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[2006-07-24] Internet phone service may be the future
The telephone used to be the way most people accessed the Internet. Now, increasingly, people are using their Internet access to dial phone calls.Technology giants recognize the potential for the industry. Last week, Microsoft announced it would collaborate with telecommunications company Nortel so the pair could forge ahead with software-based communications products. And, last year, eBay bought Internet-based phone service Skype, in part because the company expects the PC-phone service to make it easy to chat online about transactions at the auction site. Consumers face a huge number of cho [...]
[2006-07-24] Exploring the Taiga: Russia's Frozen Forest
The taiga (from a Mongolian word meaning "cold jungle") is the world's largest ecosystem, covering most of northern Russia, from the Ural mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Together with the Brazilian rain forest, the Russian taiga is the major source of oxygen in the planet. The fact that is taiga is mostly unexplored and untouched by human development has contributed to its preservation. The area is extremely susceptible to fire, however, and large sections of the taiga have been lost to the flames throughout the years. The taiga has a harsh continental climate, with a temperature range of alm [...]
[2006-07-24] Lenin's Tomb - Russia
Few tombs in the world draw as many daily visitors as the mausoleum that houses Vladimir Lenin. Every day of the year a long line of fellow citizens, tourists, and political scholars line up to see the man that changed the world. Located in the Red Square just outside the walls of the Kremlin is the final resting place of the first Premier of Soviet Russia. Upon the death of Vladimir Lenin, thousands of people from all over Russia wrote to the central government asking permission to see his body before it was buried. With quick action, the Soviet Government hired a local professor to embalm [...]
[2006-07-24] Some Thoughts About Daily Life in Russia
Daily life for the majority of Russians is not much different to life in other western countries, at least when it comes to the big cities. Most people work from 8 to 9 in the morning until 5:00 to 6:00 in the evenings and use public transportation. (All the major Russian cities have an excellent transportation system comprised of buses and metro lines. Most Russians dress with the latest European labels. However, daily life in the smaller Russian cities is a different story. Salaries are lower and people do not have the same choice of consumer products that they would in the larger cit [...]
[2006-07-22] Marriage law an ‘unnecessary bureaucratic entanglement’
Dave Root, Damascus Jeanne Smoot’s recent Op-ed (“Marriage Broker law seeks to protect women”) grossly misrepresents the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) with outrageous distortion, deception and exaggeration. The highly controversial law is the first federal law designed to regulate the dating behavior of American citizens by requiring clients of International marriage (dating) agencies to submit personal and criminal information before communication can occur between an American and a foreigner. The new law amends the application form for fiancée Visas, requiring su [...]
[2006-07-22] Why not just call them slaves?
The Council of Labor Affairs has made very good use of a very bad week for the Chen administration. What better time to announce policy changes that stab foreign workers in the back than when everyone is busy being dazzled by tales of the first family's woe? The council ought to have been embarrassed by a report from the US State Department that chided Taiwan for failing to address the "serious level of forced labor and sexual servitude among legally migrating Southeast Asian contract workers and brides." The report also expressed concern over the treatment of workers who then flee exploitat [...]
[2006-07-22] Most Russians under 30 prefer de facto marriage to official one
Russians under 30 don`t hurry to register their marriages officially, every tenth marriage is not registered."The share of married people under the age of 30 is significantly less than 10 years ago", reported the Head of Demography and People-s ecology Centre attached to National Economic Forecasts Institution of Russian Academy of Science Anatoly Vishnevsky.In particular, noted he, according to the census of 2002, there were 74% of men and 53 % women, who have never been married among people of 20-24. To compare with, according to the census of 1989 the share of unmarried men of this age cons [...]
[2006-07-22] "Russian" marriages dissolve most often
Russia takes the first place among West countries by number of divorces - 65% of official marriages dissolve. It should be mentioned that Israel occupies 8-th place by percentage of broken marriages - 26% of Israeli marriages end with divorce. It is not surprising that the majority of divorced in Israel are repatriates from ex-USSR. In fact 4% of young repatriates (20-24 years) are already divorced, while statistics over all Israel reveal only 1% of women, who underwent marriage and divorce in this age. Among 50-54-year old repatriates 21% are divorced (among Israeli women - 16%).In opinion of [...]
[2006-07-22] Why well-to-do Moscow residents marry foreigners
In Moscow it`s popular to get married to nonresidents.September is a very popular month to get married. According to the statistics, 2005 is the record year for marriages made between Moscow residents and provincials. According to the information given by the Registry Office of Moscow, this year from 49 thousand of marriages 18,4 marriages were made by the residents of the capital with: provincials, people from other regions and people without citizenship. 36% of all the marriages fall into this category.It-s commonly known why the provincials want to get married the Moscow residents: in the c [...]
[2006-07-22] Women marry to restore personal nerves and drive husband mad
The London researchers have found out that psychological health of women and men changes differently after marriage.Marriage makes male psychology open to injury while women get rid of nervous diseases.The results of poll of over 4 thousand people support the old truth: a woman searches for protection in marriage while a man fears to lose freedom.At the same moment men and women, who haven`t disappointed in marriage after long time of cohabitation, have the healthiest psychology. Taking about women, they should avoid serious relationships to keep the psychological health. [...]
[2006-07-22] Foreigners have good sex and leave their Russian brides
In Russia thousands of girls dream to get married a foreigner and fly abroad with him. Future brides are ready for anything to fulfill their dream - a fairy-tale with a foreign husband.Over a lot of years foreigners have been interested in Russian beauties. These two conditions marriage agencies use in their purpose. Russian girls are promised to find a rich, handsome husband, foreigners - free, good sex with beautiful women.In the agencies officials explain the program to "brides" in the following way: future husband should get to know a girl, but he doesn-t have time for flowers and courting [...]
[2006-07-22] Some computer dating sites are organizing -- gasp! -- live events
A handful of online dating services -- once the go-to places for finding that significant other -- are realizing that the best way to meet is by actually -- meeting. At last count there were 26 million people searching the Web for love, like or lust. But nowadays more social networking websites are determined to get their subscribers to log out and get out. Of the house, that is. ''We use the Internet to get people off the Internet,'' says Myles Weissleder, vice president of public affairs for, an online social networking service that boasts a membership of more than two million. [...]
[2006-07-22] has a Russian Bride Problem
So - as some of you know - I've been on this year and lately I've been receiving more and more emails from fake profiles set up to - I assume - front for mail order bride businesses. This is a pretty typical profile of one I received the other day: I the cheerful, attractive girl About me and what I'm looking for I the cheerful, attractive girl, but unfortunately at me no liked the man with whom I could divide the life, and I to hope to find it here. I as very to like to dance, to like to look different films, to go with the friends in campaigns, to meet the new people, if [...]
[2006-07-20] Backstory: A town of foreign marriages
SHIHDING, TAIWAN – From the busy street outside, Tsai Huang-jin's one-room noodle shop looks like any other no-nonsense eatery in this tiny village. It has metal tables, grimy condiment jars, and rotating fans that cut through the air that smells of chicken stock and diesel emissions from passing trucks. But to the Vietnamese wives in this mountain town, it offers a taste of home: dark-roasted iced coffee blended with sweetened milk, chased by a steaming bowl of "pho," or Vietnamese soup. It's where they go to relax and share stories of married life in Taiwan, their new home, before going ba [...]
[2006-07-20] Dating game? It's more like a war zone
Newly single James Silver discovers how ruthlessly determined women have changed all the rules ... As first dates go, it had started almost perfectly. I had met Sara — a no-nonsense American redhead — in a central London bookshop. As we browsed the shelves, she began talking to me. She was in her late 20s, bright and flirtatious. We chatted for a while and eventually swopped numbers. I was going to play it cool and wait a couple of days before calling. But she got there first and asked me out. Flattered, and impressed by her confidence, which had no doubt been honed in New York’s sharp- [...]
[2006-07-20] New Scam Twists
Do scamsters ever sleep? Probably not--at least based on the number of alerts that continue to be issued about one pernicious scheme after the other. I hope that also means Americans may be less gullible and notify law enforcement agencies about the scams when they see them. But I doubt it. Here are two of the most recent alerts: * The Internet Crime Complaint Center says consumers need to be wary of unsolicited cellphone text messages thanking you for subscribing to a dating service. The cost is $2 a day, which will be billed automatically to your cellphone bill. Of course you can cancel [...]
[2006-07-20] On the great Ukrainian bride hunt
“These are not American women,” our guide was telling us. “They do not care about your age, looks, or money. And you are not going to have to talk to them for half an hour and then have your testicles handed back to you! Let me tell you: over here, you’re the commodity; you’re the piece of meat. I’ve lived in St. Petersburg for two years, and I wouldn’t date an American woman right now if you paid me!” It was three weeks before Christmas, and I was sitting in a Ukrainian business hotel with perhaps thirty men, mostly American and mostly on the later side of middle age, listening as a muscula [...]
[2006-07-20] Marriage to a foreigner: smooth sailing or a full of challenges?
China's rapid reforms and opening up drive has meant that more and more Chinese have married foreigners. Living in a foreign country and integrating with a foreign culture, some have found happiness and some have not. More and more people are accepting marriage to a foreigner as normal and worthwhile. Xiao Yang: married on an auspicious day chosen by her grandmother Xiao Yang's wish to marry Adams, an American man, came true at last when they collected their marriage certificate from the civil affairs department on June 6th of this year. That day was chosen by Xiao Yang's grandmother. T [...]
[2006-07-20] The Russian bride scam
As Gary Oldenkamp tells the story of being caught in a scam to bring a Russian woman to this country, he reveals strong feelings of betrayal.“Not only was I taken advantage of by the woman I hoped to spend the rest of my life with, but local officials decided to take her side, even after I gave them proof of what was happening.”Oldenkamp’s story of exploitation began innocently in 2002, when he decided to enroll in an online dating service.The Hull resident was 38 years-of-age at the time, divorced for one year and interested in dating again.He was contacted by a woman named Elana, who lived i [...]
[2006-07-19] Are you too picky?
By Steve Penner "Maybe I'm still single because I'm just too picky." "My parents tell me I'm too picky." "All my married friends say I'm too picky." In the 23 years I ran a dating service not a day passed that I didn't hear one of those comments. Picky, picky, picky. Every single man or woman in the dating world uses that term at one time or another. The fact is I never heard anyone say "Yeah, I'm not picky at all about who I date." And I literally spoke with thousands of single and divorced men and women. Do single people have a right to be picky? Of course they do. But let's examine [...]
[2006-07-18] Marriage swindlers end up behind bars
Haikou Intermediate People's Court recently sentenced 17 defendants from a gang of marriage swindlers to serve jail terms ranging from 16 months to 13 years. The gang have been investigated to have swindled more than 1.4 million yuan (US$175,000) from 3,781 victims from around the country over the past two years. It is, so far, the largest case marriage fraud handled by a court on the Chinese mainland. Gang chief Gou Hongshe established a dating agency in June 2003. He charged from 100 yuan (US$12.5) to 500 yuan (US$62.5) in service fees when he introduced a "candidate" to customers. B [...]
[2006-07-18] Podcast Audiences on Par with Blogging and Online Dating among U.S. Adults, Says Nelsen//NetRatings
Downloading podcast files is on par with publishing blogs and online dating among U.S. adults 18 and older, according to market research by Nielsen//NetRatings. The Internet media researchers report hat 6.6 percent of the U.S. adult online population, or 9.2 million Web users, have recently downloaded an audio podcast. Additionally, 4.0 percent, or 5.6 million Web users, have recently downloaded a video podcast. These figures put the podcasting population on a par with those who publish blogs, 4.8 percent, and online daters, 3.9 percent. However, podcasting is not yet nearly as popular as vie [...]
[2006-07-18] Internet dating is not for the fainthearted
By TOM BLAKE The Orange County Register Internet dating is booming. We hear all sorts of facts and claims tossed around by date-matching sites and Internet industry proponents. I recently heard there are approximately 400 matching services, and the industry has grown tenfold in the past few years. Statements of success abound. Some sites claim to be the largest, others to have had thousands of marriages as a result of couples meeting on their sites. But, for singles 50, 60 and 70-plus, is Internet dating all it's cracked up to be? On a positive note, the Internet allo [...]
[2006-07-18] Playing the dating game
EVANSTON, Ill. -- Joanie Edelberg has read more than three dozen dating self-help books, and she keeps them lined up on two bookshelves in her home. But despite her extensive research into the intricacies of dating and the best intentions of her friends who tried to set her up with available men, her dating life was still stuck in neutral. After her 40th dating book and still no results, the Evanston, Ill., real estate broker decided to seek professional help. Edelberg, 50, became one of a growing number of frustrated singles to turn to the help of a dating coach. The services da [...]
[2006-07-18] Singles find online help makes good impression
When Sumner Chase got back on the singles circuit last year after his 26-year marriage ended in divorce, he wasn't sure how to sell himself on dating Web sites. The slim, wealthy 50-year-old owner of a telecom business in Dallas is a confessed fitness fanatic -- "on a scale of one to 10, I'm an 11," he said. But he worried that he would alienate women if he bragged about himself on his online profile. After an unsuccessful year on six different Web sites, Chase called in the experts.Chase found online dating consultant Evan Marc Katz, who urged him to be honest about his athletic obsession, bu [...]
[2006-07-18] Sham wedding-fixer jailed
A man who orchestrated a string of sham marriages to allow foreign men to get into Britain has been jailed for five years. Paul Singh, 39, formerly of Cricklewood, north London, was yesterday sentenced and recommended for deportation after being found guilty of fixing sham marriages over the space of three years. He supplied British 'brides' to an estimated 80 men, most of whom were from the Indian subcontinent, and sorted out the necessary documentation for them to gain entry into the UK. But his scam was revealed as part of a News of the World investigation in July 2004, when he was approach [...]
[2006-07-15] Woman Tried To Use 911 As Dating Service, Police Say
ALOHA, Ore. -- Emergency service 911 is not meant to be used as a dating service. Just ask an Oregon woman who authorities say learned the hard way. They say it started when some neighbors called the sheriff with a noise complaint about Lorna Jeanne Dudash. A deputy came to her door. After he left, Dudash allegedly dialed the emergency number, asking dispatchers to send back the "cutie pie," as she put it. The apparently stunned operator asked again why she needed help, and Dudash answered that she wanted to meet the handsome deputy. He returned. After confirming there was [...]
[2006-07-15] Congress sabotages international marriage, romance for vets
While we weren't looking Congress along with some extreme feminist groups used the "backdoor" to strip you of your right to choose whom you wish to date and marry by implementing the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). The new law severely limits a man's ability to date and marry foreign women. These "International marriages" have lower divorce rates than the 50 percent average for all US citizens. The new law will affect veterans and others - 60,000 marriages occur each year between veterans and foreign women. The stated purpose of the new law was to protect foreign immigran [...]
[2006-07-15] Online Dating - Why uploading a picture is such a good idea
In the world of online dating, one of the issues that keeps coming up is the photo issue. Surveys conducted by dating sites have shown that you are 10 times more likely to get contacted if you have a picture on your profile, regardless of your looks. Still, many people prefer to leave their photo area blank. There are many reasons why you may choose not to upload a photo. Some people are insecure about their looks and think a photo will actually damage their chances of finding a date, while others are ashamed of the fact that they are looking for love online and don't want their friends or col [...]
[2006-07-13] Koreans asked to be more open to foreigners
Seoul (UCAN) -- The increasing number of foreigners and of marriages between them and Koreans is challenging Koreans to be more open to foreign people and cultures, speakers said at a recent seminar organized by Catholic journalists. According to cultural anthropology professor Han Geon-soo, who spoke at the June 23 forum on The Situation of International Marriage and its Improvement, 11.4 percent of the 310,000 marriages registered in the country in 2004 were between Koreans and people of other nationalities. He cited government figures that put the total number of foreigners li [...]
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