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[2007-04-15] Marriage no longer top of wish list for thirtysomethings
THE surprising news about unmarried women in their mid-30s comes from the Office for National Statistics, which released the figures earlier this week. In 1990, just one in 10 women was single at the age of 35. The downward trend corresponds with a change in society with more women choosing to follow a career for longer, the rising cost of buying a home and the growing social acceptance of couples living together instead of getting hitched. The findings however, seem at odds with the wishes of both men and women with previous polls of both sexes, which claimed that seven out of 10 still asp [...]
[2007-04-13] SCAMMERS are using internet dating sites to steal cash from islanders.
Fraud Squad detective constable Alan Tremlett recently received three reports of people giving away thousands of pounds to swindlers promising friendship, relationships and marriage.One person lost more than £30,000.The scam typically starts a few months after someone has joined a dating agency. Swindlers gain the trust of their victims before convincing them to start sending money.‘Many of them say they would love to come to live in Guernsey or need money for their children,’ said DC Tremlett. ‘Often, there is an offer of marriage.’He added that it wasn’t just the vulnerable who fall for [...]
[2007-04-13] US visas for child of fiance. Good news vs. Bad
Adopting children from all over the world has steadily increased in the past decade. Over 20,000 inter-country adoptions are taking place per year in addition to the more than 200,000 foreign-adopted children already living in the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is proud to play a key role in the inter-country adoption process. Prospective adoptive parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with inter-country adoption processes before they begin filing applications for a particular child. A good place to start is with the [...]
[2007-04-13] Dating guidelines for single parents
As a single mom, Kim Sutch worries about bringing a date home to meet her kids. "My concerns would be what would I tell the children?" she says. "How would the children feel about it? Cause they've never actually seen me dating anybody. And I feel that they would be very, very jealous." Her kids, six-year-old Aiden and 11-year-old Mackenzie, both admit it would be "weird" to see their mom date. "She might want to do stuff with him," explains Mackenzie, "and we might have a baby-sitter, so we probably wouldn't see a lot of her." Many single parents wonder if it's even okay to date. Exp [...]
[2007-04-13] The tall and the short of love
With April temperatures stubbornly holding in the 40s and 50s, you’re more likely to catch a cold than spring fever.Nonetheless, this is the season our thoughts turn to baseball and mating rituals. And while I am delighted to see the Red Sox in first place, it is the second topic that concerns me today.Earlier this week, John Tierney of the New York Times offered a pair of columns on the mysteries of dating — why we seek or avoid certain people. Along the way, he pointed to a recent study and contains some remarkable findings.The study, by Gunter Hitsch and Ali Hortacsu of the University of Ch [...]
[2007-04-13] According to Forbes Sacramento holds the 13th place in the nation for cities with the best singles scene.
It's Friday. Do you have a date tonight? You have a pretty good chance of finding one here, according to Forbes magazine which ranks Sacramento 13th in the nation for cities with the best singles scene.Denver topped the 2006 list for the third year in a row.Sacramento’s appeal is seeded in the many activities and organizations where single people can meet one another, according to Jennifer Santich, a dancer for the Sacramento Kings.The 27-year-old adds there’s no shortage of attractive people to choose from when looking for a hot date. "Here in Sac, there are good-looking people, and they’re q [...]
[2007-04-13] Spreading the word
Do Russian women shave their legs? What’s the deal with homosexuality in Russia? These are among the questions tackled in a new glossy magazine whose debut issue appeared last month in U.S., Canadian and British bookstores. Russia!, an English-language quarterly with an initial print run of 20,000, aims to serve as a reality check to Western conceptions of Russia as a place populated with spies, vodka-guzzling chess players and mail-order brides. Its target reader is the Westerner who may not know much about the country but is interested in it, said Michael Idov, main editor of the next issue [...]
[2007-04-13] Mixer for the unattached set for Saturday
A worldwide singles society is making its first stop in Salinas this weekend to provide bachelors and bachelorettes relief from the proverbial bar scene. On Saturday, the Bay Area-based Society of Single Professionals, the self-proclaimed largest nonprofit singles organization in the world, will hold an event in Oldtown Salinas in an effort to spark romance and friendship among the city's unattached.The mixer, to be held at Hullaballoo Restaurant, is a response to demand from Salinas residents who attended the group's singles events in Monterey and Pacific Grove, said Rich Gosse, chairma [...]
[2007-04-13] Kiwi men looking for love in all the wrong places are finding themselves left high and dry after bringing mail order brides into New Zealand.
Support groups on Auckland's North Shore say the number of men from failed mail order bride partnerships and ensuing child custody battles has grown. Shore Fathers founder Craig Davis says in the past six months, 11 men have contacted him seeking help with mail order love affairs gone wrong. "About six of the guys had Russian or eastern European wives and the others were mainly Asian," says Mr Davis, who formed the nonprofit group 13 years ago to promote the role of the father in the family. "I even had a call from a grandfather recently whose 17-year-old grandson wants to bring over a 2 [...]
[2007-04-13] Taking a potential partner home can be a giant step on the road to romance.
Taking a potential partner home can be a giant step on the road to romance. But a budding love can be uprooted by seemingly trivial details like cartoon sheets, a Klimt poster -- or overhead lighting. Dating is fraught with disappointments, so you can imagine how delighted a single woman might be to find someone like Albert Podell -- particularly after she Googles him and learns how rich he is. Last year, Podell, a 70-year-old lawyer, gave NYU Law School $2.9 million. He goes out four nights a week, to the opera, symphony or theatre. He is well read. He says he has travelled to 162 countries [...]
[2007-04-13] Russian Health alert
Russians have gone on an alcohol binge remarkable even by their own formidable standards, according to the country’s chief public health officer. The average Russian consumes almost three times as much alcohol as he did 16 years ago. A report by Gennadi Onishenko, head of the consumer protection agency, found that Russians drink 15 litres (26 pints) of pure alcohol per year, or half a pint a week, compared with 5.4 litres in 1990. That far exceeds the estimate of 9.7 litres made in 2005. The study calculated that at least 2.3 million people in Russia were alcoholics, and blamed rising mortal [...]
[2007-04-13] The next Russian Revolution
You would think a 9 1/2-hour flight from New York to Moscow would afford ample opportunity to come to grips with the basics of Russian language and history. My fellow comrades, you would be well advised to think again. Somewhere over the Atlantic, after interminable hours grappling with the Cyrillic alphabet and the endless trail of renegade Romanovs, czars, commissars and other assorted autocrats including those hilarious interlopers, the first, second and third False Dmitris I gave up and ordered a vodka. The trip had not begun well. The woman at the JFK check-in desk had looked at me in a [...]
[2007-04-13] Stereotypes about the unwed make our ears ring
I was talking to my friend Jeff at the coffee shop the other day when he began bemoaning the fact that women were starting to look at him sideways whenever he told them he had never been married. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well, I'm 40 now," he said. "And when they hear that I'm that old and don't have at least one marriage under my belt they immediately assume I'm either gay or some kind of player or, I don't know, a pedophile." "Or the Unabomber," I said, trying to be helpful. "Exactly," he said. "I don't know if I'm supposed to lie and tell them that I'm divorced, or tell the truth [...]
[2007-04-13] Fake marriages trap for homeless men
"I just want to see here, 'single'," says Ümit A. He has some difficulties speaking because, as he admits, he is high from inhaling solvents. He shakes his identity card and shows it to me. It is impossible to read what is written in the box labeled "marital status." "When I lost my ID, I went to a civil registry in İstanbul to get a new one. They gave me an ID card and it showed me as being married. I got crazy and I did not take it. I shouted and made a mess there," Ümit A. explains. "I went to the Tuzla office. And this time they gave this one. It [...]
[2007-04-13] For years, studies have touted the benefits of marriage, but new research is finally giving singles their due.
Researchers focusing on the growing numbers of unmarried Americans are finding social benefits to singlehood. One study finds singles more connected to family and friends than married peers; another says unmarried offspring help their parents more than those who are married. Another shows marriage lifts the spirits, but only temporarily. In 2006, the number of never-marrieds 18 and older hit 55 million, Census data show, up from 45 million 10 years earlier. "We have spent the last decade talking about how great marriage is, but there are also costs," says sociologist Naomi Gerstel of the [...]
[2007-04-11] THE day of the sugar daddy could be said to be over, while the rise and rise of the toy boy is here stay.
The latest social trends report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has shown a dramatic rise in the number of women who are marrying younger men. In more than a quarter of marriages now wives are older than their husbands, almost double the number of such couples in the early 1960s. At the same time, the percentage of men taking wives younger at least five years younger than them has dropped to around 50 per cent from nearly nearly two-thirds over the same period. According to Professor Patrick O'Donnell, a specialist in the psychology of interpersonal attraction at Glasgow Uni [...]
[2007-04-11] Click for chicks
If there were reservations regarding how online dating is changing social interactions, the example of Angelo Spresico (a mechanic from Polokwane) and Christellé van der Merwe epitomises the evolution of the medium. The two met through online dating service and are set to tie the knot later this year. Though Pretoria-based engineer and dedicated web-surfer Keith Ramphamana is yet to find his mate at 29, he swears by the service. But Angelo and Christellé are just one of the many successful love stories that the online dating faithful are proud of. In mature mar [...]
[2007-04-11] Will romantic singles be leaving the zoo two by two?
SINGLE men are being offered the chance to show their animal instincts for love in a speed-dating night at Edinburgh Zoo. Organisers are hoping that the venue will help couples to find love at the lemurs, or romance at the rhinos. The 19 April event has proved popular with the female of the species - all the ladies' tickets have been snapped up. Mel Jarron, a director of the Silver Card company which is organising the event, said: "Edinburgh Zoo is a great location for a singles night. "There is such a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of points of interest for people to talk about. I hope [...]
[2007-04-11] In baby-scarce Japan, marriage is delivered to door
Stepping into her neighbour’s house for green tea and red bean cake, Ikuko Juryo pulls out a photograph of a young bachelor. "He’s a good marriage prospect,” she says. “Works for the local government. His family might own a house.” Proud to be a busybody matchmaker, Juryo belongs to a 200-member women’s group in Fukui which makes door-to-door visits to single people’s homes in a bid to marry them off and raise the birth rate of the sleepy prefecture in western Japan. Subsidised by the local government, the matchmakers have helped around 50 couples tie the knot in the past year. They are als [...]
[2007-04-11] Vietnam matchmaking ring broken up
Police in southern Vietnam have broken up a matchmaking ring for South Korean men, raiding a home where more than 100 women aged 18 to 30 awaited potential husbands. Authorities detained two alleged marriage brokers accused of running the ring, a police officer in Ho Chi Minh City said yesterday. The couple charged South Koreans 500,000 dong ($45) for each visit and 3 million dong for a successful match, the officer said. [...]
[2007-04-11] Red flags of abusive relationships
Relationship violence can occur among married couples, friends or couples who are dating. However, this is often ignored in relationships if the victims cannot recognize the warning signs of being abused physically, verbally or sexually.Yadira Ruiz, director of Stepping Stones sexual assault program, said that there are ways to tell early on if a relationship may be shifting in an unhealthy direction. "There's a lot of information out there about how power and control issues are great red flag indicators of potential abusive relationships," she said.Student Counseling Services defines these re [...]
[2007-04-11] Every fifth Swedish woman between the ages of 18 and 35 has engaged in online sex,
Every fifth Swedish woman between the ages of 18 and 35 has engaged in online sex, according to a TNS Gallup poll. Of those surveyed, 21 percent responded "yes" when asked: "Have you ever had cybersex?" The survey also found that 29 percent of young women have used the internet to establish romantic or sexual relationships, with a further 13 percent willing to give it a try. Just over 60 percent responded in the affirmative when asked if they had ever sent text or multimedia messages of a sexual nature. A representative sample of 1,000 young women were questioned about their sex lives in a sur [...]
[2007-04-10] You can learn about potential love interests on search engine
Dating used to be largely a matter of spending time with a love interest, discovering the good, the bad and the ugly in person. If you were lucky, friends helped fill in some of the blanks. These days, the Internet -- and the ability to check people out before they ever meet -- has forever changed the rules.For better or worse, "googling" your date has become standard practice. "I often tell my friends that are still in the dating sphere to use the power of Google to their advantage," says Katie Laird, a 24-year-old Web marketing professional and self-proclaimed "social software geek" from [...]
[2007-04-10] The Bachelor: Be Careful What You Wish For
Well, this is my first official commentary for The Bachelor: Officer And A Gentleman. As a matter of fact, it was the first time I actually sat down and watched the show from beginning to end. I have always wondered what was more pretentious, the people on the show or the actual show itself. After further review, I would have to go with my original belief. The people on the show. The show is what it is, a medium for entertainment and recreational diversion. The people participating on the show, well that is a whole other matter! For those who don't know me or know little about me, I am an auth [...]
[2007-04-10] OOO Media Mir, a subsidiary of OAO RBC Information Systems (RTS, MICEX: RBCI), has announced that it acquired a controlling stake in OOO Loveplanet, one of the two most popular dating services on the Russian Internet was established by the St.Petersburg-based company Artfon a year and a half ago and currently offers a wide range of additional interactive opportunities on top of a traditional set of dating services. Its users can communicate with each other by means of exchanging personal messages, as well as run diaries, arrange meetings and participate in games, quizzes and ratings.By acquiring control over, Media Mir intends to turn this resource into a high-end multifunctional service, which will further reinforce its position in the online dating segment. At present, LovePla [...]
[2007-04-10] 'Love contracts' may be common in the workplace
larger view My wife and I met when we both worked for the same newspaper over on the coast. That was more than 50 years ago, before lawyers took over the world. I still remember how astonished our employer was when we told him we needed a couple of days off to get married. I'm sure his bewilderment was partly because he couldn't believe this lovely young woman would have anything to do with a barely housebroken ruffian like me but it was also because neither the boss nor our co-workers knew what was going on behind their backs. We're talking about an era when it wasn't cool [...]
[2007-04-10] Police in southern Vietnam broke up a matchmaking ring for South Korean men, raiding a home where more than 100 young women awaited potential husbands
Authorities detained two alleged marriage brokers accused of running the ring, a police officer in Ho Chi Minh City said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. Taken into custody were Sen Cam Dui, 43, and his wife, Huynh Thi Thu Thuy, 37. They are suspected of gathering 116 Vietnamese women, aged 18 to 30, and introducing them to South Korean men, he said. Police raided the Ho Chi Minh house where the women had gathered just after two South Korean men left. They were waiting for another round of suitors to arrive. The couple charged South Koreans 500, [...]
[2007-04-10] TV babes Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby are fronting a new matchmaking show for ITV and are looking for lonely hearts in Wiltshire.
Are you fed up with endless dates that amount to nothing? Are you having trouble meeting your type of guy or girl? Are you ready to settle down, if only you could find the perfect partner? Are you, or someone you know, aged between 20 and 45, and in need of a little assistance from Holly and Fearne in order to find love and romance? If so email or call 0870 242 23 25. Please do not submit the details of another person without their permission. [...]
[2007-04-10] Russia's average annual alcohol consumption has reached 15 litres per person, nearly tripling the 1990 average of 5.4 litres
Russia's average annual alcohol consumption has reached 15 litres per person, nearly tripling the 1990 average of 5.4 litres, the country's consumer protection agency has said. "The ever higher consumption of alcohol by adolescents and women is especially worrying and significantly increases the risk of the appearance of alcohol-related illnesses," the agency, called Rospotrebnadzor, said in a statement on its website. The new average was also far higher than the 9.7 litres of alcohol Russians put away in 2005, when some 2.3 million of the country's 142 million people were considered alc [...]
[2007-04-10] Russian girls reveal how to marry a billionaire
Russian women keen to snare their very own oligarch and live wealthily ever after have been thrown a lifeline with the publication of a female gold-diggers' manual telling them how to get their man. The tongue-in-cheek tome, entitled Married to a Millionaire or Marriage of a Higher Sort, has been written by the country's brashest "It" girl and a well-known society novelist specialising in lifting the lid on the lives of Russia's super-rich. Though the book is written in a light-hearted style, it is designed to appeal to millions of young girls looking for their "Prince Charming" in a coun [...]
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