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[2007-04-10] Express dating gives life to whirlwind love
by Thu Huong Quick entry: Participants at an express dating meeting in the capital only had three minutes to impress their dates. — VNS Photo "Men, you have only three minutes to impress those young and beautiful ladies." That is what Do Viet Dung was told when he joined a group of six men on an express date hosted by in Ha Noi for the first time on March 24. Like Dung, many young men and women go on dates in the hope of finding lasting love. Meeting people online and then off-line has become more popular in recent years due to the technological boom and the fast [...]
[2007-04-10] One in three women is unmarried at 35, official figures show. In 2000, only a quarter were not married. And in 1990, just one in ten was in this position.
Marriage began to experience a decline in the 1980s, but in the last decade its popularity has fallen more sharply. The downward trend corresponds with an increase in women following careers, the rising cost of buying a home and the growing acceptance of couples simply living together. The cost of having a family also seems to have had an effect, as parents struggle to afford childcare and a mortgage. Analysts believe the introduction of tax credits to the benefit system since 1999 has dissuaded many from marrying, as they favour single mothers. Figures show a couple with children must [...]
[2007-04-09] BEWARE OF Gregory from Oakland. He is not single
Rather, he is married and cheats on his wife Saturday nights before church, no less. Not only that, but "he dyes his hair and lies about his age," according to a post by his anonymous ex-girlfriend on Michael of Fremont? His former girlfriend reports his bad temper, sexual deviance and marijuana addiction on the same Web site. "Don't fall for his tricks because he will try and steal you blind," she writes. "Ladies, if you see this one coming, run the other way!" And Jerome, the clubber from San Jose? He is a walking STD, says a recent caller on the local radio statio [...]
[2007-04-09] A Great Dating profile Headline
Great headline should sum up who you are and what you're looking for in one short and witty sentence. In this example, some good headlines might be: "Music is my life. Want to share my life?" "Let's make great music together" "Wanna rock? Only serious music lovers need apply" "Hard core rocker looking for groupie" The Devil is in the Details My grandmother always said that the devil is in the details and I've always found that to be true. The details of your online profile should really identify what you're all about and what you're looking for in a relationship. If the [...]
[2007-04-09] Good friends team up to teach singles dating and grooming skills
THEY have been close friends since they were 6. They were classmates throughout primary school, had the same piano teacher and look so alike that even their relatives have mixed them up before. -- CHOO CHWEE HUA It's no surprise that marketing communications manager Jennifer Yeo (above, right) and former beauty queen Audrey Quek (above, left), both 32, have combined their expertise to work as a team. Ms Yeo is the founder-director of local dating and lifestyle enrichment agency Heart2Heart Connect, which was set up in November and has 500 members. Ms Quek - who gave birth to [...]
[2007-04-09] You've been single for too long.
Friday night is looming and you are really looking forward to it. A long soak in the bath, a good book and bed. On your own. For the 10th Friday night in a row. You've been single for too long. Let's face it – relationships are not for everyone. Through the ages there have always been people who are better off and happier on their own. Take my neighbour as an example. On his own, he's happy, he cooks and cleans, he goes out and does interesting things and has friends over. But the minute he gets involved, he becomes a sniveling wreck, waiting by the phone. He does things like forgetting his [...]
[2007-04-09] Dating has changed
In the spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to - a singles bar? Dating has changed. Even the way singles meet singles has changed. Men and women did not go to bars in order to find someone to fill your place or mine. Men hung out in barrooms and talked to each other about their successes or failures in dating, and baseball was an equal-opportunity conversation. A boy asked a girl to go to the movies with him. That meant paying for the movie plus, depending on the age, a trip to the drug store for an ice cream sundae. Then you walked her home. That's right. The guy walked the [...]
[2007-04-09] Online match-makers revert to ‘swayamvar’ concept
Sita had to wait till Ram came along to break the massive bow. Karna was rejected from the Draupadi Swayamvar, even though he hit the revolving bird’s eye while looking at reflection in a pool, on caste lines. If modern day brides and grooms have new challenges to face while finding a match, here are the new-age swayamvars from India’s burgeoning online matrimonial service providers. Chennai saw one of the biggest matchmaking melas late last month when Bharat Matrimony organised a ‘mega swayamvar’ where 10,000 brides, grooms and parents interacted with each other. Mumbai-based Shaadi Point, a [...]
[2007-04-09] With online personals, folks don't buy generic
One night, as you're browsing through online personal ads, you find him: the perfect guy. He's funny, romantic, good-looking — and his collection of Mötley Crüe bootleg CDs is breathtaking. Problem is, you pass his ad right by. And who could blame you? All you see is a fuzzy photo of what looks to be a serial killer wearing a muscle T-shirt and holding a bottle of Blatz. His screen name is "HelloHoneys." And instead of highlighting his charm and wit, his profile shows off an amazing ability to misspell at least one word in each cliche. Online dating has exploded, shedding its stig [...]
[2007-04-09] Loss of young professionals who can't find mates could hurte conomy
Are you a young, single, and university-educated professional in Toledo who goes to the gym and enjoys outdoor activities but is having trouble finding a quality date?According to a recent survey by Men’s Health magazine, the problem is not you — it’s Toledo.Toledo ranked third from last in the magazine’s recent survey of the 101 “top” U.S. cities to find a mate, edging out last-place Buffalo. The survey was based mostly on statistics such as divorce rates, education levels, and gender ratios and focused in particular on the mating outlook for college-educated individuals.In the education cate [...]
[2007-04-09] The Dating Game
The thing about being single for the first time in over six years is that suddenly all sorts of places and situations which were never previously interesting or complicated become loaded with social, sexual and emotional politics. “You're not at all coy!” My friend Andreas berates me as I tell him of a failed pick up attempt I made. “You can't just start a conversation with a man and tell him he's good looking” he continues with a disappointed tone. “Why the hell not?” I argue, refusing to admit to my clumsy social antics. “It makes things so simple, why play the game when you can just t [...]
[2007-04-09] Iceland: a world record in sex
Icelanders are early bloomers according to a just published international report on sex from the condom manufacturer Durex. According to the report, Icelanders hold a "world record" when it comes to the age when they start to have sex, 15.6 years, followed byGermans (15.6 years old) and Swedes (16.1 years old). Indians are 19.8 years old when they start to have sex. he average age worldwide is 17. Others findings include that on average people have sex 103 times per year. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RÚV, reports that Greece is the most "diligent" nation when it comes [...]
[2007-04-09] Russia waived its six-month-old embargo on air links with its ex-Soviet neighbor Georgia on Saturday to allow a planeload of people to visit relatives in Russia for Easter, local media reported.
Moscow severed air, sea and postal links with Georgia in October after a spying row triggered a sharp deterioration in relations between Moscow and Tbilisi's pro-Western government. Russia is allowing three charter flights between Tbilisi and Moscow over the Easter holiday period as a humanitarian gesture, Russian television reported. The first of these touched down in Moscow on Saturday. The charter flights were organized by Georgia's Orthodox church. Russian and Georgian officials have been in talks for months about the permanent resumption of air links but there has been no sign they are [...]
[2007-04-09] Russia and the Policing of Political Islam
Last week, a Russian law banning foreigners from retail stalls and markets, announced by the cabinet last November, finally took effect. While facially neutral, the law essentially targets immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. Meanwhile, a Russian city court in Pyatigorsk convicted Anton Stepanenko of promoting Wahhabism, inciting ethnic and religious hatred, and encouraging vigilantism. Yet Stepanenko’s case had become a cause célèbre for many Russian Muslims, and after public appeals to President Vladimir Putin on behalf of the imam (an “exemplary, heroic figure for all t [...]
[2007-04-09] With growing financial independence, single women in Mumbai are turning moms through adoption
Smita Patel and Riya are like any other mother-daughter duo. Every morning both get up at the same time, and while Smita gets ready for office, two-year-old Riya does a ‘catch me if you can’ act. “Before Riya, I never even used to care about holidays. But now there is vitality in me and my work,” says a beaming Smita. The 40-year-old senior manager at a private company has always been single — having never married — and is a proud mom today. Riya is her adopted daughter. The number of single women in Mumbai wanting to adopt a child has been steadily increasing over the past five years. “We [...]
[2007-04-09] Divorce easier in China as women gain financial independence
Wu Meifen, 33, was seven months pregnant when she saw the short text message. It was on her husband’s mobile phone, she said, and it confirmed her suspicions: He was having an affair. Then, days before giving birth, she called home from the hospital and discovered her rival had temporarily moved in. That was when Wu decided to leave her husand, divorcing him in 2004 and taking nothing, she said, even though Chinese law calls for a 50-50 split of a couple’s assets. “I thought it was humiliating to bargain with him,’’ Wu recalled. “I gave up everything.’’ Although she had no income at first, Wu [...]
[2007-04-09] Marriage in Yemen has grown so expensive that many young people cannot afford to get married until later in life.
But often they do not want to wait for years to be with the person they love. To solve this conundrum, many young people enter into Urfi marriages, a kind of non-official marriage that allows people to have intimate relations without going through the ordeal of a real wedding. These kinds of marriages have grown increasingly popular, becoming a concern for those who feel they erode cultural values and the significance of true marriages. It appears that Urfi marriage has is growing throughout the country. Because the conservative Yemeni society forbids sex before marriage, hundreds of people co [...]
[2007-04-09] When it comes to marriage material, women are wary of good-looking high-flyers, and are drawn to less successful men instead
THE sweet smell of success may be the kiss of death for men hoping to get hitched, psychologists say. When it comes to marriage material, women are wary of good-looking high-flyers, and are drawn to less successful men instead, they claim. The subtle shift in women's preferences emerged during psychological tests at the University of Central Lancashire in Britain. The researchers believe women may steer clear of attractive, high-status men because they fear they are either more likely to be unfaithful or will devote too little time to the relationship and future family. To test the influenc [...]
[2007-04-07] Today’s online dating scene all about money and looks
Rich, beautiful people, turned off by the crop of lonely hearts thronging online dating sites, are honing down their wish list hoping to woo soul mates with cash in the bank or looks to die for.And savvy American entrepreneurs are cashing in on the trend creating Web sites or setting up special dating events tailored for the rich and beautiful.Some suitors who turn to these sites want looks and aren’t worried about money while others are looking for a sugar daddy or, as an upcoming speed dating event in New York touts, a sugar mama.“Online dating has become mainstream over the last couple year [...]
[2007-04-07] Station's popular dating service now online despite govt clampdown
Amid the government's attempts to eradicate media unsuitable for youngsters, a popular radio station has come up with a matchmaking service. A Srinakharinwirot University second-year student, who studied the issue of inappropriate media, said the dating service launched by a famous music station in Bangkok had proved popular. The service is provided from 6am to 9am, with men and women who want to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend calling the station and describing the characteristics of their ideal partner. The programme then lets the couple talk to each other, said the female hum [...]
[2007-04-07] Olympia speed dating event helps men and women connect in a safe, fun and friendly environment
No expectations, no disappointment. That was my mantra when I showed up at Cielo Blu restaurant Wednesday evening for Olympia' s first Spring Fling speed dating e vent. I had never been to a speed- dating event, and neither had most of the other participants I spoke with, so the "no expectations" part was easy as far as the event itself was concerned. I was surprised how many people had adopted my mantra in the search for their perfect companion. Most arrived with the simple hope of meeting new people, and possibly finding someone com patible to share certain aspects of their lives with. [...]
[2007-04-07] traps in online relationships
For nearly 20 years the Internet has been a portal of knowledge, containing everything from scientific breakthroughs to dating sites, where everyone from the fit to the misfit can be found. Having a positive online experience depends on health of mind, what you want, and identifying your boundaries. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Know what you're looking for and establish healthy boundaries: First, figure out what you want, and set those boundaries. If you're looking for a relationship, but hook up with a sex junkie, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. And if you're looki [...]
[2007-04-07] Being the Older Woman
It was a typical night in Irvine, Calif., for Angie* and David*. The attractive Asian American couple – Angie dressed in Banana Republic and David in a T-shirt and jeans from the Gap – were at the drug store to pick up cleaning supplies and the latest issues of “Marie Claire” and “Vogue” for Angie. At the checkout counter, Angie fumbled through her purse looking for her wallet. Trying to help, David reached in, took out her black Prada wallet and handed her money to the young male cashier. He gave David the receipt and said, “Here, give this to your mom.” Angie froze. David was not her son. H [...]
[2007-04-07] The wedding itself may not be virtual, but the process leading up to it often is. More and more, Indians are turning to the Internet to find their mates -- and entrepreneurs are profiting from the trend.
The chaos outside is stifling. Rickshaws, pushcarts, cars and cows all jostle for space on the choked streets of Allahabad in north-central India. The blaring noises are as cacophonous as the air is filthy. The sidewalks are cluttered with all manner of products haphazardly displayed for passers-by. Hurrying pedestrians fill in the few gaps. Stepping into Kiran Chawla's shop, though, is like entering a different world. Inside her split-level storefront, the atmosphere is the quiet anxiety of a doctor's waiting room combined with the hushed concentration of an Internet café. Chawla her [...]
[2007-04-07] Men who have at least one failed marriage consider marrying younger women from outside of Korea, usually from Southeast Asia.
By Bae Ji-sookStaff Reporter A growing number of divorced middle-aged men are marrying women from foreign countries. According to a study, men who have at least one failed marriage consider marrying younger women from outside of Korea, usually from Southeast Asia. Chun Dae-young, CEO of the international marriage agency Arirang World, said that the number of people asking for information on bicultural marriages has doubled to 20-30 cases per month compared to the figure at the end of last year. This time, it's not the men from rural areas looking for foreign wives, but men [...]
[2007-04-07] A quarter (8.6 million) of Britons have taken a single sex vacation
A quarter (8.6 million) of Britons have taken a single sex vacation in the last year according to new research from Halifax Travel Insurance. There is a growing trend for men and women only holidays, with 67% of Britons more likely to go on a vacation with friends of the same sex than they were five years ago. One-in-four (26%) men have been on a single gender holiday in the last twelve months compared with 19% of women. Despite almost a million Britons admitting they were not allowed to go on a single sex holiday last year, the growing trend is for men and women to go it alone. Reasons women [...]
[2007-04-05] Even though dating violence is common amongst teens, less than a quarter of U.S. child and adolescent psychiatrists report consistently screening for it
We found that although most child and adolescent psychiatrists screen for other risk behaviors such as suicide and drug use, only 21 percent screened for dating violence," says lead author Larry K. Brown, MD, with the Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center and The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. This is important, the authors say, because dating violence is common among teens and over one half of child and adolescent psychiatrists reported identifying it in the past year. One quarter of female adolescents are reported to have experienced physical and/or sexual violence b [...]
[2007-04-05] More women than men admitted to being a 'Dear John Texter' meaning they have broken up with their partner using a text message from their mobile phone.
What is more, over half of the women surveyed admitted to being guilty of intextication - texting under the influence of alcohol. "Technology is now so present in our communication that it's figuring more and more in our love lives. Most women highly value communicating, and mobile phones have become a key relationships tool," said RSVP's Lija Jarvis.On the up side, technology also featured in people getting together with just under two thirds of respondents saying they rely primarily on e-mail and text to contact prospective dates. Almost all respondents believe that technology has made datin [...]
[2007-04-05] A federal judge in Georgia this week upheld a new law that prohibits Americans from contacting foreigners through online dating services without first submitting to an extensive background check.
The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), part of a larger law from 2005 that cracks down on violence against women, was challenged on First Amendment grounds by European Connections, an internet dating company. European Connections is also known as The judge's ruling reportedly triggered a massive depressive slump in Slavic countries throughout Europe.Sponsored by Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) and presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), IMBRA seeks to protect foreign women who marry American men and are then abused. The law requires a marr [...]
[2007-04-05] Two thirds of Russian women use decorative cosmetics at that virtually half of them make themselves up almost every day
According to the sociologists’ research two thirds of Russian women use decorative cosmetics at that virtually half of them make themselves up almost every day. According to the experts of Romir Monitoring holding among Russian women there are less of those who use decorative cosmetics from two to five times a week (12%), and also once a week and more rarely (7%). The polling that involves about 900 women residing in 90 centers of population of Russia showed that cosmetics are used mostly representatives of the youngest age group, from 18 to 24 years basically married to boot (70%). It is mo [...]
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