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[2007-01-19] The biological reason for your budding crush
Jade Montoya and Joe Laureanti are what most would consider the average, young Tempe couple. Despite their occasional arguments, they have been together for 11 months. They met in the least romantic of settings: a Pizza Hut. On a night last week, they sat together in Montoya's apartment, unintentionally mirroring each other's body language, giggling at each other and play fighting. Montoya was in a relationship the first time she met Laureanti, but that didn't stop him from aggressively pursuing her. "First time I saw her, I was like 'that's gonna be my new girlfriend,'" Laureanti says. Montoy [...]
[2007-01-19] Does your new love really care? Ask the Internet
It's not official until it's on MySpace. Or Facebook. Or both. The days of announcing a new relationship by wearing a crush's class ring or letterman's jacket are long gone. Now it's all about the relationship status on social-networking sites. Some people now list themselves as "married" on their profiles when a relationship gets serious and "divorced" when the breakup is painful. And finding that your boyfriend or girlfriend has changed his or her status on MySpace or Facebook to "single" is the dreaded, fatal sign. This new-found PDA - public declaration of attachment - has taken over [...]
[2007-01-19] Online Dating Advise
While online dating tips have been done to death, there are some new approaches to the years old problem of what to do and how to act after you've taken the online chats and instant messaging a step further with the decision to meet "for real" out in the world. Cyber stalking can turn to real stalking if you don't pace your self and find out as much as you can about whom this person really is before you decide to meet up with them for real. Although not talked about a lot, one of the online dating tips that is making a new splash on the scene is to log on to a background check site and joi [...]
[2007-01-19] Women living alone draws skepticism from marriage supporters
A New York Times study of census data from 2005 claims that 51 percent of American women now live alone without a spouse, and most of them by choice. The report, which appeared in the paper Jan. 16, claims the number of single women has increased from 49 percent just five years ago and from only 35 percent in 1950.Several factors, including women waiting longer to marry, staying single, getting divorced and living alone longer after their spouses pass away, led to the increase, the paper reported. “Coupled with the fact that married couples became a minority of all American households for the [...]
[2007-01-19] In North Dakota, a man and woman who live together without being married are committing a sex crime
In North Dakota, a man and woman who live together without being married are committing a sex crime. It’s right there in the law, a state senator says, alongside the prohibitions against adultery, incest and indecent exposure. Tracy Potter, a freshman Democrat from Bismarck, is asking the state Legislature to end North Dakota’s status as one of seven states that have anti-cohabitation laws on the books. It has rejected three such attempts since 1990. “Mark Twain expressed a simple view of people’s personal relationships with government ... that I think government should adopt. That is, I d [...]
[2007-01-19] Women may be finding it's better to be alone and spouseless than alone and married.
When the New York Times reported Tuesday that 51 percent of women now live without a spouse, women were not exactly getting out the hankies to weep at the death of an institution. They were, instead, high-fiving each other. The article concerned 2005 census results wherein 51 percent of women said they were now living spouselessly. I bet some of those women were even single. I mean, heaven, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue know that even those of us with husbands occasionally find they've gone missing - which is why I'm lobbying for GPS devices to be installed whenever a man over 30 gets (1) n [...]
[2007-01-19] Now it's abnormal to be a married woman
THE number of unmarried women in Australia is expected to outstrip the number of married ones by the time census results are released later this year, according to projections by experts. For the first time, single women and those living in de facto relationships will become the norm, marking the beginning of a social trend that will change the way we live, socialise and conduct relationships. "My expectation is that the 2006 census results, due out in the middle of this year, will confirm that there are now more single women than women in married relationships," the demographer Bernard Salt [...]
[2007-01-18] Men's Online Dating Email Tips!
Dear friend, Have you been dating online and are frustrated with poor responses to your emails? Or even worse, women not replying to your first emails at all? This is enough to make you give up isn’t it? Especially if you are recently divorced, split up and single. I know the feeling and have been there and felt the pain. Well, I have good news for you because in this article I am giving away extremely valuable information for free. If you follow the steps I’m about to outline, you will have a lot of success with online dating. These online dating tips will triple your response and dates on [...]
[2007-01-18] How To Write Online Personal Ad
According to US News & World Report, 40 million single Americans check out online dating sites every year. Lots of them have found true love, but how do you write the perfect personal that stands out from the rest? Just log on to any Internet dating site and you will find lots of people looking for love online. If you want to make sure your personal ad is an attention getter, it has to have that "wow" factor. Steven Ward of Master Matchmakers is an expert at helping people make the right connection. He says, "An online profile is no different than a ‘for sale’ sign in front of a ho [...]
[2007-01-18] When employees become romantically involved, should you anticipate trouble? Here's some real-world advice on the matter.
Dealing With an Office Romance Love and marriage may "go together like a horse and carriage," but the question for entrepreneursis, “Do they go together in today’s business environment?” Work, after all, is the place where many people spend more than a third of their lives, and it's possibly one of the best places where employees can find a potential mate who shares similar life goals and attitudes. But as romantic as that sounds for someone who's looking for love, dating in the workplace poses many problems for business owners. That’s why many businesses have rules against office romances; [...]
[2007-01-18] 5 Great Tips for Beginners To Online Dating
Did you know that two out of five single people in the UK now use some kind of on line dating service? That's 40% of all singles! Unfortunately, the percentage of these people who actually find a real romance as a direct result of their site memberships is very low - probably less than 10%. Why is this? Well, it's true that some sites are better than others; they have more traffic, they are better to navigate; they just 'work' whilst others just don't. But what really matters is how you use a site when you actually sign-up to one. Take my word for it, unless you take the five simple steps th [...]
[2007-01-18] What it Means to be a Woman in Nepal
‘Due to the lack in clarity in Nepal’s Law, many Nepalese women have been victimised on the ground of spontaneous abortion, whether it was a simple miscarriage or abortion caused by the heavy manual labour on the part of the woman. The women of Nepal cannot defend themselves because of the lack of definition of abortion,’ says Singh B. Moktan, the director of PAM Nestling Home (PAM= Prisoners Assistance Mission). What is needed is a mobilisation of women in Nepal, the USA, Europe and the world over in fighting this ancient, archaic practice of the Rule of Garbhabat. Despite the fact that de [...]
[2007-01-18] Matchmakers rely on powers of observation ... and luck
Even in this age of online dating, my husband and I met exactly the same way both sets of our parents did: on a blind date, introduced by friends. The old formula of friends setting up friends has worked for generations. Often, it doesn't take more than one thoughtful person. At our October wedding, several guests wanted to meet our matchmaker, Phil Greenspan. "I wasn't thinking much other than the fact that I know two nice, educated, Jewish people who might hit it off," he said. "I think that making a connection is a bit of luck. It's mostly timing." Others who have successfully set up fri [...]
[2007-01-18] For Valentine's, look in the mirror and check out your real best friend
I was in Bartell's the other day just in time to catch the official changing of the seasons. Down came the Christmas swag -- the wreaths, the wrapping paper, the bows and bangles -- and up went box after heart-shaped box of chocolate, that is, the universal sign of love (and/or terror, depending upon your DNA). Not that there was any question in my mind that Valentine's Day was coming. It's hard to miss, what with all the and eHarmony spots running night and day and restaurants already reminding us to make our reservations now for that Special Night of Unforgettable Romance Upon Whi [...]
[2007-01-18] Bermuda break so tempting for top Russians
Russian and Ukrainian athletes have become a perennial sight on the roads of Bermuda during International Race Weekend for most of the past 20 years.So what is the attraction that brings them here, so far away from their homes and training bases, and why are there so many quality Russian and Ukrainian women runners compared to other nations?Russian athlete manager Anthony Baranov, who is based in New York City, explained: “That’s a question people ask, especially why there are so many Russian women runners.“For many of them it is the only way to do something different with their life and earn [...]
[2007-01-18] Kenya: No Dating Allowed
Twenty four year old Achieng' is dying to move out of home. "My parents won't let me bring any male friends over, let alone allow me to date, and I'm an adult!" she laments. You would think that my parents would not want me to wind up in a boring marriage like theirs," she continues. "They have nothing to talk about other than how much it is raining upcountry, mother asking my father if he would like to eat, or my father passing a message through mother to the workers in the farm! You would think they want me to cultivate a good relationship with my husband-to-be by first being friends with [...]
[2007-01-18] Education for love
Some major changes have occurred in Chinese young people's ideas about dating and marriage over the past several years, according to a report released by the China Youth and Children Research Center. Statistics indicate that adolescence comes earlier and so does sexual maturity, both psychologically and physiologically. As a result, today's youth experience their first love earlier. Yet, they marry later. The increasing extension of the time between first love and marriage is described as the major reason for premarital cohabitation and sex. The survey of more than 400 young people in [...]
[2007-01-18] Why Do You Have A Partner?
From what one reads in forums on relationships, it seems that most of the relationships manage to give more pain than joy after some time. The rise in divorce rates is an indicator to this. Why have relationship if that will give more pain than pleasure to both the partners? Do not you also ask this question? It is becoming so difficult to keep a healthy relationship that one feels that he/she is coming from one office to another office. Where is the home with freedom, acceptance and love? Relationships are becoming ego problems. Communication needs to be guarded. Wishes have to be taken care [...]
[2007-01-18] Some singles are letting pals play matchmaker
Forget the treacly TV testimonials and all the hype about online dating sites. No refined search engine or Dr. Phil endorsement can guarantee that a mug of Mr. or Ms. Right is waiting on the next Web page. Singles on the lookout for a partner are setting aside Internet searches and returning to perhaps the oldest coupling conduit known to humans: the matchmaker. Unlike the gossipy Yenta of "Fiddler on the Roof," today's matchmakers are often tech-savvy amateur cupids who run through a range of social circles. Homemaker Beth Wolff of Los Gatos, Calif., keeps a list of eligible singles in her [...]
[2007-01-18] Couples consider lawsuit against defrocked minister
Norm Vachon and his daughter were duped in separate wedding ceremonies by a defrocked minister into thinking they'd tied the knot and they want other couples scammed into thinking they were married to join a class action suit. Maggie Montgomery-Heersink -- a former United Church minister who had her credentials revoked in 2001 -- continued to perform bogus wedding ceremonies, swindling many brides and grooms. She recently wrote letters to all the couples about the scam and fled to Calgary. "My daughter was married by (Montgomery-Heersink) and I thought she was a nice lady. I thought if s [...]
[2007-01-18] Breaking up is hard to do, but there's still a right way
It's not you, it's me. Chances are you've either said it or been on the receiving end of this lame breakup line. It ranks right up there with "I need to find myself," in terms of clarity and honesty. But prepare yourself: We've officially hit Breakup Season, according to Yahoo! Personals. The dating service surveyed more than 2,500 of its users and found that people are more than twice as likely to think about breaking up now than at any other time of the year. The prime period seems to be between Christmas and Valentine's Day — when you have hung in long enough to have a date to your compa [...]
[2007-01-18] Forget the stigma, says KELLY WALLS. It's as natural as any other way of meeting people.
OK, I admit it. I have taken the plunge into the world of Internet dating. Being a mom, working full-time and moonlighting as a doctoral student, it is quite obvious that my options are limited. My online adventure began several years ago when a friend suggested I give it a try. I had been divorced for almost five years, so maybe it was time. To my friend's delight, I began the task of preparing "The Profile." This part consisted of writing about myself and what I was looking for. Sounds easy, right? Easy if you happen to know what it is you're looking for. In my case, I had no idea. F [...]
[2007-01-18] Womens' magazine 'Scarlet' has partnered with Global Personals, an online dating and social networking website developer, to launch a dating channel on its website
The new dating site, which has access to dating system company White Label Dating's 'singles' members, has been live for just over a month but has been officially launched to coincide with the February issue of the magazine, available this week. "Social networking sites are constantly growing in popularity and a dating channel is a must have for any publication looking to expand its online presence," said Steve Pammenter, MD of Global Personals. Scarlet's readership is predominantly female, between 25-45-years-old and single, and the brand is positioned towards the woman's market in a s [...]
[2007-01-18] Dating Someone Shady?
Most of us have experienced the push and pull of dating. Two people meet, they start to explore things, and before long, the majority of your free time is spent together. Then one of you gets spooked and starts to pull away. Or maybe they decide they have a stronger connection with someone else. Sometimes, single people like to keep their options open as much as possible. If there isn’t a serious relationship, then many feel it’s open season. That is when the ever so lovely shady behavior rears its head. How can you tell if someone you are dating is shady? Since I have both pushed and pulled [...]
[2007-01-17] Coming of Age: The Needs of Boys and Girls as They Hit Puberty
Most people, the world over celebrate coming of age as a momentous turning point in the life of their child. However the lines become blurred in US culture, since there's no official ceremony as such or formal rite of passage that recognizes when a boy becomes a man and a girl becomes a woman.As children reach puberty earlier and earlier over the last century or so, researchers are yet to concur on the primary reason behind this phenomenon; though they do agree that it appears to be related to improved child health and body fat percentage, especially in girls.Since estrogen and a lot of other [...]
[2007-01-17] Caribbean becomes a sea of love for JDaters
Staying on a small resort on a small island, entertained by life-size Jenga games when it rained and a larger-than-life trapeze when it didn’t, dozens of JDaters experienced the leisure of unhurried life off line.The idyllic environment of a Caribbean vacation at Club Med became an ideal setting for coming together.Take Alicia 36, of Atlanta, and Alex, 39, of Los Angeles, became an item the first night of the trip. Apparently the excitement hasn’t faded: A few weeks after JDate’s Caribbean adventure in late December, the couple is about to reconnect on a ski trip.“I’m so excited to see him tha [...]
[2007-01-17] When love comes in your 80s, say "I Do!"
I just love her so much," said the groom, gazing adoringly at his bride. "And I am so happy to be married to you," answered the bride, clasping his arm. Calvin "Cal" Netter and Jane Hockstein, the groom and bride respectively, both live at Holley Court Terrace, 1111 Ontario St., a senior community in Oak Park. They have known each other for only five months but, at 85 and 82 respectively, took the time-honored plunge and got married last Saturday. "It's the first wedding at Holley Court Terrace," says Anna Cotto, Holley Court marketing director. "We have many romantic relationships and many, [...]
[2007-01-17] Icebreaker gets funding, launches cell-phone dating service
Icebreaker Inc. said it's received an undisclosed amount of angel investment and venture capital funding and has launched a new interactive dating platform for cell-phone users. The Bellevue company said its new "Crush or Flush" dating service allows users to post their photos and profiles. Interested users can initiate contact, or "crush" them, while uninterested users can do nothing, or "flush" them. The company was co-founded by Michael Robinson and Eric Hennings, who said in a statement that they met at Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT). "Crush or Flush brings back the spontaneity and r [...]
[2007-01-17] Foreign husbands: Boon or doom
The fad over foreign mates has literally seen Kenyan women push for a share even as horrifying tales of love affairs gone sour escalate. MWANGI MUIRURI revisits the issue following recent cases that have plunged these women into inhumane treatment abroad. Last year, the disturbing story of Juliet Kavinga whose brains were blown off with a shotgun by her Swedish boyfriend filled the media, shocking many. And following her death, family members, relatives, friends and well wishers were thrust into a fund-raising spree in order to have her remains flown home from Sweden. And as if that was no [...]
[2007-01-17] Ñourse on Filipina mail-order brides
The prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore is offering a course on Filipina mail-order brides, calling it a “serious course” that would help explain the stereotyping of Filipino women. “Mail-Order Brides: Understanding the Philippines in Southeast Asian Context” will be offered in the Spring, with an expected enrolment of 35 students. British Prof. Fenella Cannell, who has spent 15 years in the Philippines and has written scholarly books about Southeast Asia, is teaching the course. The course is offered by JHU’s Department of Anthropology and is cross-listed with studies of Women, [...]
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