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[2006-11-21] ID theft scam hunt goes global
UK police are working with Interpol in a bid to track down the perpetrators of a malware-powered ID theft scam that has claimed thousands of victims worldwide. As previously reported, a computer seized in the US contained personal data - including names, addresses, credit card information, and transaction records - from around 2,300 UK punters. Closer examination has revealed the details of at least 8,500 people in 60 countries were obtained through the scam. The data was swiped using key-logging Trojan software, now identified as a variant of Haxdoor, according to the Metropolitan Police's [...]
[2006-11-21] Cherish is the word for divested assets
Florida's Think Partnership Inc., which makes marketing software, is selling its Internet dating business to Mountains West Exploration Inc.The $21 million sale will include Think Partnership's wholly owned online dating unit Cherish Inc. and other direct and indirect subsidiaries that comprise nearly all of the Think Consumer market segment, including Personals Plus Inc. and Vintacom Florida Inc.Think Partnership bought the entities that now comprise Cherish over 30 months for a total of $18.7 million. [...]
[2006-11-21] Yahoo, Beliefnet Forge Deal For Online Personals
SPIRITUALITY SITE BELIEFNET HAS STRUCK a partnership with Yahoo Personals to host its Soulmatch online dating service. The agreement will allow Beliefnet to offer ten times as many dating profiles of people who identify themselves as being spiritual. Existing Soulmatch members will be automatically directed to the new site, where they have the option of searching profiles sorted by spirituality or religious preference or accessing the entire Yahoo Personals database. Soulmatch subscribers will also be offered three free months of service before having to sign up at the same monthly $24 [...]
[2006-11-21] Dating service to use voices
Online dating services may be convenient, but they're not the most personable way to meet a potential mate. What's been lacking, Chief Executive Officer Jim Safka believes, is a way for people to hear each other talk. A new service from the company called matchTalk aims to do just that. Free for basic subscribers beginning Thursday, matchTalk will let users go online and signal if they're interested in speaking to each other anonymously over the phone. The system protects privacy by assigning the couple a unique number that they can use to talk to each other without fear of g [...]
[2006-11-21] Portfolio dating
Can't find the one? Suzanne Portnoy extols the virtues of juggling a number of men after she realised her husband of ten years was more interested in his career than her: ‘Wouldn’t you like a proper boyfriend?’ asked my friend Jane recently. We had been discussing her love life, or lack of it, and as usual the conversation turned toward my love life. It is, after all, more interesting because it’s more active - given that I am currently seeing six different men - even if it’s not really about love. ‘How long are you going to keep playing musical boyfriends?’ she wondered. Monogamy is her [...]
[2006-11-21] Singapore Funds Matchmaking Companies
Singapore loves the dating game. The government is so keen for its citizens to marry and procreate that it is setting aside $384,250 to help fund private matchmaking agencies as part of a new move to reverse the island state's falling birth rate. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports announced Friday it was soliciting creative business plans for Internet or personal dating services. Companies may apply for grants of up to $32,023 for their matchmaking businesses, it said. The businesses would be listed in a government database to be accessed by single people from next year [...]
[2006-11-21] Boyfriend seeks 'discreet sex' online
DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I have been together for six years, and the only problem I have with him is that he lies about meeting other women on sex sites. The problem with this is that he is looking for someone in our hometown for discreet sex. I have confronted him and told him how it makes me feel, but he still does it and finds other sites to go on. What am I to do? Sad in Salisbury, Md. DEAR SAD: End the romance. Your "boyfriend's" actions indicate that he is unwilling or unable to remain faithful to you. It's time to find a man who wants what you want out of a relationship. [...]
[2006-11-21] Impending marriage has doomed a friendship
Dear Carolyn: I had a very tight group of friends in college, one of whom ("Greg") has always had a thing for me. Now we are in our late 20s and are still good friends. Greg has kept up this crush with no encouragement on my end; in fact, I've gently suggested to him over the years that perhaps it's holding him back. Meanwhile I've always dated and am now with the person I plan to marry. Well, finally, last year, Greg found a girlfriend and we were all thrilled for him. They moved in with each other almost immediately, and several times the rest of the group and I suggested w [...]
[2006-11-21] Being single can be a sore spot at holiday gatherings
After a lifetime of being single, David Greenfield, 38, of Syracuse, has learned to pack a smile when he goes to family gatherings over the holidays. He estimates he'll be asked at least a half-dozen times about his marital status from relatives and friends concerned about his personal happiness. "I'm asked about whom I'm seeing, why am I not married, all that good stuff. You take it with a grain of salt and a little humor, actually," says Greenfield, a personal banker at Chase Bank. According to experts, the holiday season can bring on a deep shade of the blues for unmarried adults, esp [...]
[2006-11-21] Residents Want Sex Offender's Business Shut Down
A group of residents in a neighborhood near Dodger Stadium are demanding that a dating service run by a convicted sex offender be shut down. Residents want Charles Diorio to close up shop. Diorio said he runs a bisexual dating service for adults interested in an alternative lifestyle. He said he served prison time for rape two decades ago, but that his business is legal and he's not going anywhere. City officials were not available for comment, and the Los Angeles Police Department said it had no comment. [...]
SPEED-DATING singletons hoping to find their perfect partner may be surprised to hear that size really does matter. A study by the University of Essex has revealed that women prefer taller men. A women's weight can dash their hopes of meeting Mr Right. Females who are clinically overweight are picked by 70 per cent fewer men. It also seems the younger you are, the better chance you have. An extra year of age decreases a man's success by four per cent and a woman's by five per cent. Smokers might feel it's time to kick the habit, with many of them unable to find romance other than [...]
HE says he sometimes feels like he is 'a monster' when his wife rejects his advances. Yet, he insists that he has not done anything against his conscience. When contacted for his side of the story, the 41-year-old owner of a provision shop said: 'I don't see what I did was wrong. 'I'm her lawful husband and with that, comes my right to expect sex. That's normal.' He added that he loves his wife and that was why he refrained from having pre-marital sex with her. 'I knew she came from a traditional family background where sex was a taboo subject. So despite being tempted, we never went tha [...]
[2006-11-21] What the scribes didnt write about Vietnam
Most of the 2,000-plus international journalists who were here to cover the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit probably missed the real story of Vietnam: a nation going through an internal crisis.While Vietnam is being lauded as an emerging economic tiger of Asia, behind that image is an array of chronic social and environmental problems seemingly impossible to resolve, according to New America Media.Since the war ended in 1975, the country's population has more than doubled from 35 million to 84 million. Nearly two out of three Vietnamese are too young to have any direct memory o [...]
[2006-11-21] New Yorkers turn to private eyes for help with romance
Preparing for a date in New York can be labor-intensive. Right perfume or cologne? Check. Smart clothes? Check. Report from private investigator? Check. In the city's hot-and-heavy dating scene, the latest trend for singles is to check exactly who they are meeting for dinner with the help of the city's famed private detective agencies. Many New Yorkers are no longer taking their romantic prospects at their word, instead running extensive background searches that cover criminal records, education, previous jobs and address history. Sitting in his private office on the Upper West Side of M [...]
[2006-11-21] Globalization, Militarism and Sex Trafficking
The author gave this communication at the International meeting of Women World March, in Lima, Perou, from July 4th to July 9th 2006. She speaks as coordinator of the Coalition against trafficking in women Asia Pacific (CATWAP) and as a feminist activist from the Philippines working with survivors of prostitution. Coming from the previous discussion on the impact of globalization on women, I would just want to emphasize the need to criticize globalization not only in terms of its impact on our lives, but criticize the very framework of globalization as masculinist given its assumptions. [...]
[2006-11-21] Love at first byte Pt II
Last week, we carried part one of a feature on persons who have used the Internet to find lasting love. These relations have in many cases led to marriage and this week, we conclude the feature with another success story plus some safeguards to remember if you decide to try love in cyberspace. (Names have been withheld for privacy) These days, there are chat rooms and websites for everything including romance. Many people who have grown frustrated by or tired of conventional dating methods resort to the initial anonymity of being just a number in cyberspace. After all, you are alone in a roo [...]
[2006-11-21] Russia has a Muslim dilemma Ethnic Russians hostile to Muslims Followers of Islam say they have been citizens a long time
Crammed amid the gray monoliths of Moscow's 1980 Olympics complex, the Sobornaya Mosque was the only Islamic house of worship that was allowed to function under the Soviet regime. It stood largely empty then, filling up only with the occasional large foreign delegation from Islamic countries. Today, its pale blue walls cannot contain the hundreds who come to pray. On Fridays and holy days, it overflows with worshipers, leaving many forced to kneel on newspapers outside, their foreheads pressing against the concrete. Zabir Valeev was attending midday prayers on a recent Friday with his 8-ye [...]
[2006-11-21] Holidays bring increase in domestic violence
Officials say they see more cases of domestic violence during the holidays, but it doesn't disappear when the holiday decorations come down. Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said he and his deputies see domestic violence year-round, but he thinks with added stress of the holidays and the influence of narcotics and alcohol, the number of victims increases. "I'd say most domestic violence cases involve alcohol and narcotics. It seems to usually be the nucleus of the argument, and because you can't rationalize with a person under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, it just gets worse," [...]
[2006-11-21] In my dating life nerd-vana, love was all geek to me
I DO NOT want to tell you this. Some of my stories, I won't write for you because they embarrass me. Some, because I think they would hurt people. And some because I don't know how to tell them. Every week I come up with something to say, and the shallow veins do run out. There is only so much of a vein that you can mine before the whole thing collapses. The treasure you are cutting away is the mine itself, and it does not refill what it has lost. Someday I will reach the point past which I will not dig. But I will tell you this. All the men I've ever loved, or lusted for, have been of [...]
[2006-11-21] Neighbors Protest Sex Offenders Dating Website
LOS ANGELES Neighbors protested Saturday outside the home of a registered sex offender who is allegedly running a sex club out of his home, near a school and Dodger Stadium.The neighbors, some with bullhorns and signs reading "no pimps" and "our kids deserve safe streets" gathered outside the home of Charles Diorio in the 700 block of Solano Avenue."He lives right down the street from a school," said Alisa Carvey, who lives next door to Diorio. "Obviously, you can see the neighborhood is packed with kids. We know sex offenders need to live somewhere, that's not a problem. It's the sex business [...]
November 19, 2006 -- In a traditional paperback romance, the hero is a strapping stallion, all flowing locks and rippling pecs, the latter preferably visible through a half-open shirt on a windswept cliff. In the hot new "paranormal romance" version, the hero may literally be a stallion. Such is the case with a "shape-shifting" character in "Kissing Sin," by Aussie Keri Arthur. Like most of its kind, it takes the familiar bodice-ripper plot points and peoples them with all manner of creatures. "I'd never met a horse-shifter before, and had to wonder where they'd been hiding all my life," t [...]
[2006-11-21] Gay couple celebrates vows
David Aguilar, 29, and Ernie Aguilar, 34, turn and smile, surrounded by friends and family in an ornate church. Their vows to each other are beautiful and heartfelt, but same-sex ceremonies are not something most people are familiar with. David and Ernie met at a speed-dating party in 2003 while both lived in New York. They lived in the same neighborhood, just blocks from each other, but had never met. After they dated for a while, Ernie interviewed for the doctoral program in medical humanities at the University of Texas Medical Branch and loved the area and people. At first, he didn’t know h [...]
[2006-11-02] Online Dating Service to Use Voice Chat
Online dating services may be convenient, but they're not the most personable way to meet a potential mate. What's been lacking, Chief Executive Jim Safka believes, is a way for would-be couples to hear each other talk. A new service from the company called matchTalk aims to do just that. Free for basic subscribers beginning Thursday, matchTalk will let users go online and signal if they're interested in speaking to each other anonymously over the phone. The system protects privacy by assigning the couple a unique number that they can use to talk to each other without fear of givi [...]
[2006-11-02] The Relationship Terminator
A cold and blustery afternoon in a south Berlin suburb and Stefan Hamberger is slumped in his doorway, gawping at his visitor. "I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand," he croaks, slack-jawed with shock. "Please could you repeat that." "Of course. My name is Bernd Dressler and I am the owner of The Separation Agency. I am here on behalf of your girlfriend and my client, Anne-Marie. She has hired me to terminate your relationship," repeats the neat, clipped voice. "Is this some kind of joke?" "Hardly," says Dressler, smoothing his already smooth hair, brandishing an official-looking docum [...]
[2006-11-02] Busy Londoners find love over lunch
A new dating website,, pairs off people working near to each other who want to find romance but don't have much spare time and need to be back at their desks within an hour or so. Marketing consultant Brett Harding, who set up the site, believes that matching people by their job location helps to ease first-date jitters and can help overcome the traditional British reserve. "We based our search engine on where you work. It's totally different to anything else that is out there," Harding told Reuters. "They could be working within 500 metres of where you are and yet yo [...]
[2006-11-02] Re-entering the dating scene after divorce
One of the shocks of being divorced is re-entering the dating scene. Enough time has passed from the trauma of divorce and you are now ready to take some risks on a new relationship. It was hard enough the first time around. What are the rules? How does it work? Be proactive Check your notions of romantic love at the door. There is a myth that there is a "one and only" out there in the world for you. Suppose your one and only lives in Tibet. You'll never meet. How sad! If you believe love will happen when you are least looking for it, you are too passive. You need to look and put yourself in l [...]
[2006-11-02] Improve Dating - Solve Quizzes
Every one of us who are attempting to date has many queries. All center on one common question- how do I improve my dating results? This goal raises many questions. What is your dating personality? Are you liked by the opposite sex? Do you look lovable? Do you know about online dating? Do you know about preparing your online profile? How do you write emails? What is your dress style? What is the first impression you leave? Do you know how to chose a dating partner? How do you behave on a date and so on? Dating is both an art and a science. With right guidance, you may find answers to many que [...]
[2006-11-02] Thailand's matchmaking business booms
When John Thompson's second marriage plummeted into divorce, the 49-year-old Hawaiian graphic designer had doubts he would ever meet the right American woman. On an impulse, while vacationing in Thailand, he signed up with Sweet Singles, a company that promised unlimited introductions to eligible Thai women. A year later, he married a 23-year-old Thai factory worker who could barely speak English, which had forced him to bring along a dictionary on their dates. But despite the communication problems, Thompson said he found the right woman. "It felt good from the very start," he sai [...]
[2006-11-02] Long-distance love is possible
Hey, so what’s up with all y’all and long distance relationships? What, you can’t find somebody within a 25-mile radius to date? Come on now… OK, I’m just joking, but I’ve had quite a few interesting conversations this week about long distance relationships that definitely make me realize that is absolutely a topic worthy of the Dr. Love franchise! So I’m going to take a minute to dedicate this one to Brock, my awesome opinion editor (yup, he is my boss) and to Kat from Iowa on the girls’ basketball team. Y’all need to make sure you show some love to the girls’ basketball team as soon as the s [...]
[2006-11-02] In My Country There Is Problem
It’s not often that a former Soviet state other than Russia becomes a matter of national attention in the UK. It takes a revolution in Kyrgyzstan or the possibility of war in Georgia to propel news from these countries towards the front pages of the British press for a day or two, before everyone forgets about it. But for the last two weeks, Britain has been talking about little else but Kazakhstan. The whole country has been going Kazakh crazy, with talk shows, newspaper articles and millions of email forwards all containing a Kazakh flavor. Unfortunately for the Central Asian state, however [...]
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