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[2007-01-15] Is it possible to have no-strings, extramarital sex without wrecking your relationship?
Katy Ford is 45, and has been married to Ben, a City banker, for 17 years. They have three daughters, aged 10, 12 and 14. They live in Hertfordshire and, from the outside, look like your stereotypical upper-middle-class family. The children go to boarding schools. During their holidays, they ride ponies. Katy, who works in publishing, plays tennis on Saturday mornings with her friends. Scratch the surface, however, and a different picture emerges. Ben has been made redundant a number of times, and is now depressed. Katy works not because she wants to, but through necessity. She says: 'My hus [...]
[2007-01-15] Love weighing on their minds
TWO Victorian contestants in the Channel 10 hit Biggest Loser are using the show as a way to find love. Melburnians Alex and Sam are two of the most overweight of the 14 contestants who return to TV next month. They admit they are driven primarily by a quest to find new relationships. "I'm determined to find a partner and have a baby, but at 37 I'm acutely aware that time is running out," Sam said. "I'm worried that once I hit my 40s my body will start to shut down and deteriorate. I want to love my body and be proud of it." Alex, 37, of Ringwood North, was initially motivated to lose [...]
[2007-01-15] Carbondale's bachelor mayor gets matchmaking help
This southern Illinois town's 35-year-old bachelor mayor is getting a little unsolicited matchmaking help meant to push him from City Hall to a wedding hall. David More, the man behind the local blog Carbondaley Dispatch, is soliciting date prospects on Brad Cole's behalf through More's new Web site, Interested parties can submit by Feb. 14th -- Valentine's Day, naturally -- an essay in hopes of winning a date with the politician the Web site casts as tall and slender, "with an offbeat sense of humor, an SUV, his own home, and a recently obtained a master's degree in Le [...]
[2007-01-15] Desperately seeking gal he saw at the airport VOWS
Joe McLean knows there's a war on. He knows there are people suffering all over the world. He knows his problem is tiny in comparison.But Joe McLean also knows what it feels like to look at someone and, within a moment, think: "She could be the one."That happened to McLean just after Thanksgiving. Maybe it was just a friendly smile. Maybe she's married. Maybe she'd think he was out of his mind. But, ever since the two smiled at each other, then said hello, he can't get her out of his mind.And he just wants to find her and ask her if she feels the same way. McLean, 36, grew up in tiny Mansfield [...]
[2007-01-15] Single Americans are hardly flying solo
You could hear the anxiety in the headlines: "Social Isolation Growing," "It's Lonely Out There" and "Turn to a Close Friend (If You Have Any)." The spate of stories followed the publication earlier this summer of "Social Isolation in America," a study showing that Americans do not have the number of close confidants they once did. Asked to name people with whom they had discussed important matters, Americans in 1985 listed three. By 2004, the number was down to two. As the "confidant crisis" was about to become little more than a ghost of headlines past, fear was roused again by new pron [...]
[2007-01-15] Married couples want divorce to be harder
BRITONS have turned against four decades of liberalisation in the divorce laws by calling for break–up to be made harder. In a poll published in today’s Sunday Times Magazine, a majority of two to one married people backed the statement “divorce in Britain should be made more difficult” — 45% were in favour and 21% against. There were smaller majorities among single divorced people and those cohabiting. The results suggest a hardening of attitudes since a similar poll in 1983, with a significant increase in the numbers believing divorce should be made harder. The poll also suggests tha [...]
[2007-01-15] Marriage: an optimistic start to 2007
Some people might not agree with this, but I think the best possible way to start off a new year is to get married. What do you ever do in your whole life that is more optimistic than getting married? You have really set the tone for a good and prosperous new year when you take that step that is so obviously "a leap of faith." Donna and I left on New Year's Day for Gatlinburg, Tenn., which by the way, is the second most popular marriage location in the country, second only to Las Vegas. We were married in a cute little chapel on Jan. 3 and spent our honeymoon in a log cabin [...]
[2007-01-15] Online dates a disappointment
If you've been trawling the online dating pool and think you've spotted a fish worth reeling in, a new report suggests you might want to quit while you're ahead. Contrary to people's belief that they will grow to like others more as they get to know them, the study reveals that the opposite is actually true. In most cases, familiarity does indeed breed contempt. In the paper, published in the current issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers asked online daters to rate how much they liked their prospective partners and how much they knew about them before and aft [...]
[2007-01-15] Matchmaker business is blossoming
A MATCHMAKER from North Yorkshire is celebrating national success after her first year in business. Lesley Brewer, from Brawby near Malton, launched The Introduction Company last January to introduce like-minded single men and women. The former company secretary and college mentor decided to set up her own business after research showed an untapped market for matchmaking in a rural location. She began with only a handful of people from the county on her books, but the numbers have grown rapidly and the firm now operates nationally. Mrs Brewer runs the business on her own and works [...]
[2007-01-15] Russian women are changing their food habits
TWENTY-ONE women from Moscow, in the age groups under 30 and over 50, have been interviewed by scientists from Fiskeriforskning. This first study has generally looked at how meals in Russia are changing, but also wants to discover herring's place in food choices. All of the interview subjects said that they like herring, but are choosing it less frequently as dinner food. The Russians still use herring today, but mostly as supper, snacks and in social gatherings. If herring is going to maintain its market position in Russia, focus must be directed towards "modern foods" such as sushi, as [...]
[2007-01-13] The pensioner and his mail order bride
Only two intricately embroidered red silk cushions perched on Ken Miller's sofa lend a hint of the Orient to his domestic environment. Other than that, all is as you might expect in the small sheltered accommodation block near Swansea which has been the pensioner's home for the past three years. There is a comfortable communal lounge, where a number of the elderly residents can be seen shuffling around or enjoying a game of cards. And there is, inevitably, a Stannah stairlift which helps to convey the more infirm from the ground floor to the first. Quite what Mr Miller's new bride will m [...]
[2007-01-13] How to Find Out If a Dating Site Is Worth Your Time
Looking for the right dating site? Browse dating sites, and you will not fail to notice just how enticing they can be. How do you find out what really lies behind that enticing, graphics-laden home-page? How can you tell that the site is a good fit for you? Most dating sites do offer a trial membership, which allows you to assess the quality of their service. In fact, you should be wary about joining a dating service without a free trial. But wait. There are a few other things to consider. Knowing that most people online have become addicted to "quick fixes", most dating sites offer what's k [...]
[2007-01-13] A Single Sentiment
Gilroy - June Rouquette had the jitters when she arrived Sunday to the "Wine Tasting Party for Singles" event with hopes in finding that special man. Little did she know that her wishes would come true that day."We need more guys here; I want to meet guys," said Rouquette, an interior designer from Santa Clara.There was plenty of wine and women to socialize with, and there were several nice looking men. Joe Kelly from Santa Cruz is from the same birth place in Ireland as Rouquette. Once they learned that they had that in common, the conversation lengthened.Requests from local residents brought [...]
[2007-01-13] What you need to know to get married in South Korea
Servicemembers getting married in South Korea can use the U.S. Embassy to process their paperwork but probably are better off starting at their base legal office, officials and servicemembers said. All servicemembers will need the following: An original or certified copy of a birth certificate. An original or certified copy of a divorce decree, if applicable. An affidavit of eligibility of marriage, available at base legal offices. A report and certificate of marriage, also available at base legal offices. Most of the process can be completed quickly for marriages between two serv [...]
[2007-01-13] Tiny waists? The rules of attraction are more complex than that
THE scientist in me was challenging the headline this week “What a waist — why all men have had one vision of the ideal woman”. The story came from research indicating that discernible waists are the one feature of the female form that has always been in demand, being an easily recognised sign of fertility and health. Apparently, literature searches by the University of Texas, revealed that there was no such unanimity about the ideal size of breasts, which were in any case most associated with romance rather than health or fertility. Oh, really? It got me going, not because I’ve always had a [...]
[2007-01-13] First Serious Relationship... Should We Date Other People?
The Question: My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost seven months now, and I love him a lot. He says he loves me too, and I believe him. We're already talking about getting married after we graduate from college, but I feel uncomfortable sometimes because this is my first serious relationship. He, on the other hand, has had actual girlfriends before, and a lot of them. In fact, he started dating me about a week after his previous girlfriend broke up with him. Maybe this shouldn't bother me so much, but it hurts so much whenever I think about how he's loved multiple girls before m [...]
[2007-01-13] Russians debate merits of lengthy holiday
Most people have long resumed the daily grind after New Year celebrations, but millions of Russians only returned to work this week — stumbling back to reality after an official holiday whose length is the subject of public and parliamentary debate and even psychologists' tips on how to recover. The same lawmakers who approved the 10-day holiday less than three years ago are expected to consider cutting short a break that for many Russians means an excessive intake of fatty food, hard drink and bad television. "I'm tired, I can't deal with it," complained Marina Kozhukhova, a Muscovite who s [...]
[2007-01-13] Smart Girls Finish Last
She had a string of degrees as long as your arm. But she could not, unfortunately, fly into someone's open arms at the end of each day and pour out terms of passionate endearments and call him lovingly, "my husband". Therein lay the problem. And this is repeated many times over in Brunei these days where the members of the "weaker sex" are taking over strong positions academically and everywhere else. "Men are avoiding them. Some think that they are far too smart. They fear domination," remarked a local bachelor the other day. Brunei's "smart girls" are the result of a worldwide phenomenon [...]
[2007-01-13] To date or not to date a married man?
This is the question many single women ask themselves today, especially from a morality point of view. It is not interesting to be labelled a husband snatcher or a desperate woman incapable of finding a single man. But more women have become disillusioned with single men, whom they have branded players, immature, heart-breakers, users and penniless. At the same time, there are women who subscribe to the saying that food served on another person’s plate tastes better. They have the unshaken belief that all the good men are taken, so they can only have affairs with such men. Yet others do i [...]
[2007-01-12] Yahoo Says Your Love Life Sucks
Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You. It's National Break-Up Season according to Yahoo, and I can't wait to see the Hallmark cards for this. Does the prospect of spending serious cash for gourmet chocolates, an elegant meal, and a night at the theatre make you depressed because you'd rather dump your irritating significant other before Valentine's Day arrives? It turns out you aren't alone, and Yahoo Research has your back. Tell that loser you're dating to go find a taxidermist and get stuffed, because you will have plenty of company. Who knows, maybe one of them would make for a fun speed d [...]
[2007-01-12] Providing love apparently does have conditions
They say love is blind, but apparently that’s not the case in China. In December 2006, the Chinese government announced it was tightening restrictions on who could adopt.For the past decade, China has been the country of choice for Canadians adopting from abroad. China accounted for 973 of Canada’s 1,871 foreign adoptions in 2005. But that could all change after new restrictions on adoptions are implemented in May of this year.In just a few shorts months, priority will be given to couples that have been married for at least two years and are between the ages of 30 and 50. This new requirement [...]
[2007-01-12] Networking Show Could Teach Hosts
Social networking and Internet dating has become one of the biggest sources of Internet traffic, with some social networking sites now among the most trafficked sites on the Web. As such, the social networking business is the source of some significant hosting requirements. What's more, the social networking business is a hotbed of new thinking on how a company's customers can interact with one another - thinking that could have real value in the hosting business. With Ticonderoga Ventures' 11th annual Internet Dating and Social Networking conference ( just aro [...]
[2007-01-12] Single White Russian
Dina Dukhin was a busy 25-year-old MBA student in the suburbs of Chicago when she started to feel that something was missing from her life. "There were no single people around me. Everybody I know got married really early," said Dukhin, who was born in Baku, the capital of present-day Azerbaijan.So she signed up for an Internet dating service,, to meet a marriage-minded man. The next day, she got an e-mail from a user called MalenkiyPrintz, which means Little Prince in Russian. His real name was Boris. When they first spoke to each other on the phone, they ended up chatting till 4 a. [...]
[2007-01-12] TV eight are a dream date
LOVE is in the air in Ross-shire this weekend with the start of a new TV dating show featuring eight local women all seeking Mr Right. Eight bachelors from Chumleigh in rural Devon travel 700 miles north to Gairloch in Wester Ross to see if they will find love among eight single women as part of the BBC’s newest reality series When Love Comes To Town. A shy 31-year-old primary teacher from Gairloch, a divorced social worker from Nigg in Easter Ross and an occupational therapist from Fortrose who has previously tried placing personal ads and speed dating, are among those who will try to f [...]
[2007-01-12] Ukrainian grooms and brides have to pass medical examination before wedding
Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko has signed the bill "On introducing changes to the family and the civil codes" passed by the Verkhovna Rada Dec. 22, 2006. According to the amendment, the groom and the bride now have to inform each other about their state of health, which is forced by the government, REGNUM reported. "This will only do benefit to the family health and future generations," deputy and faction member "Our Ukraine" Lilia Grigorovich said, "It is honest for each other and honest for the society. All of us have witnessed how many problems arise when ill parents give birth t [...]
[2007-01-12] A new book of interviews shows 70-somethings are finding they have plenty of energy for romance and more, even making their grandkids blush.
Sassy 70-something, Doreen Wendt-Weir, is the new pin-up girl for romance in the twilight years. Not afraid to strut her stuff, Doreen now wants everyone else her age to do the same. At 76, Doreen took charge of her love life and decided to write a book to help others her age put the spark back in theirs. There are 34 chapters, with 35 people all spilling their secrets. "There are a lot of happy people who are doing it the second time around, because they have learned their lessons the first time around," Doreen said. If you think that being 70 means knitting and crosswords, then think aga [...]
[2007-01-12] Divorce boom hits Moscow
Moscow saw a 4% rise in the divorce rate last year, with more than 45,000 couples deciding to untie the marriage knot, a senior official with the capital's registry office said Friday. "That is an amazing figure," Tatiana Ushakova told RIA Novosti. "We have not registered so many divorces in at least five years." She said Moscow experienced a slight increase in marriages, while marriages with foreigners became less popular. "Men from 93 countries arrived in Moscow last years to marry local women," Ushakova said. She added that most foreign marriages involved citizens of Turkey, Germany [...]
[2007-01-12] A NEW way of meeting and making friends will be launched in Malvern.
Friends 4 You will follow the now-familiar speed dating format, introducing strangers to potential new buddies through three-minute chat slots'. In this way, they can meet a lot of new people in just one evening and decide for themselves who they would like to see again. The friendship evenings will be held at the Lyttelton Well, on Church Street, and be relaxed and casual. Friends 4 You is the brainchild of a group of friends from St Andrew's Church. “It’s not a dating agency or a counselling service, it’s just somewhere to make new friends,” Jo Hartwright "It's not a [...]
[2007-01-12] Finding your soul mate
WHY is it difficult for some of us to find our soul mate? One answer would be that Allah is testing us in at least two aspects: whether we seek our spouses in the way that Allah and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) have guided us, and whether we apply those guidelines in humility and submission towards Allah who has the final say. Prophet Muhammad informed us that when Allah created mankind, spouses were among the things that had been decreed for them. Some people interpret this to mean that Allah has named specific individuals for us whereas others think that Allah instead has decided o [...]
[2007-01-12] Russian elite rating in three dimensions – national, business and social and political.
The first rating is Kommersant’s traditional list based on an opinion poll held by the VTsIOM polling agency at Kommersant’s commission. 1,600 Russians of different age, sex, social and financial standing, from different parts of the country were asked to name Russians who deserve to be called “elite”. The final rating includes those who have received at least 0.5 percent of the respondents’ vote. The rating ranged the famous people by the number of the votes that they got. The rating’s highest scorers have at the top of the list for the last six years. Russian President Vladimir Putin i [...]
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