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[2006-11-27] For more couples, marriage can wait
She was a singer on a boat. He was the bar manager. They caught each other's eyes from afar, and soon wedding bells were ringing. Meghan Hoyt, a 28-year-old Dyer resident, knew the moment she met Joseph Hoyt, 30, that he was the man she would marry. "I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life," she said. "I wanted the one final step of commitment." They got married and have the pictures to prove it. But they are in the minority. Gone are the romantic days of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. In is the debauchery of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. The singles have finally wo [...]
[2006-11-27] It's courtship after dating
What does a wife do when the dating allowance being offered to her husband at work wreaks havoc on her married life? Azim Premji and his company would have never thought that their decision to give employees a dating allowance would land them in court. But Tripti Nigam, a homemaker in Kanpur is suing the two for misleading her husband, Gaurav Nigam – an employee of the very same company – with their dating allowance. According to Tripti, the dating allowance is the cause of turbulence in her married life and the reason why her husband has been ignoring her. "The dating allowance provided to my [...]
[2006-11-27] Going it alone More single women buying their own home
The American dream of owning a home is a realization for more women today, but without the white picket fence and doting husband. The number of single women buying homes is higher than ever before, according to a 2006 home buyers and sellers profile by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). From July 2005 to June 2006, unattached women made up 22 percent of all home buyers--a record high. During the same time period in 1995, 14 percent of home purchases were made by single women. Cultural and societal progress have contributed to the growth of female investment. In the 1970s "wome [...]
[2006-11-27] Dating tips on board
By now the modern fairy-tale romance of Densha Otoko is well-known. The story based on the real otaku who called himself Densha Otoko (or Train_Man) in one of Japan’s largest online message boards, 2chan, is a phenomenon in Japan that has sparked various adaptations – a drama series, a movie, novels, and a few manga versions. The tale begins with Densha travelling home from Akihabara (the holy land of otaku) in a train. When a drunk starts harassing several women passengers, Densha fights him off. One of the women, impressed by his courage, asks for his contact. Densha duly obliges [...]
[2006-11-27] Indian men make the best husbands
Russia's leading feminist Maria Arbatova thinks Indian men make the best husbands and so do 80 per cent of Pune's women. Taking a cue from a leading Russian feminist Maria Arbatova's conclusion that Indian men make the best husbands, we at PT decided to do a little reality check ourselves. Scroll down to read some of the popular opinions given by Punekars. "Looking at some of the qualities in Indian men, some stand out to be quite distinctive," says Aparna Deshmukh, a homemaker. "Indian men are especially tolerant and have a placid profile with tranquillity inculcated deep in their mindsets. [...]
[2006-11-27] Make marriage proposal one she will remember
Marriage proposals used to be easy. This is how Corinne Conover, 27, says her parents decided to tie the knot: "Dave?" her mom said. "Yes, Barbara?" her dad replied. "Let's get married." "OK, Toots." Dave and Barbara Conover will be married 34 years in January. For them, getting engaged was more a mutual agreement than a formal affair. But what happens to the person who dreams of the bended-knee proposal and doesn't get it? How wrong can the question of all questions go? "After dating for over a year, my friend started bringing up the subject of marriage to her boyfriend," said Kelly [...]
[2006-11-27] Tying me up is getting me down
In the last couple of years, I really discovered that I enjoy the bondage and discipline scene. To my surprise, I like being the slave with my boyfriend. Now, for us, we're not into anything too heavy; the discipline or endurance training doesn't break skin for example. We primarily enjoy the power roles of Master and slave. For example, I feel great comfort and security kneeling in front of my boyfriend and talking, or if we're watching television, I'll sit on the floor wearing a collar while my boyfriend is on the couch. To add to the role playing, I'll be the one getting him a drink or munc [...]
[2006-11-27] Single women put on alert as brutal sex murderer disappears
A HUNT has been launched for a murderer described as a danger to lone women who has gone to ground after being released from prison on a lifelong supervision order. Jack Roy, 37, has broken off contact with police and social workers in Edinburgh as concerns began to emerge over his behaviour. Fears surrounding Roy - who stabbed a woman to death in a horrific sexual attack on a train 21 years ago - led police to ask Cathy Jamieson, the justice minister, to revoke his licence and order his return to prison. That order was granted yesterday and police then took the unusual step of issuing a [...]
[2006-11-27] Brazilian Fiancee Charged in Robbery, Slaying of California Man
The lonely, divorced carpenter thought he was going to Brazil to make wedding plans. Instead, he was drugged and held captive for six days at his fiancee's home while she and another man emptied his bank accounts, according to Brazilian authorities. Then they drove the 56-year-old victim to a vacant lot, where they strangled him with copper wire, doused his body with fuel, and set it on fire, investigators say. Authorities found Raymond Merrill's charred body in April. Now, the woman he believed was his betrothed is under arrest, along with a man suspected of helping to kill him. "He woul [...]
[2006-11-27] Police Shoot Groom to Death on His Wedding Day
An angry crowd demanded Sunday to know why police officers killed an unarmed man on the day of his wedding, firing dozens of shots that also wounded two of the man's friends. Some called for the ouster of the city's police commissioner. At a vigil and rally the day after 23-year-old Sean Bell was supposed to have married the mother of his two young children, a crowd led by the Rev. Al Sharpton shouted "No justice, no peace." At one point, the crowd of a few hundred counted off to 50, the number of rounds fired. "We cannot allow this to continue to happen," Sharpton said at the gathering out [...]
[2006-11-27] Scam Artists Tap Online Dating Market
Hampton Falls, New Hampshire police are investigating complaints of online dating fraud. Police Chief Robbie Dirsa said scam artists stole thousands of dollars from two women who thought they had a romantic relationship. Dirsa said one woman met a man online in 2002 through Yahoo Personals. He said she loaned him $109,000 over the course of a year for an alleged trucking business. Dirsa said they went out on a few dates though police aren't sure if the man she dated is the same person she met online. He didn't repay the money and the woman hasn't heard from him. This spring, another woman be [...]
[2006-11-27] Disappointments from online matchmaking sites make people to move again towards marriage bureaus
Disappointments from online matchmaking sites make people to move again towards marriage bureaus. Professional matchmakers will now again help people to finds there true love. ‘Your True Love – a click away’ with these kind of slogans we find different matchmaking sites on the net. Some really find their true love. But now days, many matchmaking sites are come on the internet, so it’s difficult to find true love on the internet. Internet is spread globally. Your profile has been seen by many persons, But we can’t sure that the person is approaching to us or we are approaching to a person mus [...]
[2006-11-27] Online dating services get results
Dick Cheney flew to South Dakota to spend Election Day on a hunting trip. He was setting up his alibi. When all the charges of computer voting fraud sweep the nation today he can say he was at the hospital with his shooting victims. Newsweek reported Monday that online dating services have become a huge success. They get results. One woman signed up last month and she's heard from Clint Eastwood and Bill Clinton and Robert Redford, but let's see if they call back after the election. Pastor Ted Haggard was fired by his evangelical church Sunday after he met with a male hooker and bought met [...]
[2006-11-27] What is so frightening about marriage?
It was a great shock to me when my friend Andres (of all people!) got married at 29. That a dedicated "ladies man" would take a step like that and at such "tender" age, left me feeling confused and even a little frightened. It led me though to recover part of my faith in men, couples and marriage (of course, when he divorced six months later, my faith levels went back to normal in a heartbeat). I did not get the "marriage bug" until I was 26 and very much in love. In fact, even today, I have no clue about weddings; I believe I have never even glanced at a brides' magazine. If it wasn't for the [...]
[2006-11-27] Dating – Amazing Techniques To Attract A Mate of Your Dreams Online
When we start thinking about online dating, the most frequently asked questions are “How do I create a love relationship? How do I attract a man or a woman online for a night, a lifetime or anything in between? People say that they are waiting for the person that they can love, but we would like you to self reflect and ask yourself the question that if you need to pick up anything heavy, do you wait for the muscles to develop? There are simple tools of communication for creating lasting love. One of the many tools is self-assessment or self-analysis. You can do a sort of course correction to [...]
[2006-11-27] Only One in 100 Russian Internet Brides is Real
All online dating sites suffer from dating scammers, 99 percent of the emails are hoaxes designed by professional Internet criminals says Elena Petrova the founder of Russian Brides Cyber Guide, Website reports.Internet criminals use sophisticated scripts and custom-built software to contact thousands of male users of Internet personals, creating fake Russian women identities and requesting money for airplane tickets.Once swindlers find out a contact they start bombarding it with dozens of emails promising love, passion, sexual pleasures or whatever the man wants. Alluring photos are [...]
[2006-11-27] Online dating scam in the US
Scam artists are tapping into the online dating market, and in two cases in Hampton Falls, have stolen thousands of dollars from women who thought they had a romantic relationship.The Hampton Falls Police Department is investigating two cases of online fraud.The local women were duped out of thousands of dollars they'll likely never recover, Police Chief Robbie Dirsa said.It could happen to anyone, said Dirsa, whose officer, Jeremy Tetreault, spoke at an identity theft seminar in Hampton this past Thursday.Dirsa described both victims as professional women scammed by expert salesmen.One case b [...]
[2006-11-27] Online dating scams on the rise in the U.S.
Scam artists are tapping into the online dating market, and in two cases in Hampton Falls, have stolen thousands of dollars from women who thought they had a romantic relationship. The Hampton Falls Police Department is investigating two cases of online fraud. The local women were duped out of thousands of dollars they'll likely never recover, Police Chief Robbie Dirsa said. It could happen to anyone, said Dirsa, whose officer, Jeremy Tetreault, spoke at an identity theft seminar in Hampton this past Thursday. Dirsa described both victims as professional women scammed by expert salesmen. [...]
[2006-11-27] Equal Rights, Yes! Same-Sex Marriage, No!
For thousands of years, the word "marriage" means a union between a man and a woman. Now, men who want to “marry” men and women who want to “marry” women are demanding that the rules and standards by which civilization has survived over these thousands of years of history be changed to accommodate homosexuals and lesbians.They want all of the world’s dictionaries to be changed to redefine “marriage.”This out-of-the-closet confrontation has led to lawsuits and decisions by State Supreme Courts and State Legislatures from coast to coast.Liberal states are favoring action by the courts and lawmak [...]
[2006-11-27] 20 funny reasons why it's better to be a woman
1. Women can talk to attractive members of the opposite sex without having to picture them naked.2. A woman can never be blamed if it's wet on the floor around the toilet bowl. 3. If a woman cheats on her spouse everyone will assume it's because she was being emotionally neglected.4. Women are capable of doing at least two different things to a passable standard at the same time.5. Women live longer than men. 6. Women don't feel uncomfortable with gay waiters or hairdressers. 7. A woman can fully assess a person just by looking at their shoes. 8. Women know the truth about whether size matters [...]
[2006-11-27] Ten reasons why women say NO to men
If a woman says NO to a man’s invitation to have a cup of coffee together, he should not give up and all the same keep on making acquaintances with women. It is important for men to foresee refusals from women and try to evade them. Here are the ten popular reasons that make women turn down men’s invitations and nullify their attempts to get acquainted. 1. Selfishness and hatred of men. The modern big city society, both men and women, are awfully anxious about their own lives only and do not care about other people’s feelings. They believe their sexual attractiveness must be sold at the high [...]
[2006-11-27] Every fifth man has women's brains
Scientists discovered that every fifth male has "female brains." The owner of such brains does not necessarily look like a gay man. Vice versa, he can be a rather brutal-looking macho. A man with women's brains will differ from other men for his passion for women's occupations. A man can always use the "women's logic" argument in a dispute with a woman. The argument finishes the dispute immediately, and the female opponent will not be able to win it, no matter what she will try to say in her own defense. It was generally believed that the male way of thinking was much more rational: women co [...]
[2006-11-27] Blond women rule the world at all times
Hair has always topped the list of fetishes in the European culture. Women's hair has been evolving from the symbol of obedience (plaits) to the instrument of seduction. Long hair becomes a lot more tempting and attracts a lot more men's attention if it is colored blond or platinum. This color has made its own fetish category: men aspire to conquer blonds, women want to become blonds, whereas fashion designers and makeup artists want to use this blond passion in their work. Ancient Roman women used to dye their hair with beech ashes and crocodile fat. If they had no crocodile fat, they had a [...]
[2006-11-27] Tight trousers and belts damage human reproductive function
Tight belts and low waits jeans produce the effect of heat castration for men and women alike The USA celebrated a rather original holiday titled No Pants Day a month ago, in the beginning of May. The holiday is not only a day of fun, it gives a good reason to lead a healthy lifestyle, when people bid farewell to a very bad habit of theirs (at least for one day) – wearing pants. Trousers and a strong belt have been considered the symbol of masculinity for ages. This garment has been mainly connected with the military science, where accuracy is highly important: loose and baggy clothes coul [...]
[2006-11-27] Tall women with masculine traits seldom have children
Tall women have fewer children because it is difficult for them to find lifetime partnersTall women are busy with making good careers and have fewer children, but this is not explained with their failure to find good partners. Researchers Denis Deady of Stirling University and Miriam Law-Smith from St.Andrew's University have arrived at a conclusion that the taller a woman the weaker her motherly instinct. Results of their researches prove that taller women highlight successful career and ignore childbirth than women of medium height. The researchers have also estimated that tall women would [...]
[2006-11-27] Women rape men when they have no one to have sex with
There are hundreds of lonely women in the prime of life seeking to apply their libido Mary Kay Leturno, 34, a secondary school teacher from Washington, the daughter of a family relations advocate and an ultra-conservative deputy representing California, the divorced woman having two children was sentenced to seven years in prison. Why? The prosecution states that the woman seduced a male student from Samoa who was 21 years younger than she. But the woman insists that she fell in love with the young man and he returned her feelings. Luckily, the story ended quite happily, and the woman was par [...]
[2006-11-27] Every human being develops sexual complexes based on secret desires
Some people suffer from their sexual complexes while others regard theirs as a norm. By one way or another, most of our peculiarities have been studied a long time ago, and many of them were given names e.g. the Alice in Wonderland complex, the Titania complex, the Knight/Libertine complex, the Cinderella complex, the Don Quixote complex, the Madonna/Whore complex, Don Juanism. There are other complexes named after Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde. The Alice in Wonderland complex develops in women living in a world of fancy. Those women have lots of imagination, which creates a [...]
[2006-11-27] Married couple has no sex for 33 years and lives happily ever after
Russian woman Klavdia Kryukova was married to a man with whom she never lived together. However, she says that her marriage to Leonid Kovalenko was surprisingly happy. The tender husband always called his wife"angel on Earth." Klavdia never considered herself a beauty but men fell in love with her at first sight. The woman was married twice and her second marriage turned out to be the most unusual. Klavdia and Leonid got acquainted by chance. The man first got acquainted with the husband of Klavdia’s sister who praised the woman immensely and regretted that she had no husband. Leonid’s fam [...]
[2006-11-27] Sexual satisfaction depends greatly on time of the day
Sexologists have long noticed that sexual satisfaction varies greatly depending on time people have sex during the day. So check your watch before getting your leg over. She: Her body is not yet ready for sex even if she is already awake, according to Men’s Life magazine. The melatonin level (the sleep hormone) is still too high while her body temperature has not yet gone up (it stays somewhat lower at night). At times a woman can derive special pleasure when her partner starts making love to wake her up. But a man should not skip the foreplay; he had better let his woman wake up by making i [...]
[2006-11-27] Sexual fetishism: a sexual physic disorder or harmless fixation
The police of the Japanese city of Yokohama arrested the 46-year-old man called Katsyo Miyake this August. The police discovered about 2.5 thousand panties while conducting a search in his tiny apartment. The panties were reportedly stolen by the suspect in last ten years. The detectives were amazed to find hundreds of panties scattered all over the place. The most treasured items were hidden under the mattress on which Miyake slept. The suspect admitted to having stolen the panties. He also said he could not but steal them since he was a fetishist… The case of Katsyo Miyake is not unique. O [...]
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