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[2007-05-04] 35 percent of women aged 30 and above contact men who were five or more years younger than them
Founder and CEO of Markus Frind said in a statement, “It’s not just men who want to date a few years younger these days. Women in their 30s, 40s and older are pursuing younger men on dating sites.”Out of the 23,024 women in the US who initiated contact with men, found that 38 percent sought out men who were at least five years younger than themselves. Results also showed that 10 percent of these women messaged men who were at least 10 years younger. Just to confirm that this was no coincidence the survey was then tested north of the border, in Canada. However [...]
[2007-05-04] New technological concepts introduced by online dating site actually owned and operated by African Americans
Soul Food speaks deeply to African Americans. It is more than just food; it is all about the soul, and where you find soul you’ll find love. So what does soul food have to do with finding a soul mate? According to Carlton Enoch, a multi-talented entrepreneur and movie producer, it has everything to do with it.With the majority of online dating sites owned by mainstream America, Carlton saw an enormous opportunity to brand an online dating community specifically designed for African-Americans by African-Americans. He devised a creative concept infusing the one aspect of our culture we all treme [...]
[2007-05-04] Police arrested a Forest Hills man Wednesday for stealing $10,000 from a Hewlett woman he met through a personals ad and then persuaded to invest in his company after they began dating
Richard F. Russo, 60, of 6864 Yellowstone Blvd. was charged with grand larceny and possession of a forged instrument in connection with the case, the police said.Detectives said the woman, 42, placed a personals ad in a newspaper in 2005, and Russo contacted her and, several months after they began a relationship, Russo persuaded the woman to give him the $10,000 to invest. As collateral, Russo gave her a personal check for the same amount and then repeatedly talked her out of cashing the check when he failed to pay her any return on her investment, the police said.The woman became suspicious [...]
[2007-05-04] Romance through online technology
Media Credit: Dustin Davis /The Arbiter[Click to enlarge]Ever notice the person next to you in class who simply refuses to put their phone away and habitually text message during class? When you do it yourself you probably don’t consider yourself distracting, or perhaps you think you’re too smooth for anyone to notice.You’re probably not that sly. Perhaps if you’re attracted to this king or queen of text messaging you find yourself pondering the who and why: “who is so important that they can’t stop text messaging them?” Or “They must have someone. I won’t bother. Why else w [...]
[2007-05-04] Darwin Dating.
It was evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin who identified the theory of natural selection. But thanks to a new, controversial dating service, there's now a theory of unnatural selection bearing his name -- Darwin Dating. Darwin Dating appears to operate like any other dating website, playing matchmaker in cyberspace. What is different about this particular site is that only beautiful people are permitted to register. Users and members, who themselves must be beautiful, vote on who they think should be given membership and the votes are tallied to determine who is accepted and rejected from [...]
[2007-05-04] A GROWING number of single women are without a friend to go on holiday
As many as 11 per cent of women claim they never take a break away, said a survey from Of these no-holiday females, more than two in five are not in a relationship and most are between 45 and 54 and separated, divorced or widowed. In contrast, more than two- thirds of married women take between one and three holidays a year, while single men are the ones most likely to take five or more breaks annually. Psychologist Donna Dawson said: "Holidaying alone can be a difficult thing to do, especially for a woman who finds herself single again. "Generally, single women ha [...]
[2007-05-04] Increasing number of mixed-nationality marriages in Finland
Last year saw a total of 28,236 marriages in Finland, or slightly more than a thousand fewer than in the previous 12 months. The figures come out in Statistics Finland's demographic change data, published today. The number of couples tying the knot during the first years of the 20th century has varied from year to year quite dramatically. Last year, the average age of women marrying for the first time was 29.7 years, and for men it was 32.1 years. A total of 13,255 marriages came to the end of the road in divorce last year, just over 100 fewer than in 2005. There have been only marginal change [...]
[2007-05-04] A typical Russian immigrant in Canada
There comes a time in every Russian's life when they have a hankering for smoked tongue, pork neck, sturgeon, Moldova pastrami or gypsy bacon. Maybe a cranberry drink with a picture of Rasputin on the label. Those urges might be easy to satisfy in Moscow, but Ottawa? In fact, such desires can be satiated here. In a plain-Jane strip mall at Baxter Road and Iris Street sits Lakomka Delicatessen, where you can get your smoked-skumbria fix. But why in Ottawa's very conventional west end, with other strip-mall tenants such as a pizza place, a Chinese food take-out, two hair stylists, and a neighb [...]
[2007-05-04] New Zealand's ``Love Train'' was filled last month with 300 single women in $300 gowns heading to a muddy field in Middlemarch, a hamlet of sheep, cattle and lonely farmers.
The train left the southern city of Dunedin for a party to introduce the bachelorettes to rural bachelors. Social change during the past 50 years has seen more New Zealand women migrate to cities for education and careers, and men now account for 80 percent of the population in some remote areas. ``The first year we did it, the poor local lads took to the hills. They were a bit spooked,'' said Marilyn Anderson, who organizes the Love Train for the Dunedin council. ``Now we've got them coming in droves.'' The train ride, started in 2001 and held every other year, is one of several private i [...]
[2007-05-04] Foreign workers have to know Russian language
The proposed amendments to the law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” would require foreign workers to have a document confirming their command of the Russian language, which would have to be presented to territorial authorities. Immigrants would be instructed by the state and forced to leave the country of they fail to master the language.Experts say that employers will probably be willing to pay for the language instruction of highly-qualified specialists, but preference may be shown for Russian-speaking laborers. “In my view,” stated Oleg Eremeev, chairman o [...]
[2007-05-03] Not all pretty Russian girls are trying to scam you
Those of us from [...]
[2007-05-03] Writing perfect personal profile
Here are a couple of friendly dating profile tips that I can offer that may seem obvious to some, but apparently not obvious to a large population of singles who will be staying single if they don't get some help. [...]
[2007-05-03] If you come in contact with evil people who's intentions are to steal and hurt
Because the internet is such an easy medium to contact others, it is naive to think that you will never come in contact with evil people who's intentions are to steal and hurt. We could include "online players" in this category, but we want to warn people of two other groups that can be potentially dangerous.The first group are the worst. They are predators and their hearts are full of evil. They may seem to be the most sincere people in the world, but are in reality wolves in sheep's clothing. Fortunately, these individuals rarely carry out their sick fantasies. We only mention them because [...]
[2007-05-02] The man accused of killing his mail-order bride then dropping her 8-year-old son off at his mom's house in Seminole County is back in the Charlotte County, where the killing took place
Police said Scott Huss, 48, returned to Charlotte County Monday, WESH 2 News reported. Huss is accused of killing his Russian immigrant wife, because she was more in love with being in the United States than she was with him, police said.Huss' mother said she thinks he just snapped. Officials said the 8-year-old, son who witnessed the attack, was taken into state custody after police were called. The couple's 2-year-old is also in state custody. [...]
[2007-05-02] Online dating gets a little competition from local matchmaking companies
For many, cyberspaceis the enchanted kingdom to find Prince or Princess Charming. And, for many, it sure beats sidling up to singles at the local dive bar on a Saturday night. But, as with many contemporary fairy-tales, first came popularity, then came the lawsuits, then came dwindling subscriber numbers. With a slew of recent lawsuits against the Internet's most popular dating site,, consumers worry that they'll be duped if they become paying subscribers. JupiterResearch, an international research and analysis firm, reported in 2006that only 28 percent of online daters were satisf [...]
[2007-05-02] Thousands march through Chicago to an immigration rights rally in Grant Park on Tuesday.
It's a march many immigration activists were not happy about making. They hoped there would be immigration reform by now. Instead, an estimated 150,000 protesters marched through downtown Tuesday and to a rally at a lakefront park to call attention to the issue again. They carried with them American, Polish, Russian, Irish and Mexican flags, but also disappointment that the Democratic-controlled Congress voted into office last November has not approved legislation sympathetic to their cause."There's no reason a pro-immigration bill can't be passed. That's one of the messages being sent tod [...]
[2007-05-02] USA receives 20 per cent of the international migrants, followed by Russian Federation, which is approximately 7- 8 per cent.
According to a report, if all the international migrants have to live together, they can make world’s fifth most populated country. The most astonishing fact is that out of the total number of 95 million, almost half are women. IN TODAY’S world the economical and developmental patterns are changing and we find many people working in the countries to which they don’t belong. Most of the workers migrate from one country to another in search of economic opportunities. But this practice can have enormous implications on the growth and welfare of both the countries - [...]
[2007-05-02] Online home of “My Dating Place,” the interactive dating program opened
KUTP My 45 and KSAZ FOX 10 today unveiled the online home of “My Dating Place,” the interactive dating program based entirely around Valley residents.Found at, this site is where individuals can create a profile, post videos and photos, view those of other singles and volunteer to have their date taped for an upcoming episode of the show. All contact information will be kept confidential until otherwise indicated.“We wanted ‘My Dating Place’ to allow local singles to get to know each other in a fun and unique way,” said Pat Nevin, Vice President and General Manager, KUTP-T [...]
[2007-05-02] 7million Brits use it to search for potential partners.
Not so long ago many of us didn't have Internet access at home. Today, 7million Brits use it to search for potential partners. Hours are spent carefully editing profiles, viewing pictures and chatting by e-mail about hobbies, dreams and ambitions. But it's not just mainstream – niche dating sites have started cropping up everywhere and more people are logging on to them. Just because they're different, it doesn't mean they don't work... Couple 1 Simon, 28, a recruitment consultant from Surrey, has been with his girlfriend Marie, 24, a music coordinator from London, for one year. Th [...]
[2007-05-01] Over the past two years there has been a boom in the use of websites that introduce Muslim men and women
When "Sweetgal", a 29-year-old British Muslim from central England, began looking for a new husband last year, at first she didn't know where to turn. The answer, it turned out, was on the internet.She had been married once -- a union arranged by her parents -- to a man from Pakistan. It lasted seven years and produced children but broke down due to cultural differences and she didn't want to go through a similar trauma again.At the same time, being a respectful Muslim who wears hijab, she wasn't going to start "dating", and knew her parents would have to be involved in her new search in one w [...]
[2007-05-01] Service matches workers with jobs
Single female seeks "the perfect fit." Likes long walks on the beach and stock options. No mama's boys or micromanagers. The art of matchmaking, once reserved for meddlesome aunts and online dating services, has found its way into the corporate world. A new service identifies, profiles and matches job seekers with employers through a process that's not so different from A series of assessments includes questions about the candidate's management style, problem-solving abilities and personal motivators, followed by a resume review, reference calls, and, gulp, background check, sai [...]
[2007-05-01] It seems online dating has become a household name
I remember a few years ago, my mom whispered the words, “Online dating.” It was her answer to how a friend of ours met her boyfriend. Our friend was divorced with grown kids. She spent the bulk of her time working and with her family. She wasn’t in the dating scene at all. I always remember hoping she’d meet someone because she is such a great lady. One day I was at her house for a visit. She was beaming. Without a blink of an eye, she announced to us that she was in love and we just HAD to meet this guy. She said she’d never had such a connection with anyone. When my ultra-conservative moth [...]
[2007-05-01] The U.S. State Department has issued warnings for users of Internet dating services
The U.S. State Department has issued warnings for users of Internet dating services. People posing as eligible singles are turning out to be scam artists from Nigeria and other countries.CBS station in Denver KCNC-TV's reporter Rick Sallinger spoke with victims of the fraud.Shawn Bland of Aurora, Colo. was hoping to find a companion so he signed up to become a member of the Web site It didn't take long before he received an approach from someone calling herself Kelly Williams.The picture Bland received was that of a beautiful woman. Williams said she would "never lie to him, ne [...]
[2007-05-01] 120 singles have signed up for a chance to meet that special someone on the 'love boat' to Pulau Redang.
120 singles have signed up for a chance to meet that special someone on the 'love boat' to Pulau Redang. Participants from a diverse background and aged between early 20s and 60, had 40 hours to get to know each other. It was a nervous start but with some ice breaking activities, the atmosphere soon warmed up. The cruise was organised by Romancing Singapore with the help of four dating agencies. Participants also got relationship advice during a one-on-one session with dating professionals [...]
[2007-05-01] Yahoo! Malaysia and have married their talents to offer a free online service for Muslims looking for spouses.
Interested persons can visit, click on the "Matrimony" link to create a personal profile and join a community that shares similar interests based on individual appeal and preferences. is a site for the Muslim fraternity run by Match International, a US-based online matrimonial service provider. With this arrangement, millions of Internet users in Malaysia who are Muslim can meet potential life partners using the Web. The service has more than 100,000 profiles of prospective brides and grooms. "Yahoo! is the most locally relevant Internet service in [...]
[2007-04-30] A new Irish dating website plans to use scientific personality tests to pair off compatible men and women.
The site uses a 83-step questionnaire created by a team of scientists which studies the attitudes and lifestyle habits of online members.The service is already helping 2.4 million male and female subscribers aged 28-55 years old in Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden and Denmark.The patented psychometric compatibility test for matching couples was created by German psychologist Prof Hugo Schmale and a team of scientists and psychologists from Hamburg University.It is believed there are up to 755,000 Irish singles seeking lon [...]
[2007-04-30] Women’s rights advocates yesterday pressed for an end to illegal, cross-border match-making services.
"The Government needs to... put and end to illegal match-making services to protect the dignity of Vietnamese women," said Ha Thi Khiet, head of the Viet Nam Women’s Union. Khiet and other members of the Women’s Union met with South Korean government officials, local authorities and Vietnamese brides during a recently completed four-day visit to South Korea. One-eight of South Korean men find foreign spouses; most are from Viet Nam, China, the Philippines and Japan, according to South Korean statistics. In 2006 alone, the number of Vietnamese brides in this country totaled 10,131, up 74 per [...]
[2007-04-30] Tips to tell if you're on a date and how to act accordingly
The steak couldn't have been any juicier, the chocolate cake couldn't have been any richer, and the bill, well, the bill couldn't be any higher. It's your first time out with your dream guy, and as sure as you are that you don't have any food in your teeth, you are clueless about whether you should pay your share of the bill.It's happened to practically everyone. Someone asks you out, you accept; dinner, movie, maybe some ice cream after, but who pays for what and how can you be sure it's a date? Hospitality and tourism management sophomore Sarah Johnson experienced an awkward dating moment wh [...]
[2007-04-30] Newly-launched Club Intimate web site is changing the face of online dating and social networking
Realising that there’s more to relationships than a Friday night date, Club Intimate is a totally-free online community centred around the interests and needs of club members from around the world. Club Intimate combines the favourite features common to dating and social networking web sites with a series of interactive Web 2.0 tools that allow members to build a community and get to know each other. These features include personal blog space for each member and nearly 20 different interest-based forums in which members can discuss topics that appeal to them. “People are passionate about t [...]
[2007-04-30] A True Blue Tory councillor's web profile turned bluer than he would have wanted thanks to a disgruntled ex-student who set him up on an explicit gay internet dating site.
The fake profile of Barnes councillor Ben Stanberry describes his political views as 'very liberal', his appearance as 'young, handsome and gay', and goes on to describe explicit details of what he is allegedly looking for in a partner. Councillor Stanberry, who appeared in the last series of TV show The Apprentice, vowed to get the obscene postings removed straight away. He blamed the hoax on a student he expelled in his previous job as a law lecturer. He said: "It would not be the first time somebody has done this to me and I will certainly now get it taken down. "There's pictures of me [...]
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