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[2006-12-04] Russians' Perception of Russian Problems
A majority of respondents, 66%, in a survey conducted by VTsIOM have said alcoholism and drug abuse are the most serious problem facing Russia, the opinion research center reported Thursday. Inflation and terrorism were highlighted as Russia's second most serious problem by 56% and 44% of respondents, respectively. About one-third (36%) of respondents were concerned about the crime rate; 34% were worried by the quality and cost of housing and utility services; 33% by low pension rates; 31% by unemployment; and 29% by the acute demographic crisis. The influence exerted on political and economic [...]
[2006-12-04] Russia Media Usage
The overwhelming majority of Russian citizens -- 85% -- prefer to receive information from central television broadcasts. Among frequently used sources of information 40% of those surveyed mention oblast television, 32% regional television, and 31% central newspapers. Regional and oblast newspapers are indicated by 27% and 23% of those surveyed, respectively. Only 13% of Russia's citizens use the Internet, which is comparable to the figures for the popularity of oblast and regional radio (13% and 10%). The largest proportions of people who use the Internet frequently as a source of information [...]
[2006-12-04] Russian Minister's Pay Checks
Russian Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev had the highest income among Cabinet ministers in 2005, some 211,403,810 rubles. Information concerning the income and property of Russian government ministers was published by the Rossiiskaya Gazeta on Friday. The publication was prepared based on data provided by the Cabinet members themselves. Transport Minister Igor Levitin ranks second, with 11,979,109 rubles. Minister of Information Technology and Communications Leonid Reyman is in third place with 11,021,760 rubles. Premier Mikhail Fradkov earned 1,842,783 rubles, the Russian government' [...]
[2006-12-04] A Soviet-era perspective suggests to Mary Dejevsky that Russia’s current population trends offer grounds for optimism
The demographic crisis has become one of the clichés in discussion about post-Soviet Russia. And it is true that the population is shrinking, wracked by a pernicious combination of alcohol, tobacco and political upheaval. It is also the case that President Vladimir Putin himself, in his "state of the nation" address in May 2006, has identified the decline as the "main issue" facing the country. Most Russians, used to bad news over the centuries, tend to accept the gloomy prognostications with customary fatalism, even as the country's many foreign critics blame what they see as Putin's rep [...]
[2006-12-04] In Russia, a Checkerboard Field of Dreams
The obsessive energy of one man -- Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, former car dealer, present-day multimillionaire, Buddhist impresario and president of the Russian republic of Kalmykia -- has turned this remote corner of southern Russia into the Caesars Palace of chess. Now he is hosting his dream event, a $1 million bout to determine the undisputed chess champion of the world. The contest, which is being followed online by chess fans worldwide, has proved as controversial as its sponsor. Replete with trash-talking grandmasters, it was almost aborted by a slugfest over bathroom breaks and allegations of [...]
[2006-12-04] 7 female myths about male sex preferences
Contrary to a popular belief, it takes more than loads of personal experience to find out what kinds of things men really hate doing in bed. Are you sure you know every little bit about your partner? You could be wrong being under the impression that your partner is crazy about your latex panties. We can give a try and expose some of the myths women have regarding male sexual preferences. Myth No 1: men prefer women in lingerie These days women with cash on hand can buy a variety of lingerie to choose from. Women can put on see-through or lacy lingerie items made of silk, satin or other [...]
[2006-12-04] Sex scandals ruin careers and taint images
The public seem to have been accustomed to stories about sex scandals involving high-ranking government officials and politicians. U.S. President Bill Clinton was accused of having a relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, in the late 1990s. As a result, the House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment against President Clinton. The scandal nearly cost him the presidency. The Monica Lewinsky story took shape at a time when President Clinton was accused of sexual harassment by Paula Jones, his former secretary. By and large, the list of women with whom Clinton [...]
[2006-12-04] Single women may face higher risk of miscarriage
Women who are unmarried or not living with a partner have a significantly higher risk of miscarriage, according to a new study. And undergoing a divorce or separation during pregnancy raises the risk still further, a new study has found. Stress may be to blame, the researchers say. Women who experienced more than two stressful or traumatic events during pregnancy had twice the risk of miscarriage than their "stress free" counterparts. Previous studies have also linked stress to miscarriage. Stress might cause miscarriage by disrupting the hormonal pathways that influence the inner lining of [...]
[2006-12-04] Mom needs to make her own dating opportunities
It seemed a bit strange when a woman we'll call Becky – who claimed to be in her 30s and happily married – emailed, wanting to know if there are any available single men between the ages of 50 to 70 in Orange County. Then she explained she wasn't asking for herself, but for her single mom, although Mom didn't know her daughter was asking. Becky says her mom is sometimes lonely and she would like her mom to meet a companion for sharing dinner, movies and other social events. Becky described her mom as, "a major catch – nice, financially secure, and beautiful – and has a 'hot' body, yet has no [...]
[2006-12-02] Online Dating: Four Reasons Why Men Should Meet Women Online (and One Reason Why They Shouldn't)
Men, if you don't already have women chasing after you every day, then you should be dating women online. Here are the Four most compelling reasons why men should be seeking out and meeting women online, and one reason why they absolutely shouldn't. 1) Online dating is the most amazing gift to men invented since woman herself. (Well, most women.) Think about it for a moment. For one small flat fee (and sometimes for no fee at all) you can scope out women, learn what they like, what they don't like, check out their picture and actually begin swapping emails, IMs and talking with them. Here [...]
[2006-12-02] Internet Dating: The Costco of Romance
The holiday season is upon us and we know what that means—it’s time to go shopping! And let’s all just take a moment to be honest. When we’re out purchasing presents for those on our mandatory gift-giving list, we’re really just buying useless crap we’d enjoy. So, what do you really want this year? Love? Romance? A quick piece of hot ass? The future Mr. or Mrs.? Thanks to the convenience of the World Wide Web, you can shop for gadgets to enlarge your penis, prescription medicines, toasters, stuffed animals and Mr. or Ms. Right (Now). Keeping with the theme of holiday honesty, we can all adm [...]
[2006-12-02] East Texas Woman Loses Money From Romance Scam
It was a place in cyber space called where searching for your soul mate was only a click away. An East Texas woman believed she found someone special, but never thought the man she felt so strongly for would steal from her. This scam affects thousands everyday and cost this East Texan thousands of dollars. 45 year old Gloria Cain of Longview fell victim to a romance scam. "In September, I had went on I wasn't in there long enough to get the trial period over with," says Gloria. But it was long enough to meet someone. For 2 months, Gloria says she bel [...]
[2006-12-02] Sheriff warns of Internet scam
A Charlevoix County citizen is sharing his story of how an Internet scam artist bilked him out of $10,000 in hopes that others will learn from his mistake.Charlevoix County Sheriff George T. Lasater said the resident contacted his office recently reporting that he had been the victim of a scam centered around an Internet dating service purportedly located in the Republic of Ghana.The man told officials that he met a woman through the dating service who had sent him photos of two strongboxes full of gold bricks that were to be given to the man once the couple were married. The man then complied [...]
[2006-12-02] A Man's Most Important State Of Mind
There are untold riches in the form of female companionship waiting for you online if only you'll change one thought regarding how you'll find success there. Most men have this idea that they are "winning" when they take a woman to bed. Somehow, they've won the prize. Think about how this works in your own mind. What are your own thoughts about winning the lottery? One in a million? Worse? How often have you actually won a prize in a contest or drawing? Not many, I'd assume. And so, if you think of "getting a woman" or even "getting a date" as the prize, your mind will automatically ca [...]
[2006-12-02] 'Finland's sexiest man' ends romance with text message
Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, dubbed the country's sexiest man, broke up by text message with the girlfriend he had met on the Internet, the woman says in a magazine interview. "Matti dumped me in a text message, where he said 'that's it'," Susan Kuronen told the magazine Me Naiset (Us Women). Her relationship with Mr Vanhanen, a divorced 51-year-old father of two, ended a few weeks ago, but continues to make headlines as Susan, 36, pours her heart out in local media. Mr Vanhanen, who declines to comment on the relationship, was cited as Finland's sexiest man by French President [...]
[2006-12-02] Holiday season's latest twist on email 'phishing' claims Tallahassee victims
'Tis the season to be jolly - and on guard for Internet scams circulating through the region. The Social Security Administration and CareerBuilder have issued warnings about email "phishing" scams that are circulating locally in their names, "phishing" for personal information and making phony offers. And local police investigators are warning people not to fall for the latest scam - overseas individuals who are infiltrating dating services to trick Americans into sending them money. It's happened twice in Tallahassee already. The SSA warns of a scam that asks recipients to respond with p [...]
[2006-12-01] Single in the suburbs: The pitfalls of cyber-love
I could feel my face burning as I pounded the keyboard. "You ed me first; I wrote back twice. The second was something like, 'You're no fun.' I was obviously joking." With furious fingers I hit the send button. Back came the e-mail response: "It was not a big deal...let's drop it." Had I just had a fight with someone I was "like-dating" via e-mail? An argument over the Internet aboutmessages I had sent via cell phone that previous weekend? Who knew fighting over e-mail about amessage was even possible? Drunken dialing used to be the biggie -- waking up the morning after a night o [...]
[2006-12-01] Online Dating For Giraffes
Naomi walks cautiously through the grass, stepping gingerly on legs that appear more fragile than those of a china doll. Not even two months old, the baby giraffe never lets her mother, Kita, out of sight. Visitors to the Miami Metrozoo and other zoos across the country can't help marveling at such wonders. But it would be a mistake to assume that Naomi's conception was a simple act of nature. "It's a lot more complicated than that," explains the Miami Zoo's Ron Magill. "Each one of these births is very carefully planned. It's almost like a very fancy computer dating service that basicall [...]
[2006-12-01] Online Dating Strategies You Want To Know
Thanks to the Internet, singles have more choices when it comes to dating that they can shake the proverbial stick at. And all those online dating choices are just waiting for singles with the online dating savvy to take advantage of them. And you have that savvy. Don’t think so? Of course you do! You’re here, aren’t you? Now all you need are a few online dating strategies to get and keep you going. The mistake most singles make when using an online dating service is that they think that all they have to do is join a site, post a profile along with a picture, maybe, and PRESTO, their email bo [...]
[2006-12-01] How To Be Sure Your Personal Ad Gets Noticed
After much nail-biting and pacing, you’ve finally made the decision to join an online dating service. Now you face the seemingly monumental task of writing your personals ad. Sheesh, you say. How do I do this—especially when the personals you’ve taken the time to read through are so, well, let’s be honest, awful. All those abbreviations! All those long paragraphs! All the fluff that a over-sexed seventh-grade boy could see right through! The trick to writing personals ads that get noticed are to be original and creative when it comes to writing yours. Think about it. Does a Volkswagen ad read [...]
[2006-12-01] The Five Keys to Powerful Partnerships
Partnerships are intentional relationships between two or more people who want to create a future together. That future could be anything from a life long marriage to a business partnership to a short-term project. Your partnerships are among the most important relationships you will ever have. And, like all our relationships, they are vulnerable to misunderstandings, miscommunications, upsets and breakdowns. It’s just that there is often much more at stake in our partnerships. There are five keys necessary to unlock the potential of your most important relationships, turning them into po [...]
[2006-12-01] Seven Ways to Ease Kids Anxiety When You Date
When their parents date, it creates anxiety in children and teens. The changes and losses they have gone through often cause them to feel jealous and insecure. They may become uncooperative, withdrawn, and rebellious or over attached to you. Each child, depending on age and personality, will react differently. But it is important to understand that they are struggling with two main feelings. First, children hold a fantasy that their parents will be reunited so they do not want their other parent replaced. Second, children fear losing your love and attention and believe they will become le [...]
[2006-12-01] Single black women, count your blessings
The plight of single black women has received widespread attention in recent years — cover stories in Essence and Newsweek magazines and countless newspaper articles. This year, the movie Something New even opened up the possibility of dating outside the race since some 42.4% of black women might never marry because of the dearth of marriageable black men. Nationally, there are 10 single black women for every seven single black men. The picture looks worse if you subtract those who are incarcerated and unemployed. But the obsession with the black female marriage problem has overshadowed an [...]
[2006-12-01] Marriage and African Americans
In 2000, of all Americans age 15 and older 113 million (52.8%) were married and living with their spouses, while 19.8 million (or 9.3%) were divorced. Since 1950, there has been a substantial decrease in the marriage rates and an increase in the divorce rates of both African American and white women. The trends have been most pronounced among African Americans. The percentage of African American women who are married declined from 62% to 36.1% between 1950 and 2000. Among white women, the corresponding decline was from 66% to 57.4%. Trends in divorce have shown less difference betwe [...]
[2006-12-01] In Seeking a Mate, Men and Women Find Delicate Imbalance
Robyn Thorpe hoped he would pursue her, but she played it cool. She waved goodbye as she stepped down the stairs of the busy cigar lounge. She took three more steps, conscious of the sway of her skirt, deliberate in her casualness. Then the guy in the red tie and blue button-down shirt made his move. "Are you leaving?" he asked. "Can we finish our conversation?" She stopped her descent and smiled as she followed him to an empty table. Her plum-tinted lip gloss glistened. This is what she had come for: the chance to meet a man, a black man, a potential husband. The moment was full of possi [...]
[2006-12-01] Single Women Have It Tough In L.A. County
Single women have it tougher in Los Angeles County than married women, according to a report released Thursday by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.Single women, especially single mothers, are more likely to be poor, homeless and in a low-wage job, according to the report, "2007: The State of Women in Los Angeles County."Since 1990, the number of single mothers living in poverty in the county has increased from 37 percent to 40 percent, according to the report. About 26 percent of women who live alone and 40 percent of single mothers are considered poor, compared to 11 percent of married c [...]
[2006-12-01] Sailors Told To Log-on For Love
Lovesick sailors have forced Royal Navy chiefs to overturn a ban on surfing the net while onboard ship after complaints that the decision to block access to dating websites was ruining their chances of finding romance online. Sailors regularly use armed forces dating sites to find partners and arrange dates for when they return on shore leave, encouraged by the Navy's policy enabling off-duty officers to surf the web while serving on warships around the world. But sailors who tried to log on looking for love earlier this week found that access to 'heavy bandwidth' sites -- those that feat [...]
[2006-12-01] Texting is in, when it comes to connecting
Now, if you're thinking romance, look to your mobile phone...human contact is overrated anyway...right? Match-making companies are creating new services that allow people to post their dating profile online and then automatically receive a text message on a GPS-enabled phone when a match is nearby, say, at a coffee shop around the corner. Romance on the go! Whatever happened to know..going on a date? Asking a girl out and taking her to a restaurant? You know..In person? [...]
[2006-12-01] Modern romance: Get texted when love is near
Online dating is so last year. Now, if you're thinking romance, look to your mobile phone. Match-making companies are creating new services that allow people to post their dating profile online and then automatically receive a text message on a GPS-enabled phone when a match is nearby, say, at a coffee shop around the corner. The phenomenon, also known as "mobile romance," already has arrived in China, home to some 430 million mobile phone users. Most Chinese wireless service providers offer dating services to drive text message usage, which in turn creates revenue, according to Liu Bin, an [...]
[2006-12-01] Divorce coaches are there to help anytime -- day or night
For decades, 12-step programs have recognized the importance of providing people with someone you can count on in tough times. Alcoholics Anonymous calls them sponsors.The process of divorce isn't quite the same as recovery from substance abuse, but it's another of those life passages no one remembers fondly.So why shouldn't you go through it with someone who knows what it's like? Think of them as a divorce coach -- the person you call when you're tempted to dial up your ex, whether it's to say something nice or something malicious.Ideally, the divorce coach is someone who has experienced a di [...]
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