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[2007-02-12] Technology melds with tradition in cyber dating
There are 100 million single and unmarried Americans, many of whom are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right and have found a new method of dating. Hearts may now be connected through a pulsing World Wide Web, which offers a plethora of services that have grown in the past decade.In January, there were 1,463 lifestyle and dating sites available to any Internet user, according to Matt Tatham of Hitwise Inc., and the number is increasing every year.The cyber-dating world is dominated by several large commercial services such as, eHarmony, American Singles, Yahoo! Personals and LavaLife. Many o [...]
[2007-02-12] Survey revealed that most favor a coffee-shop environment for a first date'
Crowds of people in lines that stretch to the door, crying children and a steady din of voices punctuated by the occasional scream of steaming milk. That doesn't sound like a likely place for romance. But beyond rush time at Starbucks, a calm moment at the coffee shop created a comfortable environment for Mark and Diane Christensen, of Schaumburg, to progress from perfect strangers, to acquaintances, to husband and wife. It all began three years ago when Diane was taking classes at Harper College in Palatine and started going with a friend to the Schaumburg Starbucks. The two joined a tabl [...]
[2007-02-12] Romance fraud heats up as Valentine's Day approaches
From a computer overseas, he masquerades as a smitten suitor, sending e-mails to his victim saying she's worth more than the world.He's charming, funny -- a refreshing combination for the consumer who has spent months on Internet dating sites trying to find Mr. Right. Today, she enjoys long conversations with her new beau, who talks freely about everything -- his musical interests, his favorite foods, even his current job in Nigeria.But that reminds him -- he's having a little trouble cashing his most recent paychecks, he says shyly to his victim. This leads him to make an "embarrassed" reques [...]
[2007-02-12] Valentine, custom of capitalists, woos former Soviets
The first time my Latvian-born wife heard of Valentine's Day, it was part of a high school lesson on the customs of capitalists.'My English teacher thought it would be a good idea for us to learn about the customs they had abroad. So we all had to write a Valentine's card, and the teacher distributed them,' she told me shortly before our first Valentine's Day together.My wife was born in Soviet Latvia in the Brezhnev years, when capitalists were 'decadent', the victory of communism was 'imminent' and five-year plans were completed in two and a half years.Those were the days when flowers were t [...]
[2007-02-12] 3,493 marriages in Scotland in the first quarter of 2006, a nine per cent fall on the first quarter of 2005
LOVE AND MARRIAGE GO TOGETHER like a horse and carriage ... or do they? With one in three marriages in Scotland ending in divorce and an increasing number of couples eschewing a wedding to show their commitment by co-habiting, one could be forgiven for doubting the old tune. In Scotland this seems to be having an effect on the number of couples prepared to meet at the altar: according to the General Register Office for Scotland there were 3,493 marriages in Scotland in the first quarter of 2006, a nine per cent fall on the first quarter of 2005. However, the Futureway Trust, the charity be [...]
[2007-02-12] Some women say: 'Been there, done that,' to marriage
Carla has pretty much seen it all in her 55 years. She said, "I was married for 25 years to a man who cheated many times. I was divorced for three years and met a wonderful man. We were married for 31/2 years when he died." That was four years ago. Now, she's happy with her life, her family and volunteering. And what has happened to Carla, often happens to older singles when they aren't looking for a mate, someone new comes along. Carla said, "I didn't go looking for this gentleman, I was introduced to him by a friend I met while volunteering. I have remained cautious, but he was smitten a [...]
[2007-02-12] How to adapt a successful business strategy for the purpose of finding your soul mate
You want to meet The One. Sure, you have friends, Aunt Bessie, and even a rabbi looking out for you. You attend some Speed Dating events and are a member of All of these are good ideas, but there's another key step you can take to increase the odds that meeting your beshert will come sooner rather than later. It's called "Networking." Now you might be thinking, "Networking isn't for me. I'm not the hustler type who can just walk through a crowded room, shaking hands with everyone, introducing myself and sticking a business card in everyone's face. No thanks." I don't blame you. [...]
[2007-02-12] Love across the sea
With Valentine's Day looming and advertisements for what to get your other half becoming unavoidable, it can also be a tough time for lovers who are apart for whatever reason. Whatever the situation whether they are away working, visiting relatives or away as part of their course, being separated from a loved one can be hard at the best of times. Needless to say that when calendar events such as Valentine's Day comes around the distance between you both seems amplified, and that's not to mention anniversaries or birthdays. Doubts, insecurities, and anxiety become an every day struggle but ul [...]
[2007-02-12] Online dating success story
I'm not a very good judge of these things, but I'm pretty sure my buddy, Sam Brasses, is dating out of his league. He met his current girlfriend online seven months ago. We'll call her "Beth" because her name can't be used due to her work. She is a graduate student at SIUE and we'll just say Beth is very tolerant of Sam's ... uhm ... unique sense of humor. Sam is a retail manager living in St. Louis County, and is hitting one-for-one in the online world of dating. He has unsuccessfully dated several others before he began dating online so I wanted to see how looking online gave him such a bo [...]
[2007-02-12] Online dating success story
I'm not a very good judge of these things, but I'm pretty sure my buddy, Sam Brasses, is dating out of his league. He met his current girlfriend online seven months ago. We'll call her "Beth" because her name can't be used due to her work. She is a graduate student at SIUE and we'll just say Beth is very tolerant of Sam's ... uhm ... unique sense of humor. Sam is a retail manager living in St. Louis County, and is hitting one-for-one in the online world of dating. He has unsuccessfully dated several others before he began dating online so I wanted to see how looking online gave him such a bo [...]
[2007-02-10] hopes to help singles seniors meet other seniors
Just in time for Valentine's Day, has launched a new website called which is a new online dating web site for senior citizens. principal Hal Meyer explained, "The purpose of this website is to enable single senior citizens to meet each other over the internet. Online communication and networking really is the highest and best use of the internet." Meyer said, "It is estimated that 50 million adults over the age of 50 have internet access, and online dating is a natural for them as many are getting divorced and re-starting their dating an [...]
[2007-02-10] Singles Look for More Than Sex
Just because Valentine’s Day is coming up doesn’t mean you should get hung up on romance. All that lovey-dovey stuff is an invention of the greeting card and diamond industries and does more to empty your wallet than fill your heart. If you’re lonely and looking for a partner, honesty and practicality work stronger magic than a fistful of roses, at least that what I learned while interviewing Taos’ own mortgage broker and sometime lonely heart’s broker, Nancy Diamond. She has organized a singles mixer in town for Friday night where honest people who are looking for company can meet more of t [...]
[2007-02-10] The number of U.S. Internet users visiting dating Web sites is falling
Valentine's Day approaches, but it seems consumers are being standoffish about online dating. The number of U.S. Internet users visiting dating Web sites is falling, says a report set to be released Monday. Last year, only 10% of Internet users visited at least one online dating site, down from 16% in 2005 and 21% in 2002, says the report by Jupiter Research. The decline in unique visitors hasn't yet resulted in a decline in subscribers, the study found, but the trend likely will at some point, analysts say. Other research firms track the same trend. Traffic to seven of the top 10 [...]
[2007-02-10] Singlesshare tricks, trends, and rules of dating
Bachelor Jeff Mercado, 24, of North Bergen can attest to the fact that our person-to-person communication skills are not what they used to be. "I once asked a girl where she lived," Mercado mused last week, "and she said, 'a martini.' " In the days before Valetine's Day, local residents revealed that dating in Hudson County has its own rules, trends and tricks. Shakespeare said that the course of true love never did run smooth. But these days, just getting on that path is rough going. Fear of rejection"We live in a town full of single people, most of whom don't want to be single," said Hoboken [...]
[2007-02-10] Meet as many as a dozen single, eligible professionals in one night
Meet as many as a dozen single, eligible professionals in one night, just in time for Valentine's Day?It is possible with a concept that's growing more popular in the Ark-La-Tex. It's calledspeed dating and it's considered a safe, stress-free way to meet people. There are two events planned in Shreveport for February 13th. For just a fraction of the cost of one date, people 21 and older can have as many as twelve. If you need an excuse to try it, the non profit organization the Extra Mile has one. The group is putting on a speed dating night as a fundraiser. As the manager of Shreve Memorial L [...]
[2007-02-10] Some Divorced Couples Give Marriage Another Shot
For Pepper and Ron Miller, divorce was the best thing to happen to their marriage. The pair wed in 1988, split in 1996 and then tied the knot again in 2001. They say being married the second time around has been healthier and more stable thanks to the time they spent apart. In those five years, the Millers attended therapy and reflected individually on what they learned. Pepper practiced putting her needs first in relationships, something she says she failed to do while married the first time, and which led to resentment on her part."I wasn't as secure as I thought I should be," says P [...]
[2007-02-10] Is matchmaking a science?
Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a pleasant occasion, but for many single people it is only a painful reminder that there is a lack of love and romance in their life. A recent survey conducted in London, UK revealed that lots of people are single: in fact about half of Londoners between the ages of 20 and 59 seem to be unattached. Perhaps the intuitive powers of a matchmaker could be useful to pair people up, but some modern-day matchmaking services are using psychology as a more reliable way of determining who you should really be asking out on a date. Looking for romance? Many on [...]
[2007-02-10] I get paid for this, drinking tea and talking about love all day long
"Can you believe I get paid for this, drinking tea and talking about love all day long?" Almost seven years after launching her own matchmaking business, Lisa Clampitt is still amazed at her good fortune. And why not? Her two-person shop--called VIP Life--pulls in up to $20,000 a year per client helping people who are looking for love in all the wrong places. Clampitt, 42, is one of 1,300 independent matchmakers in the U.S. and co-founder of the Matchmaking Institute, which trains aspiring matchmakers and sets quality standards. With total estimated sales of $236 million in 2005, matchmakers [...]
[2007-02-10] Does That Enticing Internet Profile List the Real Age, Height, and Weight? Don't Count on It
When it comes to online dating, many people fudge a bit when posting their height, weight, or age. That's what researcher Jeffrey Hancock, PhD, of Cornell University's department of communication, and his fellow researchers say they found. They studied 80 online daters in New York City and found that most -- 81% -- fibbed in their online profiles about height, weight, and/or age. The lies generally weren't whoppers, but they also weren't innocent mistakes, according to the daters' own confessions. Basically, the daters tried to make themselves sound good, but not ridiculously good. As Ha [...]
[2007-02-10] Being single: blessing or a curse?
I PASSED the big 4-0 milestone and I am single. Still single. Single still. Single. At least people have stopped asking me at weddings, reunions and funerals the embarrassing question, “So, when is it your turn?” [...]
[2007-02-10] Matchmatcher Shares Dating Secrets
Finding love in Denver can be tough unless you know where to look. That's the theory of matchmaker Kris Kenny. Kenny sat down with CBS4 morning anchor Brooke Wagner for breakfast on the eve of Valentine's Day.Kenny owns a matchmaking service aimed at a very specific clientele. "I really just had that niche and wanted to go after that professional group, very athletic, non-smoking," Kenny said. "I really stuck to my guns of who i was going to cater to."Four years down the road she's responsible for eight marriages. That gives her a bit of expertise in matching up successful couples."I look for [...]
[2007-02-10] Science hooks up with online matchmaking
My index finger is longer than my ring finger. I'm pretty good at matching hexagon sizes. I can tell which smiles are sincere and my doodles are repetitive. Is true love in my future? More to the point, would the man of my dreams be an adventurous Explorer, a dependable Builder, an intuitive Negotiator or a dynamic Director? That would depend on who I am, and Dr. Helen Fisher, an evolutionary anthropologist who studies romantic love, thought she had me pegged. Over the grinding of beans and the cacophony of Seattle coffeehouse chatter, the Rutgers University love researcher shuffled throu [...]
[2007-02-10] Religious-based groups have definite ideas on how their faith offers ideal guidelines for lasting love
St. Valentine's Day was named after a martyred Christian priest, but nearly all faiths have something to say about love, marriage, and romantic relationships. From Muslims to Protestants to Buddhists, religious-based groups have definite ideas on how their faith offers ideal guidelines for lasting love. The Rev. Anthony Salveggio, an adjunct professor at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh and author of the book, "What the Bible Teaches About Marriage," said the Scriptures encourage open communication and kindness in relationships, and that marriage should be an example "that s [...]
[2007-02-10] Russian Nationalism
Fascists, nationalists, patriots, extremists: in Russia today, these labels seem to be used somewhat indiscriminately. Chess champion and opposition politician Garry Kasparov calls Vladimir Putin’s regime fascist - and the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi reciprocates by accusing the British ambassador in Russia of backing fascists (aka the opposition). The Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) allies itself with other self-described “nationalist patriots” to hold the so-called Russian March - and the National Bolshevik Party (NBP) declares (RUS) that hardly anyone has the “moral right” [...]
[2007-02-09] How to create the perfect online dating profile
It's that time of year when roses seem to bloom from the concrete, chocolate hearts rain from the sky, and amorous couples clog every street corner. February can be a hard month to be single. If Cupid keeps passing you by, maybe it's time to join the legions heading to dating Web sites - or, if you've already been-there-done-that, brush the cobwebs off your profile and give it another shot. But don't wade into the digital dating pool uneducated. With tens of millions of people looking for love online, you've got to work doubly hard to stand out. "Think of it as going to a party," Jesse Kel [...]
[2007-02-09] There are some wonderful men on dating sites
In last week's column, single women were pretty tough on the quality of single men in the over 50 dating pool. I asked for men to respond. Here's what one of them had to say. We will call him Mike. Mike, 56, said, "I've been searching online for about two years. I don' think I fit the stereotypes these women talk about. I find a lot of women have an agenda about dating. At least from the profiles, it seems they want to be wined and dined constantly. I don' want to be constantly doing this until I' sure the relationship is going somewhere." I can't blame Mike there, many single men tell m [...]
[2007-02-09] South Africans are wary of internet romance.
A survey has shown that South Africans are wary of internet romance. Despite numerous websites for online matchmaking, the international research group Synovate on Wednesday revealed that only 12% of all South African internet users had tried to find love on the internet. According to Synovate, who wanted to find out how web surfers in South Africa, Brazil, France, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Romania and the US felt about online romance; the French tried it most, followed by the US. "More than a third of the respondents who did not seek online romance, believed only desperate peop [...]
[2007-02-09] 29% of the French and 21% of Filipinos use of the Internet to find a romantic partner
Only 12% of South Africans have used the Internet to find love. This is compared to 29% of the French and 21% of Filipinos interviewed in a global survey about dating perceptions, use of the Internet to find a romantic partner and the level of success that they have had. Synovate surveyed 4 368 people from South Africa, Brazil, France, Korea, the Phillipines, Singapore, Romania and the United States. Over one third of those interviewed who aren’t online daters believe only “desperate people” use the internet to look for love. The results reveal a fairly even match between those who think onli [...]
[2007-02-09] Finding Right Match With Dating Sites
A lot of folks want to find a meaningful relationship, or for some just a good date. No doubt you have heard ads for online dating services. Meeting people online has become big business. Last year more than a half a billion dollars was spent on dating sites. Our partners at Consumer Reports checked these sites out to see what they have to offer. Christy and Barry Emens recently were married. "I finally found that one person that I was able to share the rest of my life with. I couldn't have been happier on that day," Barry said. "He's everything to me. He's my whole world and I'm j [...]
[2007-02-09] St. Pete woman who joined online dating service becomes victim of Nigerian scam.
When Janice Simmons first bought a computer, she used online dating services to meet Mr. Right. Eventually she started talking to a man named Edward from Africa, “It felt like I found a friend that I could finally talk to because he seemed like a nice person. But when it all came out, he wasn't a nice person, he was more of a crook.” She says Edward started sending her ceiling fans and jewelry and there were plenty of other items. “Everyday I came home there was boxes and boxes, my mom would say you got another box, you got another box. Wait a minute you ain't tell me you sending this, w [...]
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