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[2007-01-06] Online dating surprises?
A new survey shows that one-quarter of single people believe that it's acceptable to tell a little white lie when you date online. A manners and behavior survey was conducted by, a web site where singles connect by inviting their family and friends to play matchmaker for them. In a survey of more than 600 single adults, 24 percent said it's all right to lie when dating online. We are looking for stories from readers about their own experiences, especially when the online ad did not match reality. If you have a story to tell, please contact Marylynne Pitz at 412-263-1648 or mp [...]
[2007-01-06] Lying Online
On television, Stephen Colbert would lift his eyebrow and call it "truthiness." But online, many would-be daters wink and think stretching the truth is OK. "Truthfulness may be the ideal, but many online daters seem to feel it is both necessary and acceptable to express little white lies," said Joelle Kaufman of the dating site "For instance, we know women generally feel pressure to be younger when dating online, but men may feel even greater pressure to lie about their age." In fact,'s "Manners and Behavior" survey of more than 600 US adult singles showed that 24% o [...]
[2007-01-06] British Woman Gets Semi-Paralyzed Everytime She Says "I Love You"
Expressing your love towards someone can be a great experience but not for a British mother who is suffering from a a rare medical condition that puts her into a coma and has her collapesing every time she tells her children: 'I love you.' The 53-year-old woman gets into a semi paralysed state every time she becomes emotional or wants to laugh or cry. Her debilitating condition can be treated through drugs but they are expensive and are not funded by her local NHS trust. It leaves her with no choice but to switch off her emotions to avoid collapsing. Richmond tried to remain emotionally [...]
[2007-01-06] 7 ways to improve your relationships
Will this be your "Year of the Relationship"? Here's hoping! Whether it's learning to love and accept yourself, meeting your soul mate, connecting with elders or reaching out to children, relationships are the measure of a life well spent. How do yours measure up? All in the family Relationship rules change as kids grow up and parents age. Responsibility falls to adult children to reach out to their siblings and to parents. "For so much of life, parents learn how to let go of their children. At some point the children need to reach back out to their parents," to check their well-being, re [...]
[2007-01-06] Marrying a Vietnamese girl in Malaysia is no longer done the conventional mail-order way – it is now conducted in the buy-on-the-spot style.
Young and attractive Vietnamese girls are being paraded at coffeeshops and agents’ homes in some small towns for the prospective grooms to pick and choose, and seal the deal there and then. MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau head Datuk Michael Chong described the practice as “sickening and immoral”. “The agents have always charged a huge amount to provide local men with girls of their choice using runners, distributing leaflets and operating from offices filled with Vietnamese girls’ photos and profiles,” he told The Star. ”Of late, these agents have simplified the process by go [...]
[2007-01-06] Peace Through Healthcare? The Future of Russia Foundation
When the economy of a country is in turmoil, problems manifest themselves in a variety of ways -- many of them related to health care. In Russia, health officials say a collapsing health care system -- after years of government-controlled health care -- has created an alarming increase in the rate of infant mortality. One noted scholar, Murray Fishback, has speculated that absent intervention to reverse current trends, Russia's population may be less than 100 million people by the middle of the century. It is hard to imagine a Russia with the precipitous decline in economic prosperity that wil [...]
[2007-01-06] Online romance ends tragically
A 17-year-old Chinese boy hanged himself after a catastrophic meeting with his online sweetheart, Xinhua news agency said yesterday. The teenager became addicted to QQ, the most popular online chatroom in China, and stayed in the internet cafe for days on end, the agency said, quoting the boy's father. He fell for a girl called Qunjiaofeiyang (Flying Skirt) on the net, who described herself as a beautiful 19-year-old. After weeks spent chatting with her online, he arranged a date on December 26 in Mudanjiang, 117.4km away from his home town. "To his disappointment, his dream girl turned out [...]
[2007-01-06] Has teenage dating met its demise?
OPRF senior Anna Palmer doesn’t think so. “I see so many couples at school. It's like everywhere I turn, there’s another couple.” The adolescent relationship of today is a far cry from that of baby boomer days, but according to many OPRF teens, dating hasn’t declined in the least. In fact, one student argued that present-day teens have more serious relationships than their parents did in the 1960s and 1970s. “I think dating has become more serious in high school than when my parents were there,” said Palmer. “They had flings, but not really relationships.” As the popularity of social dating [...]
Information that describes the suboptimal status of reproductive health and perinatal care in Russia, leading to the excessive deaths of mothers and infants, includes this data: Fertility is falling and new births are not at replacement levels. Maternal and infant deaths in Russia are two to three times higher than in countries of the European Union (EU). Fifty percent (50%) of mothers are not healthy during their pregnancy and at the birth of their child. Over 50% of newborn infants are reportedly born unhealthy. For every infant death, another pregnancy results in a stillborn in [...]
[2007-01-06] For hundreds of single men and women in the countryside who are looking for "the right one", they can now try their luck at an online "match- making supermarket".
The website,, was launched by Tian Zhongben, a farmer in Anji, a county in East China's Zhejiang Province. It features all the personal details of a suitor whether married, unmarried, divorced, family property, monthly income and debts. Men are considered as "goods" and women as "shoppers". "There is a big need for match-making among farmers," Tian said. "The number of single women is much higher than men in the cities, but in the countryside it is the opposite. "There are many young women in the countryside looking for marriage, but prefer the big cities. I believe peopl [...]
[2007-01-06] 58% girls have unprotected, unplanned sex
She is aged about 18 and dating. When the opportunity arises she and her boyfriend go to bed. Though the sexual encounter was pleasurable, reality dawns the next morning and hounds her till she gets her periods. The girl is one of 22,000 college-going students, who were part of a six-city survey carried out by Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society of India (FOGSI). "I was dead scared," she said, recalling the horror of the next morning. "What if I got pregnant? What made matters worse was that I could not talk about this to anybody, not even my mother." FOGSI, in its survey — car [...]
[2007-01-06] Russia to legalise migrant workers
Russia plans to legalise five million foreign workers in an effort stop billions of dollars leaving the country illegally each year, officials have said. The new legislation will increase the current quota of foreign workers to six million, up from one million, Maxim Topilin, the Russian labour minister, told a Moscow radio station on Friday. "Next year, we plan to move to a structure of fulfilling the quota based on professions and qualifications," he said.Of the 1.5 million foreigners working legally in Russia today, 180,000 are from China, the rest from former Soviet Union countries, he tol [...]
[2007-01-05] Dating diaries of the lonely divorcees
The start of every year sees a spike in divorce rates as people decide to move on. But what is that first painful year like? Here, three women who divorced a year ago, reveal their dating triumphs and disasters in 2006... Tracy Chambers, 36, is a senior manager for a charity. Single, she lives in a flat in West London: When my marriage ended, it was like having my heart ripped out. Luke, who is 34, and I had been together for eight years and married for five. He was my best friend and I honestly thought our love would last for ever. But one day last year I came down for breakfast - Luke [...]
[2007-01-05] Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (frum or not-so-frum) match
Jonathan Strauss was reached by the woman who would become his wife 24 hours after he posted his picture on the Jewish dating Website — even though he lived in New Jersey and she lived in Switzerland. A week after they first made contact by e-mail, she visited New York and they met. A few weeks later, he traveled to Switzerland, and they began a serious relationship. Jonathan and Rachel Strauss on their wedding day in 2005. Rachel Strauss said, "We were living in different countries and had no friends in common, so if it wasn’t for Frumster, it is possible we might neve [...]
[2007-01-05] Any Game is Better Than the Waiting Game
Santa Clarita's singles scene needs some help, said Hollywood networker and matchmaker Dianne Bennett. And it would only take a few self-starters to make it work. "New Year's Eve is coming up," Bennett said last week. "You know how many people are going to be home alone? It's pathetic." "Or at a bar?" she added. She rolled her eyes and groaned. "If I was up there, I'd whip the whole town into shape." Classy bars and clubs can be a fine place to find a date, she said. But these are a rarity in Santa Clarita. Instead, Bennett - a professional social butterfly who makes matches in the arena [...]
[2007-01-05] New group helps county's singles mingle
Out of the 500,000 or so people who live in Volusia County, more than 100,000 are single. However, time after time bachelors and bachelorettes often find themselves asking the same question: "Why is it so hard to meet people?" It's a question that haunts Port Orange resident Todd Schryver. Despite the number of available singles in the area, the accountant found himself left out. His co-workers were mostly married, and going out by himself just didn't seem right. After two years of complaining, he decided to take action. He founded Volusia County Singles -- a social network for the local [...]
[2007-01-05] Did you know?
If you're young, active and unattached, the 2006 Forbes list of Best Cities for Singles may point you in the right geographic direction. · Denver-Boulder, Colo., tops the list with its educated and incredibly active residents. Add to that a slew of sports teams, cultural haunts and a sizable college crowd, and it's no surprise the Mile High City is such a hot spot. · Boston, Mass., sails into second place thanks to its abundance of creative types, multiple colleges and active online-dating community. Unfortunately, it doesn't fare as well for cost of living or employment opportunities. · A new [...]
[2007-01-05] One in Four Singles Say 'Little White Lies' Are Acceptable When Dating Online
Singles starting the New Year with the resolve to find love may have to be wary of the false-hearted.One quarter of singles believe it's acceptable to tell a little white lie when dating online, according to a recent survey by, the Internet's first online relationship site where singles connect naturally by inviting their community of family and friends to Play Matchmaker(TM) for them.The "Manners and Behavior" survey of more than 600 single adults shows that 24 percent of respondents believe it's all right to lie when dating online; more men than women (30 percent versus [...]
[2007-01-05] Abandoned brides need all the help they can get
The Indian government's decision to offer free legal aid and counselling to women who are the victims of sham marriages seems to us a good first step toward solving a major world problem. After all, it was The Province's series of award-winning stories that helped shine the spotlight on the plight of "abandoned brides" -- and the practice of unscrupulous Indian men marrying for dowries or as means of gaining entry into Canada and other western countries. The next step, of course, is to tackle the abuse by reforming Canada's own immigration system. One suggestion is that there be a three-yea [...]
[2007-01-05] Finding Romance Is Top Resolution
It’s official, 2007 is all about romance. Forget getting fit, aiming for a pay rise or seeing more of your family, new research released today has uncovered the ultimate New Year’s Resolution for 2007 is to find love. The poll of 1500 people released by Loaded Magazine showed that over 58% of those surveyed (18-24 males) stated 2007 was the year that they truly wanted to settle down and find their perfect partner - surpassing any other resolution they had. Londoners came out on top for being the most desperate for love with 62% vowing to meet their love match in 2007. This was followed by Sout [...]
[2007-01-05] Russia’s Demographic Situation the Best in 7 Years, Zurabov Says
This year, Russia has had the best demographic situation in seven years, Health and Social Development Minister Mikhail Zurabov said Friday at the meeting dedicated to progress in Public Health National Program. The death rate shed 5 percent (roughly by 100,000) over 11 months of 2006. The decline was registered in all regions of Russia and for all kinds of diseases, the minister emphasized.The infant mortality went down by 6 percent, though around 15,000 to 15,500 babies are still dying in the first year in Russia. The number would be even bigger if the death of babies born with the weight of [...]
[2007-01-05] Sex Charges against Army Officer
A senior officer in an Army draft commission is suspected of sexual abuse of draftees. The case consists of two episodes so far. Before that, the officer had a clean record and had taken part with the police in raids to round up draftees. Police received a complaint from the parents of a 17-year-old, who complained that their son had been attacked by a would-be rapist in the entranceway to a residential building. The attacker was frightened off by passersby. Then a complaint was received from the patents of an 18-year-old, who also managed to escape sexual assault. This victim told police that [...]
[2007-01-05] Russians Believe in Bright Future
The life will notably improve in future, said the overwhelming majority of Russians polled by Rosgorstrakh analysts. The index of consumer confidence that is compiled with regard to economy/personal income prospects evaluated by the Russians stepped up to 121.4 percent in the country vs. 115 percent past year, signaled the survey of Rosgorstrakh. The Russians tend to shift to the western standards of life and the desire to reach these standards makes them active in business. The average hope of residents is to step up revenues by 36 percent in the nearest five to seven years. All population be [...]
[2007-01-05] Birthrate Falling in Asia as Well
A UN report prepared for a conference on problems of demography in Asia notes that the continent will face stiff challenges because of its falling birthrate. The median fertility rate (children per woman) in Asia is rather high at 2.3. But the region's most developed countries are experiencing a rapid drop in the birthrate. A woman in South Korea and Japan will have less than 1.5 children. More surprisingly, the same tendency is being seen in the industrially developed provinces of the People's Republic of China. On the whole, the fertility rate in China at present is 1.7, as compared to 2 i [...]
[2007-01-05] Dating To-Do List
My New Year's Resolution is to not eat any chutney this year. Since I probably haven't eaten chutney once in the last ten years, I figure I'm destined for success. Yes – it feels great to be a winner. As you can probably tell – I'm not one to make big-time resolutions every New Year. I used to… but the idea of annual failure started getting me down. But, in the spirit of the season and in the spirit of this particular forum, there are a few small things that I'll be trying to work on in my dating life. Let's not call them resolutions because if they don't pan out, I won't have to feel bad. [...]
[2007-01-04] Netiquette For Rejecting Profiles
Dating services online can be a fun place to meet new people, but because of the anonymity involved with dating online, you run a certain risk that the person you are striking up a conversation with isn't exactly who they say they are. Breaking off an online romance or even simply rejecting a profile emailed through an online dating service can be tricky if you don't do it with some finesse. Cyber stalking is defined as unwanted contact or threats via email or instant messaging. Cyber stalkers can be relentless, sending mean and inappropriate emails so many times in one day that you no longe [...]
[2007-01-04] Pay Dating Sites Vs. Free Dating Sites
With over 100 free online dating sites, it's easy to choose to log on or post your profile for free, but there are some unique differences between pay and free sites that you should take into consideration before signing up. Online dating services have grown since 1998, when the first ones hit the internet. There a sites especially for every type of person now, from teen online dating to senior online dating, with everyone else in between. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. Joining a paying online dating service where there is a monthly or yearly fee says that you are willing to [...]
[2007-01-04] The Shepherd's Inn offers area singles a place to meet and relax
Meeting, mingling and making new friends are the driving goals behind a new singles' social circle that will run every Sunday night at Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church. Called the Shepherd's Inn, this Christian singles' coffeehouse will offer likeminded single adults a chance to play games, watch movies, enjoy musical entertainment and get to know each other better. "With half of our adult population now being single, there needs to be more options for single people," said Paul Pratt, a member of the organizing committee. "We live in a couples' world; single people aren't really noticed," [...]
[2007-01-04] Racism and xenophobia rife in Russian society
"We are not considered to be people. We’re like a completely separate state" A man from a Roma settlement near St Petersburg. "I didn’t go to the police because I’ve been hearing more cases that … even people that go to the police to make a report … in the end it goes against them..." Roni Kumi from Ghana was attacked by four men in a Moscow street. Racially-motivated killings, beatings and discrimination are on the increase in the Russian Federation, according to a new report published today. The government of the country, currently chairing the Group of the eight most-industrialized co [...]
[2007-01-04] Russian women taught how to get their man
What do you do if the majority of the men in your country seem so self-absorbed, feckless or dependent on the bottle that there aren't enough to go round? Russian women believe that they have found the answer, with growing numbers flocking to "bitch schools" that purport to provide a competitive edge in a dwindling market of suitable bachelors, or provide those already in relationships with the skills to bring their men to heel. Twice a week, women stream into the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow. Four years ago, 129 people were killed there during a botched attempt to free an audience taken hosta [...]
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