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[2006-09-15] Types of Russian trains
Russian trains can be subdivided into three main categories:Firmeniy trains (ôèðìåííûé). Firmeniy trains are privately run trains offering high quality service with higher prices as well. Each train has a specific interior design based on the operator. Some cities have their own original trains that they are quite proud of and try to make as comfortable as possible – these trains typically have names such as Kama (a train run by the city of Perm). The train numbers for Firmeniy trains consist of a zero followed by 2 numbers and one letter. For example, train 002M “Rossia” Moscow-Vladivostok is [...]
[2006-09-15] Saint Petersburg railway stations
Saint Petersburg has 5 train stations which are all connected to the metro and therefore very easily accessible from most points in the city. Baltiyskaya stationServing trains to suburb Peterhoff, Oranienbaum (Lomonosov), Gatchina.Address: 120 Obvodnogo Kanala nab. Phone: (+7812) 055Metro: Baltiyskaya Vitebsky station Serving trains to South-Western Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary. Serving trains to surbubs Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), Pavlovsk. Address: 52 Zagorodnyy pr. Phone: (+7812) 055Metro: P [...]
[2006-09-15] Moscow train stations
Moscow has 8 train stations which are all connected to the metro and therefore very easily accessible from most points in the city. Belorussky StationThis station services Kalliningrad, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.Address : 7 Tverskaya Zastava PloshadPhone : (+7095) 251-6093, 973-8191Metro: Belorusskaya Kazansky StationThis station services trains to Central Asia, Ryzan, Ufa, Samara and NovorossisskAddress: 2 Komsomolskaya Ploshad Phone: (+7095) 264-6556 Metro: Komsomolskaya Kievsky StationThis station serves Western Ukraine and Southeaste [...]
[2006-09-15] Map of Russia
Click on the interactive map of Russia below. We also offer a map of St. Petersburg, map of Moscow, maps of the Moscow metro and St. Petersburg metro systems. If you are coming to Russia, we can also arrange stays in short term apartments, and we offer Russian visa information, or even help you apply for your Russia visas. Please let us know what you need. We also offer hotel accommodation.   [...]
[2006-09-15] Map of Moscow metro
The Moscow metro is one of the largest and most interesting metro systems in the world. Please see our map below. [...]
[2006-09-15] Map of Moscow
Map of Moscow [...]
[2006-09-15] Map of St. Petersburg
Take a look at our interactive map of St. Petersburg by clicking on it.Map of St. Petersburg [...]
[2006-09-15] Map of St. Petersburg metro
The St. Petersburg metro is the deepest metro system in the world. [...]
[2006-09-15] Trans-Siberian Express
The Trans-Siberian Express is the longest train journey in the world. The route takes you from ancient Russian cities through deep forests, breathtaking mountains to Siberian outposts and into Asia. You will visit Buddhist temples, Lake Baikal, the Ural mountains, Vladivostok or Beijing. Express to Russia is a specialist in travel for individuals and small groups along the route. We will make sure that you have an unforgettable journey on this incredible adventure by train. » Trans-Siberian Trans-Siberian 3 in 1 tour, 10 days/ 9 nightsTour includes: Moscow: Ci [...]
[2006-09-15] Russia River Cruises
People travel to Russia to see a new world, filled with excitement, adventure, nature, art and architecture, and of course history! Since Russia is so large, it is difficult to see everything Russia has to offer in a short week or even two weeks. However, by taking a cruise around the cities that suit your particular interests, you can see more in the short time span you have. The following lists and details some of the great opportunities we can offer you in the form of Russian river cruises:WELCOME ABOARD!All our ships feature the same luxuries, despite which destinations you consider to be [...]
[2006-09-15] Personal Income Taxes in Russia
Income Tax Russia currently has a flat 13 percent personal income tax rate (for tax residents), one of the lowest personal tax rates of any non-tax haven country in the world. The low rate is, however, somewhat offset by continuing difficulties faced by taxpayers in dealing with the tax administration system: even paying tax can be logistically challenging in Russia. Who is Liable? Payers of Russian individual income tax are defined as tax residents of Russia, and non-resident individuals who receive income from Russian sources. Definition of a Resident Russian tax residents are cu [...]
[2006-09-15] Employer Liability for Violating Labor Laws: Myths and Reality
On the threshold of the adoption of the new RF Labor Code in the fall of 2006, the importance of employers properly interpreting the Code and its application to labor relations will increase. Employers will be most concerned with legal liability related to violations of the Code. In theory and practice, legal liability implies various negative consequences for guilty parties. According to Article 419 of the RF Labor Code, companies and individuals guilty of labor law violations are held liable in accordance with various civil and criminal codes. This applies to both the employer an [...]
[2006-09-15] Labor Relationships with Foreign Employees
The principal legislation governing labor relationships in the Russian Federation is the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. All organizations must adhere to the Russian Labor Code and other applicable legislative acts on the territory of the Russian Federation. Russian labor legislation is biased strongly towards protecting employees. As a result, the Russian Labor Code sets forth detailed mandatory regulations on concluding employment contracts, amending contracts and terminating employment. Labor Contracts There are several factors that may be relevant to your company regarding genera [...]
[2006-09-15] VAT Deductions in Russia
Russian Federation Law No. 119-FZ of July 22, 2005, introduced amendments to the Tax Code in accordance with which, as of Jan. 1, 2006, many taxpayers may expect the VAT deduction procedure to take less time. The Right to Deduct VAT on Unpaid Supplies Until Jan. 1, 2006, the right to deduct VAT charged by the seller was enjoyed by the purchaser generally after the purchaser had received the invoice, the goods (work and services) had been delivered (provided) and the purchaser had actually paid for them. From the beginning of 2006, however, the seller will be obliged to recognize output V [...]
[2006-09-15] Franchising in Russia: Main Trends
Franchising as a business model first came to Russia in the early 90s as compared to the mid 1950s in the U.S. In Russia, the first franchises were primarily Italian and American restaurant chains. Later such brands as AlphaGrafics, Baskin Robbins, Crestcom, Fastrackids, Gold’s Gym, KFC, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Sbarro and Subway appeared. Each already had a well-established scheme of marketing support for their franchisees and proven management methods, but results in Russia were varied. Russian franchisors gain lead over foreign rivals Foreign franchisors dominated the market for almost a [...]
[2006-09-15] Russian Visas - different types of visa to Russia
All foreigners visiting Russia require a Russian visa. In order to receive one, travelers need a Russian visa invitation from a Russian citizen or a company (sometimes called a voucher for tourist visas), which is then taken to a Russian Consulate, where the actual visa is issued. Within three working days of arrival in Russia, the visa should be registered by the person/organization that issued the invitation either at a hotel or at a local registration office (OVIR). Registration is important because people lacking registration may have trouble leaving the country. Russian visa process [...]
[2006-09-15] About Russian Visas
All foreigners visiting Russia require a Russian visa. In order to receive one, travelers need a Russian visa invitation from a Russian citizen or a company (sometimes called a voucher for tourist visas), which is then taken to a Russian Consulate, where the actual visa is issued. Within three working days of arrival in Russia, the visa should be registered by the person/organization that issued the invitation either at a hotel or at a local registration office (OVIR). Registration is important because people lacking registration may have trouble leaving the country. Russian visa processing [...]
[2006-09-15] Russian climate
The climate really depends on the region because Russia is large and one place may be completely different from another. There are extremely low temperatures in winter. Summers can actually be quite hot because much of Russia is landlocked - generating a hot continental climate in the summer (Siberia for example). Generally though, in the central part of Russia it can get down to negative 30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) but only for a week or two in January or February. The temperature in the winter is more typically around -10 C or in the teens in Fahrenheit, and in the summer in the upper 20s an [...]
[2006-09-15] Time zone in Russia
St. Petersburg and Moscow are GMT + 3 hours - so they are 3 hours ahead of London, 2 hours ahead of Berlin, 8 hours ahead of New York and 11 hours ahead of Los Angeles. If you client of our dating service you can see time zone in the city where your lady lives [...]
[2006-09-15] Russian men
Before opening the topic of Russian men, it's necessary to take in some statistics. In 2004, the population of the Russian Federation was 143,782,338. This distribution of gender is 49,534,076 males and 52,958,107 females from the age of 15-64. So it's easy to see that in the marriage age bracket women significantly outnumber men. Also according to the statistics, women here live longer than men, from ten to fifteen years longer on average. In the previous article, we discovered a lot of interesting details about Russian women. What they are like, how they think… But how about Russian men? Why [...]
[2006-09-15] Russian sense of humour
Russia is a pretty funny place and the people here have a good sense of humor. If we were to try to see the difference between let's say French and Russian humor, the main thing is that Russians are more open while expressing themselves. Russian humor may not be as "sophisticated" as French humor, but it really is quite good, open and intelligent and most importantly, Russians are ready to laugh at themselves. Russians will happily laugh at their own social problems and other uncomfortable things - the government, poor culture and uneducated people (dummies).It is actually quite [...]
You will find out very quickly, that things work differently in Russia than in other western European countries or in the US. Therefore, we have put together at short list with some important aspects to ensure you a pleasant stay. asking information A lot of information is difficult to access for foreigners due to the lack of public postings and printed information, even if things are getting better now. Also, laws and rules change everyday, so that nobody can keep track of everything. The number one rule is: "Ask as many people as you can. If more than half tell the same, the probabili [...]
[2006-09-15] Find english books in Moscow
The largest selection of books can be found at the famous Dom Knigi, Arbatskaya 26, open everyday from 11.00-20.00, at Biblioglobus, Miasnitskaya st. (metro Loubianka), same schedule, or at Dom Knigi "Moskva", Tverskaya 8, open every day till 1.00. Both also sell antiques and music. For classic literature and dictionaries, go to the library called Progress, at Zubovskij Boulvar 25 (metro Park Koultouriy), open daily. [...]
[2006-09-15] Live-Camera at Moscow State University
Moscow Web Camera Last hour (mpeg 270KB) Last day (mpeg 700KB) Last week (mpeg 700KB) --> Frame is delivered on demand 15.09.200616:19:24 View from one of seven Moscow's hills (from ParaGraph office window) to the Moscow State UniversityYou can see 27 World Capitals simultaniously. Follow the Sun. May be slow! Russian Live Cams. May be slow! [...]
[2006-09-15] Russian Airlines and flights
CONVENIENT FLIGHT CONNECTIONS (subject to change) Flight days flt no dep / arr price Irkutsk - Moscow daily SU-730 08.10 / 09.05 EUR 400 Novosibirsk - Moscow daily SU-722 06.45 / 07.55 EUR 350 Khabarovsk - Moscow 1 2 4 5 SU-724 15.55 / 19.15 EUR 500 Vladivostok - Moscow daily SU-726 13.30 / 15.30 EUR 700 Ulan Bator - Moscow 2 6 SU-564 10.20 / 11.50 EUR 680 Beijing - Moscow daily ex Sun SU-572 11.40 / 15.35 EUR 580 Beijing - Zurich 2 4 5 7 SR-199 13.55 / 18.15 EUR 950 Beijing - Frankfurt daily LH-721 10.25 / 14.30 EUR 850 [...]
[2006-09-15] Buy Russian books online
Our Russian bookstore - In association with Russian language courses for beginners Russian language courses for advanced Russian Language CD-ROMS Russian dictionaries Travel Guides for Russia Russian literature Russian Video (VHS) Russian DVD Russian music (CDs) The following are some or our favorites. Simply click on the title to order from The New Penguin Russian Course by Nicholas J. Brown List Price:$16.95Paperback - 514 pages, December 1996, Penguin USA, ISBN: 0140120416, dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 7.70 x [...]
[2006-09-15] Russian Scam without Borders
The interests of the Russian mafia in the U.S. range from the dating industry to ATM cards The Internet has just about everything under the sun. This includes a special Web site that warns Americans who want to get a Russian wife: Beware of con artists from the FSU! The site is called Russian Scam (http:/ The site's hosts say their aim is to protect individuals seeking family happiness from swindlers operating international dating services. The Heart Has a Will of Its Own To this end, companies providing legal dating, introduction, matchmaking or marria [...]
[2006-09-15] Short history of the Russian Language
The sixth century AD saw the migration of the Slav people from old Poland. The Slavs expanded westwards to the river Elbe and southwards to the Adriatic sea where they gradually occupied much of the Balkans. By the tenth century, three Slavonic language groups had emerged: Western, Southern and Eastern. Eastern Slavonic gave rise to the modern languages known as Ukranian, Belorussian and Russian. The Slavonic languages retained many features in common especially in grammatical structure, therefore the separate groups were able to use one common written language. This language was known as Old [...]
[2006-09-15] The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov GalleryPhone: (495) 230-77-88, 951-1362, 238-1378Address: 119017, Moscow, 10, Lavrushinskii PeryulokLocation: Metro stations: 'Tretyakovskaya' or 'Novokuznetskaya'Working hours:* Open every day except Monday, 10am - 7.30pm. The ticket office is open 10am - 6.30pm.Internet: - official web page The State Tretyakov Gallery - W367, official web site E-Mail: eMail ('M281','mail.mus'+'','M281'+'@'+'mail.museu'+'');, eMail('tretyakov','',''); bill [...]
[2006-09-15] The State Hermitage
Phone: ñïð (812) 571-34-65, ýêñ 571-84-46, 710-90-79Address: 190000, Saint-Petersburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya NabarezhnayaLocation: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following: bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10Working hours:* Open every day except Monday, 10.30 am - 6 pm. Ticket office open 10.30 am - 5 pmInternet: - official web page The State Hermitage Museum - W134, official web site Panoramic sights of the State Hermitage, its interiors and collections - W833 E-Mail: [...]
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