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[2006-09-04] 'Lost' puts Korea in the spotlight
Before coming to South Korea, I have to admit I knew very little about the country or its people. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge about Korea and East Asia in general is fairly commonplace among people back in the West. The popular American TV drama "Lost," which features two Korean plane crash victims, may now be helping to put Korea back on the map though. One of the characters in the show, Hurley, typified this lack of understanding about the Far East when he said, "So ... Seoul. Is that in the good Korea or the bad Korea?" To which the Korean woman, Sun, incredulously replied; "The good [...]
[2006-09-04] VODKA: The Miracle Drug
This listing has been sighted, in various forms, at various sites around the net... To remove a bandage painlessly, saturate the bandage with vodka. The solvent dissolves the adhesive. To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger-spray bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, let set 5 minutes and wash clean. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew. To clean your eyeglasses, simply wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth dampened with vodka. The alcohol in the vodka cleans the glass and kills germs. Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with vodka and [...]
[2006-09-04] Pub Poll. There Ought to Be a Law - Or Maybe Not!
After World War II, there was a period during which many thousands of foreign women married military personnel from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada - and the term, "war bride" found its way into the lexicon. In more recent times, we have the phenomenon of men from the same countries that provided the so-called war brides and men from the countries that received the brides now fishing in different waters, mostly the republics of the former Soviet Union.In Ukraine, the numbers of men visiting with the purpose of finding mates has reached the flood stage and become a highly organ [...]
[2006-09-04] Something Borrowed, Something (Black And) Blue
The business of matching American men with foreign women looking for a better life is booming, thanks largely to Internet operations that promise love and companionship for both. In many cases, that's exactly what each finds. But growing evidence also suggests that some "mail-order brides" in the United States are suffering from physical, sexual and psychological abuse. An estimated 15,000 women, some with children in tow, put their trust in these businesses each year and enter the United States to join American husbands. Success stories are easily found; Web sites that profit from internat [...]
[2006-09-04] Alfresco marriage market In China, parents are clinging to low-tech matchmaking methods
Shanghai -- "Male, 26, 1980, Associate's Degree, 1.7 meters, realtor-manager, 2 homes (3-bedroom and 2-bedroom), 5,500 RMB. "Wanted: Female, 1.6-meters, Associate's Degree, steady workplace in Pudong, kind-hearted, diligent at livelihood, 3,000 RMB." The above is not an item in the personals classifieds, an online service, or some dating bulletin board. Instead, the message is handwritten in a faded felt-tip pen on a 9-by-11 white sheet of paper, protected by clear plastic and cradled in the lap of a middle-aged man. It is an early Sunday morning at People's Park in Shanghai and a man (h [...]
[2006-09-04] Hot topic: Legislation for on-line dating
“I went out with one woman who was smart, attractive and engaging. On the fifth date, she bursts into tears. She said she had lied about being single when she was really going through a divorce and had a child. Her husband had cheated on her ... and now I’m thinking, ‘What do I do? Do hit the road, only adding to her opinion that all men are jerks? Or should I try to be understanding?’ It put me in an awkward spot ... But, in the end, I couldn’t get over the lies.”- 50-year-old Chicago management consultant More than a decade after the Internet became a dating hot spot, the debate over what [...]
[2006-09-04] Love's Little Lies
Ever wonder where the beautiful people have gone? They're all online, judging by the profiles on Internet dating sites, where everyone projects themselves as a winner. Nobody -- surprise, surprise -- admits to being ugly, stupid or a loser magnet.We've all heard those blind date horror stories where the "handsome prince" turns out to be an ordinary Joe; or the "hot babe" a plain Jane. Online dating is like a hall of mirrors where no assertion reflects reality: hype and spin that would shame even the most ardent resume embroiderer prevail.On one level, it's natural to "play up" our best side on [...]
[2006-09-04] UK Home office in porn row
Britain's Home Office is in trouble because of its radio advertising spot telling kids how to stay safe online. The problem came after the HO launched its new site, only to fall foul with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which banned the ad after a listener was apparently mis-directed to a porn site. “The problem arose over the spelling of the Web site, www.,” says Reuters. “The listener had called up - with an extra 'y' and 'o' - and had found that site contained links to adult material.” Er, Yes. But thinkyouknow is one of those generic sites f [...]
[2006-09-04] Single-minded fun
PERTH is one of the friendliest places to live, but this isolated capital can make you feel even more so if you're over 35 and single. For some people,pubs and clubsseem intimidating. So, too,can dating agencies, the personals columns, speed-dating and the internet singles scene. And ifsports clubs and church groups are not your thing either, your optionsare even more limited.But there is an alternative - an array of get-togetherswith character of their own. If you haven’t heard of them already, Characta Tours is a companymaking a name for itself in Perth,the South-West and Kalbarri. It is r [...]
[2006-09-04] Truth-in-dating Web site separates fact from phonies
Mandy Moreno thought she had found the guy, looking at his online dating profile. Especially the part where he said he wanted to "find just the right girl." So they arranged to meet. "I saw him coming across the street," Moreno said. "And I went, 'Whoa!' I don't know if he was in denial or if he was just effeminate. But he wasn't what I was looking for. … I thought maybe we should go guy-hunting together." Moreno, and others who have been stung by misleading Web profiles, have been looking to a Web site that helps separate online fact from fiction. People can post reviews of their dates on [...]
[2006-09-04] Cheater Seeks Cheater
"The site seemed simple and straight-forward . . . I knew that most members would be married. I prefer [to cheat with other married people] because they have as much to lose as me typically, and it's easier to relate to someone who is married," says Paul (not his real name), a 35-year-old executive at a large corporation in midtown Manhattan. He has been married for seven years, and throughout the marriage he and his wife have had sex about twice a week, but he says she's sexually conservative. Four years ago, he went looking for "someone fun and exciting, more adventurous in bed and s [...]
[2006-09-04] Social networks vs. dating sites
You can sign onto the popular dating sites, such as InterActiveCorp's (IACI : iac interactivecorp com new News , chart, profile, more Last: 28.52+0.04+0.14%4:00pm 09/01/2006Delayed quote data Add to portfolioAnalyst Create alert InsiderDiscussFinancials Sponsored by: IACI28.52, +0.04, +0.1%), Yahoo's (YHOO : Yahoo! Inc. News , chart, profile, more Last: 29.49+0.66+2.29%4:00pm 09/01/2006Delayed quote data Add to portfolioAnalyst Create alert InsiderDiscussFinancials Sponsored by: YHOO29.49, +0.66, +2.3%) Yahoo Personals, Spark Networks' (LOV : spark networks plc [...]
[2006-09-04] Love and technology
Technology can act as a kind of cupid—bringing together people who would otherwise never meet. But sometimes it becomes evident that maybe they were never meant to meet and maybe all that time spent in front of a keyboard would be better spent actually in the physical presence of another human being. Besides, with so many heavy issues to discuss in this space, it’s nice to know that occasionally SP can lighten up and offer a public service—in this case, we can act as a sort of personals ad. Stuck on MySpaceBy Greg RussPlease allow me to state the obvious: The popularity of MySpace is spreadi [...]
[2006-09-04] Sailor tries new tack for singles
September remains request month here at the column, dear readers, so keep those phone calls and e-mails coming.You send and I'll Go!The only catch is that your request has to be more interesting than everyone else's. And you've got a tough act to follow.Last week I got an e-mail from Annette Bell in Nokomis.Here is one for you ... I'm now living here, a single female, in my 60s, and am looking for SINGLE people who need crew on their sailboat, male or female. I have joined the Venice Sailing Club and they are all married. I joined the Venice Power and Sail Squadron and everyone is married. ... [...]
[2006-09-04] Site introduces honesty to online dating
Mandy Moreno thought she had found the guy, looking at his online dating profile. Especially the part where he said he wanted to "find just the right girl." So they arranged to meet. "I saw him coming across the street," Moreno said. "And I went, 'Whoa!' I don't know if he was in denial or if he was just effeminate. But he wasn't what I was looking for. . . . I thought maybe we should go guy-hunting together." Moreno, and others who have been stung by misleading Web profiles, have been looking to a Web site that helps separate online fact from fiction. People can post reviews of their d [...]
[2006-09-04] Russia - The Amber Room
Amber is a unique substance often found on the shores of the Baltic Sea that is actually fossilized pine tree resin. Often tens of millions of years old, amber ranges in color from pale yellow to deep orange and is usually transparent. Often one can see insects, flowers and even feathers that have been surrounded by fresh resin and preserved down to the smallest detail. Amber can be said to be a window on a world millions of years old, from which very little remains to this day. The rich golden color of amber and the way it quickly warms upon contact with the skin has made it prized for jewel [...]
[2006-09-04] Marc Chagall, Russian Painter of Symbols
Marc Chagall was born poor, lost his beloved bride to illness, and was persecuted for being Jewish, but through his paintings, he showed the world the optimism that color could bring. Born in Belarus in 1887, Chagall lived for 97 years and created some of the most memorable creations of art, the world has seen. His work has been described as avant-garde, but elements of folklore, cubism, religious symbology, and child-like wonderment can be seen throughout his work. He first picked up the brush in 1906, learning the craft from local artisans. In 1907, he moved to St. Petersburg where he liv [...]
[2006-09-04] Russia - Novaya Zemlya
Novaya Zemlya is one of the most northerly points of land on Earth, lying at latitude of approximately 73 degrees north. As this is about 7 degrees north of the Arctic Circle, Novaya Zemlya experiences long stretches of never-ending darkness in winter and weeks on end when the sun never sets in summer. "Summer" is a relative term on Novaya Zemlya, as the islands are heavily glaciated and what ice-free land there is, is treeless tundra. Novaya Zemlya is part of Russia and traders from the Novgorod area first traveled there over 1,000 years ago. Explorers such as Willem Barents and Henry Hudson [...]
[2006-09-04] Holidays in Russia
There are quite a few official holidays in Russia, all of which are usually moved to the nearest Monday or Friday, so people can enjoy a longer weekend. The two biggest holidays are New Year (January 1st) and Victory Day (May 9th), both of which are celebrated with fireworks, heavy drinking, and official parties. New Year is the Russian equivalent to western Christmas. A tree is lighted and children receive presents from Father Frost, the Russian equivalent to Santa Claus. Victory Day is a much respected holiday that conmmemorates the Nazi defeat at the hands of the Russian army. Over 20 mill [...]
[2006-09-04] Most Unusual Reasons for Divorce
Divorce can come as a consequence in some truly absurd situations. For instance in Canada it would be enough for a wife to provide a proof that her husband’s snoring volume is equivalent to that of a racecar engine, and she would be granted the necessary divorce. In Ancient Rome any husband could easily get rid of his wife if she had been unfaithful, if she had made a copy of his keys or if she had been drinking wine that didn’t complete the fermentation process. By the way, in order to make sure that their wives weren’t abusing alcohol Romans invented a beautiful tradition which became so p [...]
[2006-08-20] Iowa native turns traffic into singles dating scene
About three years ago, Tim Baudler was stuck in traffic, checking out the scenery in a nearby car, when he had one of those great why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas.It's the kind of idea that could make him rich, let him quit his day job and set him up for life. Even better, it could land him a lot more dates.Or not. The failure rate for business start-ups isn't encouraging, but tell me you don't think Baudler might be on to something here with, some background. Baudler grew up on a farm near Fontanelle. He interned at Channel 8 and worked at the Record-Herald in Indianola bef [...]
[2006-08-19] Trying to close the 'Baby Gap'
Today (Aug. 18) is my wife's birthday. Since I would like to stay married, I will not reveal her age. But I will reveal that her mother was 42 when she gave birth. What is the relevance of that fact to the world of dating? Simply that never-married men and women who want to have children tend to hold totally different views of the age at which a woman can still get pregnant. I call it the "Baby Gap." And that gap is a major reason why so many single women in their late 30s and early 40s have trouble meeting men. It was also the cause of many heated "discussions" that I had with both male [...]
[2006-08-19] A woman's right to honest pregnancy counselling
This week a Senate committee will report on whether pregnancy counselling organisations should be banned from engaging in misleading and deceptive advertising.The committee has heard evidence from pro-life pregnancy counselling services that do not support regulated, transparent advertising because they are concerned that fewer women will contact them if they know they do not refer for terminations. One witness at the Adelaide public hearing claimed that this bill would result in women missing out on vital information that they need about the risks of abortion.It is hard to imagine how anyone [...]
[2006-08-18] Cyber dating – searching for mr or ms
STRESSFUL careers, long working hours and hectic social lives mean that more and more of us find it difficult to find and meet potential partners. Differing expectations of relationships mean that even if we do meet people while out socialising or through friends, the “where is this going?” question always hangs in the air. And for the increasing numbers of separated and divorced people looking for love, methods that worked in their teens feel completely wrong in their thirties, forties and beyond. All of this spells success for the increasing number of internet dating sites available to the [...]
[2006-08-18] Going online to mine wealth of genealogy data
By Lan N. Nguyen, The Wall Street Journal Tracing one's family background is becoming an even more popular -- and somewhat less arduous -- pastime. The widespread desire to dig up information that goes back generations has spawned more than 250,000 genealogy Web sites, according to, an index of Web-based genealogical resources. Offline, the publisher of Family Chronicle and History Magazine launched in March Internet Genealogy magazine, a six-times-a-year publication that racked up 10,000 subscribers by July, nine months sooner than expected, according to publisher and edit [...]
[2006-08-18] Dating then and now is different to say the least
Ah the old days. Which for me was only about 16 or 18 years ago, about half my 34 years on earth. To prep for a date from the ages of about 16 to 19 I’d grab a pair of acid-washed Levi’s 501 button-fly jeans, a black concert T-shirt and a pair of high-topped sneakers. I’d snag a handful of $20 bills and head out into the evening.Then I’d pump about 15 bucks worth of gas into my Chevrolet Nova, drive to the next town and pick up whoever I was dating at the time. We’d grab some food, a movie and snacks for another $20 or so - that was including her stuff. We’d rip up and down the road listening [...]
[2006-08-18] MOI to ease language training requirements for foreign brides
The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has decided to revise the rules and reduce the required classes of local languages for foreign women married to Taiwanese men to 72 hours from the current 100 hours. Under the existing rules all foreign brides must attend government-sponsored language training for at least 100 hours before becoming citizens of the Republic of China through naturalization. Interior Minister Lee Yi-yang said the MOI will soon revise the regulation. He said the reduction of the required language training courses to 72 is in line with the orientation programs and rules set in [...]
[2006-08-18] James Woods dumps shallow gal pal
The 59-year-old actor plays an arrogant attorney this fall on the new legal drama Shark. Last month on the TV critics press tour, eyebrows were raised when he escorted his 20-year-old gal pal, Ashley Madison (yup, the same name as that home wrecking Canadian dating agency) to the CBS party. Given the nearly 40-year age difference, some critics assumed he'd brought a daughter or a really tarted-up grandchild to the event. Back off, jealous scribes. Woods told anyone who'd listen that life couldn't be better. "I'm a 59-year-old guy nominated for an Emmy, starring in my own series, with a f [...]
[2006-08-18] World's largest matrimonial website opens regional office in Singapore, one of India's largest internet brands and the world's largest matchmaking website, has picked Singapore as a springboard to tap into the Southeast Asian matrimonial service industry estimated to be worth billions of dollars. It is estimated that in Southeast Asia, there are more than 400,000 singles of Indian origin who are of marriageable age of 24 to 35. And if each of them were to spend US$5,000 on a wedding, the matrimonial services in this region would be worth US$2b. To tap into this huge industry, has opened its regional office in Singapore. Vinesh Nair, Shaadi.c [...]
[2006-08-17] Love at first sight? Yes. Love at first taste? No.
Some years ago, I read in a book that even after you're 40 it is still possible to fall in love with someone across a room. The only problem, as I saw it, is that at that point, the room is no longer full of people. The book came from the library where I worked as a shelver, and it was packed with every kind of advice a single, middle-aged woman could ever need. My English was rather limited then - my native language is Russian - so I could not fully appreciate the book's wisdom, although I understood the "room" metaphor. Of course, it was written for the average American woman and not for a [...]
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