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[2007-01-12] Russian Elite As Russians Saw It in 2006
Rank in 2006 (in 2005) Person Occupation Percentage of those polled who consider the person to be part of the Russian elite in 2006* (in 2005) 1 (1) Vladimir Putin Russian President 65.20 (60) 2 (2) Alla Pugacheva Singer, member of the Russian Public Chamber 26.10 (27.4) 3 (75-82) Dmitry Medvedev Russian First Deputy Prime Minister 17.04 (1.29) 4 (8) Sergey Ivanov Russian Defense Minister, Russian Deputy Prime Minister 16.23 (10.9) 5 (6) Zhirinovsky Vladimir Russian State Duma Deputy Speaker, chairman of the Russian Liberal Democratic [...]
[2007-01-12] Online sites have displaced traditional ways of telling the world when a romance blossoms -- or withers
The days of announcing a new relationship by wearing a crush's class ring or letterman's jacket have evolved. Now it's all about the relationship status on social networking sites. Some people now list themselves as "married" on their profiles when a relationship gets serious and "divorced" when the breakup is painful. And finding that your crush has changed his or her status on MySpace or Facebook to "single" is the dreaded, fatal sign. This new-found PDA -- public declaration of attachment -- has taken over the dating world, and that one small part of a MySpace or Facebook profile can make [...]
[2007-01-12] Tips for getting the best online dating service profile picture
For many who do not have a steady certain-someone, the internet becomes their main tool for looking. According to a Pew internet study, more than 1/3 of all single Americans who are looking for a mate have checked online. So, since a picture says a thousand words, and because it's usually the first thing people look at when perusing profiles,, as part of a big marketing push, has hired stylist Jay Manuel, from “America's Next Top Model” fame, to offer a new online tool kit for taking the perfect portrait. “A great photo doesn't just show what you look like it, it reveals who yo [...]
[2007-01-11] Getting into the dating game after a relationship breakdown can be a daunting prospect for anyone.
Getting into the dating game after a relationship breakdown can be a daunting prospect for anyone. The Evening Telegraph's very own Charlie Brown took the plunge and joined an indroduction agency. Here he gives his own full and frank account of how RSVP helped him find love again – over tea and cakes. LAST year was a pretty bad one, from a personal happiness point of view, but it came up trumps in its final two months. It had begun OK, but the relationship I was in went into decline, with the worry and paranoia that goes with it, until, after a particularly tense short break to Venice togethe [...]
[2007-01-11] A PENSIONER has won a battle to move his 44-year-old Chinese bride into the old people's complex where he lives.
Former Ford car plant worker Ken Miller, 69, has just returned from the South-West China city of Nanning where he married Yin Qeio. But before he went, Neath Port Talbot Council told him his bride would not be able to share his home at the Maes y Darren older persons' complex in Ystalyfera in the Swansea Valley, because it had an over-60 age restriction. Yesterday, however, the council conceded that rules meant the authority could not prevent his new wife moving in. Robert Rees, head of housing services at Neath Port Talbot Council, said yesterday, "The legal position is that Mr Miller does [...]
[2007-01-11] A council has backed down after telling a 70-year-old man his Chinese bride could not move in to his flat at a Swansea valley sheltered complex.
Neath Port Talbot Council initially told Ken Miller his wife Yin Qieo, 44, could not stay at his Ystalyfera home. But it now says Mr Miller does not need its permission. Mr Miller said he was pleased with the ruling but added he did not believe the council would have intervened if there had been less of an age gap. He said: "Obviously I'm happy but I don't consider this a victory for myself - but for tenants' rights. "They would not have cared if I had married an 80-year-old, a 70-year-old or even a 60-year-old. "The issue was about the age." Mr Miller has just returned from six we [...]
[2007-01-11] Heartbreak warning: This is national breakup season, study says
Winter warning: Don't be shocked if you see tears around the water cooler this month. It's national breakup season through Valentine's Day, according to a survey to be released Thursday by Yahoo Personals, the most visited online dating service. People are twice as likely to reassess their love lives between the holidays and Valentine's Day, Yahoo research shows. If they think they're in a romantic rut, or don't have a shared view of the future with their partner, someone's likely to be dumped. " `Find a new love' is up there with `weight loss' and `save more money' as a New Year's resol [...]
[2007-01-11] 26 area singles will have opportunity to meet their match on TV reality show
A local woman's unorthodox approach to matchmaking has landed her a TV deal for a reality series expected to debut on cable this spring - with her sometimes harsh honesty and area singles playing starring roles. Cameras will begin filming next week, following Patti Lindner Novak as she coaches the lovelorn, using the same techniques she uses with clients of her Town of Tonawanda dating service, Buffalo Niagara Introductions. Casting for local singles willing to go on the show, tentatively being called "Patti Novak: America's Toughest Matchmaker," runs from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunda [...]
[2007-01-11] SINGLETONS in Harlow are being sought by a bus company to take part in a Valentine's Day dating session
Arriva is offering one person the chance to meet a selection of hand-picked suitors at a dating session arranged by them.Linsey Frostick, customer services manager at Arriva the Shires and Essex, said: "We are searching for one single man or woman who is looking for love to let us find them the perfect partner."The lucky candidate will be invited to attend the dating session onboard the Arriva Love Bus on February 14.The candidate will get the chance to meet all the suitors before deciding which one to go on an all-expenses paid date with.Ms Frostick said: "We're hoping that Cupid's arrow will [...]
[2007-01-11] Love on the Rockies: Single? Blame Bill Gates
Oh Internet. You tempt me with your ease and convenience, tease me with your pervasive charm and lure me in with your promises of instant gratification. Yes, Internet, you've made life easier in so many ways, but could you do me a favor? When it comes to love, relationships or pretty much anything not involving driving directions, plane tickets or watching a dog ride a skateboard, could you just stay out of it? Thanks. I'm not talking about drunk emailing - no, that's my own fault and really I should have learned my lesson from its predecessor, drunk dialing. I'm not even talking about those a [...]
[2007-01-11] Duncan’s doctor of love
With a TV show under development, a contract to write a monthly column for a national magazine, a book on the back burner and a busy psychotherapy practice specializing in sex and couples therapy, Duncan’s own Dr. Cheryl Fraser is about to make a very big splash into the public consciousnesses. “I want to become the Canadian Oprah,” she said. Known as the Passion Doctor, the Jung, er, young at heart 42-year-old clinical psychologist is sought after for her advice on love, sex and dating. But the woman with the high aspirations said she comes from humble beginnings. Her parents met at [...]
[2007-01-11] Love and relationships
It is really mysterious that each relationship begins in the freedom of love and ends in the bondage of relationship. Love comes like a strong breeze and carries away lovers to unknown dimensions. Two lovers go through peak experiences and then need to settle — in the process, they start feeling bored, craving the same peaks again. When this does not happen, they feel frustrated and fall into the ditch of misery. Life functions in polarities and dualities. One who understands this becomes at ease with them and finds peace. By choosing, you end up in misery. Be in choice-less awareness, and yo [...]
[2007-01-11] Facts and Myths about Finding a Mate
Newswise — As Valentine’s Day approaches, couples everywhere seek answers to the age-old mysteries of love. While social therapy counselor James Piers doesn’t claim to have all those answers, this professor of sociology and social work at Hope College in Holland , Mich. , can at least shed some light on mate selection theory. He can help couples decide what theories are fact or fiction.1. There’s a marriage made in heaven, with each person having one ideal partner on earth. “This is not supported by research,” says Piers. 2. People will marry someone just like mom or dad. “Research indic [...]
[2007-01-11] Love messengers emerge
It's hard to come clean about love, especially when you are still not sure about how the other person feels. Students at Chengdu University of Technology now have a way to express their feelings. They can hire a love messenger to send flowers, love letters or any other presents for them. The fees range from two to 10 yuan, or about a maximum of US$125. If they are successfully paired up, the messenger will charge them 20 yuan, or about US$2.50, as an extra fee.The matchmaking agency was set up by three senior students at the university. Meng Yang, the organizer, says sometimes they found the [...]
[2007-01-11] The Dating Game, 21st Century Style
Michele Adams is working on two studies about contemporary dating. One study is about "speed dating;" the other examines online personal ads. " makes finding love easy," reads the copy found on one of the Internet's most popular matchmaking sites, which uses a high-powered search engine and a databank of hundreds of thousands of participants to produce a match made in cyberspace. Looking for love with just the right browser is probably better than looking for love in all the wrong places, and while online dating, speed dating and other modern matchmaking techniques may seem less ro [...]
[2007-01-11] Marriage amendment needs amending
What God has joined together, let no one separate.”That’s what the Bible says. So now that the state Legislature has agreed to heed those who want to put the Protection of Marriage Amendment to a public vote, it might be time to see just how much protection that amendment really provides.The amendment, authored by the Coalition for Marriage and Family, would, if approved, define marriage as between a man and a woman, and would prohibit any new same-sex marriages in Massachusetts. The amendment doesn’t attempt to revoke marriage licenses already granted.On its Web site, Vote On, th [...]
[2007-01-11] Have young Czechs given up on marriage?
According to the European Union's Statistical Office Eurostat Czechs are at the top end of the European divorce ladder - second only to Belgians and Estonians. At the same time a change of lifestyle after 1989 has resulted in fewer young people tying the knot. So - with the number of divorces on the rise and the number of marriages on the decline - does the institution of marriage have a future in this country? Every year around 30 thousand Czech couples divorce. Although 40 percent of them will eventually remarry, they only stand a fifty percent chance of making their second marriage wor [...]
[2007-01-11] Czech judges propose simpler divorce proceedings
Since the fall of communism the number of divorces in the Czech Republic has increased by a third and statisticians predict the number will increase even further. Divorce proceedings are a considerable burden for the Czech Republic's overstrained court system and that's why the Czech Union of Judges would like to make divorces much simpler and quicker. Jaromir JirsaThe President of the Czech Union of Judges, Jaromir Jirsa, who presented the plan on Thursday, says there are more and more cases when the divorcing couple agree beforehand on the division of property, custody of children and h [...]
[2007-01-11] Czech Republic has highest divorce rate in Europe
This week the European Union's Statistical Office, Eurostat, published a report on the state of the family in the 25 member states. From the survey, the Czech Republic comes across as average with one exception - the divorce rate - which was found to be higher than in all other EU members except Lithuania. With 3.2 people out of every 1000 getting a divorce in 2004, the Czech Republic tops the list in Europe. The Eurostat survey used figures for 2004 but the Czech Statistics Office has already released the numbers for last year. "We registered 31,800 divorces in 2005. This number was by [...]
[2007-01-11] Growing number of Czech children have to cope with the trauma of divorce
Over the past 15 years the number of divorces in the Czech Republic has increased by a third. The Statistics Office predicts that this year the Czech Republic's divorce rate should climb to a staggering 50 percent. The vast majority of marriages that break up, do so between their third and sixth year - usually at a time when small children are involved. Socially, the stigma of divorce is long gone but for the children caught up in it, the pain and confusion is as strong as ever. Every fourth child in the Czech Republic comes from a divorced family. The vast majority of them live with thei [...]
[2007-01-11] Czech family: few children, many divorces
The great change of Czech society which came with the fall of the communist regime has also had a great impact on individual and family life. Fifteen years after the Velvet Revolution the Czech family is facing several problems, such as a low birth rate and a high number of divorces. What are the causes? What is the government's position? The life of Czech families has changed enormously within the last fifteen years. People tend to get married much later, they have children at a later age and they have fewer children. The Czech Republic has the second lowest natality rate in Europe after [...]
[2007-01-11] Breaking up isn't always so hard to do
It's not you, it's me.Chances are you've either said it or been on the receiving end of this lame breakup line. It ranks right up there with "I need to find myself," in terms of clarity and honesty.But prepare yourself: We've officially hit Breakup Season, according to Yahoo! Personals.The dating service surveyed more than 2,500 of its users and found that people are more than twice as likely to think about breaking up now than at any other time of the year. The prime period seems to be between Christmas and Valentine's Day -- when you have hung in long enough to have a date to your company's [...]
[2007-01-11] Men lust for hourglass curves, say researchers
The traditional theory of beauty says that for every man who chases the voluptuous type, such as Jordan or Marilyn Monroe, there is another who prefers to woo a waif such as Twiggy or Kate Moss. But this and the idea that beauty is subjective and ever-changing has been overturned by Prof Devendra Singh and his daughter Adrian Singh. The psychologists from the University of Texas today publish research showing lovestruck men have only one thing on their minds: a woman's WHR - waist-hip ratio, calculated by dividing waist circumference by that of her hips. Prof Singh found evidence this "belle [...]
[2007-01-11] Two weddings and a bridezilla
THE INVITES are posted. The venue is booked. Elton is doing the flowers. Well, possibly. This is Elizabeth Hurley's wedding we're talking about, after all. Yesterday, details leaked out concerning the forthcoming nuptials on 9 March between Hurley and her fiancé, Indian textiles heir Arun Nayar. And what a hootenanny it promises to be. There will be two ceremonies, one in Gloucestershire and one in India. Required outfits include turbans and saris, and dress codes range from "glamorous casual" to "glamorous and fabulous". The celebrations in India will last six days. David and Victoria Be [...]
[2007-01-10] DatingDirect, the Brummie-based dating service, has been sold to French dating company Meetic for £27.3m.
The company was started in 1999 by Darren Richards and Andrew Pike and now claims over 4.5 million members - 3.5 million of them in the UK - which makes it the UK's largest dating service. But as well as running its own very successful service the company also offers white label services for other brands like Channel4 and TrinityMirror. DatingDirect turned over about £11m last year. The acquisition also includes the Chemistry company which organises real-world dating events. Meetic is a French company which does pretty much the same thing across Europe. Meetic said the acquistion would [...]
[2007-01-10] Serial bride plundered bank accounts
A SERIAL bride left a string of broken hearts and plundered bank accounts after fleecing men she met through lonely hearts ads. Emma Golightly met her victims, seduced them and then stole their cash. She told one victim she was a multi millionaire company boss and even claimed told would-be husbands that she was dying of cancer so that they would marry her. Advertisement continued... OAS_AD('Frame2'); //--> Golightly, 22, is facing sentence at Newcastle Crown Court after admitting deception. The extent of the femme fatale's crime spree, including more than 60 offences taken [...]
[2007-01-10] Single status: this ‘equal pay’ deal cuts women’s wages
Workers From around Britain have been getting in touch with Socialist Worker in response to wage cuts in local government caused by the single status pay deal. Mostly women workers, they are losing thousands of pounds in a process that is meant to achieve equal pay for women workers in local government. The single status deal is hitting hundreds of thousands of workers, leading to a flood of court cases. It seeks to set worker against worker. Yet the media hardly mention it and the unions are not doing nearly enough to confront the way it’s being implemented. In Staffordshire one worker wh [...]
[2007-01-10] Internet search yields to friends doing the matchmaking
FORGET the treacly TV testimonials and all the hype about online dating sites. No refined search engine or Dr. Phil endorsement can guarantee that a mug of Mr. or Ms. Right is waiting on the next Web page. Singles on the lookout for a partner are setting aside Internet searches and returning to perhaps the oldest coupling conduit known to humans: the matchmaker. Unlike the gossipy Yenta of "Fiddler on the Roof," today's matchmakers are often tech-savvy amateur cupids who run through a range of social circles. Homemaker Beth Wolff of Los Gatos keeps a list of eligible singles in her handhel [...]
[2007-01-10] INTERNET brides are fleecing big-hearted Brits for thousands of pounds each year, a Chippenham-based lawyer has warned
On Little Britain, Ting Tong, the mail order bride who turns up on the doorstep of lonely Dudley, has become a comedy favourite. But some real life internet partners are latching on to softy singles in the UK with the sole intention of taking their cash and winning a British passport. Now family law experts Woolley & Co are warning lovestruck singletons to secure their assets before dipping in for a ring to avoid being left broken-hearted and with empty pockets. "UK lawyers are increasingly dealing with cases where the spouse from abroad, often the Far East or Eastern Europe, just might [...]
[2007-01-10] Words that should be banned for 2007 that have to do with relationships
Recently, a list was released of the words that should be banned for 2007. The list does include some that have to do with relationships. Both are the cutesy kind that make you want to attack anyone in a relationship who might use them. There’s “We’re pregnant,” which, as my witty and brilliant friend Jordan says, makes him want to want to forcibly hand out birth control to anyone who utters it or might ever utter it. And there’s the portmanteau combined-name relationships — you know, like Bennifer, Brangelina, etc. Please, tell me none of you ever refer to yourselves that way! Anyway, it go [...]
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