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[2006-11-21] Scot loses claim over failed romance
SCOTS pensioner who tried to sue his former girlfriend for the money he spent on romancing her was criticised by a judge yesterday for wasting court time. Alf McGuire, 67, took legal action against Diane Dellar to try to recover the £1,200 he claimed he spent on her during the last year of their romance. But the district judge Ian Evans said the case should never have been brought to court and described it as one of the most "totally inappropriate" matters he had dealt with. Mr McGuire, a retired labourer who is originally from Paisley, dated Ms Dellar for three and a half years afte [...]
[2006-11-21] Girls lose virginity younger than boys
ONE in three girls loses her virginity before the age of 16, according to research. The YouGov survey reveals that girls are far more likely than boys to have sex below the age of consent; while 33 per cent confessed to losing their virginity before their 16th birthday, only 17 per cent of boys said the same. [...]
[2006-11-21] Can you mix business and sex?
IF ASKED to describe the ideal dating agency, I'd probably come up with something remarkably similar to the average British office. No, please, bear with me. For a start, work is where you'll meet many people with whom you've already got an awful lot in common. Admittedly, these touching points may be less about shared interests and more about shared boredom and a mutual loathing for the powers that be, but at least they're good talking points. Indeed, conversation is generally far easier in an office than at more traditional singles' meeting places - pubs, coffee shops, nightclubs - as th [...]
[2006-11-21] Parents splash out to fill void after children flee nest
MILLIONS of parents are embarking on a lifestyle makeover to cope with the dramatic changes brought about by "empty-nest syndrome", according to a new report. The emotional impact of grown-up children often leaves mums and dads experiencing sadness and loss at the end of an era of family life. But research from insurance firm Zurich reveals many parents are throwing themselves into a lifestyle makeover, spending cash on their home, car and holidays to combat the depression. It shows that more than half of parents - 52 per cent - miss their absent children, with 42 per cent feeling a signif [...]
[2006-11-21] Soaring cost of scoring in the big time for the ladies
FANCY netting a Premiership footballer? It won't come cheap according to the gurus at Virgin Money. Their research puts the price at more than £50,000. The project will demand an initial investment of £28,815 to cover essentials including the obligatory cleavage enhancement (£5,570) and a designer wardrobe (£7,050). Sustaining a one-year relationship will demand an additional spend of £21,855. This includes hair care (£6,120) and membership of an A-list club (£575). The research forms the backbone of a new online service launched by Virgin Money that al [...]
[2006-11-21] What's the story about polyamory?
WHEN Polish student Angelika Kluk, below, went missing in Glasgow last month, her boyfriend, Martin Macaskill, was the first to raise the alarm. When she was found brutally murdered, both Mr Macaskill and his wife laid flowers where her body was discovered, and his wife later attended a memorial service. The press and public were confused, assuming that the couple were separated or that Mrs Macaskill was unaware of her husband's girlfriend. There was, however, another explanation. Last weekend Martin's wife, Anne, spoke out, saying that the three of them had practised polyamory - a lifesty [...]
[2006-11-21] Edinburgh a top choice for gay weddings
EDINBURGH is the third most popular UK destination for gay weddings, with only London and Brighton staging more ceremonies in the last ten months. Almost a thousand Scottish couples have been joined in civil partnerships since the ceremonies were brought in last December. Edinburgh hosted 318 of the ceremonies, while Glasgow had about 60. John Maguire and Laurence Scott-Mackay were the first pair to tie the knot at the capital's Victoria Street register offices and Edinburgh now hosts an average of one civil partnership a day. Ben Summerskill, of the gay rights campaign group Stonewall, [...]
[2006-11-21] How To Drink Vodka And Stay Sober in 7 Seconds
Russians are renowned for drinking a lot of vodka staying sober. That’s not something to do with biological inheritance but with the way we drink. Russians believe that foreigners don’t know how to drink. They don’t eat while drinking. They mix cocktails. They sip vodka instead of taking shots. They drink vodka with highly carbonated sodas. In short, they do everything to get drunk from the minimum amount of alcohol. May be it has something to do with innate Western avidity or expensiveness of alcohol. [...]
[2006-11-21] Scammers go online to steal cash from unsuspecting victims; banks warn public about Internet fraud
Beware of the people you meet online - and don't offer to cash their checks for them. The worldwide banking community - including the North Coast - is finding the Internet to be a major new source of check fraud, and the tactics people are using to lure their victims are increasingly devious and effective."We've seen a whole lot of individuals that actually believe they're making a friend over the Internet," said Susie Piaskoski, operations manager at the Bank of Astoria. "That person spends up to six months chatting and getting personal. Once they get their trust, then they ask that person to [...]
[2006-11-21] Muslim Kurds and Christian Udis
Seda Kumsieva has spent 36 of her 56 years in school. Before September 1988 she worked as a Russian language and literature teacher in the Azerbaijani village of Vardashen. When the Karabakh liberation movement and Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict began, Seda and her five children were forced to leave the homeland along with hundreds of other Vardashentsis and emigrate to Armenia, despite the fact that the Russian language and literature teacher is not Armenian by nationality. “Some of my relatives remained in Vardashen and some stayed in Tbilisi. I am pure Udi, but since my husband is Armeni [...]
[2006-11-21] Jewish Dating Sites Using Psychological Profiling to Match Members
Benny Fluman at Zoozamen tells me that Spark Networks is building a premium service based on the Zoozamen psychological testing engine. Every Jdate members will have a free personal psychological profile which can be used during the matching process in addition to the standard fields. This is similar to how results from the Yahoo Personals Personality & Love Style Test are integrated with the search feature and displayed in people's profiles. According to Fluman, it sounds like people can rate other potential couples, and there is a premium level of service which will cost more. Maybe so [...]
[2006-11-21] Personals in the London Review of Books prove the language of love is charmingly eccentric
With tattoos poking out of the cuffs and neck of his suit, David Rose does not look like the world's foremost matchmaker for eccentric intellectuals. As advertising director of the highbrow London Review of Books, however, Rose is the man behind the strangest, funniest and most neurotic lonely hearts section around. While most personal ads tend to emphasize the positive, LRB's advertisers have no qualms about mentioning their recent divorces, obsessive-compulsive disorders and bizarre fashion fetishes. A sample reads, "To some, I am a world of temptation. To others, I'm just another cross-dre [...]
[2006-11-21] Yahoo plans spiritual singles, food sections
Yahoo Inc. and Beliefnet Inc. said Thursday they are collaborating on what the companies say will be the largest online community of spiritual singles. Financial terms were not disclosed. Sunnyvale-based Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) and New York-based Beliefnet said the service will be called Soulmatch and will be accessible through Yahoo Personals. Yahoo will also add Beliefnet spiritual relationship content to its site to form an online spiritual center. Privately-held Beliefnet said it has more than 9 million members, and Yahoo Personals reports more than 5 million visitors per month. Also [...]
[2006-11-21] Feminist Takeover of the U.N. is an Issue of National Security
A November 11th Washington Times article "Abused wives in India pin hope on anti-violence law" resulted in a number of letters to the editor of the Times, claiming that the article is biased. The Times article blithely repeated an eye-popping claim that "A 2005 U.N. Population Fund report found that 70 percent of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape", without even questioning it. On November 17th, the Times published three identical letters to the editor, but prefaced them with this highly unusual editorial set-up:[Editor's note: All of the letters below use the same phrasin [...]
[2006-11-21] My Chemical Romance used alter-ego to deal with personal issues
My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro says that all five members of the group were dealing with various personal issues while the band wrote its new album, The Black Parade, in Los Angeles earlier this year. But Toro told us that taking on the fictional identity of a band called the Black Parade helped My Chemical Romance get through the tough times: "Each member of the band was going through something difficult, whether it was in their personal lives, or musically, like, maybe just being like musically stuck for a little while, that was just, you know, very hard to get through. You know, kin [...]
[2006-11-21] Soldiers in love
For three years Beth Pierson has been clocking 120 miles round trip from her Woodstock, Va., home to visit her beloved husband, Thomas, at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Martinsburg.Since their marriage on Nov. 14, 1959, the years Thomas has spent at the center have been the longest the couple have been separated. That was until Beth as broke her hip.While she recuperates for about four weeks, Beth, 70, will share a room, dubbed “The Honeymoon Suite,” with Thomas, 80, at the center because she too is a veteran. “I joined because of lack of money,” Beth says of her service with the U.S. [...]
[2006-11-21] Nearly 45% of women over 65 are widowed, compared with fewer than 15% of men
As people are living longer and changing their ideas about old age, more seniors are dating than ever before and are finding an increasing number of ways to meet new sweethearts. As people are living longer and changing their ideas about old age, more seniors are dating than ever before, experts say. But many older people find that the rules of the game have changed drastically since the last time they dated, four or five decades ago.These days, seniors are as likely to meet through online dating services or singles cruises as bingo games. Older women are confidently setting boundaries -- s [...]
[2006-11-21] Bennett Behind Bars
The hunt for Calvin Bennett, wanted for the murder of an elderly couple in Nashville, Ark., came to a close November 19, 2006 thanks to an AMW tipster. The tipster called in to say that her sister had talked to Bennett on an internet dating service the day before. Cops pulled his profile and positively identified the man as Bennett,then worked with US Marshals to pinpoint his location at a Salvation Army in Stevens Point, Wis. Bennett wasn't at the Salvation Army,and cops found out that he had been picked up by another woman he met on the dating site and taken to her home. Police discover [...]
[2006-11-21] Online Dating Sites
Want to find a meaningful relationship, or just a good date? No doubt you've heard ads for online dating services. Meeting people online is big business--so far we've spent more than $550 million this year on dating sites. Consumer Reports just checked out 5 of the best-known sites: eHarmony,, AmericanSingles, True, and Yahoo! Personals. Consumer Reports set up a profile at each site for one month and paid anywhere from $24.95 at Yahoo! Personals to $59.95 at eHarmony. If you subscribe for more than a month, the fees are less. Most of these sites let you set up a profile free of char [...]
[2006-11-21] Phishing scammers have begun sending deceptive short message service (SMS) messages to people's mobile sets.
Have you ever been SMiShed? That's not as personal a question as it may sound to the uninitiated, but it does relate to protecting your personal data. SMiShing, a term coined by researchers for the McAfee security software firm, describes a form of phishing in which the bad guys send an SMS (short message service) message to a person's mobile phone. The first such messages purported to come from dating-service Web sites. Victims would receive a message announcing that the site intended to charge them $2 a day unless they visited the URL listed in the message and followed the steps outlined t [...]
[2006-11-21] Dating service connects with U.S. marshals
In his profile on the Vancouver-based Internet dating site Plenty of Fish, 26-year-old Calvin Bennett said he was "tired of being single" and wanted "someone who likes me for me and not what I have." What Bennett didn't mention is that what he had was a warrant out for his arrest in the brutal double-slaying of an elderly couple in Nashville, Ark., on Oct. 30. On Sunday, Bennett was arrested by police in Rothschild, Wis., after being profiled on the TV show America's Most Wanted the night before. He was caught, in part, with the help of Plenty of Fish's founder and lone employee Markus Fr [...]
[2006-11-21] Personals survey shows who's looking for love
Lonely But Not Desperate.Pretty and Smart.Southern Gentleman.In the anonymous world of personal ads, these labels take the places of names.The system calls for brevity and shorthand because each word in the newspaper costs money, making acronyms ubiquitous: WLTM for "would like to meet," LTR for "long-term relationship," ISO for "in search of.""Sarasota isn't the easiest place to meet a lot of people," said Carol Twitchell, a Venice psychiatrist, noting that she frequently treats lonely people in her practice.But the singles are out there: The Real Thing and Incurable Romantic are both looking [...]
[2006-11-21] Newly turned single Britney Spears went out partying in Las Vegas accompanied by a good looking Hollywood actor.
The pop princess was seen cuddling in the arms of the "Saved By The Bell" actor, Mario Lopez, at the Moon Nightclub. The two met at the Palms Casino Resort where they enjoyed a nice supper and some gambling, and then went straight to the night club in Mario's car. "Mario and Britney were definitely together. They were even holding hands. They were staring into each other's eyes and laughing all night," a source revealed. Spears is currently staying in Las Vegas wher she is recording her comeback album. "She looks and sounds great. Her voice has never sounded better. She is having so [...]
[2006-11-21] Yacht matchmaking revelry sparks controversy
A select group of Chinese millionaires have paid tens of thousands of yuan in the hope of finding their Cinderella at a fancy dress ball in Shanghai next Saturday evening. Organized by a local matchmaking website, the ball will hold on board a luxury yacht that will ply the Huangpo River that runs through the center of Shanghai. Wealthy men wanting to participate have had to apply to the website for the right to spend 28,800 yuan (about 3,600 U.S. dollars) for the evening. The millionaire men will be judged on two basic criteria; they have to be worth at least 2 million yuan (about 250,000 [...]
[2006-11-21] How to meet the love of your life in the real world
As a singles and relationship coach I get asked almost daily, "How am I supposed to meet someone without looking like I am just flirting with or hitting on someone?" That's an excellent question. Especially since most of the "advice" out there on dating is basically how to obtain as many one night stands as you can. So the question becomes how do I meet and approach someone, and ask them out without looking like a player? (For those of you that do not know, a player is basically someone who is just out for a good time, sometimes at your expense.) The myth is that somehow you are supposed to [...]
[2006-11-21] Older women also susceptible to eating disorders
According to a new study, even women in their 60s, are unhappy with their weight and body shape, and a small percentage suffer from full-blown eating disorders. The Austrian researchers say that although anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders are usually considered to be the domain of mainly young women, there has been some evidence that body-image issues and eating disorders also affect women in middle-age and beyond. The researchers found that among 475 women 60 to 70 years old, 60 percent said they were dissatisfied with their bodies and 4 percent met the criteria for an eating diso [...]
[2006-11-21] Changing society leading many adults to put off tying the knot
Jennifer Bruzina once thought she'd be married by age 20. But as she pursued her education and a career and bought a home, her priorities shifted. "I'm glad I've waited," says the 36-year-old data specialist from Delhi Township. "It may happen next year. It may not happen until I'm 50. But at this point I'm pretty happy where I'm at, professionally and at home, and I'm doing fine." Ann Higdon, 27, and Dave Wiesman,39, also expect to marry, but the Pleasant Ridge couple is in no rush. They've lived together for a year. Singles and unmarried couples like these have helped push the percentage [...]
[2006-11-21] Gender differences: Sex on a plate
Yak penis isn't to everyone's taste, but what if it's exquisitely prepared and cooked by a trained Oriental penile chef? Then, naturally, it becomes a delicacy worth chomping down on, and more: it becomes Macho Food, eaten by men, in order to make other men laugh. The penis becomes the perfect gag. In all senses. Missy Food (as in, you miss out a lot of it) is, in contrast, eaten by women in order to make other women jealous: usually of their self-restraint. Among female diners, a perfect meal is fish and salad, as fresh and sauce-free as you can get it. A delicious choice, if done well: but [...]
[2006-11-21] Average European 'is overweight'
The Maltese and the Greeks are the heavyweights of Europe, figures from the European Commission reveal. The Italians and French the most trim, while the average Briton - like the average European - is slightly over the ideal weight. Obesity, which is linked to a range of health problems, including heart disease, is a growing problem across much of the developed world. The Commission plans to launch a strategy to tackle obesity next year. EUROPE'S HEAVYWEIGHTS Malta - 26.6 Greece - 25.9 Finland - 25.8 Luxembourg - 25.7 Hungary - 25.6 Cyprus - 25.6 Lithuania - 25.5 [...]
[2006-11-21] Dating site hacker avoids jail
A Nottinghamshire man who attacked the website of London dating agency has avoided imprisonment. Matthew Byrne, 38, from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, was given a suspended sentence of eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years, at a sentencing hearing at London's Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday. He was also sentenced to two years supervision order after pleading guilty to computer hacking offences (unauthorised modification of a computer contrary to section three of the Computer Misuse Act 1990) at an earlier hearing in September. Byrne was charged in May [...]
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