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[2007-03-02] Novosibirsk Restaurants & Cafes
Beloe solntseOrient cuisine address: Krasny prospect, 157/1phone: 228-29-40working hours: 12:00 – 02:00Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard Restaurant Skomorochi address: ul. Cheluskintsev, 21 phone: 220-42-22 working hours: 12:00 - 2:00 Tinkoffaddress: ul. Lenina, 29phone:: 222-27-03 Livanskaya terrasa / Lebanon terrace /Lebanon cuisineaddress: ul. Yadrintsevskaya, 46àphone: 222-31-80 Divitrovskyaddress: Prospect Divitrova, 15phone: 220-00-90, 218-48-75working hours: 12:00 – 00:00 TiflisGeorgian cuisineaddress: ul. Sovetskaya, 65phone: 222-81-81working hours: 11:00 – 23:00 Balcan grill [...]
[2007-03-02] Looking for love in a wired world
To mark Valentine's Day this year, I searched for love in the most unlikely of places: the internet. So much has been said and written about how modern technology has brought ruin to traditional human relationships - from the incessant beeps of gadgets during family meals to fast-forwarding of life in general - that it was interesting just to see how Valentine's Day was celebrated online. And what I found was a heady cocktail of sites and communities dedicated to both laughter and forgetting, strangers and friends, technology and love. In some ways, a tiny microcosm of life today - where alt [...]
[2007-03-01] Russian brides turned to be... men!
The Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia is investigating an unusual criminal case of "Russian brides". The case was initiated because of several complaints that have been received from the citizens of USA, Canada and Australia, who tried to find a romance with Russian girls via Internet. The scheme of the scam was wonderfully simple. On the Internet were placed photos of beautiful girls that were claiming to look for foreign husbands. Brides from Russia are so popular in the world that there were no problems with men looking for relationships. Correspondence via Internet lead to the desire to [...]
[2007-03-01] Some bad dates go down in history
I was talking with a woman at 10 Mercer the other night and, as often happens when I mention that I write about dating and singles issues, she began to regale me with stories of past bad dates. One guy was too rude, one guy was too married (after a while I swear it's like listening to a dating version of "Goldilocks"), and another guy asked her to meet him at a grocery store where instead of buying her a coffee, he tried to sell her vitamin supplements. "It wasn't a date; it was some kind of pyramid scheme," she said. "Dating is just so weird these days. I wish things were simple like they us [...]
[2007-03-01] Former Long Island police officeravoided jail time for hacking into his ex-girlfriend's online dating account and setting up dates for her with men she didn't
The story we are dealing with, is not a pure “hacking case”, but it is interesting to consider how certain skills about computers can be used to do “personal justice” in our little litigations and, literally, where they could lead… Frustrated lovers! Rejected suitors! Deceived “neckers”! Now it's your turn to take a digital revenge: if you have got a computer, basic “hacking skills” and you are ready to spend some years in the army, you can get even with inconstant, cruel girls - and also keep your record clean. This is more or less what happened to Michael Valentine, 29, a former Long Islan [...]
[2007-03-01] Imaging paying someone thousands of dollars to take the pictures on your wedding day… but never getting the pictures.
Imaging paying someone thousands of dollars to take the pictures on your wedding day… but never getting the pictures.The I-Team found a local company cheating brides and grooms.You’ve seen this type of investigation before. Victims can’t get help, so we go confront the person or company cheating those victims. This time, we took it up a notch. We took the person being cheated, along with us.Yolanda Williams was married in June. She spent $1800 and still doesn’t have her wedding pictures. She contacted us after failing to get any results from the photographer.Tonight live at 10:00, hear from Yo [...]
[2007-03-01] 40 percent of Luxor youth were married to Western women—most of whom were in their late 40s and 50s
Authorities of the Egyptian city of Luxor recently embarked on a new campaign in an attempt to stop a phenomenon that has been plaguing the city in recent years. The new regulations in the well-known tourist city were implemented after it was discovered that some 40 percent of Luxor youth were married to Western women—most of whom were in their late 40s and 50s. According to Al Sharq Al Awsat, leaders fear that the social make-up of Luxor will be drastically changed to the detriment of the city if the new trend doesn’t cease in the near future. The new campaign is set to include both Christi [...]
[2007-03-01] Feminists consider all marriages with foreign women to be “servile” sex trafficking and inherently abusive.
Feminists’ success at destroying marriage in America, and exportingfeminism to many foreign nations via the United Nations under the guise of “Democracy” is now legendary. Feminist victim-politics– in which demands for “equal rights” mask powerful agenda-mandating unequal wrongs– must be ended. A substantial number of moderate and conservative women’s organizations now oppose the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Not only did the outgoing Congress ignore the will of the people in reauthorizing VAWA last year, it added a dangerous anti-marriage provision known as IMBRA– the International Marr [...]
[2007-03-01] Checking compatibility before the first date can save time and heartache
Their eyes didn't meet across a crowded bar. They didn't bump carts at the grocery store or share a cab ride in a freak rainstorm on a clear day, then grab a coffee, talk for hours and realize it was meant to be. If fate actually happened like that we'd all be believers. But Corinne Strohman, 41, a dental hygienist and divorcee from Winnipeg, says she'll always love telling how she and fiance Harold Gill met. It's not a unique story, but one that's becoming more familiar as a growing number of singles expand their search for love through online matchmaking. The couple connected last [...]
[2007-03-01] There is more potential for misunderstandings when you're not talking to someone face to face, or at the very least on the phone
In this day and age, there are so many ways to communicate with each other. People meet online, they get to know each other via e-mail and some even arrange dates via text message.You don't have to look far to see how technology has changed the way we connect.Phones are no longer just for talking. In fact, a lot of people prefer to letting their fingers do the talking, but deny it's also an easy way to avoid conversations they don't want to have.It's not the ideal way to communicate, say some experts, and may hint at larger problems in your relationship."If you are always taking the easy way i [...]
[2007-03-01] Matchmaking sites can weed out potential bad dates, but safety is an issue
Like everything else in today’s society, the dating scene is online.In a world where instant messaging and e-mails are replacing face-to-face and phone conversations, online dating is becoming less of a desperate attempt for love and more of a matchmaking friend.“People that actually join online dating services are serious about finding someone with similar interests because it takes time and effort finding people and talking with them before actually meeting,” said junior Nicole Merkel. However, Merkel doesn’t think the services are necessary for UW-Oshkosh students. “Online dating could be a [...]
[2007-03-01] Russian as an American Language
Anna Sergeievna Ulinich did not necessarily set out to be a writer. She did not necessarily set out to be a Soviet immigrant in America either, but the experience was thrust upon her, and now she has emerged into the public having written a book. Sasha Goldberg, the character at the center of Anya Ulinich's Petropolis, did not set out to be much of anything. She was enrolled by her mother in drawing classes, but only got accepted to the art academy in Moscow through a series of lies that her mother, Lubov Alexandrovna Goldberg, had orchestrated and not exposed even to her daughter. By that [...]
[2007-03-01] 2007 Ukraine population statistics
The State Statistics Committee of Ukraine has announced that the population of Ukraine at the beginning of 2007 was 46,646,000. Of these 33,777,000 lived in urban areas and 14,869,000 in the countryside. The population of Kiev was 2,718,000. [...]
[2007-03-01] Post office and public telephone in Ukraine
Every town in Ukraine has a developed network of post-offices. The main post-office is usually located in the central part of the city and offers nearly all existing types of communication services. The Kyiv Central Post Office is at 22 Khreschatyk vul. and works from 8 am till 9 pm on Monday through Saturday and from 9 am till 7 pm on Sunday. Here you can buy stamps, post cards, use fax machines, send letters or packages, and make international calls. If you have any questions, call the Central Post Office information service at 065 or 228-1793. For calls around Kyiv, you can use public tele [...]
[2007-03-01] Usefull Telephone Numbers in Ukraine
EMERGENCY SERVICES Fire 01 Police 02 First aid/ambulance service 03 Natural gas emergency service 04 Resque service 295-2447290-9442 Water, electric, and sewerage systems emergency service 057 Elevator emergency service 086 Water supply networks emergency service 081 "Kyivenergo" emergency service 088 MEDICAL SERVICES "Zdorovya" Health service (doctor's phone advice) 083 Information about hospitalized patients 003 Pharmacy information service 067 "Confidential Conversation" psychological service 411-4486, 446-1725 Veterinary [...]
[2007-03-01] Kiev airport Borispol information
Our driver will pick you up at the Boryspil or Zhulyany Kiev airport and safely deliver directly to reserved apartment or hotel. If you are not a native Russian or Ukrainian speaker, you stand a good chance of being overcharged and your safety is never fully guaranteed. Our managers are very friendly. They will help you with your luggage, and if you need something else. For example if you want to buy something. Probably you want to exchange your money to Ukrainian currency or maybe you will need Internet Cafe and etc. Well, you can ask our managers about any questions. Transfers to other c [...]
[2007-03-01] Few Kiev restaurants and cafes addresses
Several examples of traditional Ukrainian food are Varenyky (small dough pies stuffed with meat, potatoes, cabbage or fruit), Ukrainian Borshch (beet soup) with Pampushki (soft rolls soaked in fresh crushed garlic and oil), Deruny (potato pancakes), Holubtsi (cabbage roll stuffed with meat), and Mlyntsi (stuffed pancakes). Andriyivsky/Zamkove Andriyivsky Uzviz 24. (Tel: 416-2269). Open 4-11 pm. Apollo Vul. Khreshchatyk 15, Passazh. (Tel: 229-0437). Open daily 12pm-11pm; break 3-5pm. Hard currency. The menu includes European cuisine and Italian favorites. Western standard of servi [...]
[2007-02-28] A whirlwind Internet romance and August Rodin's famous sculpture The Kiss has brought together a couple from opposite sides of the world
Golden Bay resident and member of the German nobility Michael von Pupka, 61, had been living alone in his remote Swiss-style chalet on the top of a mountain he's named Mount Pupka at Clifton. Twenty thousand kilometres away, artist Luane Brauner, a 47-year-old widow, was also living alone in a house surrounded by forest near Nauen in the east of Germany. In November last year they both signed up with a German dating agency, filling in detailed personality questionnaires designed to match them up with a partner of perfect compatibility. One of the questions asked "What work of art would y [...]
[2007-02-28] Spending on advertising for online dating services has risen dramatically in 2006
Spending on advertising for online dating services has risen dramatically since 2004, according to data released today from Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The advertising intelligence service said that while total media spend for such efforts was $149 million in the U.S. in 2004, it rose to $310 million the following year, and hit $430 million from January to November of 2006.“The dating services industry has shown tremendous growth in terms of ad spending across all media, but most especially cable TV, online and local TV and local radio,” Brian Lane, svp-client strategy & product management for N [...]
[2007-02-28] Online dating can be dangerous
People go to online dating services every day trying to find a match. What they may not know is that most dating services don't do background checks on members. [...]
[2007-02-28] Total estimated spending on image-based online advertising for dating services
Total estimated spending on image-based online advertising for dating services was $127.3 million for Jan-November 2006. True ($52.2 million), ($20.4 million) and InterActiveCorp ( ($16.1 million) led the top online personals advertisers in 2006. With the exception of and the remaining eight companies are almost exclusively using the internet for advertising. January-November 2006 Online Advertising Spending Company Estimated Spending True $ 52,169,100 $ 20,410,000 IAC/InterActiveCorp ( $ 16,083,600 $ 9,869,300 Mar [...]
[2007-02-28] The trend is certainly increasing—women without a spouse
Experts said last month, for the first time, that more American women are living single than with a husband. The news analysis, conducted by four New York Times reporters and based on 2005 census results, stated that 51 percent of women claim to now be living without a spouse—a percentage that has increased from 35 percent in 1940 and 49 percent in 2000. But Samuel Preston, the Fredrick J. Warren Professor of Demography in the Department of Sociology and former Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, begs to differ. “It’s highly misleading,” he says of the 51 percent of women cited in the [...]
[2007-02-28] We'd rather be single than dating guys that aren't worth our time
College, career, cash flow -- those who have waited have some great excuses for putting off ever tying the knot. Whether those reasons are valid or not, those who have used them have plenty of company."We'd rather be single than dating guys that aren't worth our time," said one woman in Minneapolis out with a few of her girlfriends.Sociologists have noted a clear trend: women are waiting longer before getting married. Some even push their social abstinence into the realm of dating, as they hold out for perfection. Experts stress there are valid reasons to wait."The younger a couple is when the [...]
[2007-02-28] A most remarkable Russian coming into the 20th century
The 20th cCentury may have been the time frame when then current historians, commentators, and observers first could separate fact from fiction with respect to certain personalities. The first two decades of the 20th century produced Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson as heroic figures of the United States. Remarkable people like Churchill and Truman were in their formative years. Japan was readying to become the power on the other side of the world. In its own way Russia was swinging its mighty weight seemingly in a self-destructive way.From the years of Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great [...]
[2007-02-28] IT'S GETTIN' HOT IN HERE - The traditional Russian bath houses ( Russian banya )
When I left Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport almost three years ago after living in the former Soviet Union for half a decade, there were many things I was more than happy to leave behind. Vodka-soaked men coming home on the subway as I was going to work? Wouldn't miss it. Newly wealthy Russians careening through traffic at 100 mph in their bulletproof BMW sedans as pedestrians dived to safety? No longer held any allure for me. But I would miss the Russian bath experience, the perfect antidote to a cold, winter day when it seemed as if nothing could get me warm except a one-way ticket to the s [...]
[2007-02-28] More and more Americans loathe their jobs
Americans hate their jobs more than ever before in the past 20 years, with fewer than half saying they are satisfied. The trend is strongest among workers under the age of 25, less than 39 percent of whom are satisfied with their jobs. Workers age 45 to 54 have the second lowest level of satisfaction (less than 45 percent), according a survey conducted by The Conference Board, a market information company that also puts out the Consumer Confidence Index and the Leading Economic Indicators. Older people like their jobs more. Nearly half of all workers over 55 are satisfied with their empl [...]
[2007-02-28] Russian army plagued with sex slavery and male prostitution
According to the UN International Panel for Struggle against Sexual Exploitation, the Russian army is plagued with male prostitution. A small amount of money is enough to find a Russian soldier-prostitute in the center of Moscow. Servicemen may become male prostitutes in the Russian army for various reasons. There are young men who voluntarily offer sexual favors to their homosexual clients; others are forced into prostitution against their own will. Newcomers, especially those who finished higher schools before joining the army, suffer from sexual harassment more often than others. Brave so [...]
[2007-02-28] Muslim officials urge Malaysians to boycott Valentine’s Day
Religious officials are urging couples in Muslim-majority Malaysia and Brunei to shun Valentine's Day, saying it conflicts with Islamic principles and could cause moral erosion. The warning came as florists, hotels and restaurants ramped up promotions for the occasion, offering roses inscribed with sentimental proclamations, idyllic seaside escapes and candlelight dinners with popular singers serenading lovers. There are no laws banning Wednesday's celebration in either country, which advocate moderate Muslim teachings, but some officials noted that Saint Valentine was a Christian and fear [...]
[2007-02-28] The strange history of Saint Valentine's Day
At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under date of 14 February. One is described as a priest at Rome, another as bishop of Interamna (modern Terni), and these two seem both to have suffered in the second half of the third century and to have been buried on the Flaminian Way, but at different distances from the city. In William of Malmesbury's time what was known to the ancients as the Flaminian Gate of Rome and is now the Porta del Popolo, was called the Gate of St. Valentine. The name seems to have been taken from a small [...]
[2007-02-28] In 1993 there were 1500 divorces granted to couples who had been married for more than 30 years. By 2005 this number had ratcheted to 6000.
WHEN couples file for divorce they have the option of applying singly or jointly. Of the 52,400 divorces granted in Australia during 2005, not quite one-third involved a joint application. Many couples happily, or at least co-operatively, decide to jointly call it quits. What remains of course are divorces granted where the applicant is either male or female. And here's where the real politics of trading partners gets interesting. Generally, where only one member of a couple initiates the application for divorce it's the female who is the prime mover. Although not by the margin you might [...]
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