer its services to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals
The popular online dating service eHarmony was sued Thursday for refusing to offer its services to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. A lawsuit alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of Linda Carlson, who was denied access to eHarmony because she is gay. Lawyers bringing the action said they believed it was the first lawsuit of its kind against eHarmony, which has long rankled the gay community with its failure to offer a "men seeking men" or "women seeking women" option. They were seeking to make it a class action lawsuit on behalf [...]
[2007-06-01] For many middle-aged single women in the Kingdom, the qualifications, age and background of prospective husbands are not important
For such women, getting married, settling down and starting a family is top priority. However, this leads to many of them being left hurt by unscrupulous manipulative men. One such woman is Shadia Hussain, aged 48. Shadia recently married a man in his 20s and provided her husband, who was of a poor background, with all the luxury he could possibly dream of. “I gave him a car, a house and even helped him open a bank account. I thought that this would make him feel proud of me. However, he is extremely ungrateful. One day I went out with him and he met a previous girlfriend of his. He spoke to [...]
[2007-06-01] Last year women brands spent $1,5 mln on online ads in Russia
The main portion (37%) of these spents comes from makeup brands headed by Oriflame and Avon. They are followed by haircare (25%) and body treatment (16%) products, mostly Unilever's. Fashion brands are still very few on the web in Russia, local ones ahead. Dmitry Ashmanov from MindShare says this expends to double in 2007, although online promotion takes only 1% of woman brands' media budgets in Russia. [...]
[2007-06-01] The current practice of helping Tawian citizens find foreign spouses through commercial operations will be outlawed soon
Legislative representatives from various political parties reached a consensus yesterday to draw up new rules to prohibit the business matchmaking practice. There will also be new regulations to better safeguard the human rights of foreigners victimized by domestic violence or human trafficking schemes. The legislators agreed to revise the Entry/Exit and Immigration Law to ban marriage matchmaking as a business. People providing such service will not be allowed to spread or advertise related information like the potential foreign wives' photos or personal data. The matchmakers are prohib [...]
[2007-05-31] How to avoid marrying a jerk
People often assume that the person they’re dating will change once they are married; that the bad habits, character flaws or troubling tendencies will all miraculously go away once they say, “I do.” Why? Is it the magic tux he’s wearing? Her special-powers veil? What is going to miraculously take away his wandering eye or tendency to drink too much? What will instantly remove her problem with overspending or telling the truth? I’m telling you, folks, it’s not the wedding ceremony, or even the honeymoon. In fact, can’t we all just admit that we were, or are, on our best behavior when we [...]
[2007-05-31] Forget the oligarchs, no one is attracted to money like the new army of Russian beauties taking over London
People stare at Natalia. She is stunningly beautiful, elegant, and with a figure that a movie star would die for. I've known her for four hours and we have just had a bottle of champagne that cost me £200. Now we're strolling down Old Bond Street in London. She pauses at a jewellery shop and stares in the window. With an exquisitely manicured finger, she points to a diamond encrusted wristwatch. Tom Mitchelson with an Eastern European companion "This is lovely," she tells me. "Will you buy it for me when the shop opens tomorrow?" "It's £33,000," I choke. She looks at m [...]
[2007-05-31] 6 principles of positive relationships
•Be yourself. Being comfortable with who you are and letting other people get to know the real you is critical. If you try to present an "image" and you keep your true self private, others don't get to know the real you -- and the special person you are. •Focus on your behavior, not the other person's. Unhealthy relationships develop when we focus on the other person's behavior -- what they need to change. This perspective almost always leads to problems. Conversely, quality relationships result when we focus on our part in the relationship and do not try to change the other person. Remembe [...]
[2007-05-31] Britain's 13 million single people are more stressed out by loneliness than credit card debt, work pressures and global warming
A survey of 500 people by online dating service found that more than half (51 per cent) of singles worried about not having a mate, while only a fifth (18 per cent) lost sleep over debt, with the same percentage saying they were concerned about work pressures.Only seven per cent mentioned family problems, while three per cent said that they worried about getting ill, and none of the respondents said that they were bothered about global warming.And the average singleton loses 28 nights of sleep a night worrying about not finding someone to share their lives with.Dr Victoria Lukats [...]
[2007-05-30] Single Australians found 67 per cent of smokers believed kicking the habit would increase their chances of finding a partner.
In a further hurdle to matchmaking success, 73 per cent of smokers believed their habit made it harder to meet people. And 61 per cent of non-smokers said they would dump their partner if they took up the puff during their relationship. The nationwide online survey of 500 people was conducted through with Nicotinell Gum in the lead-up to World No Tobacco Day tomorrow. Andrew Phillips from Nicotinell maker Novartis Consumer Health Australia said many smokers felt forced to lie about their habit when it came to getting a date. "Smokers are stuck in a frustrating catch-22: keep th [...]
[2007-05-30] Single wine lovers was brought together through a parallel online dating site.
The concept, known as Soif du Coeur (Thirsty Heart), involves buying a €3 bottle of wine contains a code printed on the back label – revealed once the bottle has been emptied. Prospective daters then enter their code and details on the Soif du Coeur website, which matches them up with a potential partner and fellow wine lover. The project was launched by two Bordeaux-based wine wholesalers, Omnivins and Chateau en Bordeaux to promote a new Vins de Pays de l'Atlantique range. 350,000 bottles of Soif du Coeur wine have been sold to participating supermarkets (pink for girls, blue for boys) since [...]
[2007-05-30] How to attract women easily with these timeless da
It seems that just as a man thinks he figure out how to attract women, he realizes he does not know a thing!Rather than trying so hard to figure out women, men would do well to spend some time on themselves. Men would do better focusing on personal habits rather than attracting women; that will work better than simply trying to figure out women.So, what should a man focus on about himself if he wants to attract women? For beginners, men must be groomed and tidy. Gone are the days when hair salons and spas were full of women. Now, it is just as common to see a heterosexual male in a nail techni [...]
[2007-05-30] Use This Free Method to Meet Women
For busy guys, online dating provides an excellent opportunity to meet interesting women.In fact, more and more men use these sites to find approach available women in their area.Now there are many sites like and where you can meet women. But usually these sites generally require a subscription payment. Unfortunately this hinders those guys who have little money.On the other hand, there are some places where you can meet single women for free.On social network sites like and, you can contact members for free. Typically these sites offe [...]
[2007-05-30] The Myths Regarding Expensive Dating
Forget everything you've ever been brainwashed into believing regarding the importance of spending lots of money on dates. You are impressing nobody by dropping a lot of cash. Instead, you may actually be demonstrating desperation by doing so, if not a downright lack of self-esteem by trying to "buy" someone's affection rather than counting on your own personal charm and giftedness to do the trick.You've long ago figured out that you are attractive in your own right without having to prop yourself up artificially. So now it's time to live as if you truly believe it. You do not have to spend a [...]
[2007-05-30] Dating/relationships & Independence: Women Over 40
How do you find the balance between your own independent life and being in a relationship? For some women this is about facing your worst fear that you will somehow lose yourself along the way. You can find out how to make sure that you don't give up on yourself whilst being in a relationship. Five surefire ways of keeping you independent and happy whilst dating and finding a relationship that is the right balance for you.Women wanting a relationshipAt least 50% of the women over 40 whom I coach say at some point, rather defensively, "I want to do this coaching work with you but I don't really [...]
[2007-05-30] Words of Advice on Dating Online
Dating online has made the world a smaller place since that special someone is just a click away. If one decides to try online dating, here are few tips to remember; 1.Take it slowThere are a lot of nice people online but there are also some bad people who just take advantage of others. To be sure whether the person one is corresponding with is for real or just playing games, it is best to look out for inconsistencies. If at any instance, there is a feeling of doubt or something wrong, then its best to stop and move on.2.Don't give out personal infoSince you don't have any idea who this person [...]
[2007-05-30] The Basics About Yahoo Online Dating
Yahoo! Personals is the web page dedicated to Yahoo online dating for casual situations or for people that are trying to enter very serious relationships. This is the reason why premier membership levels have been designed for members that require great stability. The great advantage that Yahoo online dating site provides is the great search options through Yahoo profiles. You can create a very complex profile or find one person's important aspects only by view his or her profile.Yahoo online dating allows you to personalize your dating profile according to your age, location, distance - you m [...]
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