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[2007-12-10] Women spend a substantial amount of time on relationships, but in doing so do they distract themselves from worthier pursuits?
The news, for the terminally declining population of women whoidentify themselves as feminists, is good. A study by researchers at RutgersUniversity, New Jersey, finds the classic New Yorker cartoon of two womendiscussing relationships in a coffee shop -- "sex brought us together butgender drove us apart" -- is plain wrong. Feminists are happier in love andbetter in bed. I'm extrapolating a wee bit optimistically, but it's cheering tocome across a study about the f-word that doesn't conclude that 99% ofrespondents think the women's movement is about unshaved armpits. What theRutgers researcher [...]
[2007-12-10] A 48-year-old man caught up in an internet love triangle was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing his rival after being dumped by the woman they both competed for.
Thomas Montgomery of Cheektowaga, New York, pleaded guilty in August to theshooting death of 22-year-old Brian Barrett while he sat in a pickup truckshortly after work ended.Montgomery had passed himself off as an 18-year-old Marine in online chatswith a middle-aged West Virginia mother, identified as Mary Sheiler. Nevermind that the woman herself posed as an 18-year-old student by using photosof her daughter. When she learned the truth about Montgomery, their onlineromance cooled and she turned her attention to Barrett."When he could no longer get the Sheiler girl, the chats reveal an obsessi [...]
[2007-12-10] More than 400 international marriage brokers are based in the United States. It estimates that one-third to one-half of foreign fiancees coming to the United States - between 11,000 and 16,500 ayear - encountered their future husbands through an internati
Natasha Henderson was a Russian bride brought over by an older man that hadbeen married twice before with five children. She is now divorced and has ason by her ex-husband, and lives in Irving, Texas. Back on Dec. 4, 2000, a sloe-eyed Nataliya Robertovna Yamayeva arrived inthe United States wearing a $200 engagement ring from her American fiance.On the surface, "Natasha" Yamayeva was like all other newly minted fiancees,brimming with affection for her future husband. She was also filled withpastel visions of her future life in a Southern town bordering a leafycollege campus, where Yamayeva co [...]
[2007-12-06] Fourteen thousand women are murdered in the Russian Federation each year by their intimate partners .
Tatiana remembers her wedding day as the happiestday of her life. Her groom Vladimir was handsome, courtly and, unlike somany of the men she had dated, courteous and faithful. When he lifted herchin to kiss her lips, she recalls feeling a sense of 'coming home'. "He was everything to me. He was the father I never had, the motherwho had never loved me and my best friend and lover. I couldn't imagine howanyone could be happier than I was at that moment. I had finally found myfamily." Tatiana is 35 years old with long limbs, blonde hair and the stare ofa hunted animal. Her delicate, perfectly man [...]
[2007-12-06] A perfect soulmate for life and perfect love is like impossible these days.
For me finding a right person in my lifeis the greatest challenge of my life. Year after year we meet a lot of newfaces. Soon they become your friends, and in no time you are in arelationship. The fact still exists that it is hard to find the right personof same choices and similar behavior. The relationship soon breaks if thereare lots of vast differences. Most of the people in different countriesstill follow the traditional way of arranged marriage system. In arrangedmarriage, mostly the groom and the bride just meet up on the same day oftheir marriage and they have to cope with each other f [...]
[2007-12-04] Ukraine woman shares the story of how she escaped from forced labor in USA
In spring of 2004, Katya (not her real name), like thousands of otherforeign exchange university students, was looking forward to the summer jobplacement that she and a friend had received in Virginia Beach, Virginia.When she and her friend Lena arrived at Dulles Airport after a long flightfrom Ukraine, they were relieved to be met by fellow countrymen who spokeRussian.The two men, Alex Maksimenko and Michael Aronov, were holding signs with thegirls' names and greeted them by taking their bags and luggage. Charming andreassuring, Aronov informed the girls that they had been reassigned to a job [...]
[2007-12-04] WHAT keeps a relationship going through tough times? We speak to three couples to find out.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Obey thy heart, give all to love." We all knowthe benefits of surrendering our hearts to another, including increasedhealth, greater happiness and a longer life. But what happens when life getshard and your relationship hits rocky terrain?We ask three couples who have endured the tests of time for the secrets to asuccessful relationship and how they keep the love alive.Osnat Marshall (33) and Cameron Marshall (34) have been together for sixyears and are expecting their first child.Cameron: Osnat and I had been living together for a year when I went toIsrael to meet h [...]
[2007-12-04] The number of foreign children adopted by Americans has dropped for the third year in a row
The number of foreign children adopted by Americans has droppedfor the third year in a row, a consequence of tougher policies in the twocountries -- China and Russia -- that over the past decade have supplied themost children to U.S. families.Figures for the 2007 fiscal year, provided by the State Department onFriday, showed that adoptions from abroad have fallen to 19,411, down about15 percent in just the past two years.Chinese women attend to orphans at an orphanage in Nanjing, eastern China'sJiangsu province. China has been the No. 1 source of children for U.S.foreign adoptions in the past [...]
[2007-12-04] Half of the men in farming and fishing villages in North Gyeongsang Province who married last year chose foreign brides
Last year 645 out of 1,285 farmers and fishermen in the province marriedforeign women. The percentage of men choosing foreign brides there has beenincreasing steadily, from 31.7 percent in 2004 to 43.6 percent in 2005 to50.2 percent this year.In April the number of international marriages in North Gyeongsang Provincetotaled 3,469. International couples accounted for a mere three percent ofall marriages in the province in 2001, but that figure has been increasingevery year, to 8.4 percent in 2004 to 11.3 percent in 2005.In 2006, international marriages accounted for 12.8 percent or 2,070 of the [...]
[2007-12-03] The world's first "safe sex passport" will be launched in the United States
Aimed at those who find love over the internet, the passport is a way ofletting the users of dating and social networking sites find out whether theperson they have their eye on has a clean sexual bill of health.The passport's creator, Gonzalo Paternoster, said he was inspired to developthe product after meeting a man who contracted HIV after having intercoursewith someone he met on the internet."I think the sexual relationship that two people can share is very powerful,and now it's become such a dangerous thing," says Paternoster."Unfortunately there are a lot of people with sexually transmit [...]
[2007-12-03] A Spanish man is languishing in jail this week awaiting charges to be brought for the murder of a woman who spurned his marriage proposal ondaytime TV.
Last month the courts placed a restraining order on Ricardo Navarro,forbidding him from coming within 500 metres of his estranged Russiangirlfriend, Svetlana, after he was convicted of violently abusing her.Navarro persuaded the producers of the show, Diario De Patricia, that theycould capture the couple's reconciliation on camera if he was allowed tosurprise Svetlana with an engagement ring. She was clearly surprised, butnot pleasantly, when he dropped to his knees and blubbed out his tearfulprofession of undying love.Before a million viewers, she made it explicitly clear that she would haven [...]
[2007-12-03] The immigration debate could be coming to the small screen, with maybe the biggest prize of all up for grabs: legal citizenship.
The concept behind "Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen?" sounds so ludicrousyou would think it was a hoax. One female American citizen interviews threebachelors, each of whom is here in the United States with a temporary visa,in what appears to be a bleak hotel conference room. This border crossingversion of the "Dating Game" concludes when the woman decides which legalimmigrant she'd like to marry. She gets a husband, he gets legal citizenstatus. As it says in the show's trailer, "one will win and get to stay inthe country, two will probably be deported.""We're just having some fun with this," [...]
[2007-12-03] A change in Japanese law this year allows a wife who is filing for divorce to claim as much as half her husband's company pension.
Salarymen - the black-suited corporate warriors in Japan who work longhours, spend long evenings drinking with cronies and stumble home late tolong-suffering wives - have danger waiting for them as they near retirement:divorce.A change in Japanese law this year allows a wife who is filing for divorceto claim as much as half her husband's company pension. When the law wentinto effect in April, divorce filings across Japan spiked 6.1 percent.Many more split-ups are in the pipeline, marriage counselors predict. Theysay wives - hearts gone cold after decades of marital neglect - are usingcalculato [...]
[2007-12-03] Meeting for a drink with someone fresh out of the clink is just one of the many stories that have come from those who have tried online dating.
Faced with few prospects in the offline world, many post-college Madisonsingles are turning to the Internet to find potential dates, with mixedsuccess.Shannon Ballhorn, 32, said the first guy she met online she set up with afriend, and now they're married."Five out of the last six weddings I have gone to have been people who metonline," she said. "If seems to be working for some people. Perhaps just notfor me."Internet sites like, Yahoo! Personals and eHarmony provide a placefor people to post a description of themselves and the type of partner theyare looking for, and have helped so [...]
[2007-12-03] Assistant U.S. Attorney Ryan Roberts of Muskogee was in Russia for 14 days in November and compared court systems and lifestyles.
He was on assignment with the U.S. Department of Justice. He wants to goback to see more of the country, the people and their legal system."In Moscow, there's hardly any middle class - poor or rich and mostly rich,"he said. "It was very metropolitan. The women were beautifully dressed, likethey were going to a ball all the time."It seemed the men all wore fur hats and drank vodka, he said, grinning.He was amazed by the infrastructure, the solid government buildings mixedwith statues, and the beauty of the city. There was little Americaninfluence, such as TV, he said. British TV was everywhere. [...]
[2007-11-30] A man who robbed two other men he met through a telephone dating service has been arrested
Mark Joseph Scott, 44, was arrested in St. Petersburg and charged with twocounts of armed robbery, resisting with violence and battery on a lawenforcement officer.Last Saturday, police say he arranged to go to the Indian Rocks Road houseof a man he met through a telephone dating service. Once inside, hethreatened the man with a knife, tied him up and stole some property.Two days later, he committed a similar crime at a residence off of RosemaryLane, they said.Largo Police and Pinellas County Sheriff's Deputies worked on the casestogether and developed Scott as a suspect. They arrested him afte [...]
[2007-11-30] Jangl, Inc., the company connecting millions of online profiles and mobile phones, safely and privately, today debuted a major upgrade to its free service, enabling a text messaging capability that cleverly connects mobile handsets and personal computers
Additionally, Jangl is adding options that let consumers of all ages stay safe, save money, and easily connect their online networks to their phones. Together with its current service, today's launch means that Jangl customers can now: Be private: By talking, exchanging voicemails, and now swapping text messages -- on any phone or personal computer -- without ever sharing their private phone number; Save money: By eliminating some text messaging fees and drastically reducing most long distance calling charges, and; Stay connected: With anyone, anywhere, with or without your phone, ea [...]
[2007-11-30] Last year, the ratio in South Korea was 107.4 boys born to every 100 girls - still above the normal ratio of 105. But it has declined every year since 200
When Park He Ran was a young mother, other women would approach herto ask what her secret was. Park had had three boys in a row, in an era whenevery South Korean mother considered it her paramount duty to bear a son.Park gets a different reaction today."When I tell people I have three sons and no daughter, they say they aresorry for my misfortune," said Park, 61, a newspaper executive. "Within ageneration, I have turned from the luckiest woman possible to a pitifulmother."In South Korea, once one of Asia's most rigidly patriarchal societies, acenturies-old preference for baby boys over baby gi [...]
[2007-11-30] Surprise Marriage Proposal on Spanish TV Turns Tragic
What was supposed to be an emotional surprise moment on a Spanish talk showturned tragic for one woman.Single mother Svetlana Orlova was brought on the show so her ex-boyfriendcould ask her to marry him. She said no, and a week later she was dead.Orlova, 30, had no idea why she was appearing on the popular Spanish TV show"Patricia's Diary." Producers had helped plan the surprise proposal from herex-boyfriend Ricardo Navarro.The crowd ooohed and aaahed as Navarro got down on one knee and offeredOrlova a ring. But he didn't get the answer he wanted.Visibly uncomfortable, Orlova said no in front [...]
[2007-11-30] More than 50 per cent of Australians have provided three or more types of personal details online to sites such as blogs, social networking sites, shopping or auction sites
DESPITE the dangers of online identity theft, research has found two-thirdsof Australians were more likely to share personal information with otherpeople on the internet than they would in person.More than 50 per cent of Australians have provided three or more types ofpersonal details online to sites such as blogs, social networking sites,shopping or auction sites, the survey by Symantec said.The study also showed Australians typically had more than 10 online profilesor virtual identities. These might include email, instant messenger, amembership to a forum or a blog, through to a virtual pers [...]
[2007-11-30] Long-ignored wives poised for divorce, piece of the pension
"The fact that a wife can now get 50 percenthas ignited guys to think about their fragile marriages," says ShuichiAmano, right, founder of a husbands association in Fukuoka, Japan.Yoshimichi Itahashi, 66, left, joined the group five years ago and taughthimself to pay more attention to his wife and their now-grown children. Fukuoka, Japan - Salarymen - the black-suited corporate warriors whowork long hours, spend long evenings drinking with cronies and stumble homelate to long-suffering wives - have danger waiting for them as they nearretirement. Divorce. A change in Japanese law this year all [...]
[2007-11-30] Brits are being encouraged in a reality television show to consider arranged marriages
This is the basic philosophy underlying BBC television's new five-partArrange Me a Marriage, which is being presented by Aneela Rahman, a happilymarried Asian woman of 39 with a husband of 15 years, Maqsood, that herparents found for her in the traditional way. Rahman has received generally good reviews for her first programmewhich attracted a respectable audience of 1.8 million last week on BBC2, achannel aimed at the more discerning British viewer. Her central point seems to be that Westerners often rush into amarriage on the basis of initial physical attraction only to find therelationship [...]
[2007-11-30] Fourteen thousand women are murdered in the Russian Federation each year by their intimate partners .
Tatiana remembers her wedding day as the happiestday of her life. Her groom Vladimir was handsome, courtly and, unlike somany of the men she had dated, courteous and faithful. When he lifted herchin to kiss her lips, she recalls feeling a sense of 'coming home'. "He was everything to me. He was the father I never had, the motherwho had never loved me and my best friend and lover. I couldn't imagine howanyone could be happier than I was at that moment. I had finally found myfamily." Tatiana is 35 years old with long limbs, blonde hair and the stare ofa hunted animal. Her delicate, perfectly man [...]
[2007-11-30] 60-plus women, who live a single life, feel happier and healthier than their male counterparts
According to the researchers, one reason for this feeling of health and happiness is that the women are relieved to be free of having to provide 24-hour care for the elderly husbands more likely to be in poorer health than they are. "The research highlights differences within Europe. Older people in Scandinavia were happier than in other regions of Europe. In Scandinavia there are generous welfare systems. "In England and Wales older women living alone reported better self-rated health than married women of the same age, even though the married had lower death rates over the next three years. [...]
[2007-11-30] What possesses so many middle-aged women to become modern Mrs Robinsons?
Their children are horrified. Their parents say they should know better. So what possesses so many middle aged women to become modern Mrs Robinsons? Punting down the river in the dappled sunlight of an early summer's day Lydia Harvey, 48, felt the familiar butterflies in her tummy. Then as her handsome date Jonathan leaned over to top up her glass with pink champagne, the pair shared a tender kiss. It was a show of affection that undoubtedly attracted the attention of several onlookers, but it wasn't the passionate embrace that caused such keen interest. Rather, it was the huge - a [...]
[2007-11-30] US residents spend around $500 million in 2005 on online dating. But what make the best online dating service?
There are various attributes that people will seek from the best online dating service namely the ability to preview members before signing, clear billing strategies and enhance privacy features.The majority of online dating site do not allow members to have a preview of the people that are already registered on their networks before registering. This means that the majority of members will have to register blindly without knowing what they will get in the future. There are also sites that use fake profiles in order to lure people in registering for their sites. How many times have we seen com [...]
[2007-11-30] A US company is poised to launch the world's first safe sex passport, aimed at giving users of dating and social networking websites extra "information protection"
"Some years ago I met an individual who had intercourse with someone theymet online, who didn't disclose that they had an STD" or sexuallytransmitted disease, Gonzalo Paternoster of Florida-based SSP BioAnalyticssaid ahead of the launch of the Safe Sex Passport on December 1, World AIDSDay."The idea popped into my head that people know but don't tell the truth, andwe needed an independent way to verify someone's health status," he toldAFP.The Safe Sex Passport will be available -- at a cost -- to anyone over theage of 18 who goes online and orders the credit-card-size article."As soon as you o [...]
[2007-11-30] 86 percent of singles would invite a significant other to spend the holidays with their family after dating less than one year. It is clear that our dating culture is in sync with today's fast-paced society
According to a new survey from Meet Market Adventures - a leading provider of events, experiences,getaways and travel for busy singles - 86 percent of singles would invite asignificant other to spend the holidays with their family after dating lessthan one year. Further, 22 percent said they would extend the invitationafter only three months of dating. The survey was conducted among a sampleof over 16,000 single adults living throughout the United States and Canada. "It is clear that our dating culture is in sync with today'sfast-paced society," says Travis Hartley, Founder of Meet Market Adve [...]
[2007-11-30] Anew online-dating site started by two Penn alumni, will aim to bring together young Latino professionals
"Latinos are proud of their heritage and [the cultural nuances of the site] resonate with the community," said Penn Law alumnus Ariel Oxman, who created the site with Wharton alumnus Joe Spector.Their goal is for the site to garner high status - like similar niche sites JDate and ChristianMingle - by "incorporating cultural nuances" into the world of dating. "There are over two million Latinos in the U.S. who use online-dating sites, and while there are existing Latino-specific dating sites, none of them has brand name recognition," Oxman said. Plans for the site began in December 2006, when O [...]
[2007-11-30] Commitment is the key to keeping love alive.
Surprisingly, this is the conclusion not of a psychological survey, but the outcome of mathematical modelling combined with the economic theory of the firm. In “Love and Addiction: The Importance of Commitment”, published by Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA), Steven Koch applies techniques usually reserved for drier topics such as price setting and the supply of goods to examine the likely path that love follows in a relationship. Working on the assumption that love is addictive, Koch finds a startling difference between committed and uncommitted couples as far as the love outcome goe [...]
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