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[2007-11-30] North Lincolnshire Council is one of the first local authorities in England to launch the service, which allows people to search, order and pay for copies of births, deaths and marriage certificates at £7 each
All certificates are sent out by second class post.It is more than 170 years since the national system for registering births, deaths and marriages was introduced, and researchers can access records dating back to 1837.Coun David Whiteley, cabinet member for ICT, said: "It is a great new feature to the council's website. It means local residents can, at the click of a mouse, order and pay for births, marriage and death certificates, some of which could be over 100 years old."This new facility makes it easier for people to trace ancestors they think may have come from the North Lincolnshire are [...]
[2007-11-30] As the cyber world unveils websites that let you live a 'second life', fake identities and identity thefts are fast emerging a menace giving spurt to hate mails and even serious crimes.
Identity theft remains unrecognised by many Indians, but many may already be becoming targets even without realising it, experts say. One of the fastest growing crimes in the developed nations like United States, it is spreading in developing economies too. According to a website that monitors cyber crimes, in 2006, identity theft complaints made up thirty seven per cent (37 per cent) of all fraud complaints. With extensive use of social networking sites in India, the young population chatting for hours, however is unaware of the risks involved. Sharing personal information on social network [...]
[2007-11-30] TWO out of three Australian women binge drink and one third indulge in massively boozy nights where they down more than 11 drinks in a sitting
Results of the Australian Women's Health magazine's online survey of morethan 2000 women found two-thirds of respondents binge - or consume more thanfive standard drinks - while out with friends.Meanwhile, 14 per cent of respondents admitted to drinking between 16 to 20drinks in a single night while about 7 per cent said they'd knocked backmore than 20 standard drinks in a sitting.The Australian Drug Foundation director Geoff Munro described the findingsas "extremely disturbing" and highlighted how common binge drinking hasbecome.Mr Munro said drinking so much alcohol does not just lead to a b [...]
[2007-11-30] Log out for Love on New Paltz Campus
America is bombarded with advertisements on how to meet one's mate over theInternet. promises, "We're so sure you'll meet someone specialwithin six months, that if you don't, we'll give you six months free." EvenDr. Phil ends the commercial by telling you that "It's OK to look." eHarmonycommercials show happy couples dancing to the lyrics,"This will be an everlasting love."As strange as it may be to some people, online dating services are alucrative industry that Americans spend over $500 million a year on,according to the Online Publishers Association.Even though popular movies like [...]
[2007-11-30] Russian woman used site to recruit, pay a sham husband
A female Russian national used Craigslist to arrange a sham"green card marriage" with a Disneyland worker whose illegal dowry consistedentirely of a leased 2006 Ford Mustang, investigators charge. Federal agentstoday arrested Yuliya Kalinina, 25, for allegedly hatching the scheme, whichshe began advertising in late-2005 on the Internet's leading classifed adssite. According to a criminal complaint unsealed today in U.S. DistrictCourt in Los Angeles, Kalinina's various Craigslist posts sought a "businessmarriage" or "Green Card Marriage" in return for a total of $15,000. Theproposed union, Kali [...]
[2007-11-30] A Pinellas Park man has been charged with robbing two mid Pinellas men who authorities say he met through a telephone dating service.
Mark Joseph Scott, 44, of 6543 68th Ave., was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on two counts of armed robbery and one count of battery on a law enforcement officer. On Sunday, the Sheriff's Office responded to a home on Indian Rocks Road where a 50-year-old man told deputies he met another man through a dating service and arranged a meeting Saturday night at his home. Once there, the visitor pulled a knife, tied up the resident and stole cash, credit cards and other items. On Monday, Largo police responded to a similar incident at a home off Rosemary Lane. The second victim also desc [...]
[2007-11-30] A man who traveled to Pittsburgh to visit a woman he met through a dating service was arrested Thursday on charges of strangling a young woman he had met through a similar service in Ohio.
Michael D. Horton, 26, was arrested about 7 a.m. by members of theU.S. Marshal's Western Pennsylvania Fugitive Task Force. They found himhiding under a pile of clothing in a second-floor closet of a woman's St.Clair Village home, said Michael Baughman, a task force member andsupervisor deputy marshal. Horton is charged with murder in the death of Stephanie Ducheine, 19,who was found on Nov. 18 strangled inside a vacant apartment in Columbus,according to The Columbus Dispatch. The newspaper said Horton, who once lived in Columbus but was recentlyliving in Minnesota, also is wanted in St. Paul w [...]
[2007-11-30] If you're dating during the holidays, things can get exciting -- exchanging wish lists, attending parties, feeling as if you are on display when meeting your significant other's family members for the first time.
The holiday season has officially begun and for singles, this can be thebest and worst of times.The reasons are obvious. You don't want to spend the holidays alone; youwant to share them with a loved one; you want a guarantee that someone inyour life will buy you something you want.If you're dating during the holidays, things can get exciting -- exchangingwish lists, attending parties, feeling as if you are on display when meetingyour significant other's family members for the first time.But what if your relationship is on the rocks, and you want to get out. Doyou break up before or after the [...]
[2007-11-30] New figures from the Central Statistics Office show a large increase in the number of female single parents over the past five years.
This is the first time that a detailed break-down of quality of life issueshas been available.The Equality in Ireland report shows that 102,600 women in 2006 were classedas single parents, an increase of 41% on 2002.AdvertisementFive years ago, the number of female single parents was 72,600. Among men,10,300 are now listed as single parents compared with 9,000 in 2002.The report only looked at lone parents whose children were no older than 18.The figures also show that 23.3% of lone parents had achieved a third leveleducation in 2006, compared with 34.4% for other parents.Meanwhile, 54% of peo [...]
[2007-11-30] In the 1950s, married couples made up 80% of the country's households. Today they account for a hair over 50%, and singles are poised to take the lead soon
Divorce, which is how about half of all marriages end, plays a big part. And people are marrying later or just aren't marrying at all. Nearly a quarter of the population older than 35 is divorced or has never tied the knot. That's an increase of 16% in the past decade. Being on your own has its upsides, no doubt, but getting you to focus on your finances isn't one of them. That tends to happen around "couples" milestones. Get married: Merge your financial lives. Have a child: Buy life insurance and start saving for college. Stay single: ummm. Just as with married couples, though, the older [...]
[2007-11-30] Do years of dating cancel out years of relationships?
Over Thanksgiving weekend, I went out on the town with a group of myfriends--all couples and then little ole me. One of the couples was arguinga bit through the night. It was awkward and all of us were trying to ignoreit. (My least favorite thing about hanging out in a crowd of boyfriends andgirlfriends.)As the night wore on, I was standing outside of a bar with one of my guyfriends and he asked, "Why are [Coupled Guy Friend] and [Coupled GirlFriend] arguing?I shrugged my shoulders and made some opinionated statement about thesituation."You're absolutely wrong," my guy friend said."Oh really? [...]
[2007-11-30] The Russian phenohmen of 'disposable' people
"I am not a simple peasant, not of the working class, but the son of adeacon, and when I was free I lived at Kursk; I used to wear a frockcoat,and now I have brought myself to such a pass that I can sleep naked on theground and eat grass. And I wish no one a better life. I want nothing and Iam afraid of nobody, and the way I look at it is that there is nobody richerand freer than I am. When they sent me here from Russia from the first day Istuck it out; I want nothing! The devil was at me about my wife and about myhome and about freedom, but I told him: 'I want nothing.' I stuck to it, andhere [...]
[2007-11-30] Megan Meier died believing that somewhere in this world lived a boy named Josh Evans who hated her. He was 16, owned a pet snake, and she thought he was the cutest boyfriend she ever had
Josh contacted Megan through her page on, the social networking Web site, said Megan’s mother, Tina Meier. They flirted for weeks, but only online — Josh said his family had no phone. On Oct. 15, 2006, Josh suddenly turned mean. He called Megan names, and later they traded insults for an hour. The next day, in his final message, said Megan’s father, Ron Meier, Josh wrote, “The world would be a better place without you.” Sobbing, Megan ran into her bedroom closet. Her mother found her there, hanging from a belt. She was 13. Six weeks after Megan’s death, her parents learned that [...]
[2007-11-30] Here are some tips from relationship experts to help singles and their married friends play nice:
. It's hard to be alone, and it's hard to be in a relationship. Eachsituation requires a different kind of effort. Cut the other side someslack. If you are married, try to remember what you had to endure when youwere single. If you are single, imagine the new, unexpected challenges yourmarried friends are having to deal with.. Keep in mind that some single people choose to be single. It's not wrong,aberrant, immature or commitment-phobic. Sometimes, it's nothing more thanan alternative.. Bear in mind that smugness on the part of the recently married might be aphase. Just as someone can suddenl [...]
[2007-11-30] A man from upstate New York has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing a co-worker in a fit of jealousy over a middle-aged woman in an online relationship who pretended to be 18.
Thomas Montgomery, 48, was sentenced earlier this week after he pleadedguilt to killing 22-year-old co-worker, Brian Barrett outside a Dynabradetool factory where the two men worked.The motive was an online relationship Montgomery established with a WestVirginia woman, identified in court and by prosecutors as Mary Sheiler.Montgomery and Sheiler, who were miles apart and had never met, both came upwith the same idea: to get online and pretend they were about 30 yearsyounger than they actually are. They found each other on the Web and fell inlove with each other's fake personas -- which were cl [...]
[2007-11-29] Communication is more than just words
One study looked at the influence of words, voice and gestures and found that the message was made up of: * 7 per cent words* 38 per cent audible, non-verbal communication (such as voice tone, stress, pace and pitch); and* 55 percent visual, non-verbal communication (such as body gestures, postures and facials expressions). This is what every lifesaver in Australia learns before they're awarded their Bronze Medallion and can go out save drowning Japanese people - so it's considered life and death information for dealing with crowds, panicked relatives, injured swimmers and aggressive Pommy t [...]
[2007-11-29] The increasing trend toward cohabitation as an alternative to marriage brings with it severe disadvantages for children. The latest confirmation of how children suffer when brought up outside a stable marriage between a man and a woman came in a lengthy a
The article reviewed evidence from a variety of sources, and commented that many scholars and social workers "say the risk of child abuse is markedly higher in the nontraditional family structures." Among the studies cited by the Associated Press was that published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2005. The journal reported that children living in households with unrelated adults are nearly 50 times as likely to die of inflicted injuries as children living with two biological parents. Children living in stepfamilies or with single parents are at higher risk of physical o [...]
[2007-11-29] Why singles should be a bit more ‘Asian’ in their quest to find the perfect spouse
Is this how to find a spouse? Have your say at the bottom of this article A close friend of mine is stubbornly single. At the age of 37, she simply cannot seem to find the right man. She’s tried kissing any number of frogs but, as yet, her prince has not materialised. I now realise that we, her friends, have all subtly given up on helping her find a mate; we invite her out to overtly girlie evenings or, even worse, rely on her to make up the numbers at our children’s parties. It’s as if we are so embarrassed that we are fully sprogged-up wives that we’d rather not press the point by indica [...]
[2007-11-27] The UK's first singles agency for big men - and the women who fancy them - is launched today
"Many of us have a preference for a more ample physique and people's livesare so busy. Using a dating website where you know you will only find thosewho fit your physical preference saves time, energy and disappointment. Wewanted to create places where Big Handsome Men and Big Beautiful Women don'thave to apologise for their appearance and know they will be accepted andconsidered attractive," said John."Our experience and research show that many women of all sizes considerslender men puny and prefer a man of substance, whether he'd be a chunkyrugby player type or a big cuddly teddy bear. Our s [...]
[2007-11-27] Many young career women in Taiwan are tossing the pursuit of romance.
That's according to the results of a poll released on Sunday.The Internet survey questioned over 1,319 women between the ages of 20 and49. Two thirds of the respondents called themselves "himono onna," aterm used in the Japanese movie, Glow of Fireflies. The film's maincharacter is a 20-year-old woman who has no interest in dating or going outon weekends. The three most cited reasons for why women have turned theirbacks on romance are: "they fear pain or troubles in romance," "they like tostay home," and "they love freedom and a carefree life."Source: [...]
[2007-11-27] Why do I always find faults with the women I date? What not to do before the wedding? Why isn't dinner ready on time? And why is it recommended to keep conversation with the woman to a minimum? These are some of the questions the new book "Good to Be a
The book is a collection of answers to questions and dilemmas youngreligious men and women face when they look for a partner, before thewedding and during marriage. The book was written by leading rabbis andprofessionals.Dating and marriage have always been a hot topic in the religious sector.Yet, these conflicts were frequently ignored or quietly alluded to. The newbook is the first indication of a shift in attitude.Alongside trivial questions such as "how do I know he's the one?" and "howto overcome a fear of intimacy?" - there are columns that shed a light onreligious couplehood. One of the [...]
[2007-11-27] A growing online fraud lures unsuspecting children to pornographic Web sites when they misspell the URL
The security company has identified URLs using common misspellings ofchildren's Web sites. Of the 127,381 sites suspected of typo-squatting,46,000 contained some adult content, McAfee said.More than 60 of these so-called typo-squatters are designed to appeal tominors, it said, adding domain names that are commonly targeted, and sites are the most frequent targets, having a 14 percent chance ofbeing squatted. Airline sites are next at 11.4 percent; followed bymainstream media sites like and; dating sites; andtechnology and Web [...]
[2007-11-27] Andrew Conru didn't aspire to be a sex-industry mogul. But his $200 million empire attests to the old adage: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Business 0 Magazine reports.
You know how you'll be trying to do work, and the Internet will inexorably drag you into porn? That's exactly what happened to Andrew Conru's career. A mechanical engineering doctoral student at Stanford who grew up with churchgoing Lutheran parents in northern Indiana--the kind of guy who holds the door for everyone until he gets stuck there so long that someone has to make a joke so he can let go--Conru started the first online dating site, WebPersonals, in the early '90s. He sold it in 1995, pocketed a minor windfall, and started all over again. Now he owns 27 sites under an umbrella co [...]
[2007-11-27] A friend recently told me of an evening in which a life coach instructed a roomful of people unlucky in love how to get a date and thence, presumably, a relationship. Her advice? Smile. A lot.
People look at you differently if you're smiling, she apparently said in all seriousness. The very act leads to your endorphins kicking in, which makes you more fun, which in turn helps others ask you out. It's as simple as that. Except that we really know it isn't, don't we? Sometimes, a simplistic solution is too much so for the complicated times we live in. This is the age of work 24/7, of speed dating, immediate gratification (nothing less!) and the resulting impostor syndrome, in which people tend to get all self-critical when a mere meeting over coffee doesn't work out, never mind a rel [...]
[2007-11-27] Beauty is skin deep so they say
Why is it then that women (even men) all over the world are spendingmillions on cosmetics and other beauty products? And why, whenoff-the-counter items don't work, do the more desperate ones risk goingunder the knife?The latest survey on the most attractive women and men in the world includethe likes of Nicole Kidman, Kiera Knightley, Julia Roberts, Aishwarya Rai,George Clooney, Brad Pitt and David Beckham. Need we say more?However we deny it, studies have shown our perception of beauty has alwaysbeen largely physical. Pond's, one of the leading beauty products in themarket, knows this only to [...]
[2007-11-27] A bill inspired by the downfall of a Napa adoption facilitation firm has yet to take effect almost a year after it became law.
SB 1758 -- which became law in January 2007 -- placed new restrictions onadoption facilitators, requiring them to post a $25,000 bond, undergo socialwork training and criminal background checks, and register with the state.Previously, adoption facilitators needed only post a $10,000 bond and obtaina business license to operate.But bureaucratic systems to track adoption facilitators are still being puttogether, state officials say, and they need more time to work with theDepartment of Justice and state licensing agencies to set up a registry ofapproved adoption facilitators -- although not much [...]
[2007-11-27] It has never been easy for a divorced man to find a new wife in Iraq, where many people view people who have divorced with suspicion and disdain. It has become harder since the war, something I discovered then I stepped up my quest for love and bumped up
It all began after a distressing conversation last month with a good friend, who warned me that no father would approve of his daughter marrying someone like me, a divorced man with a 5-year-old son. "You are not trustworthy enough to marry a girl, because you are divorced and have a child," my friend told me in a scornful tone. "If someone agreed to let you marry his daughter, it would be as a favor."His words were crushing because I know they are true. I am 33, well educated and employed, but I have been rejected by many traditional Iraqi women's families because of my marital status. Now, b [...]
[2007-11-27] August 8, 2008 is considered a lucky day for marriage. For Chinese couples looking to tie the knot, the combination of eights adds up to a potentially successful union.
For one, it marks the day of the opening ceremony for the highly anticipated Beijing Olympics. Newlywed couples walk on the red carpet during a mass wedding ceremony in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province on October 1, 2007, China's National Day. [Xinhua] It is also considered a lucky day for marriage. For Chinese couples looking to tie the knot, the combination of eights adds up to a potentially successful union. "The Olympic year is meaningful to all of us," He Lina, secretary-general of the Shanghai Wedding Celebration Association, said. "According to our Chinese tradition, [...]
[2007-11-27] The new generation of dating services claim their huge data sets and secret algorithms can find customers the perfect match
How do thesework? BBC Radio 4's More or Less reporter Ruth Alexander explains. Some might pin their hopes on a chance encounter or eyes meetingacross a crowded room. But I'm taking a more evidence-based approach tolove. I've signed up with an online dating agency which uses complexmathematical equations to analyse your personality and tell you who youought to go out with. It's one of several websites which say their match-makingmethods are scientific and proven to create the happiest of relationships. First of all, the website invites me to answer a longquestionnaire. How much reassurance do I [...]
[2007-11-26] The old cliche "be careful what you wish for" doesn't quite cover it on this one. It's more like "be careful what you say you would do if you had the money"
The old cliche "be careful what you wish for" doesn't quite cover it on this one. It's more like "be careful what you say you would do if you had the money" - especially when talking to business managers at The Heights." We were sitting in the Heights business office when one of the editors made a comment about a piece of junk mail from an online dating service sneaking past Boston College's crack spam filter into his saturated inbox. The unwelcome e-mail sparked a conversation about online dating and how it fits into our culture. The general consensus was that while it is, for the most part, [...]
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