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[2007-04-19] An Atlantic City gambler was sentenced Tuesday to nearly 10 years in federal prison for inducing over 100 women from around the nation to send him money by assuring them he was romantically interested and would move near them.
Instead, Patrick M. Giblin said he spent the money at casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, or on personal expenses.Giblin must repay the women $182,444, under the sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler. To date, victims said they sent amounts ranging from $100 to $50,000.However, it appears unlikely the women will get any money returned.Giblin, 42, of Atlantic City, has said he gambled away the money and had not been working. He has been in federal custody since his arrest in March 2005 at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino. He pleaded guilty to 10 counts of wire fraud in [...]
[2007-04-19] Russians plunge on our lingerie
NINE in the morning is a little early for cocktails and corsets but lingerie label Pleasure State had a lot to celebrate when it launched its new collection in a former strip club in Sydney yesterday. In just three years Pleasure State has achieved a remarkable feat: stockists in 27 countries with major deals in Britain, the US and Russia and annual turnover of more than $30 million. Not bad, considering underwear is the most technically challenging aspect of the fashion industry: there are more than 40 components to the humble bra alone. The secret of Pleasure State's smalls success is dece [...]
[2007-04-19] A group of 24 Russians and Swedes were charged in Gothenburg on Tuesday with human trafficking, pimping and buying sex from nine Russian women
A group of 24 Russians and Swedes were charged in Gothenburg on Tuesday with human trafficking, pimping and buying sex from nine Russian women, the prosecutor said.Four Russian citizens, three men and one woman, were charged with aggravated pimping and human trafficking and face a maximum of eight years in prison and deportation.Twenty other men, all Swedes, were charged with buying sex or attempting to buy sex.Under Swedish law, it is illegal to buy sex but not to sell it.Perpetrators are usually fined, but prosecutor Thomas Ahlstrand told AFP he wanted to charge the men in order to have the [...]
[2007-04-19] Married people — especially married men — are better off than the unmarried
Divorce seems an unusual topic for economists, but decisions to end a marriage weigh costs and benefits and thus reflect economic reasoning. Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson, both assistant professors of economics at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, have led the creation of new studies, which are surveyed in their working paper “Marriage and Divorce: Changes and Their Driving Forces.” The evidence suggests that married people — especially married men — are better off than the unmarried. But this doesn’t mean that everyone should marry, or that no one should divorce. S [...]
[2007-04-18] Scotland voted best place to bring up a family
Scotland is one of the best places in Britain to raise a family, with three areas north of the border rated highly for quality of schools, low crime and affordable homes, according to a survey published yesterday. Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire: attractive rolling countryside and a short drive from Loch Lomond England's inner cities get a poor showing. However, it is a town on the Thames and in a predominantly affluent area, Reading in Berkshire, which is regarded as the worst place to bring up children. It has low-achieving state schools and high crime.Oxford, a l [...]
[2007-04-17] Kiev Wi-Fi hotspots
Hotspot Location Access Providers ArtClub 44Vul. Khreschatyk 44bIn basement from courtyardKiev 01034 Location Type: Restaurant 1 provider802.11g Wi-Fi CaravanKlovsky Uzviz 10Kiev 01001 Location Type: Restaurant FREE802.11g Wi-Fi Caravan10 Klovskiy SpuskKiev 01001 Location Type: Restaurant FREE802.11g Wi-Fi D.A. Semadeni68 ChervonoarmiyskaKiev 01001 Location Type: Restaurant FREE802.11g Wi-Fi HimalayaVul. Khreschatyk 23Kiev 01034 Location Type: Restaurant 1 provider802.11g Wi-Fi [...]
[2007-04-17] Avoid Online Dating Scams
A year ago I investigated the growing number of scam artists preying on members of online dating sites. The problem has grown to be so widespread...that for 2007, the dating sites are fighting back.... trying to protect their members from the heartbreak of a lifetime. Cindy --who asked me not to use her last name -- thought she met the man of her dreams on a dating website. "An attractive man started talking with me. He was in Africa on business, and would be moving to the United States." But as Cindy told me last summer, her globe trotting businessman turned out to be a con man. Aft [...]
[2007-04-17] Russian Bride Movie
Warner Bros. Pictures has hired Mark Poirier to write the untitled Russian bride project; Todd Phillips is producing.The film is based on David Benioff's 2002 article Goodbye to Romance; the storyline revolves around a group of American men who travel through Russia searching for brides, says Variety.A quick turnaround is expected for the movie. [...]
[2007-04-17] Mobile phones have created a sexual revolution in Japan
Mobile phones have created a sexual revolution in Japan, making the communication devices as much about flings as they are about rings, according to Shukan Bunshun (4/19). Gone are the days when nervous lovers had to make calls to a family phone, running the risk of an irate relative getting on the other end of the line. Instead, with over 100 million Japanese now using mobile phones, people can now get in touch with whoever they fancy at any time from any place, especially through the phones' e-mail functions, which ensure 24-hour access. "Without mobile phones, I don't think there'd be as [...]
[2007-04-17] Online dating odyssey
Have things really gotten that bad? That's what my friends asked after I announced I had registered on the online dating site Jdate. It was a fair question and one I'd expected to field. After all, despite the myriad ways we've come to accept the Internet's involvement in our lives - would you look for a job without a web search? - dating is one realm in which many people remain staunchly traditional. Systematically scoping out prospects online is still frowned upon. As Diana Ross sang back in 1966, "You can't hurry love." I chose to turn to the online Jewish singles world of Jdate to escape w [...]
[2007-04-17] Google changes dating dynamics
Dating used to be largely a matter of spending time with a love interest, discovering the good, the bad and the ugly in a person. If you were lucky, friends helped fill in some of the blanks. These days, the Internet -- and the ability to check people out before they ever meet up -- has forever changed the rules. For better or worse, "Googling'' your date has become standard practice. "I often tell my friends that are still in the dating sphere to use the power of Google to their advantage,'' says Katie Laird, a 24-year-old web marketing professional and self-proclaimed "social software gee [...]
[2007-04-17] Now brides for free
Brides for your viewing pleasure. See them paraded 'live' in the shop. Now brides for free. It's time the matchmaking industry sees some form of governance, says Ms Braema Mathi (right), past president of Aware and co-ordinator of the foreign brides sub-committee. The sub-committee released a foreign brides report last November last year. It looked at how matchmaking agencies marketed foreign women to local grooms, assessed the safeguards in place to protect the women and gave suggestions on how improvements could be made. She told The New Paper: 'Aware has c [...]
[2007-04-17] and Singles in Agriculture try to help farmers in the US make new friends
The Web site calls itself an online dating and friendship finder. The idea started in the mind of a man in Ohio. Jerry Miller wondered how farmers could meet new people who understand the life of a farmer. Jerry Miller is not a farmer. He works in advertising and public relations. But he represents a lot of farmers. As he tells it, the idea for the site was planted when a farmer told him one day that she was recently divorced and would like to date. But she already knew everyone who might be a possible dating partner. And the men she met through dating services did not un [...]
[2007-04-17] THE Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) will be introducing an accreditation framework - the SDU Trust Mark - for the dating industry.
This initiative, among others, is to develop and raise standards in the local dating industry. It is not known if the framework will be applicable to the matchmaking industry. A spokesman told The New Paper: 'All dating agencies and dating practitioners are welcomed to apply for accreditation as long as they meet the criteria for application. '...Once the accreditation framework is rolled out, the Social Development Unit (SDU) will promote and publicise agencies that are accredited and the services they provide to encourage members and singles to sign up with these agencies.' Details will b [...]
[2007-04-17] Internet Web sites must now require American men to disclose violent criminal histories to would-be brides
WHEN A FEDERAL judge in Atlanta last year issued a restraining order halting enforcement of a law to protect “mail-order brides,” the president of an Alpharetta Web site for men seeking foreign brides thought other judges would follow suit. He was wrong. Instead, on March 23, U.S. District Judge Clarence Cooper reversed himself, finding that the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005—which requires male users to reveal their arrests or convictions for violent crimes—does not restrict the Web site’s commercial free speech rights. Cooper’s order denying European Connections &a [...]
[2007-04-16] Older single women are turning to the web to find love - and many of them are after a significantly younger lover.
According to research from online dating service, 280,000 women over the age of 45 in the UK are looking for a toyboy, and three per cent of these are after a man more than ten years younger than them. “Older women don't need to concern themselves with life-changing decisions. They've raised their children who have probably flown the nest together with their husband. Their only concern is their pleasure – and not whether their new boyfriend will pay the gas bill,” said psychiatrist Dr Victoria Lukats. According to the study, women who live in the Home Counties, Wiltshire and Dors [...]
[2007-04-16] PEOPLE INVESTIGATION EU girls will marry for illegals can rip off Brit taxpayers Revealed...sham weddings that open door to army of gangsters and benefits scroungers
GRASPING Polish girls are making easy money with phoney marriages to illegal immigrants desperate to stay in Britain. Bogus brides demand up to £8,000 to wed the foreigners - who can then remain in the country to sponge off benefits or live on the proceeds of organised crime. A People investigator posing as an illegal Albanian migrant easily found FOUR attractive Poles willing to marry him - at a price. Sham weddings mean quick cash for girls from Poland and other east European countries such as Slovakia and Lithuania who come to Britain legally as EU citizens - then fail to get a [...]
[2007-04-16] A "noticeable" number report being sexually assaulted by someone they met via the Web
What do 158 felons - convicted of crimes such as sex offenses, assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, drug trafficking, pimping, aggravated stalking or vehicle theft - have in common?They all tried to search the Jacksonville area for a date, soul mate - or perhaps their next victim - on a dating Web site called, according to 2005 statistics released by the company. Before started screening out felons with background checks in 2004, about one in 10 subscribers was a convicted felon or sex offender, said Terra McClelland, the company's vice president of governmental relat [...]
[2007-04-16] Online Dating: Make sure an attorney is present
I've discovered a legal loophole that is going to destroy the current ideas of courtship as we know them.It all started one lazy Saturday as I sat studying at the Carnegie Library with a friend. This friend, who is full of seemingly useless knowledge, which he loves to spout out as soon as he sees that I am starting to make progress on my homework, informed me that the part of the brain that sends out the unpleasant response linked to physical pain - the anterior cingulated cortex, to be exact and nerdy - is the same part of the brain that reacts when a person encounters social rejection, and [...]
[2007-04-16] AUSTRALIANS who dabble in internet romance are likely to be cyber cheaters, with almost half of online lovers having a partner in the real world.
But nearly a third of those who get involved in an internet romance go on to develop a sexual relationship with their cyber lover. Research conducted by Swinburne University of Technology discovered one in seven Australians were finding friendship or romance online, and of those looking for cyber love, almost 50 per cent were already married or in a de facto relationship. "It could have been that they were unclear about the differences between an online relationship and an offline relationship in terms of infidelity," senior lecturer and researcher Simone Buzwell said. "But at the time o [...]
[2007-04-16] While the number of international marriages in Korea decreased for the first time in ten years last year, the number of international divorces soared.
Experts point out, “Korean men living in rural areas and getting financial support from local governments for marriage tend to rush to get married to foreign women with little understanding about their brides-to-be’s countries and cultures. As a result, many of the marriages end in divorce, failing to overcome cultural differences.” The high international divorce rate in Korea is partly attributable to the increased number of ethnic Korean Chinese women who married Korean men only to get Korean citizenship. Statistics on international divorce rates released by the Supreme Court on Apri [...]
[2007-04-16] 29,660 international couples involving Korean grooms and foreign brides married last year, while 3,924 of those couples divorced.
In 2003, there were 20,653 such couples and 1,018 divorces. The number of international marriages rose 43 percent over this period, while the number of divorces almost quadrupled. Last year alone, Korean men wed 14,450 Chinese, 9,812 Vietnamese, 1,131 Filipino, 559 Mongolian and 380 Cambodian brides. These Asian women came to a strange land trusting their husbands-to-be and hoping to become Koreans and start their families. But because of a Korean law that does not give citizenships to foreigners who have no children and were married to a Korean spouse for less than two years, many of thes [...]
[2007-04-16] A matchmaking agency has offered to get 15 couples get hitched for free.
It is part of the 6th anniversary celebrations of the "First Overseas Matchmaking Agency" agency at Katong Mall. To mark the occasion, it will play cupid for free to 15 Singaporean men looking for love. To do that, it is bringing in 15 prospective brides from the Chinese province of Hainan. But the agency says strict selection criteria still apply. It will screen and assess the suitability of its candidates before pairing up the couples. Consent from both parties will also be sought before they meet. The agency says the response so far has been overwhelming. It has received over 10 calls withi [...]
[2007-04-16] Ukrainian tourist site threatened
The workers standing on ladders at one of the Monastery of the Caves' churches weren't fixing it up for visitors to Ukraine's top tourist draw - they were trying to keep bricks from crashing down on the visitors' heads. The monastery, a sprawling complex of richly decorated churches and candlelit caves containing monks' tombs dating from the 11th century, is sliding into serious dilapidation. Its golden-domed bell tower, the tallest point on the Kiev skyline, has been closed to visitors for years because of insufficient money for restoration. Part of the cave network collapsed in 2005.Monast [...]
[2007-04-16] Russia suspends foreign adoptions
Authorities said Thursday they have halted the work of all foreign adoption agencies in Russia for several months, virtually shutting down the placement of children from one of the most important countries for U.S. families seeking to adopt.The move follows new restrictive rules imposed by China on Americans trying to adopt and U.S. warnings against adopting from Guatemala. The two countries account for the highest number of children coming to the United States.The licensing delay in Russia is due to a law that took effect last year that imposed strict new rules on non-governmental organizatio [...]
[2007-04-16] The business of finding a mate
The business of finding a mate Not quite. It was more like a deposition. Spindel, a professional matchmaker from New York, was in town this weekend on reconnaissance for a Boston businessman who is paying her $100,000 to find him a wife. In group sessions starting Friday afternoon and ending today, Spindel interviewed hundreds of women from the Boston area, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Brunettes, blondes, tall, short, young, old -- they waited their turn to be quizzed by Spindel, whose rat-a-tat questions ranged from the banal ("Are you well traveled?") to the bizarre ("Are tho [...]
[2007-04-15] The Pro’s Of Online Dating
1. Safety 2. Security Dating online is supposed to help people who have difficulty meeting that special someone. Some people take advantage of that and pry on innocent people so most dating sites have made a system that allows one to report a user and have that person blocked for malicious conduct and prevent this from happening to other people. 3. Affordable Dating people is costly especially since one goes out on more than one date. By getting to know many people online, one will be able to save a lot of money since the same information that one gathers online can be done just like going [...]
[2007-04-15] A shelter for destitute women in eastern India is set to celebrate its sixth wedding next month, after it set up an innovative matchmaking scheme to find husbands for its residents.
Officials at the shelter in the Jharkhand state capital came up with the idea to arrange marriages for the women—many of whom have been abandoned by husbands or got involved in crime—two years ago, after struggling to find them new homes. “The process begins with a search for a suitable groom once a probation home inmate gives her the nod for marriage,” said Jharkhand shelter spokesman Deepak Vidyarthi. “We begin looking for a suitable boy by publishing matrimonial ads innewspapers and also through word-of-mouth. Once we find someone genuinely interested in marrying a resident here we follow [...]
[2007-04-15] With immigrant ban, vacancies in Russia's markets
From a stall inside the Rizhkiy vegetable market, Rustam Umarov conducts an illegal trade in oregano, cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, saffron powder and shish kebab marinade. Under a government decree that took effect April 1, Umarov, as a citizen of Uzbekistan, has been banned from working as a vendor at any of Russia's 5,200 markets, which were a mainstay for groceries and household goods through the 1990s and which still account for a fifth of all retail trade here. It does not change matters that he is a legal immigrant. Under the decree, seen as one of the more draconian anti-immigrant me [...]
[2007-04-15] Dating at high speed
For those looking for an alternative to the dating bar scene, there are a few options -- set-ups through friends, the internet or speed dating. Single in the City runs regular speed dating events in locations across Durham Region. The most recent event took place at Jukebox Live in Pickering at the end of March. Nine ladies and nine gentlemen attended, hoping to make a love connection, or at the very least meet someone new. Kevin Brown organized the event that evening. He says even with its growing popularity, speed dating is still a mystery to many people. "There's a fascination a [...]
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