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[2007-02-16] More people finding Romance via Mobile
More Americans are finding romance over their mobile phones, says mobile subscription matchmaking service Webdate Mobile. The company’s subscriber base was up 23% from November 2006. Most users viewed pictures and profiles. Traffic was consistent throughout the day, unlike standard web services, which show spikes in activity before and after standard work hours. The company also says that women make up a higher percentage of users than non-mobile services. The average user is 28. Alex Panelli, CEO of Trilibis Mobile, makers of Webdate Mobile, believes that the mobile dating industry is drive [...]
[2007-02-16] The number of disaffected Russian Jews in Israel is likely to slowly disappear over time because the flow of new immigrants from the former Soviet Union has decreased
Disappointed by her economic situation since arriving in Israel from Uzbekistan in the 1990s, and doubtful her economic prospects will improve any time soon, Tatyana Rudinsky wants to emigrate to Europe or North America.As a single mother in her 40s who cleans floors and toilets in a Tel Aviv office tower for a living, Rudinsky’s acutely aware her chances of being accepted anywhere in the West are not good. But despite the temptation, she will not attempt to convince Canada to accept her as a refugee fleeing persecution as hundreds of her fellow Israeli citizens did last year.Rudinsky's explan [...]
[2007-02-16] Skeptical about looking for love online?
Skeptical about looking for love online? A new study by Prof. Jeffrey Hancock, communication and information science, and Catalina Toma grad lays out the truths and misconceptions about online dating. Toma and Hancock decided to try a new research technique to match up the daters’ profiles to their actual appearances: they weighed them, measured their height and obtained their age from their driver’s licenses. This method differs from earlier studies because the researchers are actually taking the measurements themselves, instead of asking the participants to come clean about their measuremen [...]
[2007-02-15] Online Dating Check-up
By Patricia CrosbyFirst Coast News With so many people working late and being tired of the bar scene, the internet is becoming a more and more popular way to meet someone. So, today's Love Check-Up focuses on on-line dating.Here are the thoughts of two local singles."I call it the good the bad and the ugly," says Regina Sooey, a busy real estate agent.For Jay Magee, a busy public relations specialist for Community Hospice, "I've done that on and off, and it's more misses than hits for me."Although, Regina and Jay both have had their share of bad dates from dating sites, they do like the conve [...]
[2007-02-15] Quepasa Corp. has purchased online dating Web site
Quepasa Corp., which owns the Hispanic social networking Web site, said Wednesday it has purchased online dating Web site from DNI Holdings LLC for an undisclosed amount. has roughly 300,000 registered users. Charles B. Mathews, Quepasa's executive vice president and chief financial officer, said is the first dating site that has been added to the company's social networking site, which has about 500,000 registered members and provides blogs, e-mail, video and other content. Mathews said will remain a standalone dating Web [...]
[2007-02-15] Dating Success Story
Online dating services are gaining popularity in helping people find that special someone. Critics remain skeptical that personality tests can match up the perfect pair.It's a Valentine's Day love story with an unconventional beginning.CherylSmart said, "My sister made me do it."With a little prodding, Cheryl Rhudy and Steven Smart plunged into the dating scene by posting profiles on an internet dating service.Stevensaid, "I thought based on their commercial that I was going to meet somebody quicker than I did."It took some time. But before long, the firefighter from Wisconsin got an e-mail fr [...]
[2007-02-15] Can Social Networks Cut In Dating Market
Not enough love in your online dating world? If so, you haven’t looked very hard. From the biggies, such as, eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, to smaller, niche Web sites like, JDate (for Jewish singles), sites that offer match-ups, hookups and dating prospects are, well, blooming. Even the newer social network sites like MySpace, BlackPlanet, CarDomain, and offer an opportunity to meet like-minded people. It's all good for lonely hearts, but is it getting too crowded for dating sites to make money? "The most significant new issue that large online dating s [...]
[2007-02-15] Web sites drawing the highest percentage of male visitors were those geared toward gay men.
Heterosexual men looking for love online on Valentine's Day -- or any other day, for that matter -- may want to consider which sites are most popular with the opposite sex. For straight women, well, that may not be so easy. Although the number of people visiting Internet dating sites is split almost evenly between the sexes, they're not visiting the same sites, according to Hitwise, an online competitive intelligence service. Almost 51% of visitors to the most popular online dating sites monitored by Hitwise last week were male and just over 49% were female. Of the top 100 dating sites mon [...]
[2007-02-15] Some dating sites are more trafficked by women
Ever go to a bar and say, "What a sausage party"? Internet dating sites can be the same way. But a Hitwise report based on Internet visits suggests there are a few online dating destinations with way more women. Don’t get too excited. The largest percentage of women flocked to Love Access, Don’t Date Him Girl!, and, which had female visitors numbering 87.4 percent, 80.9 percent, and 80.8 percent, respectively. It should be noted that Don’t Date Him Girl!, however, is actually more of a date complaint database. Still, among more widely trafficked sites, eHarmony [...]
[2007-02-15] Your lovelife may be tied more closely to your health than you think
On this Valentine's Day, a new sign that love, and being in love, is good for your health. Researchers in Italy - where else! - discovered that women who felt insecure in their close relationships had weakened immune systems. Lab tests showed that their disease-fighting cells were less powerful than those of women who were in more stable love relationships. Whether this makes a person more vulnerable to disease isn't known - yet. However, doctors now want to find out what ailments might be linked to this weakened immunity. The findings are published in the journal Psychosomatic Medic [...]
[2007-02-15] How and why we fall in love
When 21-year-old Jordana Scarapicchia met her current boyfriend, she felt nervous and shy around him but she didn’t know why. Sweaty palms, racing heart, shortness of breath, it could only be one thing. Love.“I would turn completely red [around him]. I was so shy. A lot of times, I would stumble on words and things like that,” she explained.We often think of love in emotional terms, but the physicality of falling in love, like sweaty palms and a racing hearbeat, is a reality. According to Ariel Fenster, a chemistry professor at McGill University, falling in love may be stronger than just feeli [...]
[2007-02-15] Top U.S. online matchmakers are hoping to hook up with Chinese partners to promote dating services in an effort to explore new profit streams in emerging markets.
Private-equity and technology sources told Reuters on Wednesday that, owned by InterActiveCorp, has already secured, one of China's biggest online dating services, as its main target for a potential stake purchase or business partnership. A group of senior executives from's headquarters in Dallas, Texas, already paid a formal visit to Love21cn late last year and expressed interest in cooperating with the Chinese Web site, the sources said. "They discussed business models and exchanged views about the online-dating market in China, which is still small but g [...]
[2007-02-15] Russia bids to boost birth rates
Irina Mironova is an exceptional woman in the modern Russia, at the age of 27 she already has two children. Young mothers do not trust the Government "I was an only child and always wanted a big family," she says as we sit drinking tea in her tiny one-bedroom apartment in the city of Novokuibushevsk. And now her love of children looks set to bring her a major financial reward. Under a new scheme introduced this year she can apply for a government hand-out of $9,000 - equivalent to about two years' income for most Russians - simply because she has more than one child. [...]
[2007-02-15] It's a single-minded town On Valentine's Day, a high number of women go it alone
Perhaps Cupid has declared the city a no-fly zone. One in four citizens is an unmarried adult woman, well above the national average — and no other metropolitan area in the state comes close to touching Eugene's high numbers. Still, area experts and singles say the winged harbinger of love probably works here in different ways. They cite the area's demographics, coupled with a strong local reflection of social trends that are lowering marriage rates nationwide. In 2005, 60 percent of women over age 18 said they were living without a spouse, clearing the national average of 48 percent, ac [...]
[2007-02-15] Marriage isn't dead, but it seems more women are waiting longer to pursue it
Waiting until 80 years old to marry may seem like a long time, or altogether strange, but there’s an increasing number of women across the U.S., like Grace Lacy, a 22-year-old senior at Purdue North Central, who are more interested in staying single than walking down the aisle. “I’m just trying to find out if I want to be single or with someone the rest of my life,” she said. A recent analysis of census figures found that for first time in the U.S., more American women are living without a husband than with one. The 51 percent of women in 2005 who said they weren’t married is up from 35 pe [...]
[2007-02-15] Google Personals vs.
Is this Valentine’s Day inspiring you to seek “hot & sexy dating with singles in your area”? Google presumably hopes so. If you click on that number one AdWords “Sponsored Link” from in a search for “mobile dating,” Google gets paid for a click. Google entices "mobile dating" searchers with ten additional “Sponsored Links,” for the likes of,, Yahoo Personals and even IAC property,leading online personals and dating site, is also vying for attention via a “Sponsored Link.” is not only competing against online [...]
[2007-02-15] There's a matchmaker along the border who specialty is helping American men find Mexican wives.
"I've been in the matchmaking business for 16 years," Ivan Thompson said. Thompson is a cowboy-turned-cupid who specializes in romances that span the border. It all started with his own search for love. "I was divorced and lonely, and I gave birth to this thought, 'I'll run me an ad in the Mexico paper: Gringo looking for a Mexican wife.' And I got a lot of responses," he said. He got 80 responses. Enough to convince him it might work for other men. Most of Thompson's clients are divorced. "She takes my hand and puts it here between both of her hands like that, innocent but very warm g [...]
[2007-02-14] Dating websites can hide fraudsters who will pull the wool over your eyes to get your money. Spot the scam here
If you're single and looking for love, online dating can be a great way of meeting people. But sometimes it can go wrong, warns an Office of Fair Trading report.The internet, like anything has provided a minority of fraudsters to exploit those using dating websites legitimately.An online scammer is someone who will set up a false profile on an internet dating service, and who will appear to be looking for love but is actually out to con people out of their money.How to spot a scam : The scammer will want your money, not immediately, but after a time. At first they will try and convince yo [...]
[2007-02-14] The European online dating scene is hot and getting hotter.
The European online dating scene is hot and getting hotter. According to a new study by JupiterResearch, European online dating sites are attracting new users and will double revenues from Eur243 million in 2006 to Eur549 million in 2011. Jupiter also reported that European consumer usage of online dating sites has shown consistent growth since 2003. The percentage of European users who reported using online dating sites has grown from 4% in 2005 to 6% in 2006. In the US, the online dating scene is something like a club that traded its trendiness for the steady business of a regular crowd [...]
[2007-02-14] LOVE is big business in SA, with more than triple the number of internet dating sites than in 2004 and annual revenue of about R40m
Ramon Thomas, MD of internet research house NETucation, admits this is small change compared to the US, where internet dating sites bring in $500m annually, but he believes technical advances and indications that internet users will increase to 8-million by 2010 could see it becoming a lucrative business choice in SA. The advantage of internet dating is that it offers users the possibility of targeting their dating, he said. India has a site catering only for dog owners, while people with religious preferences can log on to Jewishbuzz or Islamicbuzz. “In 2004, there were fewer than 10 dati [...]
[2007-02-14] Do personal ads get you laid? Pitiably desperate female, two months shy of 30, wonders
What are your thoughts on piña coladas? How about beardy physicists? Or bald, short, fat and ugly men, age 53, seeking shortsighted women with tremendous sexual appetites? No dice? Pshaw — you're all picky bloody yanks, every last one of you. When They Call Me Naughty Lola hit the shelves late last year, the pocket-sized collection of personal ads culled from the London Review of Books by David Rose, the literary magazine's advertising director, had the refined ranks of the Brit-lit scene all atwitter. When Scribner picked up Lola for U.S. distribution, the "surreal hai [...]
[2007-02-14] Tips On Getting Over A Break
An increasing number of couples are using Valentine's Day as a springboard to evaluate their love lives. Instead of making up or making out, some couples are breaking up and moving out. Say goodbye to chocolate, roses and romantic cards, and say hello to tears, slammed doors and broken hearts. The covers of glossy magazines and the good folks at Hallmark believe that, come Valentine's Day, we get all hot and bothered about romance and relationships. But it seems an increasing number of couples are using the holiday as a springboard to evaluate their love lives. And instead of making up or [...]
[2007-02-14] Better phones, cameras and broadband connections draw singles to mobile dating
This Valentine's Day, more lonely hearts than ever before will use mobile dating services to make a personal connection, according to analysts and mobile dating companies. The growth is happening in part because of newer cell phones that have cameras, broadband wireless connections and clear color displays, allowing singles to send and receive photos and text messages to check out prospective partners, according to research from analysts and vendors. In addition, a cell phone is easier to use in the middle of the day; PC-based dating services, on the other hand, are used mainly in the eveni [...]
[2007-02-14] IMBRA: Time To End Feminist Destruction Of Marriage
Feminists’ success destroying marriage in America, and exporting it to many foreign nations via the United Nations under the guise of “Democracy” is now legendary. Feminist victim-politics – in which demands for “equal rights” mask powerful agenda mandating unequal wrongs – must be ended.A substantial number of moderate and conservative women’s organizations now oppose the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Not only did the outgoing Congress ignore the will of the people in reauthorizing VAWA last year, it added a dangerous anti-marriage known as IMBRA – the International Marriage Broker Regul [...]
[2007-02-14] Online dating ought to make Valentine's Day easier for singles. And for those who have clicked their way to love online, it has. But replacing serendipity – or a blind date – with the power of matching algorithms and countless choices isn't necessarily
The reason? Maybe the old breakup cliché applies: "It's not you; it's me." But in this case, it's not just "me" but "all of us." The way we humans have traditionally chosen a companion offline seems to be at odds with the way we do it online – and although technology changes quickly, we do not. Millions of us look for love online, but the critical difference in how we connect via the Internet is only just beginning to be understood. Consider the element of choice. A generation ago, a single in search of romance might encounter a dozen or so potential partners. Today, he or she can choos [...]
[2007-02-14] UK and French online users, France had the highest proportion of its online population visiting online personals sites.
According to the latest tracking figures from comScore Networks, the French showed the highest proportion of Internet users ages 15 and older visiting online personals sites in December 2006, at 22%, followed by the British, at 20%. Americans were in last place, at 13%. "The offline methods people use to connect with others for dating vary by country, and Internet dating follows that same pattern," said Bob Ivins of comScore Europe. "We note that local nuances are critical to success, as demonstrated by the fact that each country has a fairly distinct list of top sites in the category." [...]
[2007-02-14] how to be a successful Valentine
The findings of one of the largest experiments in the science of attractiveness shown here challenge current thinking about the differences between men and women. The top-rated woman and man in our attractiveness survey Around four thousand people took part in the web experiment, launched two weeks ago on this page, to provide new insights in time for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Some revelations are obvious - in the case of men, being rich, powerful, smart and funny helps, and the more attractive the woman you are pursuing, the more these factors matter to her. Some are less [...]
[2007-02-14] The effects of love on the brain are similar to those of cocaine, according to a team that has studied scans of lovestruck people.
Romantic love could be an emotion as fundamental as hunger or thirst, according to the brain scans of young men and women who had fallen madly in love, or were lovelorn, by Arthur Aron, a social psychologist at The State University of New York at Stony Brook. The finding is based on research he carried out with Lucy Brown, a neuroscientist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. While participants felt many different emotions when thinking of the person they loved, they all had [...]
[2007-02-14] Russia is facing a drastic demographic decline
Russia is facing a drastic demographic decline. Latest figures show that overall, the country's birth rate has halved in the last 15 years, while at the same time the death rate is increasing rapidly. It is now estimated that there will be 20 percent fewer people in the country by 2020.With around 700,000 more deaths than births each year, the Russian government knows it must act fast to counter the problem. President Vladimir Putin has made solving the demographic dilemma a top priority of his final year in office.For many, it comes down to a question of finance. As one Moscow student explain [...]
[2007-02-13] Analysts reported that the online dating market in Europe is heating up
Web users still searching for that special someone this Valentine's Day received good news after analysts reported that the online dating market in Europe is heating up. Jupiter Research predicts that online dating websites in the US will bring in $936m in revenues by 2011, while sites in Europe will generate ˆ549m. The European figure is more than double the revenue in 2006, when dating sites logged ˆ243m, the research firm said. The number of web users who reported using an online dating service jumped from four to six per cent from 2005 to 2006, according to the report. "The European on [...]
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