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[2007-01-04] 'Cyber brides' vulnerable to abuse?
There are now more than 400 websites based in the US that offer international marriage broker services, and that's not including all the companies that operate from abroad. The global internet-dating industry is clearly booming - but despite its increasing reach, it remains unregulated. There is growing concern in the US that some firms are marketing foreign brides as "submissive", with others leaving them open to outright abuse. In 1995 John Adams set up A Foreign Affair (AFA), a web-based company that aims to introduce American men to foreign women. It is now the largest site of it [...]
[2007-01-04] Calls for more protection for Singapore's foreign brides
Singapore's leading women advocacy group, AWARE, wants more stringent checks on matchmaking agencies so that prospective foreign brides of local men are protected, the Straits Times has reported. The call by the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) comes amid a growing number of Singapore men marrying foreign brides from neighbouring countries through matchmaking agencies. According to the Straits Times, one in four grooms or 6,520 Singaporean men married a foreign bride last year, the highest number in the last 10 years. "The matchmaking agency is the entity in which the [...]
[2007-01-04] Foreign Brides migrations in Japan
Rural Japanese families are spending up to $25,000 each to import brides from China, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. In 1997, there were 274,000 residency visas for foreign spouses of Japanese citizens, an increase of 30 percent in five years. The declining birth rate and the emigration of young women from rural areas is being blamed for the shortage of wives for rural Japanese men. Japanese custom requires that the family's oldest son inherit the land and care for elderly parents. Some foreign wives of rural Japanese men complain that they must work in a full-time job, take care of [...]
[2007-01-04] Too few checks on would-be husbands of foreign brides now
THE Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) has called for a governing body to regulate matchmaking agencies that offer foreign brides. The women's group feels there are not enough checks on the industry, which has evolved “largely unmonitored and unregulated” over the years. A recent study by the group found that too few questions were asked of prospective grooms regarding their marital status, criminal records and state of financial and physical health.Noting that these agencies were largely “profit-driven”, Aware said: “They may not conduct the necessary checks on their cl [...]
[2007-01-04] K1 visa Warning
Although this is quite rare it should serve as a warning to those engaged in long distance overseas relationships. K1 fiancee visa clients should really take their time before sending money to their new love. Look for the warning signs noted in this article and be aware. I'll see if I can dig up a few other articles that talk about K1 visa fraud and oversea romance problems. [...]
[2007-01-04] K1 Visa Recall and its effects
Well I'm not surprised that this happend, but on May 6th the U.S. State Department issued a recall of all approved K1 visa whose NOA date was on or after March 6, 2006. This will delay all approvals and likely throw the entire process in a slight case of choas for awhile. For those approved I would suspect that it will add 1-2 months of delay before the interviews can be scheduled. For those that applied but have not been approved, I think another 2-3 months on top of their old wait times will likely be the case.Here is a link to the DOS notice regarding the recall of the K1 fiancee visa's: ht [...]
[2007-01-04] Good Valentine K1 Fiancee Visa story
In my practice at I hear all the pre-wedding issues, visa's, waivers, interview prep,etc. After the visa is issued I don't always expect to hear how the clients made out she got into the U.S. In the media we usually only hear about how the K1 is a scam (see yesterday's post) or some evil portion of the sex slave business. So today I thought it would be nice to bring you something from about a week ago to show how the K1 works out 95% of the time. Good for them: So Keiko Arakane, 29, an account manager from Tokyo, and her sweetheart, Steve Wozniak, also 29, a Navy elect [...]
[2007-01-04] Return to Sender: New K1 fiancee visa law takes effect
Here's an quick release on a new law that effects the K1 fiancee visa program and folks who meet through marriage brokers. This take is from a fellow K1 visa lawyer: this law doesn't effect the majority of my K1 clients it does provide pause as to the future of this successful program. I hope that congress doesn't build on this law and make it more difficult for citizens to meet and marry foreign nationals. We'll have to see what shakes out, I do know that other K1 lawyers and those who do it themselves need to be informed of this chang [...]
[2007-01-04] 27 couples pick civil ceremonies on Valentine's Day as the perfect way to say ...
She arrived here Feb. 3 on a "fiancée" visa that allows her to get married within 90 days. So Keiko Arakane, 29, an account manager from Tokyo, and her sweetheart, Steve Wozniak, also 29, a Navy electronics technician aboard the submarine Los Angeles, showed up at the second-floor office of Hawaii Civil Marriages' Kakaako location during lunch yesterday to say their "I dos," sans rings. The two were among 27 couples who, for $60 and Hawaii marriage licenses in hand, got hitched during 15-minute civil ceremonies on what is regarded as the most romantic day of the year. An average of [...]
[2007-01-04] Differing viewpoints on the K1 fiancee visa
From a newsletter:When I heard “fianceé visa,” I was immediately skeptical. But the story sounded plausible. Since Abby is a nice kid, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. But before long, my suspicions were confirmed. thought today it would be good to show some examples of alternative views on the K1. It also goes to show that everyone, clients, attornies, agencys need to be careful to make sure what we do is for legimate love and not something unethical. I apprciate this guys candor and can't say that some of his thoughts concern me a [...]
[2007-01-04] Russia in demographic crisis, to support more births
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law on additional measures for state support of families with children as a long-sought measure to improve the country's demographics, the president's press service said.According to the new law, a family is entitled to an additional state support in a form of the so-called basic mother (or family) capital in the amount of 250,000 rubles following the birth of a second or and any consecutive child. In his state of the nation address on May 10, Putin highlighted a demographic crisis as the most serious problem facing Russia and proposed radical meas [...]
[2007-01-04] Little white lies acceptable while dating online: study
Singles surfing the internet for relationships may need to be a little vary with a new poll showing that a quarter of them believe it is acceptable to tell a little white lie while dating online. A recent survey of more than 600 singles by found that 24 per cent of respondents believe it is alright to lie while dating online. While 30 per cent men believe that it was alright in telling lies while dating online, the corresponding figures for women were 19 per cent. The world of internet dating has exploded with an earlier PEW internet survey showing that some 31 per cent of Americ [...]
[2007-01-04] Single out this volume as worthwhile
So another wedding invitation came in the mail today. You also got a flier from a health care club; it's a two-join-for-the-price-of-one offer. Your employee benefits package came in the mail, too, along with some form you have to fill out and return. It asks for your spouse's name. But what if you don't have a spouse? What if you're single and loving it? You might be a victim of singlism, according to Bella DePaulo. In her new book, "Singled Out," you'll read some eye-opening research on being One in a society that seems to idolize Two. Look around. From magazines to TV shows, from coupons [...]
[2007-01-04] Feminine Singular
SEX USED TO HAVE SOMETHING to do with marriage. That was then, this is now. Now, sex happens in more ways and places than perhaps ever before; but people don't seem much happier for it. Consider the fact that sex is everywhere, men and women claim to be looking for love and commitment, and the singles industry is booming; but the marriage rate doesn't appear to be keeping pace and people seem to spend much more of their lives being single. In such a light, the sexual revolution appears to have been more limiting than liberating. Dawn Eden's new book, The Thrill of the Chaste, makes the case fo [...]
[2007-01-04] Rural singles use online matchmaker
For hundreds of single men and women in the countryside who are looking for "the right one", they can now try their luck at an online "match- making supermarket". The website,, was launched by Tian Zhongben, a farmer in Anji, a county in East China's Zhejiang Province. It features all the personal details of a suitor whether married, unmarried, divorced, family property, monthly income and debts. Men are considered as "goods" and women as "shoppers". "There is a big need for match-making among farmers," Tian said. "The number of single women is much higher than men in the [...]
[2007-01-03] Would you like a table for two?
If you're single but tired of the same old dating scene, getting a table for two may still be within your reach. Table For Two is a recently formed membership-based social dining group that aims to bring single men and women together over dinner at fine restaurants around the area.The idea, billed as the first of its kind for Acadiana, is based on similar groups in larger cities and serves as an alternative to the bar scene or other dating services, said Michele Lavergne, Table for Two owner. "I think people are looking for a new way to meet people that's not online dating, not through a dat [...]
[2007-01-03] Meeting Someone New is the #1 Resolution of 2007
Wesurveyed 4,075 singles and found that 49% plan on joining a dating service to change their single status in 2007, versus only 25% in 2006. With 28% of singles surveyed saying they keep their resolution every year, the New Year looks to be promising for those dedicated to finding Mister or Misses Right. "A survey revealed that in 2006 almost half of all singles focused on their career, financial situation and their health, but 2007 shows a shift in singles' priorities". "71% of the singles we surveyed said that meeting someone new is their #1 New Year's resolution in 2007."New Year's Eve is r [...]
[2007-01-03] New Matchmaking Service Places Qualified Women In The Director’s Chair
Judging from the statistics from the UC Davis Study of California Women Business leaders in November — which revealed that only 8.8 percent of board seats are held by women — California has a lot of catching up to do in the area of gender diversity in corporate leadership.With this dismal number in mind, many of California’s largest public and private companies are looking to right their wrong — searching for experienced women and minorities to take the director’s chair. To pair the job seeker with that empty board seat, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives (FWE&E), a nonprofit [...]
[2007-01-03] and Meetic Provide Dating Channel in China, a leading Internet services provider in China and a Hong Kong listed subsidiary of CDC Corporation, announced today its partnership with Meetic to launch an online dating service in the China market. With this partnership, young career professionals, the key audience of, will be able to access the global database of Meetic in English, French and German and use a variety of popular tools provided by Meetic's website to search, communicate and find their soul-mates. Meetic is the largest dating website in Europe with 25 million registered users and since its launch in 20 [...]
[2007-01-03] Find Out What Are the Tips to Secure Your Online Dating?
Online personals and dating can be a very fun venue towards meeting that special someone. However, one's safety should still be the top priority. Did you know that most online dating services do not pre-screen their users? This means that they cannot ensure that the people you meet through their sites are safe enough to be dealt with. So, this makes you call the shots when it comes to screening them. Here are a few tips to make online dating less risky and more fun: 1. Anonymity Breeds Safety, For Awhile Giving your real email address, personal web site URL, last name, phone number, plac [...]
[2007-01-03] Michael Beaumier has written a book about his years spent helping singles seeking love and his own romantic disappointments. He is the personals editor for the Chicago Reader.
Mayor Richard Daley had his moments, granted, but there's a good argument to be made that, from 1998 to 2005, it was Michael Beaumier who was the most powerful man in Chicago.If you needed a husband, a wife, a weekend fling, or someone with whom to share your amorous response to Civil War re-enactments, your last best hope was the head of the personal ads department at the city's leading alternative newspaper, the Chicago Reader.Singles turned to him with the most impossible of tasks: help me craft the "I Saw You" ad that will locate the beautiful stranger that I glimpsed, ever so briefly, in [...]
[2007-01-03] Choosing the right online dating service can be the difference between finding many potential, compatible partners or throwing your money away.
With so many services around now to help you find your dream date it's best to do a bit of research first. The first thing you should consider for choosing a dating service is your lifestyle. This can cover someone's religion, hobby, sexual orientation and many more different factors. Take religion as an example. You will probably find singles of all religions on most of the popular online dating services. They will have a religion choice for you in the search options. If someone is religious they will be better off going for a service that caters specifically for that religion. Their web si [...]
[2007-01-03] Tips To Identify And Avoid Online Dating Scams.
Online dating can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience. The majority of people who use dating websites encounter only minor irritations, most of which could easily occur within any dating scenario - offline aswell as online. In this article I want to help you identify and avoid the various online dating scams that have sprung up to not only deprive you of your money, but also your happiness. After all, being scammed or taken for a ride is a pretty miserable experience. Scammers can sign up to most dating websites for free, and because of the anonymity of the internet they can post [...]
[2007-01-03] A Valley woman looking for love has become the victim of an internet dating scam.
Monica Flick considers herself to be pretty savvy but when it came to matters of the heart she didn't listen to her head. Now she's warning others about the dating disaster she fell prey to. Flick thought she had found her prince charming on an internet dating web site. The e-mails led to phone calls. She says he had a British accent and was irresistibly charming. She didn't think much when the man who called himself "Sean" told her his computer job in Clovis was taking him to Ghana. "He said 'I'd like to really talk to you get to know you but I don't have a cell phone,'" Flick said. M [...]
[2007-01-03] Single is not bad on New Year's
Her skirt's laid out, her tank top's ready, and her heels are set to dance-- Laura Zimmerman, a 25-year-old resident is ready to party like it's 2007. But guess what -- she doesn't have a date. That doesn't mean Zimmerman won't be having fun on New Year's Eve. She's single and loving it. "I actually have plans with a group of people from my church, who are all in similar life situations. We are having a big party with around 160 people," said Zimmerman, who's a sixth-grade teacher at Horizon Elementary School in Hanover Park. "We're renting a banquet room at the Indigo Hotel in Palatine and [...]
[2007-01-03] Ballroom, Singles Bar Or Internet Dating, Which Do You Prefer?
It seems like this business of finding an ideal mate has never been an easy task. In fictional fable times, if a Prince wanted a suitable marriage partner, he threw a ball and invited all the fair and single maidens of the land. Hence we ended up with such memorable characters such as Cinderella, her fairy Godmother, evil step sisters, step mother and things like a glass slipper and the significance of a clock striking midnight. And having a maiden running from the scene at the ballroom dance as such clock struck the midnight hour. It’s sometimes amusing how easily one thing can lead to so m [...]
[2007-01-03] What's a nice young man like this doing without a steady girlfriend? Gareth Rubin turns to the internet dating agencies in search of a partner - but without immediate success
It often surprises me that I'm still single. But rather than try to change that the old-fashioned way - getting out more, meeting people, that sort of thing - I've had a go at it the 21st-century way, checking out the latest in internet dating sites. After all, you soon discover that most people on these sites are quite normal, successful people - just really busy and a bit tired of trying to pick up strangers in a bar with Snow Patrol making your ears bleed. It's been quite fun; I've met some nice girls, picked up one stalker (I'm one step away from calling the police), but I'm still on the m [...]
[2007-01-03] Businesses try a form of speed dating
Businesses are stealing a page from the modern dating handbook by playing the host to "speed networking" events in which professionals move methodically from one business prospect to the next, getting acquainted for just a few minutes at a time. It is the corporate equivalent of speed dating, a practice invented in the late 1990s by a rabbi hoping to fix up Jewish singles, and which has since spread. "You won't have time to make a business deal in eight minutes, but you'll gather a great list of people that you might work with in the future," said Tom Jaffee, founder of Match Events, found a [...]
[2007-01-03] Taiwan on Tuesday set up an immigration agency to tackle its influx of illegal immigrants, especially those from China.
Premier Su Tseng-chang presided over the launch ceremony of the National Immigration Agency, a bureau of the Interior Ministry, and urged the agency to take care of immigrants' welfare and at the same time prevent illegal immigrants from entering Taiwan. Su also confirmed that Taiwan would introduce an identification system that uses facial scans that, in the initial stage, would be used mainly for mainland Chinese immigrants and visitors. "We respect human rights, but we must also be concerned with national security," Su told reporters. The launch of the Immigration Agency was in response to [...]
[2007-01-03] A little bit about being single.
Of the nation's approximately 90 million single adults, about 3.5 million live in Michigan, with more joining the ranks of singledom all the time. People tend to marry later in life, which means they spend more years as singles. And the older you are, the more difficult it becomes to meet a potential partner; you're no longer surrounded by people your age and in your general circumstance. "Once you're out of the college/graduate school experience, or high school, depending on how far you went, your social universe does get smaller. It depends on the people you work with and the people you alr [...]
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