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[2006-12-18] Love knows no boundaries
Terry Mohan could not talk to the parents of his wife-to-be when he met them.He is fluent in English, but they speak only Polish. They visited the United States for the first time when they attended the wedding. "It was just smiling, hugging and hand gestures," Mohan said. "It's very unusual. You want to talk to them, but you can't."Mohan was born in Guyana to Indian parents. His wife, Renata, was born and raised in Poland.When they wed at Holy Name of Jesus Church in May, the priest performed half of the ceremony in English and half in Polish. The Stamford couple plan to speak English and P [...]
[2006-12-18] What, and who, lies behind those beguiling personal ads?
Every week in Japan, English-language magazines carry upward of 200 classified ads placed by both Japanese and non-Japanese people seeking to meet strangers whom they hope to strike up a relationship with. For the average reader the ads are often the first thing they turn to when they pick up the magazine. It's not that most aim to pursue what's offered or sought through those few cryptic lines -- and even a quick inspection will take in such predilections as spanking, bondage and group sex, as well as plenty craving true love. Instead, the ads' magnetic appeal is in the titillation of imagi [...]
[2006-12-18] Get out before you get hurt
Dear Dating Girl: I've been seeing my boyfriend for about six months now, and I am starting to feel like I embarrass him. He has never introduced me to any of his friends, and when we do stuff, it often involves hanging out at his place, having sex and not going out. I recently confronted him about it. He admitted he was still getting over his last relationship with a woman he thought was the love of his life. He said he wasn't sure he was ready to embark on something new and didn't want to let his friends know we were involved until he was sure. Should I stick around and hope our private rela [...]
[2006-12-18] Can you judge a man’s faithfulness by his face? How about whether he would be a good father, or a good provider?
Many people believe they can, according to a University of Michigan study published in the December issue of Personal Relationships, a peer-reviewed academic journal.U-M social psychologist Daniel J. Kruger conducted a series of on-line experiments showing 854 male and female undergraduate students versions of composite male faces that had been altered to look more or less masculine by adjusting, for example, the shape of the jaw, the strength of brow ridges and the thickness of lips. Participants were asked which of the men they preferred as mates, dates, parents of their children, or [...]
[2006-12-18] Survey shows why people marry
LOVE and marriage still apparently go together like the proverbial. That's according to a major new survey about relationships which has found more than two-thirds of Australians continue to believe people marry to signify a long-term commitment to each other. Making a public commitment was also highly rated by the 1200 adults surveyed for the 2006 Relationships Australia "Relationships Indicator" study who were asked what they thought were the main reasons people got married, as was providing security for children. Seventy per cent of the respondents were involved in a serious relationshi [...]
[2006-12-18] Online marriages aren't made in heaven!
Some marriages may be made in heaven but certainly not some of the ones that are arranged online. China has warned its citizens to be cautious of online brokers who arrange International marriages, taking into account the increasing number of "mail-order brides" who find themselves trapped in unhappy marriages. A considerable number of Chinese women have been hooked by online "matchmakers", and then travel abroad and blindly rush into marriage, only to be victimised by domestic violence. Some have even lost their lives, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. For instance, on November [...]
[2006-12-18] Dating service offers match made in the heavens
You can upgrade your seat on a plane, but can you upgrade your seatmate? Answering the prayers of millions of frequent flyers who wish they could avoid the over-sized, smelly, fidgety chatterbox that inevitably squeezes in next to them, Peter Shankman says yes. His matchmaking service, AirTroductions, has been building its membership since it was launched last year, and now boasts over 18,000 people hoping to meet Mr. Right_ or at least avoid Mrs. Wrong _ on a transcontinental flight. Aerial matchmaking works like this: You buy your ticket as usual, then go to AirTroductions, log in and cre [...]
[2006-12-18] Love actually? Nothing works for me, so I bet on Fate
IF LOVE actually is all around, why is it still so hard to connect in an interconnected world? The paradox haunts Trina Tan. She wrote to The New Paper on Sunday: 'I have tried online dating sites, Internet forums, speed dating, attending social events, and of course, met potential guys from the workplace. So far nothing has worked out.' With hope sinking, an idea was born: Why not an arranged marriage, through The New Paper on Sunday? Why not, we say. The hand of destiny might well place this story before the man who is meant for Trina. This is her story. Know her, love her. SHE bubb [...]
[2006-12-18] The London city is home to 300,000 former Soviet citizens, a third recent arrivals
To those fearful of homegrown Muslim extremism, this city was Londonistan. But now, after the mysterious poisoning death of the former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, other sobriquets are more current: Londongrad, Moscow-on-the-Thames. The new names reflect the changes wrought here by a complicated influx from beyond the Urals, one that has built with ever greater pace since the end of the Cold War. By several accounts, London is now home to an estimated 300,000 citizens from the former Soviet Union, a third of them arriving in the last two years. Among them and around them twist hazy [...]
[2006-12-18] Love Highland
CREAM teas and shortbread are an unusual recipe for love, but Cupid's arrow will be fired between Torquay to Tobermory in the latest prime-time reality TV show. Eight men from Devon will journey north to "the rural, remote Highlands" to meet eight single women aged between 30 and 60, in what's tipped to be of the BBC's most talked about series of 2007. When Love Comes To Town, due for transmission early next year, will find 16 single-tons guided in their romantic attachments by a matchmaker. The couples will travel between Devon and the Scottish Highlands for a range of one-on-one and grou [...]
[2006-12-16] Single, Female And 30 Something
In life I think it's fair to say that women drew the short straw enduring monthly periods, PMT, giving birth and the menopause; all producing more hormones than she, and anyone within arms length distance, can cope with. But if she is 30 something and single the joy of being a woman doesn't stop there! She is in a race against time to meet a man (preferably sexy!), fall in love, get him to fall in love her, move in together, get married, have a baby (the latter two in no particular order as long as they happen!) and live happily ever after. The reality though is that many women diarise "sett [...]
[2006-12-16] Tips To Practice Online And “offline”
Online dating usually makes people more cautious about who they choose to date and in this day and age that can’t be a bad thing! How many times have you been in a bar/club and given your telephone number to someone you know very little about? With online dating you can take as long as you want getting to know and trust someone via anonymous messaging. You date at your pace and you never have to reveal any personal details about yourself unless you wish to do so. If you you're thinking of joining an online dating agency or have already joined, be sure to practice safety guidelines. Here ar [...]
[2006-12-16] The Best Dating dvice You Will Ever Hear
There are four things any Christian should do if they are dating. I borrowed a name for the four from the old mustard colored tract made so famous by Bill Bright’s organization, Campus Crusade for Christ. I call them “The Four Spiritual Laws of Dating. Although they are pointed at Christians in general I am sure they would work for anyone. I suppose to work on just anyone it might require that the reader first read the original “Four Spiritual Laws” tract, and believe it. 1. Keep All The Rules of The Scripture. There are quite a few laws and rules set forth in the scripture about dating. Keep [...]
[2006-12-16] Psychologists hear many secrets, but people don't like to reveal their online dating profiles - it appears too intimate to them
He arrived at therapy at the age of 30. When I first met him, he was working at a high tech firm in a senior position, one he had achieved in a short time due to his extraordinary talent and extreme diligence. Menashe (fictional name and identifying details) was the sixth child out of seven, born to farming parents on a moshav in the south of the country. Menashe, who always felt like the black sheep in his family, left his house after his army service and moved into the student dorms of his university, where he graduated with honors. His studies were demanding. They required many long hou [...]
[2006-12-16] Russia quizzes anti-migrant leader on maiming remarks
Prosecutors on Friday questioned a Russian anti-immigration campaigner accused of stirring up ethnic hatred by accusing Chechen migrants of cutting off ears of two native Russians before their death in a brawl in August. Alexander Potkin, public relations chief for the Movement Against Illegal Migration (DPNI), said on national television in September the Chechens had maimed their victims. Prosecutors insist he had deliberately exaggerated the incident saying that an examination showed there had been no such cruelty. The fight, over an unpaid bill between local Russians and ethnic [...]
[2006-12-16] The majority of Russian women prefers to make accent on eyes
In Russia colour cosmetics consumption rate is the largest in Europe (80% of women apply make-up every day and 10% use colour cosmetics 4-5 times a week). Five years ago a foreigner coming to Russia could notice, that a lot of local women wear bright lipstick. At present specialists say about shift in consumption habits, for the majority of Russian women prefer to make accent on eyes, while lips remain in discreet colors. Lipstick, however, remains the most popular make-up product. 75.2% of Russian women prefer lipstick most of all. 57.7% of consumers choose mascara. Women also can not do with [...]
[2006-12-16] Will a love of meat products and the Steelers bring these two Pittsburgh natives together?
Shannon: When I got to the restaurant, there were two people at the bar. I was like: "Please be the tall, hunky one." He was, which was awesome. I've gone out with some Lollipop Guild members lately. I was ready for some height. Brad: I'd gotten there five or 10 minutes early and was at the bar having a Jack and Coke. I heard her talking to the hostess and turned around. She looked very attractive. I don't have a type, but I like blond hair. Shannon: We sat down and were trying to figure out why we were set up. Pretty quickly, we got to the fact that we're both from Pittsburgh. Then it was l [...]
[2006-12-16] New Web sites link single travelers on planes, taxis for the holiday rush
Kiersten Smith IS all set for her trip home for Christmas. She's booked her flight from Newark, N.J., to Chicago, made plans to get together with family and is wrapping up things at work. She's also lining up a blind date -- for the plane ride. "The holidays are peak travel time," says the 31-year-old doctoral student in neuroscience, who has signed up with a new service called AirTroductions that promises to match single travelers who are booked on the same flight. "You never know who you'll meet." In an age of online dating, where seasoned daters often judge a potential mate based on a sca [...]
[2006-12-15] Tipsto Spot a Fake Internet Personal Profile
How many times have you been turned on by a too-good-to-be-true profile on an Internet dating site, only to find out that that’s exactly what it was? Men who claim to be 35-year-old successful stockbrokers turn out to be fifty-something bus drivers (nothing against bus drivers, but you get the point)? Or women who claim to be “fit and athletic” in their profile who could only be referring to Sumo wrestling when anything physical is involved? Let’s face it – the profiles you see on Internet dating and personals sites are sometimes a bit less than honest. So, how can you spot the fakes from the [...]
[2006-12-15] Tips To Identify And Avoid Online Dating Scams
“where’s the exit” Jersey Crew-Neck Tee for Her — Express your sense of humor and your sexy, sassy attitude! tootoographic offers this and dozens more witty, word-perfect shirts in many styles and colors. The “Styles with Smiles” team at tootoographic brings you witty new “where’s the exit?” text designs expressing life’s comic side and funny frustrations. If your sense of humor has an ironic, intelligent side, then these engaging, conversation-starting shirts are for you. Go ahead! Make some new friends! See the hundreds of other humorous expressions and witty graphic designs at tootoogra [...]
[2006-12-15] Chinese citizens warned against online international marriage hoax
China's MinistryofForeignAffairs on Thursday warned its citizens to be cautious of online brokers who arrange international marriages, saying the number of "mail-order brides" that find themselves trapped in unhappy marriages continue to increase. A number of Chinese women have been hooked by online "matchmakers", and then travel abroad and blindly rush into marriage, only to be victimized by domestic violence. Some have even lost their lives, said the ministry. On Nov. 28th, a woman surnamed Chen sued an online international marriage broker after it provided false information and conned h [...]
[2006-12-15] Fearless Internet Dating
When my best friend Julie Futrovsky called me to tell me she had three dates in one week, I naturally told her how happy I was for her. Then I immediately swapped the cashmere scarf I bought for her birthday for wool socks. Julie has had nine dates in three weeks. The wench wasn't getting cashmere. "You have to do it! You have to internet date!" She screamed to me over the phone. "I'm way too cool to be online, Julie." I replied. "Besides, you live on the east coast. LA is different." "If I wasn't running late for my date with Mitch, the lawyer who played basketball for an ACC school, re [...]
[2006-12-15] Russian mafia uses internet to steal from nursing home
AN internet scam run by the Russian mafia has fleeced a Herefordshire nursing home out of thousands of pounds. The investigation put a Hereford detective on the trail of an elusive international master criminal who has since vanished into cyberspace. Not even a trawl of the world's anti-terrorist databases could find a trace of the shadowy suspect known as "Sharapov". But one of his unwitting middlemen appeared at Hereford Crown Court last Friday where the plot worthy of a bestseller unfolded. The court heard how around £12,000 was electronically siphoned from an on-line bank account [...]
[2006-12-15] Rich history unfolds on a 10-day trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow by boat
ABOARD THE VIKING SURKOV, Russia - The first Russian phrase we learned - this, only minutes after boarding the charter bus that picked us up at the St. Petersburg airport - was "yellow blue bus." Say it fast, our guide told us, and it sounds like "I love you" in Russian, sort of. In the days to come, we would be drilled on this and other newly acquired snippets of Russian. Our bus passed dreary apartment blocks before rolling across the Neva River on a suspension bridge, from which we had our first glimpse of the Viking Surkov - our floating home for the Waterways of the Czars cruise, a 1 [...]
[2006-12-14] Krasnoyarsk opens dating agency for animals
A dating agency for animals will be working in Krasnoyarsk at the trade fair "New Year Fairy-Tale" in Exhibition Center "Siberia". Pet owners will be able to organize dating for their animals, consult veterinary surgeons, and experts on dogs and cats at the exhibition. A wide range of New Year goods ranging from toys to textile and kitchen utensils will be exhibited at the fair. The program also includes fashion shows, master classes on florist design of exotic flowers, body art, make-up, batik, painting, leather, accessories and astrology. As Newslab reported earlier, the trade fair "New [...]
[2006-12-14] Benefits of Online Dating Services
Online personals and dating is a great way to meet that special someone, however it is important to approach it with safety as your first priority. The Internet has become the ultimate haven for singles - without the drunks, the noise, and the exorbitant cost you pay to be in the bars desperately hoping to be noticed. Thanks to online dating sites, you don't have to ask your mother or friend to help you hook up with someone they think is perfect for you - which in most cases, isn't. Married Dating for true, sincere persons looking for more love. If you're new, or relatively new to the onlin [...]
[2006-12-14] The Dating Game
When it comes to love, everyone agrees that “playing games” is bad. Yet we all play them. Let’s say Kevin just started dating Karen. Kevin has to call frequently enough early in the relationship to communicate interest, but not so much that he communicates “stalker with boundary issues.” What’s the right number of times for Kevin to call? There’s no set number. One person’s “too frequent” is another’s “thoughtless neglect.” It all depends on how often Karen believes she should hear from a guy that’s interested in her. But the rules of the game state that she can’t tell Kevin. That would be c [...]
[2006-12-14] Who Are The People That Romance or Dating Scams Are Targeted At?
Incidences of romance or dating scams have been on the rise since it came to public knowledge not too long ago.Yet,many people in the Western world are yet to grasp the reality of the fact that this scam seems to be on the increase.Perhaps, because most of the people who lose money to these scams do not talk about their losses.Many people prefer to bear the financial losses in silence, rather than disclose to any other party. On the other hand, in Nigeria and other places where the scammers operate from, large amounts of dollars are being received on a daily basis from the scams.In the third w [...]
[2006-12-14] Slick scam artist takes local woman for US$5,000
At 33 years of age, Paula Cooper felt reasonably confident she'd learned her share of life's lessons.She was wrong.Cooper, a Penticton resident, was a victim of an elaborate Internet scam to the sum of US$5,000 from a man she'd met on an online dating service.About two weeks following the incident, Cooper was watching an episode on Dr. Phil warning people of the dangers of Internet scammers."This should have been on three months ago," Cooper said with a chuckle.She has learned to develop a sense of humour about an incident which saddled her with a debt she hadn't planned on but also has her qu [...]
[2006-12-14] Dating in the fast line
Four men made the trek to O'Charley's restaurant last Monday for the city's first speed dating event. Ten women, dressed in business attire or going-out outfits, waited patiently. Each man and woman paired up and spent six minutes getting to know one another.Women who waited for their turn ate appetizers, had a drink from the bar or chatted amongst themselves. Even if they didn't find a man that evening, they were content to make new friends.Organizer Vivian Baldwin said the event was a success."I was very excited and proud to be the host," she said. "Although everyone regi [...]
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