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[2007-03-07] A jealous husband stabbed to death his estranged wife and her new boyfriend before setting fire to her home to cover his tracks, a court has heard.
Alex Marshall, 37, of Irchester Road, Rushden, is alleged to have killed Fiona Marshall, 41, and Richard Flippance, 44 at Brampton Ash. He then doused the Northants bungalow with petrol and set it alight in April 2006, Birmingham Crown Court was told. The defendant denies the two counts of murder - and a third of arson. Read emails Prosecutor David Fisher QC said Mrs Marshall and Mr Flippance had met through an online dating agency about a month before they were killed. He said the defendant, who had subjected his wife to domestic abuse, had learned about their relationship by "spyin [...]
[2007-03-07] The Senate budget committee Monday advanced a proposal to require online dating services to tell customers whether criminal background screenings are done of members using the site to look for dates
The bill now heads to the Senate floor, over the objections of a group of online companies whose lobbyists said the proposal won't prevent child predators and could soothe people into thinking they're safer online than they are. Steve DelBianco, executive director of NetChoice, a coalition of e-commerce companies and trade groups, said more than a dozen states have considered but not passed such laws. "Child predators and convicted criminals don't use online dating services to find their victims," DelBianco said. "Instead, they lurk around the nation's virtual playgrounds or virtual school y [...]
[2007-03-07] A North Yorkshire pensioner has set up an online dating agency for dogs.
Liz Tattersall, 62, of Selby, decided to act after her sister-in-law, a dog breeder, couldn't find a suitable stud dog. She got together with web designer son, Tony Carson, 39, and set up, reports the York Press. Liz said: "Like any dating service, if you are meeting other dog owners for the first time, do so in a public place or take someone along with you." Tony added: "The original idea was for a website on which people could put a profile of their dog if they were wanting to breed from it, and were looking for a suitable match. "All sorts of problems can arise when [...]
[2007-03-07] Former Guelphite offers dating tips for women seeking a man's perspective to improve their chances
It all depends on whether you're looking for Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now. To find Mr. Right Now, head down to the local dance club, where there's plenty of loud music and bumping and grinding on the dance floor. Or go out on Ladies Night: the women come in droves, so the men are out trolling. But if you're ready for a lasting relationship, you have to change your tactics, says J.M. Kearns, former Guelphite and author of "Why Mr. Right Can't Find You." In an interview from his home in Nashville, where the author and musician has lived for 10 years, Kearns put forth dating advice that runs co [...]
[2007-03-07] Trying to find a mate online? New data suggests that it’s harder for women than for men.
To wit: eHarmony’s visitors are 69 percent women, on Catholic Match it’s 72 percent, and on a whopping 87 percent are of the distaff sex, according to the data firm Hitwise. The numbers — which measure traffic, not membership on the specific sites — cover the week ending Feb. 10. The gender imbalance seems to be more pronounced on sites that offer a premium service for matching people up, such as by requiring users to answer a long list of questions about themselves, says Bill Tancer, Hitwise’s general manager of global research. Sites that attract men tend to simply stack pho [...]
[2007-03-07] The youngest baby boomers will turn 43 this year and the oldest boomers just turned 60.
These boomers are the fastest-growing population of singles. reports that over-50 singles are their most lucrative demographic. Imagine that! Just one generation ago, love and sex were relegated to the under-40 set. A life of grandkids, bridge and table tennis were on the agenda for the over-40s. Today, it's romance and sex for the generation who made their name in the free-love era. And therein lies the problem -- many boomers never negotiated for safe sex. It wasn't even on the radar. You either celebrated the pre-AIDS days of birth-control-pill-protected sex or you married the [...]
[2007-03-07] China may have to add brides to its imports
There is a saying: Be careful what you wish for. The Chinese, who have a neat turn of phrase, could have coined it. Apparently they did not - but they will come to realise its wisdom.Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping introduced a one-child policy in 1979 to curb population growth. And Chinese society, like most other societies, tends to choose boys over girls.With only one chance to get the gender right, many people, somehow or other, managed to ensure the birth of a boy. The result is a growing gender imbalance.According to UK newspaper The Guardian, 115 Chinese boys are born for every 100 girls, [...]
[2007-03-07] The media are flirting with arranged marriages, but young British Asians are less enamoured
Arranged marriages have long epitomised to the rest of society all that is alien about Asian culture. The notion of consenting to marry a stranger not for reasons of mutual love but because both families deem a union suitable runs counter to every liberal impulse about individual freedom and gender equality. In popular culture, whether films such as East is East or novels such as Brick Lane, arranged marriages are routinely portrayed as ruinous fates to be avoided. Last week's BBC documentary Arrange Me a Marriage - which may lead to a series - was then a potentially subversive slice of TV as [...]
[2007-03-07] For $49.95, learn what lurks in a would-be partner's past.
Nothing says "I love you" like a background check. Actually, maybe it's more of an "I'm interested in you, but I want to make sure you're not a sociopath who's going to burn down my house, steal my car and set out on a shooting rampage across the Great Plains." Either way, background checks are the new Google. A simple Internet search is no longer sufficient if you want to get the goods on someone, according to a new commercial push by Intelius. The company has launched TV and print ads urging a buyer-beware approach to relationships. A recent newspaper ad showed a couple happily packing [...]
[2007-03-07] Being single has advantages for women
I am not going to use any statistics to try to prove the point that more women are choosing not to marry. If you want to play with numbers, you can use Thomas Sowell's figure of one-fourth or the New York Times statistic of 51 percent of women who are not living with a husband. Sowell makes the generalization that anyone on the liberal left discredits marriage and family meaning that anyone on the right is "right" and supports marriage and family. The inference also is that liberals don't uphold Christian values and morals and the conservatives do. Generalizations can be made with any slant y [...]
[2007-03-07] They've cracked the glass ceiling, but can't find a man
They seem to have it all. Single, successful, attractive, intelligent, articulate, well-dressed, sexy and financially independent women, often in high-powered careers. They range from mid-30s upwards, and everyone who lives in a big city knows one or even several. And yet despite their success and ability to get what they want in life, many don't seem able to find the one thing they say would complete it all: A serious relationship -- or even a date. Now, it's true not all single women want them. Some enjoy their single life and say they prefer to stay that way. But for a large num [...]
[2007-03-07] How can anyone justify Islam's treatment of women, when it imprisons Afghans under blue shuttlecock burqas and makes Pakistani girls marry strangers against their will?
How can you respect a religion that forces women into polygamous marriages, mutilates their genitals, forbids them to drive cars and subjects them to the humiliation of "instant" divorce? In fact, none of these practices are Islamic at all. Anyone wishing to understand Islam must first separate the religion from the cultural norms and style of a society. Female genital mutilation is still practiced in certain pockets of Africa and Egypt, but viewed as an inconceivable horror by the vast majority of Muslims. Forced marriages may still take place in certain Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi comm [...]
[2007-03-07] Modern Russian women prefer to give birth to their first child at an older age, while modern Russian babies are larger than before
Modern Russian women prefer to give birth to their first child at an older age, while modern Russian babies are larger than before, a source at the Social Security Fund told Itar-Tass on Tuesday prior to the International Women’s Day. “An average age of Russian women giving birth to their first child was 22-23 years in 2006. It shifted to 24-25 this January,” the source said. “The majority of new mothers work in the sphere of management, finance, health care and social security,” the source said. Newborns are now larger than before, he added. An average weight of a newborn was 3.35 kilog [...]
[2007-03-07] Former office manager at a Beverly law firm has pleaded guilty to stealing more than 500-thousand dollars from the company.
Prosecutors say Heather Cimini-Moore of Rockport used the money to start an adult-themed dating Web site and take a Disney World vacation. Cimini-Moore forged partners' signatures on checks at the law firm Williams and Mahoney, and used corporate credit cards for personal items. Her husband -- former New England Revolution soccer player Jason Moore -- has admitted to cashing some of the forged checks. [...]
[2007-03-05] Are Japanese women losing their international appeal?
Writing in Shincho 45, Sayaka Kawase, a Southern California-based psychotherapist specializing in international romance and marriage, sets out to answer this question. Kawase's own interest in this topic was kindled when an American man once remarked to her, "The notion that Japanese women are considered appealing is a myth spun off by the Japanese." A strong statement indeed, considering he happened to be married to one. But for Kawase, this remark really hit home. If this gentleman was correct in his assessment, she asks rhetorically, then what factors are responsible for causing Japanese [...]
[2007-03-05] What’s with men who date only younger women?
And almost everyone has pet peeves — especially dating pet peeves. This week, Dan and Joan hold no punches. Joan: Mine is men who refuse to date women their age or a year or two older. I have had matchmaking clients who have actually said, “Why should I date a woman my age when I can get a woman younger?” Women are not commodities on a stock exchange that men can just “get.” Dan: One of my male relatives claims that men have “a range” of about 10 to 12 years in terms of women they are eligible “to get.” Not an enlightened view, true, but blame biology. Men are preprogrammed to seek out youn [...]
[2007-03-05] A former office manager pleaded guilty yesterday to stealing more than $500,000 from the Beverly law firm where she worked, money she used to help start an adult-oriented dating Web site and take a trip to Disney World.
Heather Cimini-Moore of Rockport pleaded guilty yesterday to charges that over the two years she worked at Williams and Mahoney, she forged the partners' signatures on checks, used corporate credit cards for personal items and even directed contractors hired by the law firm to work on the Web site.Her husband, former New England Revolution soccer player Jason Moore, admitted to cashing some of the forged checks.Salem Superior Court Judge Thomas Billings sentenced Cimini-Moore, 31, to two to three years in state prison, to be followed by three years of probation. Jason Moore, 28, was sentenced [...]
[2007-03-05] Local group battling decline in membership
When the Southeastern Connecticut Singles Association was formed 31 years ago, founding members probably had no concept of what the club would become today. Created to give professional people in the area a chance to meet other singles, the burgeoning club boasted a membership of more than 300.Today, there are only 175 members. Group leaders say the ages of members continue to increase, but the membership rate is dropping fast. "It seems like younger people don't have time to go out as much. I think they don't really need a singles club," said Stan Novakowski of Groton. "I belonged to th [...]
[2007-03-05] UMES portrait exhibit celebrates International Women's Month
As we celebrate women, the upcoming exhibit in the Mosely Gallery on the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore will feature portraits of Women of the World by Dutch artist Rieneke Leenders. Each painting is an intimate portrayal, capturing the beauty, spark and cultural identity of its subject. The exhibit opens March 8 with a 4 p.m. lecture by the artist and a reception following. Women of the World by Rieneke Leenders will remain on display until March 30.Around the globe, International Women's Day marks a celebration of the economic, social, cultural and political achieveme [...]
[2007-03-03] Marriage-for-visa scam
The small island country of the Dominican Republic is littered with makeshift ballparks, bursting with young boys who have big league dreams. Rene Oriental was once one of these young kids with big dreams. The 22-year-old grew up playing on a dusty field in the small town of Monte Cristi, where dirt roads abound and electricity runs sporadically. He appeared to be on his way to the big leagues when he signed a $100,000 contract with the Kansas City Royals in 2001. But two years ago, Oriental made a decision that ended up crushing his major league dreams. A man came to his house with a propo [...]
[2007-03-03] Starting new relationships for seniors
The tell-tell signs of love, whether it happens at 60 or 16, are all the same. Although a lot changes with age, the desire for and effects of love don’t diminish with time.“Your heart still flutters,” said Maurice Williams, 68, whose rosy glow gives her away. There’s no denying it — she’s in love.“People see me and say, ‘You have a smile on your face — you must be in love,’” Williams said. “I’m still kind of giddy thinking about somebody having an interest in me. It makes me feel like a teenager again.”Maurice has been dating her beau, Richard Lee, also 68, since August. It began first as a fr [...]
[2007-03-03] Americans have become less likely to marry
You may have heard recent reports that 51 percent of women are living without a spouse. We'd like to tell you that's not true. But the fact is, Americans have become less likely to marry. And social scientists believe the trend will continue. Today we're going to take a look at a new generation's views on love and marriage. Lindsey Ramon is a committed Christian, an avid tea drinker, and a Badger fan. She lives in Madison, Wisc. -- where winter brings out the hearty ice fishermen -- and she attends the University of Wisconsin. She's also a core member of her Campus Crusade chapter. And [...]
[2007-03-03] Practical steps to ignite, or keep that spark, in your relationship
It doesn’t matter how excited you are about your partner if you can’t stay on the same wavelength and keep a connection over time. Finding the right person is really less than half of what it takes to stay connected with someone. In working with couples and families over the past 18 years it has become clear to me that being in love, or even just loving someone, isn’t enough to keep the relationship going. To maintain that magical feeling of love and special-ness in a relationship we have to be willing to take 150% ownership of the quality of the connection in our relationships. There are cer [...]
[2007-03-03] The number of marriages in UK in 2005 was 283,730, the lowest since 1896
Marriages declined nearly 10% in the United Kingdom during 2005, according to a report released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The number of marriages in 2005 was 283,730, the lowest since 1896. This drop follows three years of increases. The long-term picture, however, is that of decline. What is rising is the age at which people in the UK are deciding to marry: 36.2 years for men and 33.6 years for women. The report also mentioned a decline in civil marriages to 65%. These still hold the majority over religious marriages. Perhaps most stunning is that only 60% of all marriage [...]
[2007-03-03] American women today discover a new freedom: they have several more decades of active life, they are financially independent, and they can do practically anything they want with that time and money
One news item during the transition period from the Year of the Dog to that of the Golden Pig caught my eye: about half of adult American women live without a spouse, according to the U.S. Census Bureau and as interpreted by the New York Times.In the annals of human evolution, this is a revolution on par with the invention of agriculture, the Gutenberg movable-type printing machine, or the Internet. Simply put, they all change our lives in fundamental ways.At the most superficial level, this statistic illustrates the tremendous gains achieved by the feminist movement in this country. It was on [...]
[2007-03-02] And he likes horses too
And he likes horses too! That's what Lauren Mendelsohn thought when a Baltimore man messaged her in September 2005 on, an online service for singles. "I ride show jumpers," the divorced mother of two said on Wednesday. "He supposedly bred race horses. I say supposedly because almost everything he ever told me was a lie." So began Mendelsohn's anything-but-fruitful relationship with Hillard Jay Quint, whom Illinois authorities say conned at least 10 women from several states out of more than $1 million (Dh3.67 million) through elaborate scams. The lead investigator on the case [...]
[2007-03-02] Being single can be just as fulfilling as being part of a couple
The stereotypical image of a single woman isn’t a flattering one. She’s usually imagined living a very solitary life with no parties or events to go to in the evenings. Instead, she spends her nights cuddled up in bed with a cup of Chamomile tea and her one and only bed partner — her cat. Of which she has dozens. Not very favourable, to say the least. But while the stereotype is dated, surprisingly it’s still the usual one that comes to mind when you think of a spinster. Susie Burpee, however, is turning that notion on its head with her first full length dance project. Inspired by her own mode [...]
[2007-03-02] Compared with the usual tendering route, speed-dating concept offers very good value.
The RIBA went all out in Valentine’s week to give fledgling architecture practices a chance to seduce Olympic decision-makers. Katie Puckett went along to the speed-dating spectacular and found that romance isn’t dead Barry White is rumbling seductively from the speakers. Amid pink lighting and heart-shaped balloons, guests dip strawberries into a chocolate fountain while waiters balance trays of Cosmopolitan cocktails. The day after Valentine’s Day, love is still very much in the air at the RIBA. But lonely architects will be disappointed to discover that the institution isn’t making a f [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Fatima
Kazan best budget hotel option. Fatima is a fairly small and new hotel with a great location in a quiet area just next to the Kremlin. A nice, simple, single room with a shared bathroom costs just 600 rubles ($22) per night. A double costs 900 rubles ($33) while a triple costs 1200 rubles ($44). The shared bathrooms are nice and clean, the only drawback being that there are menÕs bathrooms only on the first floor, so if your room is upstairs you have to wander down a floor to take a shower or use the toilet. The hotel also has rooms with their own private bathrooms starting [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Tatarstan
The Tatarstan is from the old, Soviet monstrosity stock of hotels. The facade has been renovated to give the impression from the outside that it might be quite a nice hotel. But once you enter the reception area any such illusions are shattered. On offer is a mixture of renovated and non-renovated rooms. There are no non-renovated single rooms so if youÕre staying there alone, youÕre not going to find a cheap room here. Non-renovated doubles cost 1450 rubles ($55), while a ÔrenovatedÕ single costs 1900 rubles ($70) and a ÔrenovatedÕ double costs 2200 [...]
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