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[2007-11-26] What would you do if your employer told you not to use MySpace, and Second Life because those sites are "too dangerous" and "inappropriate" for you?
If you're a teacher in Ohio, you'd better think twice before you answer, because it's not a hypothetical question. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the state's teacher's unions recommend that teachers not post profiles on social networking or online dating sites because it could lead to the appearance of improper relationships with students. What's next? Police officers prohibited from posting hook-up invitations on craigslist lest it appear they are hooking on the side? Firefighters advised not to enter a members-only adult community, in case some old biddy sees an episode of Primetime Li [...]
[2007-11-26] GIRLS, beware of the red roses. Men are more romantic than women when their relationships are on the rocks
Men still live on Mars and women on Venus, the Relationships Australia survey of 1200 adults shows. Men trying to improve their relationships tend to cook meals or leave little notes for their partner, but women are more likely to be practical and want to "get issues out in the open". The study also found women were twice as likely as men to want to improve relationships by spending more time with the kids. Couples most commonly tried to improve their relationships by spending time together -- but this was true for 33 per cent of women and only 23 per cent of men. And when asked what t [...]
[2007-11-26] Unlucky in love, ladies? Worry not. It's not your fault. It's just a build up of dating toxins...
Every so often even the females of the species have to scrabble around for a reason as to why they are not Getting Lucky. This may come as a surprise to men, who may be forgiven for feeling that they do all the hard work, and all women have to do is be blonde, under-25, and turn up to every social function in a miniskirt that barely covers their stocking tops (anything less and they just aren't making the effort). Back in the real world, it's the same old story of 'equal but different'. Unlucky-in-love males prefer to put the blame on some non-negotiable tangible - as in, they are stalkers/in [...]
[2007-11-26] In another move by state lawmakers to try to boost Internet safety, online dating sites would have to notify New Jersey residents whether they do criminal background checks under a proposal set to be considered this week.
The bill is opposed by Internet companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, eHarmony and But Senate President Richard J. Codey, a bill sponsor, said it's needed to help protect online dating users from predators and force online dating Web sites to take more responsibility for fostering safe practices. "Let's face it _ the Internet is not going the way of the 8-track tape anytime soon," said Codey, D-Essex. The bill, modeled after a 2006 Florida law, was approved by the Senate in March and is scheduled for consideration by an Assembly committee on Monday. The Assembly must pass it and the govern [...]
[2007-11-26] In a comparative study on women's trafficked through migration, the United Nation stated that an estimated of four million women were trafficked from one country to another and within countries.
Former Judge Adoracion Cruz-Avisado said human trafficking is a major crime with penalties ranging to life imprisonment and P5-million in fines. Trafficking involves like recruitment, transport, transfer, and harboring of persons by threat, force or coercion or abduction, fraud or deception for exploitation. In a recent forum sponsored by the Womynet group in cooperation with the Davao City Water District, Judge Avisado said the most prevalent forms of sex trafficking are prostitution, sex tourism, and mail order brides including bonded labor and domestic work. In a 2000 comparative stud [...]
[2007-11-26] Nina Reiser isn't the world's greatest mother; she is a manipulative and deceptive mail-order bride who used her estranged husband, Hans Reiser, to gain U.S. citizenship
With a picture of Nina Reiser's classified ad in a mail-order bride catalog on the screen, DuBois attacked Deputy District Attorney Paul Hora's picture of Nina as a caring, devoted mother saying it was just that: an image. "She liked to project the image the prosecution has put before you," DuBois said, pointing to a portrait Hora had set up in front of the jury showing Nina and her baby son Rory. "The actual Nina Reiser is the one being portrayed here by this European Connections magazine." DuBois spent his half day of opening statements pointing out the character flaws of both Nina and H [...]
[2007-11-26] Do men really want to be with a docile helpmeet rather than an equal? Are we part of a generation of women that is so successful that we are overqualified for love?
Maureen Dowd is full of bad news for smart, successful women looking for love. For more than two years, she's been arguing that men are intimidated by accomplished women, and are looking for “relationships with women they don't have to talk to.” This week, she suggested that Hillary Clinton should pretend to be a flight attendant to win the American male vote. She’s not the only one who predicts grim love prospects smart women: published an article titled “Don't Marry a Career Woman,” warning that women who make more than $30,000 per year, work 35 hours a week or more outside the ho [...]
[2007-11-26] Men who get married and have children are more likely to experience reductions in testosterone.
According to a study conducted by UNLV professors, men who get married and have children are more likely to experience reductions in testosterone. “The bottom line is ‘What does testosterone do?’ It does all the things you think it does,” said Dr. Peter Gray, assistant professor for the UNLV Department of Anthropology. “It promotes libido, validates interactions, a sense of self-worth, all the kinds of things that engage successfully in the world around us eventually acquire reproductive opportunities.” In 2000, Gray and others began looking at the affects of testosterone in more detail in t [...]
[2007-11-26] The Men in Skirts. Both Pope Benedict and King Abdullah have been on a "charm offensive" and been seeking photo opportunities and providing unusual access to journalists.
The Men in Skirts. Both leaders have been on a "charm offensive" and been seeking photo opportunities and providing unusual access to journalists.Recently, these two -- King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Pope Benedict -- met in Vatican City. Both are at the apex of their respective "establishments" which are, not to put a fine point on it, dominated by men who oppress and condemn women to second-class status.There could not be a better photograph to symbolize the convergence of such political and religious power which has perpetuated the world's single biggest socio-economic problem: the disenf [...]
[2007-11-26] The statistics suggest Americans should think twice before saying "I do" again. Many people, though, say they get it right the second time.
Isabel Clayton of Lakeland married her high school boyfriend when she was 20 and endured an unhappy marriage for 33 years before divorcing. She eventually met a man online, and after a courtship, they married five years ago."It's wonderful," said Clayton, 63. "I tell him all the time I wish we met years ago because our lives would have been so much easier."Alice Wilson of Lake Wales had a similar experience. She wedded at 17 and persisted in a trying marriage for 37 years, partly for the sake of her children. By the time she divorced, she was embittered and couldn't imagine marrying again. But [...]
[2007-11-26] Parliament will start debating a proposed new law that will erase fathers from applications by single or lesbian women for IVF treatment.
Under the existing law, clinics are legally obliged to take into account a child's need for a father when considering such applications. But that requirement will vanish if the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill becomes law next year. Another nail will have been hammered into the coffin of the traditional family. And another blow will have been struck against fatherhood. This move could not have come at a worse time. Just as we are beginning to appreciate the vital role fathers play in the successful upbringing of children, Labour Ministers are sending out the utterly wrong signal [...]
[2007-11-26] In pursuit of their dream job many couples are forced to live apart for extended periods of time reuniting occasionally, when their busy schedules allow. Forget the mantra, "till death do us part" career is sending partners in different directions.
Thanks to technology one can have breakfast in Karachi, Pakistan, lunch in Nairobi and supper in Dubai. As the global village becomes more networked more young men and women are following their heart’s desire, in terms of careers, far beyond their national boundaries. In pursuit of their dream job many couples are forced to live apart for extended periods of time reuniting occasionally, when their busy schedules allow. This has given rise to long distance families going against the grain of traditional belief of marriage where partners have to stay together regardless of what life shoves [...]
[2007-11-26] Researchers and activists are linking the feminization of HIV-AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa with another major health affliction for women in the region: female genital mutilation.
Sporadic research data over the past 10 years has correlated dirty cutting equipment, hemorrhages requiring blood transfusions, and injurious sexual intercourse causing vaginal tearing and lesions with rising rates of HIV transmission among women in countries where female genital mutilation (FGM) is still widely practiced. "Because FGM is coupled with the loss of blood and use is often made of one instrument for a number of operations, the risk of HIV-AIDS transmission is increased by the practice," the New York-based United Nations Population Fund says on its website. "Also, due to damage to [...]
[2007-11-26] Since 50 % of all marriages end in divorce ~ perhaps we need another look at relationships and why they are the true test of who we are .
As such, I will now describe thefour levelsof relationshipswe tend to set up in our quest to find ourselves. 1. " GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS "RELATIONSHIPS Partners are joined by common fears and are usually completely dependent on each other. There is little if any passion,few risks are taken and no real growth occurs. Both partnershave settled for less than all of themselves~ but at thecost ofgrowth andpassion. They tend tosee themselves as victimsand usually are spectators in life. It is a dry creek bed waiting for the spring rain . COLOR IT GREY 2. " SAFE LOVE " R [...]
[2007-11-26] This is the tale of one man's nervous foray into social networking.
Innocently thinking it was an online dating agency in disguise, I optimistically joined Facebook in the hope that desperate women would soon be knocking on my door. Fast forward four months, however, and my life is still devoid of vamps and vixens - but I can count almost 40 friends. At least, they claim to be my friends but, on social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster and MySpace, you never can tell. After all, some of my so-called friends barely know me (I didn't even recognise two of them by their photos) or avoid me in real life. I even agreed to be one person's friend because [...]
[2007-11-21] Online dating is not wrong - it's just one more way to co-create your life with God.
I am primarily a pastor in Southern California, but I also serve as a spokesperson for Faithmate, an online dating service. Not long ago, I was interviewed about the site by one of the leading gospel radio and magazine personalities in Houston, and we were bombarded by callers questioning whether the church should support online dating. I held my own, but the conflicting views of callers placed us at an impasse. I was about to reach into my bag of rhetorical persuasion when my host was asked, “How did you meet your wife?” His response was shocking: “Online.” He went on to extol the virtues of [...]
[2007-11-21] Can being unfaithful save your relationship? Marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall reveals the unexpected benefits of betrayal
It seems like the ultimate irony – the least likely outcome to an act of betrayal that for most people spells the end of a marriage. Sometimes, however, instead of causing a death blow, being caught out can end up saving it. In some cases, an affair can improve a relationship that has for years been stuck in the doldrums; it can be a desperately needed wake-up call, a chance to reflect and face painful truths. Of course, this is a high-risk strategy and many couples cannot get past the bitterness and resentment that the infidelity inevitably brings, but some can and do get through the pain of [...]
[2007-11-21] 2 Husbands Try To Buy Cut-Rate Mail-Order Brides
It's not a reality TV show, at least not yet, but it does appear to be a real Internet phenomenon. It's called "The 2 Husbands" and if it's not a hoax, I'm sure it or something like it could end up on TV as soon as this summer. The concept: Two guys are auditioning for wives, but instead of making the decision themselves, they're leaving it up to the Internet-voting public. That's right, strangers on the internet decide who they marry, paying $2 per vote for the privilege. That's where the prize money comes from: Winning brides get fifty grand each. Also, the second guy, Tanner, is gay. Rea [...]
[2007-11-21] Artificial intelligence? Think artificial nookie. One expert says that by 2050, men and women will be having intimate relations with lifelike machines
This month, artificial intelligence expert David Levy released Love + Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships. In the book, he predicts that by 2050, men and women will be enjoying physical and emotional bonds with extremely lifelike, apparently conscious and remarkably suave robots. Using examples of human-robot interactions from around the world, Dr. Levy - who won the 1997 Loebner Prize for developing conversational software and who earned his PhD with his thesis "Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners" - explains why he thinks artificial beings will soon becom [...]
[2007-11-21] Internet scams targeting those looking for love
-- Some stories of love on the Internet end with happily ever afters, but the story of Terri and Todd ends with a betrayal, an empty bank account and a single broken heart. They met online almost two years ago. She was a widow in Hudson, Ohio, who wanted to ease back into the almost forgotten world of dating. He was a man who'd faced a different kind of adversity. Chased from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, Todd described moving to Africa to run an orphanage. Life there was hard, he wrote, and sometimes, despite his best efforts, children died. By the time she realized Todd's story was [...]
[2007-11-21] You're Not Attractive And neither is your girlfriend, but in order to stomach the prospect of a long-term relationship, you delude yourself into believing she's better looking than she really is.
To see if men (and women) really deceive themselves in this manner, a group of researchers obtained data from the popular physical attractiveness ratings site Hot or Not and studied users' behaviors. (The researchers: Leonard Lee of Columbia, Dan Ariely of M.I.T., George Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon and James Hong and Jim Young, the founders of Hot or Not) The site has evolved to include a dating service dubbed "Meet Me," where instead of rating a person's photo, users pick the photos of the people they're interested in. If both people are open to meeting each other, then the initial cont [...]
[2007-11-19] Age Gap Marriages With Young Russian Mail Order Brides
When it comes to love, age is nothing but a number. For instance,count on any of these celebrities, Tom cruise and Katie Holmes, Madonna andGuy Ritchie, Salman Rushdie and Padma Laksmi, Michael Doughlas and CatherineZeta Zones, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry.... the count is endless. Agedifference between the couple is not a big deal for many. It has been a common belief that the strongest families are those inwhich husbands are several years older than their wifes. I believe it is afine cultural norm in Ukraine - with five to fifteen years difference in ageon the average, and maybe more in som [...]
[2007-11-19] Playing the dating game in Ireland is much harder for women of a certain age
Finding love has no age limit, and that includes love the second timearound. As women reach their 40s and 50s, dating can be difficult,especially if a woman has lost a partner through death or if she has gonethrough a separation.Single mature women in Ireland now outnumber men by three to one. This meansthat the Irish dating scene for women who are seeking a second chance atlove is particularly fraught.Cleo (not her real name) lost her beloved husband Mark to cancer in 1991. Hewas just 31. She was left with two daughters, one aged three and the otherjust 11 months."Mark was just a darling, tot [...]
[2007-11-19] SPEED-DATING events, a dating agency, online dating sites, a profile on Facebook, or relying on friends to match-make...
If you’re reluctantly single, there are plenty of options to help you find romance, but which ones suit your personality? Not everyone is comfortable with the pressure of a speed-dating night, not everyone feels safe entering cyberspace to find Mr or Ms Right, and who wants to be under the spotlight at a dinner organised by well-meaning friends? Your personality plays a key role in deciding which options are most likely to help you find love, says Dr Monica Whitty of the School of Psychology at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland. She says that while older people and those who are shy [...]
[2007-11-19] Russian Federation's Healthcare Ministry has approved a measure to procure a signature from women seeking an abortion
The document discloses the possibility of suffering grave complications from an abortion and provides a full list of potential medical hazards. The doctor performing the abortion would also sign the document, confirming he fully disclosed the medical risks and informed the woman of alternatives to abortion.Doctors are not being required to offer the document to women for signing, but the Healthcare Ministry strongly recommends that they do.The Health Ministry's proposal means the government is reluctantly realising the link between the nation's plummeting population and its staggering abortion [...]
[2007-11-16] In Punjab, where the ambition of nearly half the population is to go abroad, the government has started an advertisement campaign warning against immigration, marriage and job frauds being carried out by unscrupulous travel agents.
The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) is running the campaignthrough Punjabi channels and vernacular newspapers. They have asked young Punjabi men and women to guard against falsetravel and immigration agents and also NRIs wanting to dupe them by offeringforeign dreams. ''Supne dekhne chhado, haqiqat val dhiyaan deyo'' is the punch line ofthe ad campaign launched by the ministry last month to make people awareabout immigration frauds. These frauds include illegal immigration, the absence of a workpermit, not having employment visas, marriage frauds and 'holidaymarriages'. The last of [...]
[2007-11-16] Police have arrested three more people they said were involved in an online crime ring that robbed three men last month.
All of the victims met a woman online and went to her Southside apartmentexpecting a sexual encounter. Instead, they were tied up and robbed.One of the victims led police to the apartment of 27-year-old MelissaMartinez, who had an online profile posted on Quest Personals, a singleschat room. Police said they found evidence of the crimes in her apartment.When Martinez confessed, she gave police the names of two men, DanielHernandez and Jose DeLuna.Hernandez and DeLuna were accused of roughing up the victims and holdingguns to their heads. Hernandez and DeLuna also confessed, police said, andthe [...]
[2007-11-16] There is nothing that defines relationships and sex for this generation more than Facebook.
Where else can you befriend, message, research and stalk all in a virtualreality that some of us take more seriously than actual reality? Think aboutit: changing one's relationship status on Facebook is the ultimate in goingsteady - it has replaced the letterman jacket and varsity pin.While technology today has affected and fostered a slew of relationships, Ican't help but wonder if all this technological interference is serving tohelp or hamper modern love.Sure, we can find our "perfect matches" on online dating sites, but can arelationship beyond emoticon-filled e-mails survive? Can I get pa [...]
[2007-11-16] Do a lot of research before using dating sites online
The best online dating sites will offer variousschemes, and they can be chosen through the users as they please. Datingsites will be rated on various sites, and reviews will be given throughexperts as well as users. They will be of great use to people who are new todating sites.It is a must to explore reviews about the best online dating sites beforesigning up. The best online dating sites will be based on various criteria.This will include the services they offer, and what benefits the users willget out of these sites. Most of the best online dating sites are those thatoffer completely free s [...]
[2007-11-16] According to the Center for Disease Control, 50% of sexually active men and women will contract an HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection during their lives
This is particularly dangerous because men cancarry and transmit this disease without showing any symptoms or knowledge oftheir own infection. HPV is growing at epidemic proportions and there is noknown cure. What is particularly dangerous to women is the growing number ofwomen who contract cervical cancer from HPV. In 2004, the American CancerSociety estimated that nearly 40% of women who develop cervical cancercaused from HPV will die from this disease. [...]
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