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[2006-11-30] Who wants to marry an Iowa farmer?
Reality TV is so desperate for fresh material that the producers of "American Idol" will descend on Iowa today to root out farmers of the marrying kind.A new TV show called "The Farmer Wants a Wife" has already harvested big ratings in Europe, and it will debut in an altered version as soon as next fall, reportedly on one of the four major U.S. networks.Producers will interview Iowa farmers at a casting call today at Miss Kitty's in Clive in hopes of finding just the right rural hunk.Depending on where they find the guy, the show will film in the area where the farmer lives, said Kimberly Prin [...]
[2006-11-30] New start hard for Russian immigrants
In her worst nightmares, Svetlana never dreamed she'd suffer an identity crisis at 49 years old. Working hard as an economist in her native Moscow, she tried to equip herself with the tools necessary to face an uncertain future. Living in Russia, a country racked by political unrest, she never expected stability. But, living in Canada, she's shocked to discover her years of toil are almost in vain. "I try to find anywhere I can to use my knowledge or skills," says Svetlana, from the one-bedroom apartment she shares with her husband and 12-year-old daughter. "I feel myself lost." Forced [...]
[2006-11-30] Finding a sitter hardest part about dating
Those who have been following this space the past couple of weeks will be happy to know that my lovely wife Bonnie and I are doing just fine, thank you. In fact, our relationship has never been better. Turns out marriage counseling really does work. So does Gas-X. Actually, the real reason our marriage has remained strong over the years is that we've never stopped dating. Each other, I mean. The problem with dating, though, as you grow older and have children, is finding a baby sitter. It's almost as difficult as deciding which bunch of incompetent yahoos to pull the lever for this Tuesday - t [...]
[2006-11-30] For men only: Rescue your relationship
So much of counselling and relationship advice is spent telling women how to keep their man that, this time around, Outlook magazine has decided to do things differently. This week and in the weeks to come, listen to counsellors attached to Family Life Ministries as they give advice to men on how to keep their marriages intact. We begin with family therapist Kevin Bailey. You will know that your marriage is in trouble, the therapist says, when communication is almost non-existent or stiff and rigid when attempted, and when, "the wedding bells have become funeral bells." The man, often desc [...]
[2006-11-30] Single, divorced and widowed women mobilised to vote in US polls
For one Hollywood actress, the first time was in a garage. Another did it when she was 18. A third researched all the positions before doing it. And they're not talking about sex. Angie Harmon, Felicity Huffman and Regina King are starring in a political ad, recalling the first time they voted. The public-service ad is part of an effort to motivate more women, particularly "women on their own" - single, divorced and widowed - to go to the polls on Tuesday. "They are the fastest-growing demographic group in this country," said Page Gardner, president of Women's Voices Women Vote, the grou [...]
[2006-11-30] Choosing the Best Dating Site for You
Choosing the right dating site can be daunting. For one, there are thousands of dating and matchmaking sites on the web. Two, each including popular dating sites, is tailored to meet specific needs or objectives. Three, what's good for one person is not necessarily good (or right) for another. So, how do you find the best dating site for you? Here are some pointers to help narrow the field and make it easier for you to make the right choice. 1. Know what you are looking for. Are you seeking a serious or casual relationship? If seeking a serious relationship, go to a site that caters to t [...]
[2006-11-30] Russian Women & The Photoshop Scam
A Woman walked into her office and introduced herself as a Manager for a new Marriage Agency in town. She was specifically pitching “a new service” to the older single women in the office. And there are many of them as you can imagine. These women are at a huge competitive disadvantage because of the great numbers of younger women that are available here. So the Marriage Agency Lady starts telling the older women (and I need to paraphrase here).. “Look we know you want to find an American Husband and we are going to do that for you. What we will do is take a photo of you and we will photosh [...]
[2006-11-29] 1 in 5 men classed as excessive drinkers
One in five men is a "heavy drinker", consuming more than four pints of beer every day of the week, says a study.The research raises fresh concerns about Tony Blair's "open all hours" licensing policy and shows that as many as one in three men, while not defined as a "heavy drinker", still exceed Government levels on sensible drinking. Death rates of people in their 20s and 30s are predicted to rise steeply According to the report commissioned by the Department of Health, more people than ever — 69 per cent — know what constitutes sensible drinking but simply choose to igno [...]
[2006-11-29] Immigration files missing
About 30,000 applications from immigrants seeking citizenship were processed by the government even though thousands of background files used to determine eligibility were missing, congressional investigators found. Details of the investigation by theGovernment Accountability Office were released by Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Susan Collins of Maine Tuesday. According to the GAO, 14 Citizenship and Immigration Services offices were missing 110,000 so-called alien files, or A-files. Such files contain applications and other documents of some noncitizens and serve as the pri [...]
[2006-11-29] Women want a woman president
Almost a hundred years ago, Sigmund Freud famously asked, “What do women want?” In political terms, the answer is unmistakable: What women want is a woman president. And their voting preferences are showing how strongly they feel. According to the Gallup Poll of November 9-12, both Democratic and Republican women disproportionately support their party’s potential female candidates. While it has not been unusual to see polls showing a bias by female voters in favor of women who run on the Democratic Party line, most of these surveys have failed to distinguish whether it is party or gender t [...]
[2006-11-29] Rich look for their mate on love boat
Money and marriage are modern China’s twin obsessions and would-be brides had their chance to pursue both in Shanghai at the weekend.As they boarded a square-rigger decked out in pink balloons dubbed “the millionaires’ love boat”, they braved not only prurient onlookers and rain but the unseen men, selected for their wealth, who had picked them in advance from a catalogue. The event was a match-making cruise for the rich only, a first even for China’s new capitalism, and all 50 participants were granted anonymity by the organisers to save the face of any who might be rejected. But one entrep [...]
[2006-11-29] Adolescents and dating violence
Dating violence has several forms. The type we are most familiar with involves sexual abuse and assault, such as unwanted touching and forced intercourse. Physical abuse includes slapping, shoving and punching. Emotional abuse results when a partner insults, swears at and belittles a partner. Isolating a partner from others and acting jealously are also forms of emotional abuse. The statistics about adolescent dating violence are not comforting. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found one in 11 high school students reported being a victim of physical dating violence during the p [...]
[2006-11-29] Users Complain About Dangerous Match-Ups, Scams
Millions of Americans have turned to online dating to find true love. The ads promise "trust" and "long lasting relationships." But there's something companies are not advertising -- complaints like being matched to someone who's married, not receiving any matches, or worse. Here's the dirt on online dating. A Chicago area teacher turned to eHamony to find her soul mate. After one year of using the service, she finally got a match. On the fourth date she says she got the shock of her life."He said he was a convicted sex offender," said Jodi. "I didn’t understand how they could match a convicte [...]
[2006-11-29] Jilted Bride: Scammer Groom Stole My $300K
A New Jersey woman is asking the FBI for help after her husband left her penniless. She says he stole everything she had and then ran off to Honduras.Margaret Valenti thought she had found the man of her dreams. But she says that man, Henry Acosta, turned out to be her worse nightmare."He hurt me. He took everything I had, my future for my son. It's not only that -- standing there before God telling me you love me," said scam victim Margaret Valenti.The two met a year ago, and on October 15, they got married in the Bahamas."Everything was rosy, everything was brand new and perfect," Valenti sa [...]
[2006-11-29] Online love triangle led to Dynabrade worker's deat
A middle-aged West Virginia woman posing as an attractive young female on the Internet became the apex of a love triangle that sparked a fatal ambush in Clarence in September, Erie County sheriff's officials said Monday after arresting the man suspected of the killing. Sheriff's detectives arrested Thomas Montgomery, 47, without incident Monday morning at his home on East Grand Boulevard, Cheektowaga, Sheriff Timothy B. Howard announced. Montgomery has been charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Brian M. Barrett, 22, of the Town of Lockport. Barrett was gunned down in [...]
[2006-11-29] Internet makes it easy to find a date, romance
Since online dating services began, many people have turned to them as a way to find dates. As subscriptions to these Web sites continue to rise, the dating world is changing by the second. Web sites such as, and offer Internet users a chance to meet others looking for a date. Many of these Web sites offer services to those in Northwest Ohio. According to, there are more than 5,500 members subscribed to the site in the Toledo area. Sixty percent of those members are male. Fourty-five percent of members in the Toledo area report th [...]
[2006-11-29] Online Dating: Truth Beyond the Misconceptions
According to the popular web-baseddating service,, somewhere near 100 million peopleworldwide are hooking up on line. Of course, who's counting?, which began in 2002 with one customer, now has morethan 1 million customers. That's a lot of notions about who's dating whomand why -- a generation of linked people that have spurned, or added aresource, to the more traditional modes of meeting. People are stillgathering at bars and clubs, and connecting on public transportation orblind dates. But the internet is becoming a powerful option, and with itcomes a ho [...]
[2006-11-29] Southeast of Finland wants more Russian immigrants
Cars and lorries with Russian number plates abound in Kotka, in the eastern part of Finland’s south coast. Many stores now have signs in Russian to attract increasing numbers of cross-border shoppers, as well as a growing population of Russian immigrants. On the front yard of a building, a mother - or perhaps a nanny - comforts a crying child in Russian. Russians are becoming more accepted by local residents. It is said that the "Russophobia border", which used to run between Lappeenranta and Kouvola, has moved west to somewhere between Kouvola and Lahti. Russian has also taken over the number [...]
[2006-11-29] Helen Mead on Monday
If ever I were lucky enough to appear on the game show Family Fortunes and asked to name the most common reasons for absence from work, I would hazard a guess at bad backs, stress, migraine, and other well-known health problems. I would think that most people would guess along the same lines. But there's something else, a condition that I would never have named in a million years. Something that, apparently, is responsible for the loss of eight million working days every year. What is it? Lovesickness. I'm not kidding. And the people who get it badly enough to stay off work are men. Blokes, [...]
[2006-11-29] The Russians are buying
Russians have been migrating to the United States in the past few decades and now total 6.5 million, 60 percent of whom earn more than $50,000. And with 142 million consumers in Russia also interested in U.S. products and brands, marketers have a huge group with plenty of untapped potential. “American companies have begun to understand the power of the Russian economy and know that if they are able to grab hold in the East, this will, in effect, boost their brand’s visibility to the Russian-American community as well,” said Alex Shvarts, CEO of Mega Media Group. “Many brands ... are realiz [...]
[2006-11-29] Pragmatism trumps dating stereotypes
A new study reveals some surprising information about what men and women find attractive in a partner, and whether romance is driven by finding the perfect match or by taking advantage of what's on the shelf. Researchers at the University of Essex followed thousands of singles at speed-dating events in Britain and studied the characteristics of those who proved most popular. They found that hair colour, contrary to popular belief, had no effect on how full people's dance cards were -- calling into question who really has more fun. "The stereotype of the blond woman or man is unfounded in our [...]
[2006-11-29] Internet dating often too good to be true, singles say
He seemed too good to be true. He was a single 32-year-old man who was good looking and had a successful job working for the stock exchange. When Valparaiso graduate Ashley Saluga found his profile on, she thought her single days would be over. She finally found her match. "I was excited," the 27-year-old said. Turns out, he was too good to be true. Online, he reinvented himself as a successful, young, good looking single man. In real life, he was about 50 years old, and he was very rude. "When I got to the table, I was like, 'Please let it not be him,' " Saluga said. "I felt [...]
[2006-11-29] Can money buy love?
China's booming economic hub of Shanghai held its first exclusive "love boat" party aimed at hooking up the city's millionaire men with rich attractive women, organisers and participants said.The Saturday night gathering was held on the "Captain One" cruise boat with 119 male and 289 female guests paying up to 28 000 yuan for the chance to find a dream partner, organisers said on their website."My aim is simple, just to find the right person, that's enough," an attractive woman in her 30s told AFP before stepping on the boat."It's better to find someone who has similar assets as you... It's li [...]
[2006-11-27] Women still have to fight for room at the top
The role played by women in the economy is strange, to say the least. Women do better than men at all levels of the educational system, from primary school to university, and the government wants Britain to be at the cutting edge of the knowledge economy in which brains rather than brawn are the secret of success. So it should be simple. Put the people with the smarts in charge and we would all be better off. Yet the latest evidence suggests that the thicker of the two genders remains firmly in control. Women may be making their presence felt in some of the professions - medicine and the law [...]
[2006-11-27] Rich cruise for marriage on boat
Money and marriage are modern China's twin obsessions, and would-be princess brides had their chance to pursue both in Shanghai at the weekend. As they boarded Captain, a square-rigger decked out in pink balloons dubbed "the millionaires' love boat", they braved not only prurient onlookers and the Shanghai rain but the unseen men, selected for their wealth, who had picked them in advance from a catalogue. The event was a match-making cruise for the rich only, a first even for China's new capitalism, and all 50 participants were granted anonymity by the organisers to save the face of any wh [...]
[2006-11-27] Forbidden Desires
Two little drops of reddish brown on my underwear. Here we go again. Since I had kids, my cycle is irregular, which wouldn't be a big deal except that I'm an Orthodox Jew and I can't even pass the salt to my husband--let alone touch, kiss, or have sex with him--for 12 days after my period starts. We never know when we'll have to sleep in separate beds or place a vase with a single rose between us on the dinner table as evidence of our separation.I was beginning to hate the rigid restrictions on my sex life until the other day, when I was sitting on a blanket with my two toddlers in a suburban [...]
[2006-11-27] Ten young foreigners married to much older Malaysian men have been detained for illegally working in karaoke joints
Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said immigration officials were tracking down other such cases of "spouse visa" holders working illegally here.He believed the figure was just the tip of the iceberg, with many more breaking the law.The women, all of whom were detained in Penang, had been issued a visa that allowed them to stay here for a year after marrying Malaysians.It is learnt that some women from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and China were involved in scam marriages to work here.It was recently reported that nearly 34,000 marriages between local men and foreign women were re [...]
[2006-11-27] What exactly is ‘dating allowance’ and just what is it supposed to pay for?
Thought an office cricket match or a rather generous entertainment allowance was enough of an HR initiative to get your work force going? If you are answer is yes, then you are probably safe. Because after Wipro and Azim Premji having been slapped with a suit by a woman who claims that the company’s alleged dating allowance caused her husband to leave her, it doesn’t look like a great idea to go beyond the regular HRA and other sundry HR initiatives. Wipro has categorically denied the existence of this allowance, but it isn’t such an alient concept in many BPOs and IT firms. Primarily an Ame [...]
[2006-11-27] The world wide web of relationships
Before the Internet, the world of dating was a small place. Meeting people was usually restricted to introductions by family and friends, the school or work environment, or the local bar. But with the accessibility of the world wide web, more and more people have expanded their dating boundaries with some positive — and negative — results.Literally hundreds of “dating” websites exist on the Internet, catering to every taste, whim, and requirement. From sites that join people from the same religion, to those that connect married people looking for something on the side, interpersonal relationsh [...]
[2006-11-27] Our society needs the glue of marriage
This weekend is all about families, and turkey, of course. You probably can find a joke hiding in that statement somewhere, but that's beside the point. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times to commune with the other souls who are stuck to us by the glue of family, whether we like it or not. It typically is a time for looking backward, reminiscing and retelling stories that help shape our identities and sense of belonging. Maybe it's time we looked forward a little bit, instead. What will the holidays be like in a generation or two? Not so great, according to government statistics release [...]
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