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[2007-07-25] AUSTRALIA'S first wave of baby-boomer divorcees are far less happy as they approach retirement and suffer more physical and mental health problems than their married friends.
No matter how many years have passed since their split, members of the growing grey army of over-55 divorcees without a new partner are likely to be less satisfied with life than a married person. And to confirm it is divorce that has the negative effect on wellbeing, divorced women who remain single are less happy than widows in the same situation. Groundbreaking research to be presented later this week by the Australian Institute of Family Studies paints a disturbing picture of the long-term impact of divorce on the emotional health and circumstances of those in their mid-50s and above. [...]
[2007-07-25] One in four UK surfers has shared sensitive personal information with complete strangers on social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace, research warned today
A survey commissioned by Symantec and conducted by YouGov among 2,272 UK users also found that one in three, and 43 per cent of the London workforce, admitted to applying for a new job online while at work. These applicants are routinely posting CVs to online job sites that require personal information such as mobile number and email address. According to the report, internet users unlucky in love are turning to the virtual world with potentially dangerous consequences. Some 17 per cent of men and 13 per cent of women look for love through an online dating agency and share personal details [...]
[2007-07-25] More Brits than ever are turning to the internet to find love
Fifty-three per cent of Brits admit to registering on an average of two dating websites and 83 per cent have been on a dating site at some point.For some, it does lead to true love as a third of online daters have had a long-term relationship with someone they met on the internet.A quarter of people say they are still seeing their internet date with 60 per of those lasting a year or more.Six per cent of the 3,000 people polled for internet dating site have even married their online partner.It seems the main reason Brits are turning to internet dating sites is because of a la [...]
[2007-07-24] All Australian visas are going to be harder to obtain under new rules and forms that came into effect on July 16th 2007
The new FORM 80, that will be required for all visas applicants to complete is 6 pages long and is the Governments answer to the war on terrorism and features comprehensive screening questions of character for all applicants and there family background. For Russians, the patronymic name will be required, all places of residence and travel to all countries within the past 10 years, full details of brothers, sisters and parents, full details of all criminal offences whether convicted or not and many other personal questions to screen an applicants back ground including visits to Arabic or Muslim [...]
[2007-07-23] First online dating site in the world to incorporate web based voice chat using next generation VoIP Technology
It was created over 11months in a small Glenfield based office and after only 7 weeks of going live has attracted more than 300 users. We created CHATdate because of the distinct lack of anything like it on the market.. a single platform that is easy to use, technologically advanced for the 21st century and most importantly a safe way of meeting new people. The technology employed in CHATdate is not only new to the New Zealand market but also yet to be utilized overseas. It is truly revolutionary. Why is it revolutionary? Because CHATdate gives its users the tools to further their contact wi [...]
[2007-07-23] British documentary - Diary of a Russian Mail-Order Bride
As this sober British documentary shows, not all Western suitors are what you would call a great catch. Russia's women outnumber its menfolk by 10 million or so, so there are plenty of them online looking for a foreign bloke. But, as this sober British documentary shows, not all of their Western suitors are what you would call a great catch. Among those we meet tonight are a lazy middle-aged British chap who doesn't even have a bed to share with his much-younger fiancee (they sleep on two single mattresses pushed together on the floor) and a rather driven Texan who declares that in his part o [...]
[2007-07-23] Matchmakers offer an alternative to online dating services
She: Spiritual He: Atheist. She likes it hot. He likes it cool. This extreme case of "opposites attract," courtesy of Fran and Tom Sandy of Basking Ridge, resulted in marriage -- three years, to be exact. "Our interests were completely different, so I almost didn't go out with him," Fran Sandy said. It was no chance encounter. Fran, a school guidance counselor, and Tom, a mortgage insurance broker, sought each other out through a third party: M. Chatfield's Enchanted Evenings. After a series of blind dates arranged by what Tom called "well-intended friends," the two divorcees [...]
[2007-07-23] The media blitz pushes small acts of kindness to keep relationships alive.
The gestures are sweet, but modest:One husband carried his wife's purse. Another made his wife breakfast. And another taped a note to her mirror telling her he liked her haircut.Nothing earth-shattering there. And yet the Roman Catholic Church is counting on publicizing these small acts of everyday kindness to revitalize the institution of marriage.Alarmed by the persistently high divorce rate and the explosion in couples living together without a license, Catholic bishops nationwide have teamed up on a media blitz aimed at promoting and strengthening marriage.The first ad campaign, launched t [...]
[2007-07-21] The Low Income Cut Off - Citizenship and Immigration Canada financial assessment
With the exception of spouses, and dependent children, Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires a financial assessment, in order to determine whether or not sponsors are financially capable of sponsoring a relative from the family class. The Low Income Cut Off is the mandatory minimum amount of annual income that sponsors are required to have. This page is to assist sponsors in determining what their Low Income Cut Off point is: On the LOW INCOME CUT-OFF TABLE, determine the SIZE OF AREA OF RESIDENCE in which you reside; Take note of the category you are in, ie. A, B, C, or D. [...]
[2007-07-21] Spousal sponsorship of the Immigration Regulations in Canada
Section 2 of the Immigration Regulations, defines spouse as: "spouse", with respect to any person, means the party of the opposite sex to whom that person is joined in marriage; "Marriage" means the matrimony recognized as marriage by the laws of the country in which it took place. By definition this excludes common-law relationships. "Opposite sex" means one man and one woman. By definition this excludes same sex couples. Clearly, this section violates section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as it discriminates against same sex couples and common-law couples from spo [...]
[2007-07-21] Family sponsorship in the Immigration Regulations in Canada
Sponsoring parents or grandparentsAs you are undertaking to sponsor your relatives, you will need to show proof that your income meets the guidelines. Your spouse can co-sign if he/she agrees to. If your parents or grandparents are wealthy, and you are not, they may need to legally "arrange" an income for you. Sponsoring children or adopted childrenIn some circumstances your own children, or your spouse's children, may not have come to Canada with you, and it is nearly always possible to sponsor them, provided they are under age 22. If older, you may still sponsor them if they are financially [...]
[2007-07-20] A “save the males” message was delivered to Ukraine by the United Nations Population Fund
According to the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Demography and Social Research (ISDR) in Ukraine, the average lifespan of the Ukrainian male is 62, or 12-13 years less than for his European Union counterpart. The situation with Ukrainian women is somewhat better, with females trailing their EU counterparts by eight to nine years. According to ISDR Deputy Director Olena Makarova, Ukrainian women live to 73 on average. By way of comparison, the Russian State Statistics Committee reported a similar situation in that country in 2006, when life expectancy for men was slightly more t [...]
[2007-07-20] More marriages, less divorce
Ukraine’s Justice Ministry reported on July 5 that the role of the family as an institution has tended to grow stronger, with the number of marriages outpacing the number of divorces. According to the ministry, since the beginning of the year, 110,000 couples married in Ukraine, while 72,000 filed for divorce. The ministry said that there were 50 percent more couples marrying than filing for divorce in the first half of 2007 compared with 40 percent more for the same period in 2006. It said that weddings outstripped divorces most in the western Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Lviv and Ternopil regi [...]
[2007-07-20] Birthrate in Ukraine is up, deaths still high
In 1990, Ukraine saw more than 657,000 births to nearly 630,000 deaths, according to the State Statistics Committee. In 1991, there were nearly 631,000 births in the country to almost 670,000 deaths. By 2001 – a decade later – deaths in the country were almost double that of births, with nearly 746,000 of the former to around 376,000 of the latter. The first up-tick reversing the plunging birthrate trend was recorded in 2002, with almost 391,000 births to around 755,000 deaths. Last year, there were around 460,000 births and 758,000 deaths in the country. Lavrynovych said that the general [...]
[2007-07-20] Nearly 200 businesses are registered in Singapore under the category of matchmaking or dating services, but less than one-fifth are genuine dating agencies
"Out of about 194, we estimate about 33 are bona fide dating agencies," said SDU deputy director Anna Goh-Boon. The rest could be social escort or "foreign bride" agencies. To separate genuine matchmakers from the seedy ones in the dating industry — which targets half a million singles here — SDU has rolled out an accreditation framework for dating agencies and practitioners. The framework, announced last November, lays down a code of conduct and standards for those who want an SDU Trust Mark. Those awarded the Trust Mark will be listed on the registries set up by SDU early next year. "The acc [...]
[2007-07-20] The former editor of has launched an attack on the dating section run by the news website.
Richard Burton, who left the website in August 2006, said the way in which the site now presents its personals section was "sadly typical of some of the more madcap ideas I would have strangled at birth".At issue is the way in which photos from the personals ads service, which is powered by software from DatingBuzz, are juxtaposed with stories as a sidebar puff box."It shows a worrying lack of insight," said Mr Burton, who joined the site in 2001 but who left ahead of staff restructuring."This type of service is all about discretion. This is a world of cosy nicknames, box numbers and discreet [...]
[2007-07-20] An accreditation scheme has been introduced in a bid to professionalise the dating industry
Finding the time to date in a 24/7 society, like Singapore's, is getting increasingly difficult. Not surprisingly, there are about half a million singles in Singapore, at the last count. So, what are the options? For some time now, the Social Development Unit (SDU), the biggest player around, has been letting dating agencies in the private sector take the lead. But many issues need to be addressed before singles would trust such agencies - issues like privacy, reliability of data and options when things don't turn out right. And that's where accreditation comes in. Associate Professor Paulin S [...]
[2007-07-20] A national dating service accused of overcharging customers has agreed to pay New York state thousands of dollars in fines
It's Just Lunch International and its three New York state franchises exceeded the limit a customer can be charged for "social referrals," according to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office. Many of the company's clients paid $1,500 for two six-month contracts that were signed at the same time and ran consecutively. This was done to circumvent a state law limiting the amount a customer can be charged for a social referral services contract to $1,000 a year, authorities said. The contracts also violated state laws by prohibiting customers from filing lawsuits against the company, and failing [...]
[2007-07-20] Russians have been drinking for ages, they have a special genetic makeup, and therefore they can drink more than foreigners, suffering less from the aftereffects of alcohol consumption
People keep drinking alcoholic beverages no matter what they may read and hear daily about the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse. There are numerous popular beliefs and deep-rooted rumors with regard to drinking habits and techniques, and lots of people (regardless of their cultural background and occupation) seem to believe them. Vladimir Nuzhny, head of a toxicology laboratory at the Research Institute of Drug Abuse Studies agreed to comment on some of those widespread myths about drinking. Russians have been drinking for ages, they have a special genetic makeup, and therefore they can [...]
[2007-07-20] Russian Orthodox Church wedding traditions
“A family is seen as “minor Church” in the Christian doctrine. The purpose of forming a family is not only procreation. The primary purpose concerns mutual help required for finding salvation. I know that some of the clergy demand that those parishioners who are no longer of childbearing age refrain from having marital relations. This viewpoint is erroneous. The marital relations establish a strong bond. The fathers of the Church said: ‘The marriage is fair and a marital bed is not filthy,’” said Professor Alexei Osipov at the Moscow Seminary of the Moscow Patriarchate. “The Church teaches a [...]
[2007-07-20] Jewish wedding traditions in Russia
“An engagement and the signing of a Ketubah (a marriage contract) at times precede a Jewish wedding,” said Borukh Gorin, head of the public relations department of the Federation of Russia’s Jewish Communities. The Jewish ceremony usually starts with the bride and the groom being escorted to the huppah, a Jewish wedding canopy, by both sets of parents. The canopy is held up on four poles by unmarried Jewish men. The huppah is installed outdoors under the starry sky (because the Lord promised to the forefather Abraham that his descendents would multiply like stars in the sky). The ceremony ki [...]
[2007-07-20] Muslim wedding traditions in Russia
According to Muslim wedding traditions, an offer of marriage is made by the woman’s father or guardian. However, a “blind wedding” is frowned upon in any case. At least one encounter between the future man and wife should precede the nuptials. In light of the above circumstances, one may wonder if love has anything to do with the Muslim marriage. “According to Islam, love comes into being after the wedding,” said Valyulla Hazrat Yakupov, the first deputy mufti of Tatarstan. Divorcees or widows may make an independent decision on issues regarding marriage. Nowadays most women in Russia make a [...]
[2007-07-20] K–1 Fiancee Visa Fees
USCIS and Embassy Processing — $1950, to be paid in two parts: $975 upon commencement of legal work, and $975 upon USCIS approval. The fee covers both USCIS and Embassy processing: USCIS and Embassy form preparation and submission, advice and continual updates on status, liaison with USCIS and Embassy, contact with and interview preparation of fiancee in Russian or English, and assistance in obtaining police certificates in countries of former Soviet Union. For fiancees being processed by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, who reside outside Moscow, we also may provide logistical support in Moscow [...]
[2007-07-20] Most curious things about kissing.
1. An act of kissing puts 29 facial muscles in motion. In other words, kissing can be used as an effective exercise to prevent the development of wrinkles. 2. Lovers swap saliva containing various substances e.g. fats, mineral salts, proteins while kissing. According to latest studies, the exchange of the above substances can give a boost to the production of antibodies which are made specifically to deal with the antigens associated with different diseases as they are encountered. 3. As a rule, 66 percent of people keep their eyes closed while kissing. The rest take pleasure in watching t [...]
[2007-07-19] Marriage is coming back into fashion in Australia
A landmark study released last year found that less than half of those aged 55 to 74, who had gone through divorce, owned their own homes compared with three-quarters of their married peers. Researchers at Melbourne's La Trobe University found one in four single divorced men, and one in three single divorced women, aged 55 to 75, had experienced financial hardship in the previous year. The figure for married couples was one in 10. "More and more people will carry into their later life the financial effects of divorce in terms of home ownership, assets and income," La Trobe researcher David de [...]
[2007-07-19] Five years after he was convicted of sodomizing a 15-year-old boy, Michael Bradley logged onto, an online dating Web site, saying he was looking for "someone special" to share his life with.
"Life is so wonderful and I know I am not meant to spend it alone," Bradley, 51, of Mastic Beach, wrote on his profile Web page.His profile didn't go unnoticed for long.Last week, Parents for Megan's Law began receiving anonymous tips that a registered sex offender was looking for love online -- a direct violation of his probation.The Stony Brook child advocacy group created a profile of their own: Carol, a divorced mother of two young sons living in Shirley. They sent him a message, and, to their surprise, he wrote back.Wednesday, the organization held a news conference at its headquarters hi [...]
[2007-07-19] Singles Americans now comprise 42% of the population over the age of 18. Out of the 92 million singles, 54% are women and 60% have never been married. One quarter (25%) of U.S. singles are divorced and 15% are widowed.
There are 15 million Americans over the age of 65 who are unmarried and single. They comprise about 16% of all unattached members in U.S. society. According to the Census Bureau, for every 86 unmarried men, there are 100 unmarried women in the United States. The number of households that are headed by single men or single women has reached 50.7 million. This translates into 44% of all U.S. households being maintained by single individuals. Out of these, an astonishing 30.5 million live alone and constitute more than one-quarter (27%) of all households. This percentage has increased by 10% [...]
[2007-07-19] New matchmaking services sprouting up in cyberspace
"It's a big problem because guys are traveling outside Lebanon so the girls are not meeting the guy they want," says Mayssa Farhat, a 23-year-old wedding planner. This situation makes the Internet more appealing for mainstream Lebanese women, adds Farhat, who once tried an online dating network herself for a few months. She was 20 at the time, and quickly decided she'd be better off giving nature, fate or romantic destiny a little more time to do its thing. Farhat says the majority of large-scale weddings taking place in Beirut this season are for couples who will soon follow the groom's job [...]
[2007-07-19] Last year, more than 40 million Internet users searched for love online. But with so many personal ads out there, how can you make yours stand out?
The Early Show relationship contributor Amy Kean found that as always, where there's a demand, someone will meet it – for a price. Sometimes personal ads are best left to the pros, because let's face it, not everyone has a way with words. What if you could hire someone to tell you just what to say? Financial advisor Tom Pandolfo took that route in his quest for love. "I figured maybe I could get the assistance from a professional, that could help out and would actually be a good investment in and of itself," Tom says. When he put himself on the market, he played up his best qualities, but ther [...]
[2007-07-19] Why I've Set Up My New Dating Website
We are not made to live alone. Companionship is not just the desired but the required human state and that which is commanded by the Torah. But what used to be so natural and necessary has today become an anomaly, with The New York Times reporting in January that for the first time in American history, the majority of women today are living alone. But the editors at the Times aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed. I lecture to singles around the world and have yet to find a city where the locals tell me that the dating scene is fantastic. Invariably, I hear that it is degrading, demoralizin [...]
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