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[2006-10-16] Making new friends takes as much effort as dating 36
Terra Khachooni has plenty of friends. The 26-year-old real estate consultant can travel to almost any large city and crash with an old buddy. But, at home in San Francisco, she yearns for deeper, closer connections. "You have your high school friends and your college friends, but that next group of friends is the hardest to find," says Khachooni. After college, like many adults, Khachooni took a job in a city away from home. At work, she struggled to find friends. "The company was all-male and these guys would just hit on me," she says. Eventually, Khachooni returned home, hoping to establ [...]
[2006-10-16] Unmarried households reign in US
It is by no means dead, but for the first time, a new survey has shown that traditional marriage has ceased to be the preferred living arrangement in the majority of US households. The shift, reported by the US Census Bureau in its 2005 American Community Survey, could herald a sea change in every facet of American life -- from family law to national politics and its current emphasis on family values. The findings, which were released in August but largely escaped public attention until now because of the large volume of data, indicated that marriage did not figure in nearly 55.8 million Ame [...]
EVERY single Muslim should make it their priority to educate themselves, and the next generation, on the limitations of the veil. Full face veils - niqabs - reinforce the segregation between Muslims and the rest of the population. They're physically constricting and hinder the social and professional capabilities of women who wear them. Advertisement Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;Ads_channel = ''; if ( typeof(mpu_falk_ad_position) == 'undefined' ) { mpu_falk_ad_position = 'mirror/new [...]
[2006-10-16] Speed dating offers singles chance to spark a friendship
Beer in hand, bedecked in Western bling, Tammy Gray steadied her nerves before diving back into the dating scene.Gray and 12 other people spent about an hour and half on a recent weeknight breaking the ice at a speed dating event at Caliente Mexican restaurant in downtown Shreveport. Speed dating, in which people chat for a few minutes to see if a spark develops, debuted in 1997. Gray, 42, broke up with her steady a couple of months ago. She eyed the men drifting in as she speculated on whether she would find something in common with one of them."I wanted to meet other people in [...]
[2006-10-16] Con artists targeting the elderly
In June, a Kelso-area man told Cowlitz County sheriff's deputies he had been wiring money to a woman in Africa with whom he had been corresponding. She promised to fly to America to meet him, but she needed him to send her more money so she could bring $500,000 in gold into the country. By the time he wised up and realized he was being scammed, he had lost about $5,000.Also in June, Longview police took a report from a man who thought he found love with someone he met through an on-line dating service. She pretended to be a beautiful model working in London. She asked him to cash checks on the [...]
[2006-10-14] Anger over Chinese bride refusal
Ken Miller, 69, has been told by Neath Port Talbot Council his 44-year-old future wife Yin Qieo cannot join him at his home in Ystalyfera. He has accused the council of acting as the "keeper of his principles." The council said there were age rules at the retirement complex but the couple might be housed elsewhere. Mr Miller, who served with the Royal Navy, said: "I can understand the principle of it being an older persons' complex. "But I think it's strange that I could go out tonight, pick somebody up, and nothing would be said if she stayed the night." He added: "We are in self- [...]
[2006-10-14] Love story for couple who lived across the road from each other but who never met
SUZANNE MARSHALL was a career woman who thought she had left it too late to meet the man of her dreams. She was just about to give up hope until she turned to the pages of the Daily Echo's Two's Company section. Just one phone call later, replying to Gary Ester's advert, and Suzanne had met her Mr Right and was on course to fall in love. OAS_AD('Frame2'); //--> Now two years on, the Hampshire couple are preparing for their dream wedding in Sri Lanka and urging all those single people out there to throw caution to the wind and give the dating service a try. Some people may say t [...]
[2006-10-14] What NOT to do in online dating
Halloween’s once-a-year scary, but merry, festivities will soon be upon us. Online dating, however, is a scary proposition all year long. Below are some tips on what NOT to do when looking for love online. WARNING: MARRIED PEOPLE AND CRIMINALS WILL BE PROSECUTED Online dating site’s “value proposition” is “Background screenings for felons and married people; We can't guarantee criminals won't get on the site, but we can guarantee they'll be sorry if they do": If you are married and representing yourself as single, or if you are a convicted criminal, be aware that you could [...]
[2006-10-14] Finding love again
Do you think being over 40 means you’re done with dating? Well, not quite. Here are some tips to get you back into the game Trying to start a romance at a mature age can pose a challenge. Whether you have been through a divorce or lost a spouse, there is still a chance to find love again. According to research, the over- 40 segment is one of the largest group of singles on Internet dating sites. Being single is no longer considered a social stigma and no matter your age, you can find similar-minded people. However, getting back into the dating game can be tough. Everyone has anxieties abou [...]
[2006-10-14] Russian ladies turning London into Londonograd
A flick through the property section says it all, really. Turn the page and here is a full-page colour ad, placed by one of our leading estate agents. It shows a newly-built pile with swirling staircases and cascading pools. It looks as if it belongs in Texas or a medium-sized emirate. In fact, it happens to be in Windlesham, Surrey. If this was in, say, Country Life, the blurb might say something coy like Price on application'. But this ad is different. First, it's in Russian. Second, the price stares out in bold red ink: £70,000,000.' I blink but it's not a misprint. That's the real [...]
[2006-10-14] Abortion rate, crime rate - a relationship?
Is there a relationship between the abortion rate of a society and its incidence of crime? Obviously, this isn’t a very pleasant subject, but it is one that captured the interest of many sociologists and economists. In view of the recent attention heaped on the abortion debate, the following observation furnish considerable interest. According to the research of Steven D. Levitt, an economist at The University of Chicago, there is definitely a relationship between the rate of abortion and the rate of crime. This research constitutes a portion of Levitt’s recent book, Freakonomics. Written wi [...]
[2006-10-13] Eight-Minute Dating and the Ensuing Divorces in China
My perceptions of Chinese culture were formed early. A documentary that I watched in middle school about how much schooling Chinese kids were forced to endure—eight hours in regular school followed by several more after school—led me to believe that the Chinese never actually slept. I can thank Amy Tan for my fear of female babies near bodies of water; when I see an adult Chinese woman walking around, I think she is “one of the lucky ones.” Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth shaped my theory that every Chinese couple is in an arranged marriage and secretly hates each other. I'll spare you my unhe [...]
[2006-10-13] Relationships are sweetest when they reflect values
As images of ghosts and goblins creep into the scene, so does a day to celebrate the tricks of obtaining or maintaining a healthy relationship. Sweetest Day—a time to foster and nurture loving relationships—is marked on the calendar as the third Saturday in October. This year, it’s Oct. 21. Father Albert Cutié, the so-called “Father Oprah” of EWTN, Catholic television network, lent his insights about dating and relationships Oct. 6 in an e-mail interview with the Catholic Explorer. An advice columnist and speaker, Father Cutié is also the author of the recently published book, “Real [...]
[2006-10-13] MAKE IT A DATE
THEY say first impressions last. If you're on the lookout for a partner, you will also want to make a lasting impression. Speed-dating is a perfect solution for today's singles looking for love. And the Daily Record is on hand to help. You can get that essential spark in your love life by signing up for Scotland's largest singles party. Tickets are already selling fast for the Record's first speed-dating event. More than 400 people aged between 25 and 45, all searching for the perfect match, are expected to attend the glamorous soiree on November 23 at Arta, Walls Street in Glasgow's Mer [...]
[2006-10-13] Nuss: Dating services companies
Are you hoping to find love with someone else's help? After researching three dating companies I have mixed opinions on it. The main reason for my mixed opinion is they cost more than most online dating companies, and you need to have the money up-front for a set number of dates, matches, or months. It could average out to as little as $25/month or as much as a few hundred dollars a month. Basically, I feel, most people who are registered with a dating service company earn an above-average wage and therefore, are more likely to generally be white-collared workers who make much more than $12/hr [...]
[2006-10-13] Dating site answers: What do you do next?
You're just back from a date and you had a good time. Now what? Do you e-mail? Send a text message? Log onto the Internet dating site where you met to see if he has logged on since your date to look for someone else? Or do you ignore all the technology at your fingertips and wait around the old-fashioned way? That's where Sarna Lee and Rachel Begelman, both 31, come in. The friends from Chicago, who have spent years giving their friends dating advice, recently launched a Web site called You sign up -- it's $14.99 for one question or $19.99 a month for a full membership [...]
[2006-10-13] Dating do's
Kendel McCarley is looking for love. Serious love. But the prospects for romance in this 40-year-old single dad's daily routine are pretty abysmal. He doesn't have any hobbies conducive to meeting single women. His church's congregation has only one single woman his age. And he doesn't swagger through the bar scene on Friday nights. "That's just a hook-up thing," he says. What's a guy to do? For one thing, he can flip on his computer. Over the past few years — when he wasn't in a relationship — McCarley has gone online to instantly expand his social network. Internet dating i [...]
[2006-10-13] Romance on the cards, if you can secure a date
A report has found that Wimbledon has the most romantic residents in London but a relationship expert has declared that more of them need to date. The Love in London report from the online dating service, said 58 per cent of Wimbledon users go dating in search of love rather than sex, which is the highest proportion in London. But SW19 has one of the worst dating records with less than one in five people going on one date per week. continued... OAS_AD('Frame2'); //--> Dating and relationships expert Flic Everett said: "People from the Wimbledon area are among London [...]
[2006-10-13] Looking for sultry scenic singles?
Developing yet another innovative feature to serve the Yale community, the Yale Daily News is proud to introduce scenic Personals, an occasional feature profiling a selection of eligible singles living in a residential college or cozy off-campus abode near you. Easha: SAF. Looking for escort home from 202 York. Must be willing to wait patiently until sunrise. Likes: cheesecake brownies, catcalls from construction workers, bathos, heroes and skinny jeans on fat people. Dislikes: mixed metaphors and people who have their shit together. Summer: S?F. Looking for an e-Harmony gift card. [...]
[2006-10-13] Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
Sherry and Eva Singer are a match made in heaven. The mother and daughter team live together in Stevenson Ranch, go out together and spend lots of time with each other, and their birthdays are a day apart. They also happen to be matchmakers. Eva and Sherry run Meet-a-Mate, a matchmaking company with clients from throughout the greater Los Angeles area, including Santa Clarita Valley. They also have been featured on several television shows, such as the E! Network's "Dr. 90210" and serving as consultants for the "Greg Behrens Show," a daytime talk show on the CW Network. Eva was born [...]
[2006-10-13] Parents disapprove, but Internet romance a big hit
Layla Ahmad, retired teacher and mother of three, considers the Internet among the most dangerous post-invasion developments in Iraq. "We are a conservative society," says Ahmad, 54. "We don't accept that our daughters meet boys through the Internet. It's dangerous, and you can't observe your children and what they are talking about. "Three months ago, I discovered that my daughter was chatting with somebody online," Ahmad says. "I took her computer and sold it." In a country where arranged marriages are common and premarital relations of any sort are frowned on, the Internet represents a t [...]
[2006-10-13] Americans in no rush to get married
She has a master's degree in education and a head full of ambition. By day, she's a teacher. By night, she writes dramatic movie scripts. She's also developing a nonprofit tutoring organization, so someday she can be her own boss. Her name is Thais Council, and at 26, she knows exactly where she is going in the next several years - and it isn't down the aisle. "I don't see myself getting married until, maybe, when I'm over 30," she said, pausing. "Well over 30." Council and other 20-somethings say the reason for this delay is simple: nowadays, marriage isn't the first step to adulthood, it [...]
[2006-10-13] Dating service agent accuses boss of sexual abuse
A Salt Lake City dating service agent is accused of exposing himself to a client, fondling her breasts and asking for sexual acts, state documents filed with the 3rd district court. Now, Salt Lake City police want to take the suspect's blood and physically inspect his genitals - actions they believe will prove his offense. A search warrant affidavit filed Thursday details a lewd encounter between the dating service agent and his client on Sept. 17 as the woman tried to complete her personal profile. The 23-year-old agent allegedly turned his questioning to sex, became aroused and exposed hi [...]
[2006-10-13] Not all men are shallow
The woman on the phone was an old friend, so I was not taken aback by her sarcastic commentary on my last column, which simply stated that the main characteristic that a majority of women are looking for in men is a sense of humor. "You certainly don't have to bother writing a column about what men want," she chortled. "Everyone knows all men care about is a woman's appearance -- guys are so shallow." Well, to some extent my friend was right. But I have to divide the male of the species into two overall categories: men who have never been married, and men who are divorced (or who at least li [...]
[2006-10-12] In Love, Skype’s No Limit
It started as so many relationships do -- the long phone calls, the movie dates, the tentative introductions to family and friends.But the courtship of Mark Passerby and Salwa Al-Saban was hardly ordinary. The two were separated by the Atlantic Ocean, a time difference of seven hours and vast cultural contrasts. He lived in Lansing, Mich., she in Cairo, Egypt. They say they fell in love over Skype, a service that allows users to call each other free over the Internet.In November 2005, one month after they first "clicked" online, they were married."Everyone around us thinks we're crazy," said [...]
[2006-10-12] Does lack of 'gayborhood' hurt dating?
Don't get me started on the so-called Best Cities for Singles. We all know Austin usually tops these lists, but Forbes this year ranked our town eighth behind the booming singles scene in — get this! — Phoenix. And Austin didn't even make the top 10 of AOL's Best Cities for Dating. I say, we don't want to be included on any list that gives the No. 2 ranking to Houston anyway. These lists make those who can't find dates in the top-tier cities feel like dating failures and give an excuse for dateless wonders living in towns that rank poorly. Top 10 or not, most of these surveys focus on the [...]
[2006-10-12] Houston Tops For Relocating Singles
Just when you thought you should move to Austin because all of your single friends keep telling you how kickass it is, Worldwide ERC and Primacy Relocation name Houston a top destination for relocating singles in their annual report. In fact, Texas fared well as a whole in the survey (must be our 800+ miles of I-10) with seven metropolitan areas represented. Three cities were in the Top 10: Austin (#2), Houston (#5) and Dallas (#9). San Antonio (#38), El Paso (#45) and Fort Worth/Arlington (#47) were in the Top 50 with the McAllen/Edinburgh/Mission triplex landing in 87th place. The 100 city [...]
[2006-10-12] JTB to Implement Initiatives to Stem Effects of New U.S. Passport Regime
The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) intends to pursue a number of initiatives to prevent a fall-off in tourist arrivals when the Caribbean phase of the United States (U.S.) passport regime comes into effect in January 2007.Speaking at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House on (Oct. 9), Minister of Tourism, Entertainment and Culture, Aloun Assamba, said plans were in place to work with the United States Postal Service to establish sign-up stations to enable visitors to apply for passports. "We propose to set up a number of coffee stations in major commuter terminals in the U.S. wh [...]
[2006-10-12] Smart Moves: Love, romance and real estate
Suppose you're a young woman who's been dating a man for months. You yearn to marry him and buy a house together. But he hasn't proposed, and you're loathe to pop the question yourself. You're becoming increasingly anxious because the lease on your apartment is up for renewal soon, and your landlord is demanding an answer.As in this hypothetical case, housing plans often become entangled with relationship issues, says Neil Chethik, author of “VoiceMale,” a book that examines men's attitudes on commitment, marriage, sex and related issues. Chethik's findings are based on in-depth interviews wit [...]
[2006-10-12] More singles find love online
COUPLES are now more likely to meet over the internet than face-to-face following abig increase in cyber-dating, a report claims today. A survey among 2,000 adults by financial services firm Mint showed that single people are more likely to be introduced to a potential partner viadating sites like Sun Singlesthan at a party or on holiday. A growing number ofpeople said they have tried online speed-dating, the study showed. Friends Reunited's Head of Romance, Rhoda Moore, said one in three singleBritons use a dating site. She said: "The soaring interest that we're seeing in dating on the [...]
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