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[2007-08-09] It's every woman's dating nightmare
Nearly two months have passed since 19-year-old Donna Jou of Rancho Santa Margarita went missing after she went on a date with a stranger she met through The stranger turned out to be a convicted sex offender, and Jou was last seen by her family climbing on the back of his motorcycle, heading to a party in Los Angeles. While the man has since been detained in Florida, Jou remains missing and authorities fear the worst.If Jou's story hasn't hit a nerve with anyone out there in the dating world, it should. When the story first ran in late June, a few readers left comments on ocre [...]
[2007-08-08] Women searching for the perfect partner avoid macho men in favour of feminine-looking types whom they see as more committed and better parents
Men with masculine features, such as a square jaw, larger nose or smaller eyes were perceived to be less faithful, more detached and worse fathers. Those with fuller lips and wide eyes were seen as being more caring, nurturing and less likely to stray.Psychologists from Durham and St Andrews Universities asked more than 400 people to look at pictures of male faces that were digitally altered to look more masculine or feminine. They were then asked to predict personality traits, such as sexual behaviour and parenting skills, based on the images. The results, published in the journal Personalit [...]
[2007-08-07] Time Magazine has named as one of the 5 worse websites and sites to avoid.
eHarmony had this coming to them especially after slammed them in their “Rejected by eHarmony” ad campaign that appeared in both print and television commercials. Rumor has it that spent about $12 Million on the entire ad campaign that had spots running during shows like The Office. This campaign single handedly has let a lot of air out of the pro-Christian regime that eHarmony hasn’t put much effort into hiding. This has got to be a complete PR nightmare for them and I am sure there will be a come back of Dr. Warren Neil on the commercials before too long. [...]
[2007-08-06] Memories of the Soviet Union are mostly a private affair in Russian-American poet Michael Dumanis' collection.
The peculiar institution of American poetry has long been fascinated with its Russian counterpart, and while this fascination does not appear to have waned since the so-called end of the so-called Cold War, it does not appear to have deepened, either. In the decades following World War II, Russian-language writers like Joseph Brodsky were embraced in the West not only for their verbal artistry, but also for their aura of moral authority, their status as truth-tellers or seers in the face of what the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz termed "a conspiracy of silence." In more recent years, a bumper cro [...]
[2007-08-01] British women like to feel confident and beautiful for their own pleasure and take pride in their outward appearance
Frank Sinatra advised in the song Wives and Lovers: "Don't send him off, with your hair still in curlers. You may not see him again." However, it seems that British women couldn't care less after a survey showed they are the least likely to put effort into their appearance for the sake of men. They have the lowest levels of concern in the world for what husbands, boyfriends and other male observers might think, with only 51 per cent caring whether men liked their appearance, the study said. Japanese women were second bottom with 53 per cent followed by Americans at 56 per cent. Indian, Spa [...]
[2007-08-01] Police in Richmond received a complaint from a man who was stood up by his Internet girlfriend after he sent her $2,000 US to buy a plane ticket from Nigeria to Vancouver International Airport
The male complainant advised that he went through an Internet dating service and found a girl on the site," said Richmond RCMP Cpl. Nycki Basra. "The female gave her name as Kelly Gabriel and advised that she lives in Nigeria." She told the man that she wanted to come to Vancouver to meet him but needed money for the airfare. So he sent it, and the woman told him that she would be arriving via a flight from Murtala, Nigeria, that was non-existent. "Members of the public should be very wary of information they receive and transmit via the Internet, especially if there is any transfer of money [...]
[2007-08-01] Mobestar has struck up a partnership with Datech, a provider of dating services to 7,000 web sites around the world via its World Dating Partners brand.
The partnership will enable Datech to offer fully integrated web and mobile dating solutions to its clients. Mobestar, a UK provider of mobile community applications, will supply Datech with its mDate solution. mDate provides synchronised and fully integrated access to online dating sites. End users are provided with access to the core functionality of the web service including profile browsing, user settings and text and picture messaging. The service is further enhanced through the incorporation of location based services (LBS) allowing users to 'see' who is on line locally. by Carla Moore [...]
[2007-08-01] In 2003 online personals, dating and socializing sites generated $449.5 million in subscription sales, which is expected to grow to $642 million by 2008
Some say, “All you need is love,” and others say “Money can’t buy you love,” but no matter what you believe, love is a big business.From dating services to florists, from chocolates to jewelry, many businesses are built on the foundation of love. Each year Americans spend $9 billion on flowers (Society of American Florists) and in 2006, Americans spent more than $13.7 billion on jewelry for Valentines Day alone. It does not stop there. In 2003, online personals, dating and socializing sites generated $449.5 million in subscription sales, which is expected to grow to $642 million by 2008. Accor [...]
[2007-08-01] A federal grand jury in Manhattan indicted five people Tuesday on charges of arranging scam marriages between Americans and foreigners, charging as much as $15,000 for the service
The suspects allegedly taught couples various tricks to fool authorities, including how to open joint bank accounts; arrange for both names to appear on telephone, utility and other bills; prepare a photo album; and practice for immigration interviews with mock questions. The fake marriage ring, based in rented offices in Lower Manhattan, started around November 2002 and ran until the summer of 2007, the indictment says.Charged were Vladimir Bararushkin, 56, of Brooklyn; Tea Sanchez, aka Tea Kalatozishvili, 30, of Brooklyn; Todd Tolson, 44, of Brooklyn; Pablo Cruz, 33, of Hempstead, N.Y.; [...]
[2007-07-31] New rules protect foreign brides
FOLLOWING complaints of women being treated as cattle, guidelines have been laid down governing how matchmaking agencies should project the image of foreign brides. .The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (Asas) said the rules aimed to preserve the dignity of women and guard against their exploitation. It forbade agencies from ranking women for their physical attributes as if describing a product, or implying they are for sale. .Asas also expressed its concern about agencies suspected of having links with human trafficking rings outside Singapore. .Consumer protection chief M [...]
[2007-07-31] Knesset members slam internal security minister’s opposition to initiative annulling visa requirements for Russian tourists
Ministers from both ends of the political spectrum have attacked Monday a position held by the Internal Security Ministry, according to which visa requirements for Russian tourists should not be cancelled. Criticism was aimed mainly at Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter (Kadima), who warned earlier that "tens of thousands of prostitutes" might enter Israel if the visa requirements were canceled. Dichter’s fellow party member, MK Marina Solodkin, was amongst those who criticized the ministry’s position on the issue. “I have great respect for Dichter, but what he is doing is stupid, and [...]
[2007-07-31] AUSTRALIAN men are following the cash to the resource-rich states, creating a male surplus in Western Australia and the Northern Territory while entrenching shortages of men in NSW and Victoria.
Nationally, there are nearly 43,000 more women than men between the ages of 30-54. But Western Australia and the Northern Territory are defying this trend with more men than women in this prime age bracket, based on new research of the 2006 census by The Australian. The surfeit of men in Western Australia totals 6800 and runs from the inner suburbs of Perth to Kalgoorlie. It is most pronounced among men in their 30s, where they outnumber women by 4000. By contrast, NSW has 8600 fewer men than women in their 30s, while the male deficit in that age group in Victoria is 7400. This pattern m [...]
[2007-07-31] More than 800 Sindhis from 35 countries gathered for an international extravaganza where matchmaking was a key objective.
Singles attending the International Sindhi Sammelan over the weekend were asked to fill out forms asking for personal details. A special 'matrimonial suite' at the Grand Copthorne Hotel was set aside for discreet meetings between families.'Sometimes the women are so highly qualified that finding a match is hard,' The Straits Times quoted wedding solemnizer Divya Advani as saying. 'What we can do is make the introductions.'Such issues as preserving the Sindhi language and heritage were also discussed.Most Hindu Sindhis fled their homeland Sindh in Pakistan during the 1947 partition of the sub-c [...]
[2007-07-31] This summer's blockbuster romcom charts the story of a girl who has a baby after a one-night stand – a scenario all too familiar to a growing number of British women
If the countless media stories of infertility, IVF, ticking biological clocks and egg-stuffed freezers are anything to go by, you could be forgiven for thinking that natural, or speedy pregnancies are a thing of the past. But this summer's blockbuster romcom, Knocked Up, in which Seth Rogen (Ben Stone) finds his drunken, one-nightstand at his door declaring herself eight weeks pregnant, is a timely reminder that for some people, making babies can be scarily simple. According to pregnancy advisory serviceMarie Stopes International (MSI), in January this year 13 per cent more women sought abo [...]
[2007-07-31] Canada is the capital of the online dating business
Millions of people use the Internet to find love. Whether searching for a mate for life or just one night, they are fuelling an industry that rakes in $700-million annually in North America, and is seeing a continuous stream of new players. Canadian companies -- from Lavalife to -- have made a huge mark in this space. Some would argue Canada is the capital of the online dating business, with many of the leading trends in the industry taking shape here first. "Lavalife is an institution," says David Evans, who runs the blog Online Dating Insider. "Peoples' grandmothers know L [...]
[2007-07-31] Busy singles looking for love need to look no further than their very own personal matchmaker.
Though the idea of matchmaking has been around for centuries, these modern-day cupids say it is beginning to gain momentum as a viable career option. "It's becoming a lot more publicized, a lot sexier of a career," said Lisa Clampitt, a matchmaker since 2000 and executive director of the Matchmaking Institute, a matchmaking-training school she co-founded in 2003. "I think that people will start to more and more use a matchmaker." With more than 1,200 professional matchmakers across the country, the matchmaking industry raked in about $236 million in 2005, according to Matchmakers o [...]
[2007-07-31] If an attractive Russian woman contacts youafter being intrigued by yourMySpace profile, chances are she's not Russian,not a woman, and not really interested inyou
What he or she isprobably trying to do is tosuck you into into the so called Russian Dating Scam. That's the experience of oneAustralian man who was recently the target of such a deception. Fraudsters behind theRussian Dating Scam usually target single40-something males, andonce trust is established through ongoing dialogue, the fraudstersstart requesting money, which is usually required becauseof some unforeseen misfortune.It's really just a variant of the infamous Nigerian Letter scam,where the target is persuaded to advance relatively small amounts of money in the hope of gaining a much la [...]
[2007-07-28] A book attacking the hallowed cult of motherhood in France has raised more than Gallic eyebrows
Everywhere I seem to look, there are pregnant women. Women of all ages, in their twenties, thirties, and forties. Skinny ones and large ones and, since I live in Paris, mainly very chic ones. At my Pilates class, there are fit, pregnant women. In Café des Amis, my local bistro, there are two older mothers-to-be drinking Perrier and eating salade Parisienne. And at Body Minute, those rather strange Paris institutions where people wander off the street to get waxes or pedicures, I sat for no more than 45 minutes last week and counted three bumps of various sizes that came through the do [...]
[2007-07-27] SINGLE speedway fans can rev up their love lives with a new dating website dedicated to fuelling romance
Mr Harris, owner of Mildenhall's West Row Stadium, which is the home of the Fen Tigers, is the Cupid behind the idea. He has enrolled star speedway rider Shaun Tacey, 32, as the face of the new venture - and he believes it is the first of its kind in the world. He hopes to use the site, to match speedway fans looking for love and boost attendances at the speedway track. The speedway enthusiast wants fans to go on their first date at the track. He said: "After talking it over with Shaun we decided this was a niche and a venture we should try to run with. "With him on board we h [...]
[2007-07-27] With more than 1,200 professional matchmakers across the US, the matchmaking industry raked in about $236 million in 2005, according to
Matchmakers often charge clients anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 or more a year — not including "marriage bonuses" that can reach six figures.Mrs. Clampitt's matchmaking business, VIP Life in New York, has led to more than 30 marriages and caters to an elite crowd. Six months of unlimited introductions cost a client $10,000, while a year costs $20,000. On the high end, some matchmakers receive up to $100,000 or more from clients, said Kailen Rosenberg, a matchmaker in Minnesota who works with both national and international clients. She charges from $5,000 to $25,000 per client, depending on t [...]
[2007-07-27] How Single Women Use their Mobile Phones
More than two-thirds of women (73%) of women have ditched traditional, paper address books for their cell phones to keep track of contacts. The average number of cell phone contacts is 63. Almost one-third of respondents said they can tell a good amount about a person by the type of cell phone they have (32%). Some 12% of females surveyed said that they would be less likely to date someone if they had a big and bulky cell phone. Nearly three-quarters of females surveyed look at their cell phone, rather than their watch, to get the time (74%). More than one out of three SMFs have ha [...]
[2007-07-27] To all those who doubt the value of Internet dating, listen closely: Sometimes, just sometimes, love blossoms online.
Just ask Val Moline, who gathered for tea Friday morning with her sisters, sister-in-laws and friends to celebrate her wedding to a man she met through “I’m feeling more blessed than I ever have in my entire life,” Moline told a group of 17 friends and relatives seated on the porch of her childhood home in Fergus Falls. Moline, who marries Talmadge Hobbs of Atlanta, Ga., this afternoon at Church of the Nazarene, first joined the eHarmony dating service in early 2006, inspired by a radio interview with the service’s founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren. The service’s users fill out a [...]
[2007-07-25] AN Adelaide woman has been duped into sending more than $30,000 to a Nigerian suitor she met on the internet
The 30-year-old woman had registered with a dating agency that provided a chat room facility over the net, police said. As a result she made contact and befriended the Nigerian who encouraged her to send him money so that he could visit her in Australia. "The woman was keen to forge a relationship with the man and, as a result, has been dispatching money via a mailing company to him," a police spokesman said. "Unfortunately the woman reported she has lost in excess of $30,000 and it has left her in shock and very upset at being victimised in this way." Police said the man had been very [...]
[2007-07-25] DreamNex has launched new instant messaging software
In beta test since March 2007, the software was launched officially on Monday on the website with the addition of a “Dating” section. The use of instant messaging software intended specifically for SexyAvenue’s online dating service offers a number of advantages for users: • Dial-Messenger allows for instant and practical dialogue with all connected users, making it user-friendly and offering the instant messaging functions with which internet users are familiar.• The software enables users to remain connected without having to stay on the website, so that they do not miss out [...]
[2007-07-25] 52 percent of West Australians travelling abroad are looking for love - or at least a fling.
The survey by online travel agency revealed thatin a recent relationship survey of more than 1,000 respondents, Aussies admit to using trips abroad to find true love or enjoy a casual fling. While a massive 76 per centof respondents admitted they are more likely to be flirtatious while on an overseas holiday, and 66 per centsaid they look to find or rekindle love while away, the survey also revealed that Aussies are not entirely faithful when travelling abroad. A whopping 66 per centof men and 55 per centof women admitted they would consider ‘extra-curricular activity’ while away f [...]
[2007-07-25] THE sex industry is taking a spanking from online dating websites providing "adult" contacts with minimal costs to customers
Adult dating sites such as allow people to find sexual partners without the "moral difficulties" of visiting a brothel, said analysts IBISWorld. "Internet sites promoting sexual rendezvous between strangers with no exchange of funds have seen strong growth in recent years," said IBISWorld general manager Jason Baker. "These negate the need to pay for sexual gratification and sidestep many of the moral difficulties posed by soliciting prostitutes, making them a popular alternative." But while the industry's traditional customers – young men – were spending more time hooki [...]
[2007-07-25] Enjoy the online dating relationship, keep the money to yourself
“If you can give me your trust, I’m sure we can be friends without hurting each other.” Susan, a Charlotte woman who went looking for love online, reads a man’s profile who she became involved with. She thought he was the love of her life. “He was a widow. He had a daughter. He seemed like he really loved his daughter a lot and that really fascinated me,” she said describing the man she met. But the man had the same picture all over the internet, with several different names. She instant messaged him seven days a week, two hours a day. They talked about everything. “My Mom, my work, th [...]
[2007-07-25] Have you been discriminated against by a dating service?
It's happened in Canada and the US. In the US, a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against alleges gays and lesbians were refused service and thereby discriminated against. On July 12, 2007 the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal accepted a complaint filed by Frances Moorcroft against Compatible Introductions, claiming she was discriminated against because she was charged more than the fee for male clients. The Edge [reports] that Dale Carpenter, Julius E. Davis professor of law at the University of Minnesota Law School, believes the US lawsuit has merit and a chance [...]
[2007-07-25] More Americans say it's a "bad thing" for single women to have children (66 percent) or unmarried couples to have them (59 percent) than object to gay couples raising children (50 percent).
Which most closely captures your view of marriage? A: Marriage is fundamentally about mutual happiness, and I married or want to marry because I generally agree with my upbringing and religious beliefs that living together is wrong -- or, marrying just seems like the right thing to do. B: Marriage is fundamentally about safeguarding and honoring my relationship, and I married or want to marry to secure legal protections that anything short of marriage just can't provide. C: Marriage is fundamentally about bearing and raising kids. After reading the Pew Research Center's fascinating new [...]
[2007-07-25] 40 percent of single women between the ages of 35 and 44 in Korea marry younger men
As women grow more socially active, the number of single women in the age bracket grew from 50,000 in 1990 to 230,000 last year. Analyzing data from the National Statistical Office of marriages in 2006, the Chosun Ilbo found that of the 8,511 single women aged 35-44 who last year married men who had not been married before, 3,378 or 39.7 percent got hooked to someone younger. The percentage is three times higher than among all women (12.9 percent). Lee Ji-yeon (not her real name) is a 36-year-old teacher who last year married a public official three years her junior. “Most eligible older m [...]
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