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[2006-09-06] The Golden Ring
Several ancient towns of great historical, architectural and spiritual significance make up the 'Golden Ring', extending northeast from Moscow. They are a rich collection of kremlins (citadels), monasteries, cathedrals and fortresses. All are within easy reach of the capital. Since many were founded on river banks, a cruise is a pleasant way of discovering the region. Modern boats plying the Volga afford comfortable accommodation. As some major sites such as Vladimir and Suzdal are not located near the Volga, a minibus tour with hotel accommodation is a better option for visitors whose primary [...]
[2006-09-06] Sergiyev Posad
This small town, formerly known as Zagorsk, is situated on two rivers and is the centre of the handmade toy industry; the Toy Museum has a collection beginning in the Bronze Age. The Trinity Monastery of St Sergius dates from the Middle Ages and is a major pilgrimage centre. Its Cathedral of the Dormition has wonderful blue domes decorated with gold stars. The museum contains examples of Russian ecclesiastical art and crafts. [...]
[2006-09-06] Sofrin
In nearby Sofrin, the Icon Workshops produce ecclesiastical ware. Also near Sergiyev Posad, the literary and artistic museum of Abramtsevo houses paintings by Repin, Serov and Vrubel. The museum is surrounded by parkland and birch woods. Ornate traditional Russian huts are dotted around the estate. [...]
[2006-09-06] Rostov Veliky
Founded in the ninth century, this town has a beautiful Kremlin and Cathedral of the Dormition. The town overlooks the shores of the Nero Lake, and is surrounded by ancient monasteries. [...]
[2006-09-06] Yaroslavl
Neighbouring Yaroslavl lies on the banks of the Volga, and contains a host of ancient churches, most notably the Transfiguration of the Saviour Cathedral, built in the early 16th century.KostromaThis town stands at the confluence of the Volga and the River Kostroma. It is a renowned cheese-making centre. Its most outstanding building is the Ipatievski Monastery-Fortress. Built during the first half of the 14th century, it became the Romanovs' residence three centuries later. The open-air museum features a collection of traditional Russian buildings, including wooden churches, log cabins and wi [...]
[2006-09-06] Some facts about St Petersburg
The Federation's second-largest city, 715km (444 miles) northwest of Moscow, is known both as a cultural centre and for its elegant buildings. The city is spread over 42 islands in the delta of the River Neva. In comparison to Moscow, which tended to be more Eastern in character, St Petersburg has always retained a European flavour and was intended as a 'Window to the West'. It was built by Peter the Great in 1703 and remained the capital for 200 years of Tsarist Russia. Known as Petrograd after the civil war, and Leningrad during the Soviet period, the city reverted to its original name in 19 [...]
[2006-09-06] The Summer Palaces
The following palaces beyond the outskirts of St Petersburg are collectively known as the Summer Palaces. Petrodvorets is a former summer palace of Tsar Peter the Great and is known for its beautiful cascades and fountains. It is located 34km (21 miles) from St Petersburg on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. The tsar designed the initial plans himself, and he appointed European and Russian architects to realise his grand project, which was intended to rival Versailles. Oranienbaum was built as the summer residence of Alexander Menshikov, Peter the Great's associate. From here, Alexand [...]
[2006-09-06] Lake Ladoga
Vast and often turbulent, Lake Ladoga is linked to St Petersburg by the River Neva. Of the islands in the lake's northern archipelago, Valaam is the most significant because of its ancient monastery. Its golden domes suddenly rise from the mist that frequently shrouds visiting cruise ships. The founding religious community frequently suffered Swedish and Viking attacks during the Middle Ages. The present buildings date from the late 18th century. As well as being an important pilgrimage centre, the monastery was a noted centre for innovations in crafts and agriculture. Its missionaries brought [...]
[2006-09-06] Novgorod
South of St Petersburg, Novgorod was founded over 1100 years ago and was one of the most important towns of ancient Russia. Novgorod was the founding city of Rus, the nucleus of modern Russia, although Kiev later became the capital. Picturesquely located on the banks of the River Volkhov, the city is a treasure trove of ancient architecture, with 39 cathedrals and churches. Within the walls of the Kremlin, St Sophia's Cathedral (mid-11th century) is the oldest stone structure in Russia. [...]
[2006-09-06] Karelia
Bounded by Finland and the White Sea, Karelia's landscape is a patchwork of lakes, marshes and forests, whose canopies shade abundant mushrooms and berries. The region's capital, Petrozavodsk, is a staging post for a variety of holiday activities in the region. The small island of Kizhi within Lake Onega is easily accessible by hydrofoil from here. The island was an early pagan centre. Its surviving heritage features the 22-domed 18th-century Church of the Transfiguration, whose wooden structure was built without a single nail. The open-air museum is a collection of Russian and Karel wooden bu [...]
[2006-09-06] Murmansk
Almost due north of St Petersburg, this is the largest city within the Arctic Circle. This important port on the shores of Kola Bay is warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream and is free of ice throughout the year. It was built with British assistance during World War I. The Northern Lights are seen here in November and December and in March the Sports Festival of the Peoples of the North is held. [...]
[2006-09-06] Kaliningrad
The tract of land sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic shoreline is an annexe of the Russian Federation. Its principal town is now called Kaliningrad, although it was known as Königsberg when it was the centre of German East Prussia. The area was ceded to the erstwhile Soviet Union following World War II. The territory's future prosperity depends on the Government's plans to give it special economic status. Architectural remnants which survived the war mark the city's German heritage, such as the Cathedral. The philosopher Immanuel Kant, the town's most famous son, is bur [...]
[2006-09-06] Sochi
A popular resort with a subtropical climate and a famous health spa, it is situated on the Black Sea's eastern coast beneath the dramatic Caucasus Mountains. An observation tower on Mt Bolshoi Akhun, 23km (14 miles) from the town, provides a spectacular view of the town, almost all of the Caucasian Riviera and the surrounding mountains. There is a large Riviera Park with many tourist facilities and a Botanical Garden, founded during the last century, with beautiful, interesting trees and shrubs from all over the world. Boat and hovercraft trips on the Black Sea are available from the town's po [...]
[2006-09-06] Facts about Siberia
Covering an area of over 12,800,000 sq km (4,000,000 sq miles), Siberia contains unimaginably vast stretches of marshy forest (taiga). This 'sleeping land', the literal translation of its name, possesses a million lakes, 53,000 rivers and an enormous wealth of natural resources. Although the temperature in winter falls well below freezing point, the weather in summer can be very warm. Tourism is less well developed than elsewhere in Russia and some parts are still not accessible. However, much of the region has been opened up, including Sakhalin Island and the Chukchi Peninsula just across the [...]
[2006-09-06] Dormition Day in Russia According to Historical Facts and Liturgical Traditions
The feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God, the patronal feast of the Cathedral of Dormition in old Moscow was met with particularly festive and majestic services. This being the feast day of the see of the Patriarch, it played a particular role in church services. Preparations for the patronal feast at the Cathedral began long before the 15/28 of August. Two weeks before the feast the sacristans began to clean the Icons, chandeliers and all of the church fixtures. For this work, the help of many of the people of varied talents, when and where they were needed, was conscribed. Candles [...]
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[2006-09-06] 1000-year Kazan
Hearty welcome to all in 1000-year Kazan! Great celebration all August! Come and see this beautiful city combining all traits of Russian and Eastern cultures.In short about Kazan:The population of Kazan is more than 1.1 million people. And that's not taking into account a lot people from all over Russia and CIS working here.Kazan is a large railway, highway and aviation unit, the largest port on the Volga River.It's a big centre of science. The third in Russia, after Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, the Kazan State University was founded. In total in the city 30 work: higher educational institutio [...]
[2006-09-06] Tatarstan Travel tips
Visas: All visitors require a visaTime: Tatarstan is within Moscow time zone - GMT/UTC +3Electricity: 220V (some 127V still found) 50HzWeights & measures: MetricTime to go: July and August are the warmest months and the main holiday seasonCurrency: roubleMealsBudget: US$4-10Mid-range: US$10-15Top-end: $US15 and upwardsLodgingBudget: US$10-45Mid-range: US$45-100Top-end: US$100 and upwardsIf you're really frugal, avoiding plane trips, taxis, overseas phone calls and decent restaurants, as well as always looking for the very cheapest place to stay, you should be able to get by on US$30 a day. [...]
[2006-09-06] Religions in Tatarstan
Religion - the important factor determining the spiritual life of today's Tatarstan. Religious environment in multinational and multiconfessional Tatarstan reflects to some extent consequences of basic changes in state and politics which have taken place for last decade and have significally influenced the state-church relations and activity of religious organizations all over the territory of the former USSR.State-church relations in Tatarstan are in strict conformity with the principle of the freedom of worship, including such concepts, as equality of all religions for the law; the right of [...]
[2006-09-06] History of Tatarstan and Tatar people
The centuries-old history of Tatarstan and Tatar people, as well as destiny of all Russia, is tragic. Any history is full of falsities, mirages and biases, but there are only few peoples in the world who got so much of historical misunderstanding and annalistic mirages as Tatar people. The name "tata", "Tatars" came in the beginning of Middle Ages from far China where this name referred to one of the Mongolian tribes. Truth this or not, these "tata" were in avant guarde of inducing horror victorious tumens of great conqueror Chingiskhan, but after the capture of the Muslim world - "all merg [...]
[2006-09-06] Kazan - the Capital
The capital of Tatarstan republic - city of Kazan is situated in the northwest of Tatarstan. The city is stretched along two banks of Kazanka river - at the place of its conjunction with the Volga river.The population of Kazan is more than 1.1 million people. The main body of legislature is Kazan State Council. The executive power is carried out by the Administration. The head of the Administration - Iskhakov Kamil Shamilievich. The capital is a large railway, highway and aviation unit, the largest port on the Volga river. In 2001 the volume of industrial production of the city was 40.4 milli [...]
[2006-09-06] Online Matchmaking With Virtual Dates
Posted by Dave Evans Yesterday I had coffee with Jeana Frost, creator of Virtual Dates, an application well suited for the icebreaker portion of meeting someone online. You know the feeling. Someone catches your eye, but their profile doesn't leave you with much to start a conversation with. You sit there re-reading the profile over and over, trying to glean that tidbit of information that's going to tip the scale over and have you reaching for the Wink or Email button. Suffice to say it was clear early on in our conversation that we shared common ground when it comes to our views on the [...]
[2006-09-06] Two top dating shows canceled
Today is a day for rejoicing, at least TV show-wise: two of the most vile shows on television are saying bye-bye. Both ElimiDate and Blind Date are not coming back next season. ElimiDate hasn't been renewed at all, and while Blind Date has been renewed in 90% of the country for next season, they are just going to show repeats. And mind you, there are 1300 episodes of Blind Date! Yikes. Get your TiVos and VCRs ready to record them, so you can watch the show over and over and over and over again when the reruns stop. [...]
[2006-09-05] Retail trade organizations
19.1. RETAIL TRADE ORGANIZATIONS(as of January 1)   1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Retail trade organizations1), total, thou. 184.9 204.2 211.9 204.9 202.2 212.0 out of them large and medium 26.3 25.5 25.2 24.2 23.0 24.5 Commodity, mixed and foodmarkets, thou. 4.8 [...]
[2006-09-05] Main indicators of retail trade
19.2. MAIN INDICATORS OF RETAIL TRADE1)   1992 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Retail trade turover, total, bln. RUR (before 2000 trln. RUR) 5.1 512 2352 3070 3765 4529 5598      of which:               turnover of tradeorganizati [...]
[2006-09-05] Balance (profit less loss) of organizations by main industries
22.12. BALANCE (PROFIT LESS LOSS) OF ORGANIZATIONS BY MAIN INDUSTRIES 1) (mln. RUR; before 2000 - bln. RUR)   1992 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Balance (profit less loss) - total 5623 250599 1190597 1141253 923320 1456171 2083911      of which by      industries:         [...]
[2006-09-05] Share of loss-making organizations by industries
22.14. SHARE OF LOSS-MAKING ORGANIZATIONS BY INDUSTRIES1)(percentage of total number of organizations)   1992 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Total in the economy 15.3 34.2 39.8 37.9 43.5 43.0 35.8 Industry 7.2 26.4 39.7 39.3 45.1 44.5 38.5 [...]
[2006-09-05] Functioning credit organizations by size of registered charter capital
22.9. FUNCTIONING CREDIT ORGANIZATIONSBY SIZE OF REGISTERED CHARTER CAPITAL1)(at the beginning of year)   1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Number of functioning credit organizations - total 1476 1311 1319 1329 1329 1299 of which by size of charter capital, mln. RUR:             [...]
[2006-09-05] Branch structure of creditor and debtor indebtedness of organizations in 2004
22.19. BRANCH STRUCTURE OF CREDITOR AND DEBTOR INDEBTEDNESS OF ORGANIZATIONS in 2004(the end of year; percentage of the total)   Creditor liabilities Debtor receivables total overdue total overdue Total in the economy 100 100 100 100 Industry 42.2 48.4 39.6 46.6      of which:     [...]
[2006-09-05] Credit organizations
22.8. CREDIT ORGANIZATIONS(at the beginning of year)   1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Number of credit organizations registered on the territory of the Russian Federation 2483 2126 2003 1828 1668 1518 of which having the right for banking transactions (acting) 1476 1311 1319 1329 1329 [...]
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