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[2007-11-16] In the UK, the number of people diagnosed with STDs has risen by 63 percent
In the UK, the number of people diagnosed with STDs hasrisen by 63 percent, according to the Health Protection Agency, with analarming rise in diseases previously thought to be under control. Cases ofsyphilis show the most dramatic increase, with a rise of 1,607 percent.Gonorrhea is up 46 percent, Herpes is up 31 percent, and cases of genitalwarts have risen by 22 percent. Even more alarming, new cases of HIV havetripled. The most at risk are young people ages 16 to 19, with 45 percent ofGonorrhea cases being diagnosed among teenagers. [...]
[2007-11-16] Sex, Lies and the Internet
Stephany Alexander, online dating and relationship expertand author of "Sex, Lies and the Internet," a new book warning about thedangers of internet dating, noted an alarming correlation between the risingpopularity of internet dating and an increase in sexually transmitteddiseases. Ms. Alexander stated, "As more and more people use theinternet for dating, it becomes more important that they do a backgroundcheck on their potential new partner, particularly in light of the rise insexually transmitted diseases." Ms. Alexander continued, "The Internet canalso be one of the best ways to do a backg [...]
[2007-11-16] Police are warning internet users to be wary of dating site scams, after a Gold Coast woman was conned into sending more than $47,000 overseas to save a man's life.
A 27-year-old Nigerian man, who claimed to be a British engineer, has beenarrested in Nigeria after an investigation involving Queensland police andthe Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.The 56-year-old woman was emailed fake documents to convince her of theman's identity.Superintendent Brian Hay says there is a chance other women could have beentargeted."So if we could just call out for anyone that is involved with internetromance scams and you are required to send money in cash to someone you havenever met, please do not do it," he said. [...]
[2007-11-16] Mistakes that single people make when pursuit love
Mistake #1 - AttitudeAfter meeting thousands of singles, I've seen what people do that works ordoesn't work when finding the love of their lives. One big issue is aperson's attitude. For example, if someone goes to a singles event and walksin the room and starts complaining about the people who are there, thistends to put a negative spin on the situation. If they have a bad attitudeabout the people they are meeting or how they are meeting people, it willturn others off really fast.People with a bad attitude: I have met plenty of singles that have a badattitude about being single, about their j [...]
[2007-11-16] The trial is underway in California of a man accused of the murder of a 31-year-old Russian doctor. The prime suspect in the case is the woman's American husband. The couple met through a dating service in St. Petersburg and married in the U.S. However,
Nina Reiser, mother of two children, vanished in September, 2006. Her husband, Hans Reiser, a computer programmer, stands accused of her murder. The prosecution says the couple, who were going through a bitter divorce, were arguing over their children. The prosecuting D.A. says Hans Reiser wanted them schooled at home, and exposed their son to violent video games. The prosecution adds that his business trips to Russia, for nine months of the year and his dominating behaviour put great strain on the relationship. Four years into the marriage, Nina Reiser began an affair and filed for divorce in [...]
[2007-11-15] Marriage is statistically still much better for men than for women
As a woman, something very strange happens as you approach 30 -- friends who seemed quite sensible either start shelling out incredible wads of cash for their weddings, or whipping themselves into frenzies because they’re still single. Faced with this recently, I found myself questioning why marriage retains such a hold over us. I suspected that, like all conservative institutions, marriage helped preserve the status quo and thus the dominance of men -- specifically middle-class white men.Let’s get this clear: I like men. My opinion isn’t based on bitterness, bitchiness or spinsterish rage. It [...]
[2007-11-15] Northwest couple offers advice on middle-aged dating
How amusing that the acronym for “middle-aged dating” is MAD.The mere idea of searching for true love at the half-century mark seemed off-kilter to Susan Miller at best, if not downright insane.But the Northwest resident’s youngest child was moving on with her teenage life, filling her weekends with friends and romance, and after 15 years as a happily single mom, Miller felt up for a bit of madness. So she logged on to“It would have been one of those Fridays or Saturdays when my daughter was out,” she said. “I would have been sitting alone, probably looking at one of the dogs and th [...]
[2007-11-14] Police in Nigeria have arrested a 27-year-old man after he allegedly scammed a 60-year-old Queensland woman out of thousands of dollars
The woman met a man on an online dating website and sent him thousands of dollars over several months. Queensland police say she contacted the State's Police Service Computer Crime Unit after her relatives questioned the Nigerian man's motives. The arrest is the result of a joint operation between the Queensland Police and the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. [...]
[2007-11-14] A Gold Coast woman who was swindled out of $47,000 in four months by a Nigerian con artist was the victim of an online romance scam
Nigerian authorities today arrested a 27-year-old man after a coordinated investigation with Queensland Police, charging the man with fraud-related offences. Queensland police said a 56-year-old Gold Coast businesswoman began an online relationship in July with a man named Benson Lawson. She believed he was a British engineer who travelled the world, but in reality she was communicating with a calculated conman who swindled her out of a large sum of money. Superintendent Brian Hay from the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group said the woman had become so convinced the romance was legitimate, and [...]
[2007-11-14] Last month, Canada Border Services Agency seized 288 fraudulent money orders
Last month, Canada Border Services Agency seized 288 fraudulent money orders, after border officers examined courier shipments from Nigeria.The total came to $200,000 US, with 97 money orders valued at $430.35 each, 42 money orders at $950.25, 59 money orders at $730.25, 89 money orders at $830.35 and one money order left blank. After closer examination of the money orders, officers were able to determine the documents were fraudulent and referred the shipment to RCMP for investigation. The money orders were destined for a female individual, who had been in contact with a person from Nigeria o [...]
[2007-11-14] Feminist-thinking women are not only attractive to men, but having a better time than their "traditional" sisters
Previous research suggested although feminists deserved most of the credit for advancing women's rights, young adults didn't identify with them. College-aged women and men tended to stigmatise them as unattractive, sexually unappealing and likely to be lesbians. Some women also disparaged feminism as a movement for victims or women who couldn't achieve success on their own merit. But this study of about 250 students and 300 older adults with more life experience found no evidence for beliefs that feminism caused women to resent men, added stress to their relationships with men or that most men [...]
[2007-11-14] There's a new disorder affecting rising numbers of young single women all over the world.
When it strikes, it is known to turn the otherwise intelligent and well-adjusted into obsessive worriers. The condition is characterised by an intense fixation with romantic relationships, where all facets of love and sex are discussed, scrutinised and debated to the point of delirium. Most sufferers present with an addiction to dating/relationship/sex guides/articles/websites, which they study with the kind of fervour usually associated with religious texts. Other common symptoms include cult-like devotion to self-styled "experts" (dating gurus, sexologists and the like) who possess a [...]
[2007-11-14] Want to know what celebrity you look like or find a potential date who has green eyes, dark hair and the perfect nose? A new facial recognition technology called Eyealike from ActiveSymbols in Bellevue is attempting to do just that.
While company President Greg Heuss said Eyealike could transform the online dating business -- allowing people to find mates by the geometry of one's face, hair color or skin tone -- he acknowledged that the concept does rub some the wrong way. But Heuss said online dating sites are intrigued with facial search as an extension of personality questionnaires and other matching techniques. "They want to use this to add on or enhance those, so when you are looking for the physical side ... you can start with an image, because everybody is basing their search on images anyway within the sites," h [...]
[2007-11-14] Tests To Determine If He's Mr. Right
The Mr. Right Test #1: Get into real knock-down, drag-out fight with himYou can tell just about everything you need to know about a person by the way they fight. You simply do not know someone until you've had a fight with them. My wife and I have saying:A relationship is only as good as its first fight. People go crazy when they fight; what you want to know about your man is how crazy does he go, and how fast--and how much time he spends in Crazyland once he's gonethere. Ifin the heat of a real argumentyour mandoes a pretty good job of sticking to the point, or tends to ratchet the hostility [...]
[2007-11-10] Signing service contracts and providing fixed business venues will become mandatory for matchmakers
The move will be a major part of the country's first national guideline to regulate matchmaking services, said Wang Weiming, general secretary to the Marriage Matchmaking Services Committee of China Social Work Association. The regulation, called the National Standard System on Marriage Matchmaking Services, is likely to be approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in the next few weeks. It will for the first time offer a clear definition of match making agencies, that is, those who have legal approval to introduce couples, especially for marriage. More importantly, it will make people avai [...]
[2007-10-25] AIt is wedding season in India, and in almost every neighborhood, the streets echo with celebratory music.
Colorful north Indian wedding celebrations can last for days. Archana Sharma says she thought her wedding eight years ago, when she was 25, would be no different. She says she agreed to enter into an arranged marriage after her father died and her mother and two younger sisters needed financial support. She married a much older, Canadian-based astrologer, whom the family believed was well settled. He was too well settled, as it turned out. After spending six weeks with his bride, the groom went back to Toronto promising to send for her. Instead, after six years of waiting, Sharma says s [...]
[2007-10-25] Men and women in their late teens and early 20s gain more weight on average over five years than their single counterparts
Betrothed Canadians might want to add gym memberships to their gift registries if the latest findings on marital weight-gain are any indication. According to a study presented this week at the annual meeting of the Obesity Society, there's scientific basis to the old yarn about marriage making you fat. Obesity researcher Penny Gordon-Larsen reports that recently hitched men and women in their late teens and early 20s gain more weight on average over five years than their single counterparts in the same age group. A typical married man packs on 30 pounds during that period, compared to the 24 [...]
[2007-10-25] Korea's growing foreign population, which topped the landmark 1 million mark in late August, is rapidly familiarizing Koreans with the way of life in multiracial and multicultural societies.
Foreigners are increasingly ubiquitous in subways, restaurants, neighborhood parks, streets and other areas nationwide. The 1 million foreigners, including 720,000 residents, represent approximately 2 percent of the entire Korean population. Reflecting the trend, foreign communities are springing up across Korea, including a French community in Seoul's Bangbae-dong, "Little Tokyo" in Seoul's Ichon-dong and the so-called Central Asian Village in Seoul's Dongdaemun market area frequented by Korea's increasingly large population of Central Asian and Russian immigrants. In addition, a number of [...]
[2007-10-25] Asheep farmer from a remote Australian community whose quest for love on the Internet took him to the jaws of death in Africa has admitted he was naive and is lucky to be alive.
Desmond Gregor, 56, flew back to Australia late Sunday after his close escape in Mali's capital Bamako, where he was beaten with a machete by kidnappers who also threatened to cut off his limbs. Relatives who welcomed him said the farmer from the remote town of Hoyleton in South Australia state was blinded by love, and unable to see the scam for what it was. Gregor admitted as he arrived back in the state capital Adelaide, with nothing except the clothes he was wearing, that he had previously been scammed by a potential Russian bride. Asked on arrival if he had learned his lesson, Gregor re [...]
[2007-10-25] Looking for love in the Baltics
All Mike Berkowitz says he wants is an attractive, undemanding young woman to marry and help him start a family. He says he tried American women, but it didn't take. So the 59-year-old retired Santa Rosa electrician has turned to the Baltic region, for the 49th time. Over the course of five years, thousands of dollars and through one alleged scam, he remains an advocate of the mail-order bride market, where brokers match foreign women with American men for money. Berkowitz has even gained a national profile, having appeared recently on the syndicated Tyra Banks talk show. "Out of 49 [...]
[2007-10-25] Websites promoting marital match to be probed too
Despite a law banning mail-order marriages about 300,000 to half a million Filipino mail-order brides continue to leave the country each year and Senate President Manuel Villar wants this investigated.In Senate Resolution 101, Villar urged the Senate committee youth, women, and family relations to “inquire into the plight of these women and [into] the brazen violation of corresponding laws…with the end view of charting remedial measures to protect the dignity of Filipinas.” He worried that criminal syndicates are behind mail-order bride operations. The figures on the number of mail-order bri [...]
[2007-10-25] Foreign men can manipulate and cheat Russian brides too
It is a typical situation today when Russian girls no longer want to date and marry Russian men and seek marriage with foreigners whom they hope to find with the help of the Internet. Russian girl Natasha Ivanova from the city of Voronezh surfed dating websites in search of good male candidates for starting a happy family life. Once she came across a file registered by a man who named himself Dmitry. Natasha liked the man’s photo and his motto saying that though he had everything he at the same time had no one by his side to make this person happy and share his wealth with. The girl decided to [...]
[2007-10-25] New Russian magic mantra to reverse alarming fall in the country’s birth rate
Desperate to reverse a steep decline in their numbers, Russians are coming up with some bold ideas on how to overcome Russia’s demographic crisis. A Russian feminist has proposed a radical solution to the falling birth rate — importing Indian bridegrooms for Russian girls. Maria Arbatova, writer and TV moderator, who married an Indian businessman a few years ago “after 25 years of keeping marrying Russians”, thinks Indian men make ideal husbands. “They are crazy about their family and children,” she said presenting her new book, ‘Tasting India’, here. “What is more, Indians, like Russians, [...]
[2007-10-25] Federal prosecutors filed a new criminal charge against a Russian woman after a judge threw out a marriage fraud charge earlier this week
Yulia Krosneva appeared in U.S. District Court on Thursday to face a charge of making false statements to a federal law enforcement agent. Magistrate F. Bradford Stillman, the same judge who dismissed the case against Krosneva earlier this week, set a new preliminary hearing for this afternoon. On Tuesday, Stillman tossed out a marriage fraud charge after federal agents failed to show up in court to testify. Krosneva was arrested last week after she married an undercover agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service at Norfolk City Hall in an effort to gain legal residency in the count [...]
[2007-10-25] A new made-in-Quebec dating service organizes events so that the wealthy and lonely no longer need to suffer the torments of conventional online dating.
Club Osmose is the brainchild of Montreal socialite Linda Thibodeau, who for 30 years has organized special events for corporations at the world's high-end destinations. Members of the site, who pay $350 to sign up, can participate in company-sponsored dining, golfing trips and Botox seminars along with other lonely-hearts singles. "I had all these high-level executives complaining about the same thing, that online dating is unreliable, that you never know who the people really are," Thibodeau said. Combining this market need with her inside scoops on the upscale restaurants, boutique hotel [...]
[2007-10-25] Online dating service aims to raise awareness on environmental issues
Past stereotypes have labeled online dating as both shady and questionable. However, it seems using online dating sites is increasingly becoming the acceptable norm for the many lonely hearts out there who are seeking Mr. or Ms. Right. Vancouver-based Kisscafe is one of the numerous online dating services which allow its users to weed through many hopeful singles to find their perfect match. But Kisscafe is a little different in that it has an environmental slant. In an effort to influence users to raise their environmental consciousness, the creators of Kisscafe have made it so all of t [...]
[2007-10-25] N.Y., dating service, will pay a $7,000 fine and offer free referrals to approximately 200 customers who were charged more than state law allows for social referrals
The Wolf Road dating service, one of three franchisees in the state, violated state law by charging "many" clients $1,500 for two six-month contracts, when state law prohibits companies from charging more than $1,000 a year. The company, which has franchises in New York City and the Buffalo area as well, also failed to guarantee a specific number of dates per month, according to the attorney general's office. The investigation began after the operator of an unrelated dating service in the Buffalo area complained that the It's Just Lunch franchise in Williamsville was not following state la [...]
[2007-10-25] Who Dates Online?
A majority of online daters is younger, employed and slightly more liberal than the rest of the population, but older people are online daters too. A February 2006 paper from the MIT Sloan School of Management called “What Makes You Click? – Mate Preferences and Matching Outcomes in Online Dating” surveyed 22,000 users of an unnamed “major” online dating service; users were located in the Boston and San Diego areas. The study involved observing the daters’ activities for three months, including introductory “profiling” information the users supplied to the sites, such as age, height, income, a [...]
[2007-10-25] What do Online Daters Want?
Much like the real world, physical attraction is the biggest predictor of having a prolific online dating experience. Those men and women in the lowest “looks” decile, according to the MIT report, received only half as many e-mails from other online daters as members whose rating were in the fourth decile; users in the top decile were contacted twice as often. Echoing what Edelbrock said about pictureposting daters being more active, the MIT study showed that women with photos received at least twice as many e-mails as those without, and men received 60 percent more e-mails than those without [...]
[2007-10-25] How Does Online Dating Work?
Usually, there’s a physical/demographic portion to fill out, followed by a variety of “compatibility tests” to help with member pair-ups. And there’s usually a charge, too—with a cheaper monthly rate afforded to those who sign up for multiple months. According to comScore Media Metrix, was only second to Yahoo! Personals as of January 2006 in attracting the most users. It won that distinction with 3,893 unique users that month. capitalized on its popularity last February by launching According to press releases, this site is for serious date [...]
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