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[2006-09-05] Average annual employment in economy by ownership
6.2. AVERAGE ANNUAL EMPLOYMENT IN ECONOMY BY OWNERSHIP   1992 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005   Thousand persons Total employment in the economy 72071 66409 64327 64710 65359 65666 66407 66939 including by type of ownership:         [...]
[2006-09-05] Average annual employment by kinds of economic activities
6.3. AVERAGE ANNUAL EMPLOYMENT BY KINDS OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES   Thou. persons As percentage to the total 2004 2005 2004 2005 Total employment in the economy 66407 66939 100 100 agriculture, hunting and forestry 7420 7102 11.2 10.6 fishing, fish farms 123 120 0.2 0.2 [...]
[2006-09-05] Employment by sex and occupation in 2005
6.4. EMPLOYMENT BY SEX AND OCCUPATION in 20051)(at the end of November, thou. persons)   Total of which men women Employed population - total 68603 34710 33893 of which:       heads (representatives) of public authorities and administration, including managers of establishments, organizations and enterprises 4805 2900 1 [...]
[2006-09-05] Number of unemployed
6.8. NUMBER OF UNEMPLOYED   1992 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005   According to the results of theSample survey on employment1) Total number of unemployed, thou. persons 3888.6 6684.3 7059.1 6287.9 6154.7 5683.3 5775.2 5208.3 Out of them:     [...]
[2006-09-05] Unemployment by age and educational attainment in 2005
6.9. UNEMPLOYMENT BY AGE ANDEDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT in 20051)(at the end of November; percentage of the total)   Total Men Woman Unemployed - total 100 100 100 including by age of, years:       under 20 10.5 10.3 10.8 20 - 24 17.9 19.5 16.0 25 - 29 13.0 [...]
[2006-09-05] Placement in job by government employment service
6.12. PLACEMENT IN JOB BY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT SERVICE1)   Number of applicants for a job Number of gainfully employed 1995 2000 2004 2005 1995 2000 2004 2005   Thousand persons Total 5122.4 4745.9 6603.6 6438.0 2217.9 3199.4 4154.4 4075.8 of which: [...]
[2006-09-05] Occupational injuries
6.14. OCCUPATIONAL INJURIES(persons)   1992 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Number of persons who suffered in occupational accidents with a loss of ability to work for one day and more and with lethal results:                 total, thou. 364 271 152 145 [...]
[2006-09-05] Resident population
5.1. RESIDENT POPULATION1) Years Totalpopulationmln. persons of which As percentage of total population urban rural   mln. persons 1989 147.0 108.0 39.0 73 27 1993 2) 148.6 108.7 39.9 73 27 1996 148.3 108.3 40.0 73 27 [...]
[2006-09-05] Population by age groups
5.2. POPULATION BY AGE GROUPS(the beginning of year)   Thou. persons Percentageof total Females per 1000 males of given age 20011) 2004 2005 2001 2004 2005 2001 2004 2005 Total population 146304 144168 143474 100 100 100 1141 1151 1154 including [...]
[2006-09-05] Vital statistics
5.4. VITAL STATISTICS(thou. persons) Years Births Deaths Naturalincrease, decrease (-) Infant deaths under 1 year old 1992 1587.6 1807.4 -219.8 29.2 1995 1363.8 2203.8 -840.0 24.8 2000 1266.8 2225.3 -958.5 19.3 2001 1311.6 2254.9 -943.3 [...]
[2006-09-05] Marriages and divorces
5.6. MARRIAGES AND DIVORCES Years Thou. Per 1000 of population marriages divorces marriages divorces 1992 1053.7 639.2 7.1 4.3 1995 1075.2 665.9 7.3 4.5 2000 897.3 627.7 6.2 4.3 2001 1001.6 763.5 6.9 5.3 [...]
[2006-09-05] Death rates by main classes of causes of death
5.7. DEATH RATES BY MAIN CLASSES OF CAUSES OF DEATH(deaths per 100 000 population)   1992 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Total deathsby all causes 1217 1498 1529 1556 1617 1637 1596 1610 of which:               [...]
[2006-09-05] Life expectancy at birth
5.8. LIFE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH(number of years) Years Total population Males Females 1992 67.8 61.9 73.7 1995 64.5 58.1 71.6 2000 65.3 59.0 72.3 2001 65.2 58.9 72.2 2002 65.0 58.7 71.9 2003 64.9 58.6 [...]
[2006-09-05] Number of refugees and forced resettlers
5.10. NUMBER OF REFUGEES AND FORCED RESETTLERS1) (persons)   1995 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 Total since the start of registra-tion as of January 1, 20062) of which resettlers (since July 1, 1992) refugees (since Mach 20, 1993 ) Total 271977 59196 20504 4726 4291 8914 168711 168253 458 [...]
[2006-09-05] Smoking singletons 'have trouble dating'
A DATING agency has gone completely smoke-free after new research showed single smokers have a tough time getting a partner. The Single Solution has banned tobacco at its events in a bid to attract more singletons. The firm said smokers and non-smokers alike have responded well to the move and find it easier to make a good first impression. Spokesman Paul Ergatoudis said he believed the London-based agency, which also runs events around England, is the first in the country to go completely smoke-free. He said: "We know from our events and requests we receive from our daters that many peopl [...]
[2006-09-05] Matchmaker tries the smoke-free way to love
A DATING agency has gone completely smoke-free after research showed that single smokers have a tough time getting a partner. The Single Solution has banned tobacco at its events in a bid to attract more singletons. The firm said smokers and non-smokers alike have responded well to the move and find it easier to make a good first impression. Spokesman Paul Ergatoudis said he believed the agency, which runs events around Britain, is the first in the country to go completely smoke-free. He said, "We know from our events and requests we receive from our daters that many people find non-smoke [...]
[2006-09-05] SWF seeks husband in 70 dates
Being 37 and with no fairy-tale wedding in prospect, the television presenter Sally Gray decided to clear her diary, become a full-time manhunter and make a documentary series about it, writes Anna Burnside One day last year the children’s television presenter Sally Gray had a horrible revelation. “I thought I would be married by the time I was 30. I’m 37.” Her first thought was: “Oh shit, I put the career first.” Closely followed by: “Oh my God, what am I going to do about it?” It got worse. “I was in Harvey Nicks with my mum, having a chat and a scone, when [...]
[2006-09-05] Fly-by-night sites
Signs advertising local online dating services have cropped up on utility poles in busy traffic locations, but experts say the sites may be little more than an invitation to telemarketers and spam e-mail. Recently tacked up to poles on Rte. 126 in Bellingham, just north of the intersection with Interstate 495, a set of signs all read: "Single?" below which they provide the Web address But online dating expert Evan Marc Katz said he believes the site -- and its mirror image, -- may simply be fronts to snag e-mail, telephone numbers and o [...]
[2006-09-05] Heyletsgo, Event Driven Social Networking
Boston, my home base, has a new social site called heyletsgo. It takes a lot to get me interested in a new site, let alone to sign up and participate, and heyletsgo has me hooked. Planning my fall social calendar just got a whole lot easier. I recently met with the founders on Boston Common, where we engeged in lively coversation, people watching, soaking up the Puritan urban environment and dodging pigeons. HLG is at it's heart a social networking site grounded in event planning. The feature set includes just about everything a social site needs to compete in today's cut-throat social n [...]
[2006-09-05] Friend in Need
New Delhi, September 2: Sakshi Ahuja was 24 and looking for a partner. At which point the problems began. She felt ill at ease at clubs and pubs and her friends didn’t help much either. Then she came across a little mouse which changed her life. She began to date online. “I made a lot of friends and also met my would-be husband on one of the dating sites,” says the PR professional who is set to marry in a couple of months. Sakshi is not alone. The world is flirting, dating, romancing and finding mates on the Net. Meeting singles at social gatherings, via friends or at parties is passe. Cyber [...]
[2006-09-05] Ethnic dating sites increasing
Matchmaking online up as parents add profiles on specialized Web sites By Eric Benderoff Chicago Tribune CHICAGO - Teena Verbit didn't think her daughter was dating anyone ``spectacular.'' So she wrote a personality profile for her daughter and posted it on, a Web site for Jewish singles. ``I didn't think she would do it,'' Linda Verbit, 23, said of her mom, ``but she did. She put me on Jdate.'' Teena Verbit now approves of the young man her daughter is dating. ``My mom has never been shy about telling me her opinion,'' said Linda Verbit, who lives outside Philadelphia. Findin [...]
[2006-09-05] Pennsylvania Sues Great Expectations
Pennsylvania has sued a popular dating service, accusing it of falsely inflating the number of singles available for dating in its network, and misrepresenting the success rate, costs and other key elements of its dating services. The lawsuit follows an investigation into Great Expectations following dozens of complaints from consumers throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett's suit seeks more than $65,000 in consumer restitution, civil penalties, forfeiture of profits and an injunction barring the defendants from operating unt [...]
[2006-09-05] Finding love before the bell Corbin & Reynolds hosts city's first speed dating event
On Aug. 10, some two dozen cute and done-up singletons arrived at the Long Beach hot spot Corbin & Reynolds for a round of speed dating, the head-spinning courtship ritual made famous by Candace Bushnell's column in the New York Observer - which begat "Sex and the City" - and the movie "The Forty Year Old Virgin." Greeting the eager daters was Tammy Carlisle, the event coordinator from, who led them through the process. touts itself as the largest speed dating company in North America. Approaching singles with a "fun, no-pressure way to meet lots of potential dates," [...]
[2006-09-05] Congressman Rothman marries woman he met through Jdate
"No question about it," Rothman said. "I'm proof that it can happen." The 53-year-old Rothman, who has spent the last 10 years in Congress representing the 9th Congressional District, has two children with his first wife. The pair divorced 12 years ago. "We co-parented our children," Rothman said. "Their mom and I are now dear friends. When the children were younger, with all the time constraints going back and forth to Washington, there wasn't a lot of time for me to date. But as the children got older, I found that I had more time and I was honestly looking for my soulmate." Rothman went thr [...]
[2006-09-05] Online dating has to click to work right
Regular readers may have noticed that in our attempt to address all the legal and non-disgusting forms of getting together, we've ignored online dating. On the surface, online dating makes perfect sense. Lines like "I'm tired of the bar scene, so I thought this might be a better way to meet people" are a shout-out to the logic of it all. No one up and decides to meet their match on the dot-com without some reason why. Now comes the hard part. Start with Recon. The objective is to see if anyone catches your eye while surfing a few sites. If there are no hotties currently in stock, what's [...]
[2006-09-05] SMS phishing attacks hit mobile users
A security firm has warned that malware writers are attempting to fool mobile phone users with bogus text messages. McAfee, which calls the process smishing (SMS phishing), has reported that users are receiving SMS messages with the following text: 'We're confirming you've signed up for our dating service. You will be charged $2/day unless you cancel your order: [web address removed]. "This phenomenon is yet another indicator that cellphones and mobile devices are becoming increasingly used by perpetrators of malware, viruses and scams," David Rayhawk, mobile threat researcherat McAfee, wro [...]
[2006-09-04] Germany wants Russia to join EU
Germany, which takes over presidency of the European Union in January, is planning measures to entice Russia to join the EU.Germany is said to be considering a revamp of the bloc's policy toward the East, and looking at ways Russia can be irreversibly bound to the organization, the EU Observer reported.The goal must be to make the political, economic and cultural ties between the EU and Russia -- its anchor in a wider Europe -- irreversible, says a foreign ministry paper seen by the German daily Handelsblatt.The ministry refers to the advantage of having a Finnish presidency followed by a Germ [...]
[2006-09-04] Moscow celebrating City Day
MOSCOW, September 2 (Itar-Tass) - Official celebrations on the occasion of the City Day have been started in Moscow. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, representatives of the Moscow government, of public, children’s and youth organisations, as well as veterans, escorted by the guard of honour, laid flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the monument to Marshal Zhukov, paying a tribute of respect for the memory of those, who had defended Moscow during the Great Patriotic War. This year the City Day is devoted to the 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi troops near Moscow. “That victory was [...]
[2006-09-04] Singapore must promote immigration as birth rate drops, PM says
Singapore will promote immigration to increase its population as the island nation's birth rate continues to decline, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a weekend speech. In his annual speech Sunday marking National Day, Lee also suggested ways to encourage Singaporeans who have gone overseas to eventually return home and urged couples to have more children. "We are short 14,000 babies,'' Lee said. "We have to bring in new immigrants. If our population shrinks, Singapore will face a very serious problem.'' About 35,500 babies were born in 2004, short of the 50,000 needed annually [...]
[2006-09-04] My dating disasters, by woman set to sue
She asked for a rugged professional man who owned his own home and did not smoke. She got a lorry-driving chain-smoker who lived in a caravan. No wonder Janet is suing the agencyfor eight dating disasters Janet Forse looked mournfully into her glass of mineral water and wondered how soon she could politely make her excuses and leave. Across the table, Terry, her date, inhaled deeply on his seventh cigarette of the evening and changed the subject from his home - a caravan - to his career: lorry driving. "As he detailed every single haulage firm he'd ever worked for, rating them for speed a [...]
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