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[2007-02-03] Difference in Ukrainian Women
Genetics have been kind to Ukrainian women. Who, of either gender or orientation, can cease to be amazed at their beauty, casually on parade in the living catwalk of Ukraine? Ah, yes, and the summer dress code, unencumbered by puritanical sensibilities. Miles and miles of skin. I recall my foreign male comrades many moons ago confused, wondering whether that gorgeous, provocatively clad creature was riveting eyeballs on her loveliness in a kind of professional sense? Those heart stopping shear lacy blouses and "ace bandage" skirts over stiletto heels. My first thought was, poor girls, they are [...]
[2007-02-03] New research reveals that one in five British couples are on the verge of a break-up
New research reveals that one in five British couples are on the verge of a break-up – are you one of them? Nearly one in five marriages (19%) – that’s half a million people – are on shaky ground and could be heading for the divorce courts, according to research* by new website Key findings from the report, which takes an in-depth look at modern love and the social, economic, sexual and psychological ups and downs that make and break Britain’s relationships, include: • Sex, infidelity, falling out of love and abuse are the primary reason for divorce in Britain.• One in five [...]
[2007-02-03] Love without fear week is Valentine's week
Love should never hurt and love should not be about fear. Hundreds of people in Montana live in fear with their partners who emotionally and/or physically abuse them. Many of them die every year from injuries they suffer from their partners. The children in these relationships also suffer. Love Without Fear Week is a time to remember the pain and loss inherent in families torn by violence, and also to focus on the ultimate goal of “love without fear” in intimate relationships everywhere.Love Without Fear Week began as Love Without Fear Sunday at the Abused Women's Resource Closet, now the Abus [...]
[2007-02-03] After breaking up with her boyfriend, a woman decides her daughter will help her peruse the online personals
When I asked my mom recently what she wanted for her birthday, she gave me the most unexpected answer: She wanted my help in getting her on the online dating superhighway. Her request for a personal ad as a gift was nothing like the perfume or flowers I usually get her. I didn’t know what to say. She had just gotten out of a six-year relationship and wanted to get back into the dating scene. She told me she wanted to find romance again. "I’m not getting any younger," she joked. She told me she was not looking for, in my terms, a "booty call," but a friend or a companion to go grocery shopp [...]
[2007-02-03] Report about Antisemitism in Ukraine & Russia: 2005-2006
Antisemitism remained a serious problem in Ukraine and Russia in 2005-2006. Both countries have yet to overcome the historical legacy of Tsarist and Soviet mistreatment, violence, and discrimination against Jews. Both confront similar problems of corrupt and dysfunctional criminal justice systems that are ill-equipped to deal with relatively complicated legal issues like hate crimes and hate speech. Antisemitic attitudes among the general population are widespread, and several politicians in both countries have been elected and re-elected while openly espousing antisemitic beliefs. Neverth [...]
[2007-02-03] Is the trend of unmarried women positive or negative?
I remember when Newsweek magazine reported that women were more likely to be killed by a terrorist than married after the age of 40. Now that I’ve officially crossed that line, I can finally stop reading magazine articles about how to catch a man. But, unfortunately, that also means I shouldn’t take that trip to Beirut I’ve always dreamt about. Translation: I don’t care for sensationalistic headlines. Neither do a lot of women, even though they consume a heavy dose of headlines about their dire plight every day. This time, the news is about how 51 percent of American women don’t have a spo [...]
[2007-02-03] Picture of Single Moms
Marketers are revising how they think about women, particularly working mothers with children. The tired old stereotypes simply do not match with reality anymore — if, indeed, they ever did. According to a study of 500 advertising and marketing professionals conducted by the DraftFCB agency, the majority of the professionals surveyed considered single moms to be young, poorly educated and mainly from minority groups. But those perceptions are wrong. Even though the survey found that 35% of marketing professionals believe single women with children are 18-24 years old, only 12% of single [...]
[2007-02-03] Nearly four of every 10 children born last year in the United States were to unmarried women
Nearly four of every 10 children born last year in the United States were to unmarried women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The share of those births involving teenage mothers has dropped. It's women in their 20s and 30s who increasingly are becoming mothers, often by choice, without having husbands. Stacy Zabinski was 34 and Megan Gambill 28 when they decided they were ready to start families. There was just one hitch. Neither was married or even seriously involved in a romantic relationship. What follows are stories of nontraditional parenthood, happy end [...]
[2007-02-02] Italians interest in foreign mates increases
It used to be that Italians did not look far from home when choosing a spouse. But new statistics show that they are increasingly marrying foreigners, with about one in 10 choosing a non-Italian spouse in what researchers call a "rapidly evolving phenomenon." Italian men and women alike have a penchant for Germans, the most popular foreign partners for both sexes, followed by the French. But similarities end there. After the Germans and the French, Italian men most often chose Romanian and Polish spouses, while Italian women married Moroccans and Tunisians, according to Eurispes, an Italian [...]
[2007-02-02] Jobs, friends and relationships don’t define who you are
People often feel the need to find themselves. The song “Find Myself” by Rooney describes how people feel about trying to find themselves before they run out of time.Young adults either go to college or set off into the world to somehow find themselves.Where have they been all along if they have to search for themselves? If they just look into a mirror, the person they are looking for stares back at them.All kidding aside, a person’s identity and who they are has grown and matured since they were born, and each of our unique identities continues to grow throughout our lifetime.Every person wan [...]
[2007-02-02] Women delaying marriage a rising trend
When rock-icon Lenny Kravitz told American women to “stay away” in his remake of “American Women” in the year 2000, they listened. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released statistics stating that there are 95.7 million unmarried and single Americans. Of these, 54 percent are women. As a result of media influence and marketing, women are no longer compelled to enter into the institution of marriage. The turn of the 21st century brought more than just a technological revolution; it spurred a dating revolution and a shift in relationship values. The inventions of e-dating sites such as e- [...]
[2007-02-02] Succeed in Luv
Judaism teaches the idea that men's and women's neshama (or "soul") fuse together and become complete when marrying your bashert, or "fated one." When it comes to love and relationships, everyone should be so lucky as to find a partner who agrees with this teaching. But when it comes to leading a successful life, are we measuring our satisfaction on whether we're completed by another person? When I talk with peers and friends of my generation, they most often disagree with the idea of being totally completed by another person. They want more out of life than a perfect shiddach (or "match"). [...]
[2007-02-02] A matchmaker in New York City has promised to make it easy for a single person in the Big Apple to meet the love of his or her life
A matchmaker in New York City has promised to make it easy for a single person in the Big Apple to meet the love of his or her life. The only requirement for men is to have lots of money, NBC5 reported. Men between 26 and 30 years old must make at least $300,000, while those older than 30 years old must make at least $500,000.Women are judged based on their beauty. The upcoming speed dating event is organized by Pocket Change NYC. [...]
[2007-02-02] Gays and lesbians present a demographic "problem" for Russia
Gays and lesbians present a demographic "problem" for Russia, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday at a press conference in Moscow. "My view on the gay parade and sexual minorities is simple. And it's linked to the fact that one of our main problems is demographic," Putin said. "But I respect and will always respect freedoms for everyone," he added. Earlier this week, Moscow's mayor Yury Luzhkov ruled out authorising the holding of a gay parade in the Russian capital this year, calling it "Satan's work". Russia has a low birth rate and a declining population. Putin has repeatedly [...]
[2007-02-02] Beware of Romance Scams
As Valentines Day approaches, many people will be looking to the Internet to find romance. Increasingly, they will have to wade through scores of scammers to find Mr. or Ms. Right. David, of Loveland, Colorado, says he fell for a romance scam in December 2005, when he thought he was helping a young Russian woman stranded in a foreign country. "Since then I have been approached on every dating site I have joined by supposed women who are stranded in Nigeria or Ghana," David told ConsumerAffairs.Com. "When the dating sites are notified they are scammers they do nothing about it." David's pli [...]
[2007-02-02] Television Audiences Interested in Diverse but Uniquely Russian Programs
Over the past twenty years, Russian television has come a long way: from the strict censorship and ideological rigidity of late Soviet times and the almost anarchic freedom of the 1990s to the current situation, characterized by qualitative and stylistic diversity, the use of mainly licensed content and the targeting of specific audiences. In the mid-1980s, only two national television channels were available throughout the entire Soviet Union. They were supplemented by regional channels in every national republic as well as in some of the bigger cities. Despite the emergence of about a dozen [...]
[2007-02-02] Radio One now finds listeners a 'Valentine'
Put on your best perfume, think of interesting opening lines and leave the rest to Radio One FM 94.3. Mentos presents Radio One Speed Dating, a totally fun event where single, interesting and eligible guys and girls get together for a fun evening. Speed Dating is an exciting concept and is based on the psychological evidence that most people make up their mind of whether they like someone in the first 60 seconds of interacting with them. Perfetti India and Radio One have signed up a deal to conduct Speed Dating sessions at leading nightclubs at 4 locations across the country i.e. Mumbai, D [...]
[2007-02-02] Problems Within Families in Saudi Society
Saudi culture focuses on certain basic values in family life. Some state that women must live in a state of constant fear and worry. They should never place too much trust in their men who might always marry a second wife. According to this line of thinking, women must be under tremendous psychological and mental pressures investigating and interrogating their husbands. Of course a woman does suffer psychological and mental torture. Doesn’t matter. She’s only fulfilling her obligations as a wife. But if she starts to trust her husband and believes that he’s never going to think of marrying ano [...]
[2007-02-02] Voters support marriage definition
The Martinsville co-author of a proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would define marriage as a union between men and women says an overwhelming majority of his constituents support that idea. State Sen. Richard Bray, R-Martinsville, was conducting a meeting Wednesday of the Senate Judiciary Committee when demonstrators opposing the legislation started singing, “We Shall Overcome.” Bray slapped his gavel on the Senate podium a few times, then ordered the protestors removed from the balcony. The proposed state constitutional amendment doesn’t mean the state is hostile to gays [...]
[2007-02-02] Russian rudeness
What do I hate most about living in Russia? Is it the long, grim winter? Is the failure of democracy and the eclipse of liberal values? Is it the post-Soviet harship and suffering I see all around me? No, it’s the queue-barging. I really, really hate the queue-barging. For the English, an orderly queue is a thing of holy reverence. It is an indication of social deceny, of the ability of people to organize themselves in a calm and stable fashion, without the interference of the state or outbreaks of random violence. It is an expression of liberal democracy at work. If you queue-barge in Engla [...]
[2007-02-02] Away from USSR
Back in 1989 the USSR First Congress of People's Deputies shifted world perception of many Soviet people including me, giving up for lost just another zealous Young Communist and a would-be disciple of Lenin’s ideas. And even though the “History of the Communist party of the Soviet Union” course was still obligatory in high schools and at the meetings of the Narodny Ruh (public movement of Ukraine) one could see “men in plain clothes” offering their “friendship” to the young frequenters of the meetings, the wind of change was blowing stronger with every new day. Dean of my Arts School Ludmila [...]
While the Russians enjoyed themselves during the New Year and Christmas holidays, the world economy was developing in its own quite unexpected way. The oil prices dropped and the Moscow housing market stabilized. The first piece of news must cause anxiety within the nation whose prosperity depends on oil exports. The second was greeted with a sigh of relief not only by the Muscovites who are tired of escalating real estate prices, but also by the citizens of other Russian cities where the housing prices have also been rising as if the regions were trying to catch up with the capital. Experts [...]
[2007-02-01] The hype is huge, and the findings are somewhat disturbing--but the future of online dating looks good
About two years ago I arranged to meet for coffee with a woman I had corresponded with online. I arrived early and sat at a table in a conspicuous spot. After a few minutes, a woman came to my table, sat down and said with big smile, "Hi, I'm Chris!" But Chris was not the woman in the online photos. This wasn't a question of an age discrepancy or a new hairdo. She was a completely different woman. Chris was in marketing, you see, and to her it was simply a good strategy to post photographs that would draw in as many "customers" as possible. I never said a word about the photos. I just enjoye [...]
[2007-02-01] How to tell if she's not interested
I guess you know you've hit it big when impostors like Mrs. Love want to discredit you by twisting your words and using them against you. If any of you read that article that I wrote about long distance relationships, you would surely come to understand that Mrs. Love was quite mistaken on her blatant misinterpretation of my work. But I'm really not here to debate my own work with a poor group of ladies who are attacking your beloved Dr. Love. I guess you know you've hit it big when impostors like Mrs. Love want to discredit you by twisting your words and using them against you. If any of y [...]
[2007-02-01] Forcing girls and young women into marriage still not banned among european muslim immigrants
Forcing girls and young women into marriage is illegal in most countries and banned under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but that doesn't keep the practice from remaining prevalent in dozens of countries. In Europe, immigrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East continue to force partners on their children for economic security, clan continuity or the preservation of a girl's virtue. Now, some young victims of the practice are speaking out and defending themselves against the traditions of their homelands, and their calls for help are no longer falling on deaf ears.In Germany, th [...]
[2007-02-01] Get a girls attention successfully
Guys, if you smile at a girl and she doesn't smile back, most likely she is having a bad day and has been hit on by so many creeps that she just considers you another one. If the girl doesn't smile back, I suggest you don't try to approach her. You're not going to get a good outcome at all.Don't always take the smile as a good sign, either. Some days I smile at people who smile at me just to be nice. Don't take the first smile as an opportunity to ask her out. Sometimes we just don't want to be rude to anyone. Also, if the girl you like is at work and she is being nice to you, it's her job to [...]
[2007-02-01] The recent census data finding that for the first time the majority of American women are unmarried is being greeted in a largely celebratory tone.
The recent census data finding that for the first time the majority of American women are unmarried is being greeted in a largely celebratory tone. One metro daily explains, "Who needs a man? Not most women." MSNBC warns, "Watch out, men! More women opt to live alone." CBS says, "More Women Saying 'I Don't.'" One syndicated newspaper cartoon depicts a happily divorced woman remembering her ex-husband bellowing, "Where's my dinner?! Iron my shirts!! Lose weight!!!" Several others depict women pondering the single life as their fat, lazy husbands drink beer and watch the game. One female blogger [...]
[2007-02-01] Technology is the kiss of death for romance
DATING used to be so simple and straightforward — romantic, even. You'd spot someone across the room. Your eyes would meet. You'd glide toward each other, exchange repartee and dance the night away, heading back to your place for a good old-fashioned kiss goodnight.After a few dates, you'd get involved, become an item and then move in together. It was just the two of you, the happy couple. The world has changed and so has dating. Today, it's no longer just the two of you. It's always a threesome — you, him and that all-intrusive Technology. It's what I call "Ménage à Tech." The M [...]
[2007-02-01] I'll tell you why women are running out of men to marry
I was half asleep in the front seat the other day, coming back from some exhausting tour of an educational establishment, and in the back seat were two twentysomething female graduates. They were talking about men, so I tried to focus, while keeping my eyes cunningly half closed. One of them made the eternal feminine complaint. "All men are useless these days," she said. "Yeah," said the other. "The trouble is that they haven't risen to the challenge of feminism. They don't understand that we need them to be more masculine, and instead they have just copped out." I am afraid that, at this po [...]
[2007-01-31] Warning About Mail-Order Brides
A Jacksonville man who was once taken advantage of by a woman he met online has a warning for anyone who turns to the Internet for dating or looking for a mail-order bride. Two years ago, Anthony Penoso said his fiancé was supposed to fly into Jacksonville for their marriage. "My fiancé, who was an eastern European model, used my credentials with immigration to procure a visa and didn't show up for our wedding," Penoso said. "She never showed up. She never called, and it was only later that I found she showed up in Beverly Hills via LAX." Penoso said the woman didn't want a h [...]
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