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[2006-10-05] Elizaveta, Liza - Russian woman (female) name
The name id of Hebrew origin and it means "the vow to God." Elizaveta immediately comes down as a mischievous and fidgety creature, such a frolicsome and charming child whose obedience will not last a minute. She needs everything to know! Elizaveta's classmates appreciate her playfulness and her qualities of a good friend. To keep her friends company Elizaveta will attend sewing and knitting courses although gained knowledge is seldom of any practical value. Elizaveta often wants to seem better than she is and that give her impetus to act extravagantly of what she is later remorseful. El [...]
[2006-10-04] Online romance with sweet harmony and a surprise
Four-part harmonies, dazzling choreography, and a surprise ending are in store for audience members who attend the annual Mid-Lakes Chorus of Sweet Adelines show on Saturday at Comstock Community Auditorium. This year's program has been titled `` `Searching Cyberspace for the Perfect Guy'.'' The self-produced show is a musical of sorts, featuring an original script and with songs performed by the more the 50-member women's chorus from Allegan, Barry and Kalamazoo counties. It has everyone working on the show cracking up in laughter. ``It took three weeks to put together, [...]
[2006-10-04] Driver's widow describes a love story
Rita Rabinowitz took her daughter's hand, holding tight as the DVD began to play before a crowded, hushed courtroom. And there, as she sat watching, she saw her husband's death just as he saw it that night -- through his eyes, from the front of the limousine in which he died.Silence. A crash. And then it was over. A man's life -- and a little girl's life, Katie Flynn, all of 7 years old -- had ended.After she sat in the courtroom at the trial of Martin Heidgen, who is charged with Katie's and Stanley's deaths, Rita sat and talked to me about her husband's life. It was only fitting: On a day wh [...]
[2006-10-04] Chinese Women Empowered by Divorce
The divorce rate in China has been on the increase every year since the 1990s. Many insightful people at the time wrote about the abuse and damage associated with divorce, including some who even stressed avoiding the risk of it becoming fashionable, and I have the memory from the early 1950s of this very thing happening.China's first marriage law was promulgated in 1950 in opposition to bigamy and concubinage and was propagandized nationally. Polygamy was inherited from pre-1949 China but could not be dealt with purely by administrative measures, so that the tradition of "second houses," "thi [...]
[2006-10-04] Internet romance has gruesome end in Brazil
An international online love affair didn’t lead to the altar but instead ended in a brutal murder in Brazil. Police said this week after a six-month investigation that an American man who came to Brazil to visit the fiancee he had romanced on the internet was killed by the woman over money, according to media reports. Musician Raymond James Mierrel was drugged and held by Regina Filomena Rachid for a week in March in an apartment in Sao Jose dos Campos in Sao Paulo state, police said. After Mierrel gave her the PIN numbers to his credit cards, Rachid strangled him with a cable and, with t [...]
[2006-10-04] Moscow has one of the Most Expensive Hotel Room Rates in Europe
In the first half of this year average quality hotel room rates in Moscow have topped $290 per night coming behind to London at $370 per night, and Paris at $345 per night; making Russia’s capital one of the most expensive destinations to stay in Europe and the world. Over the same period, Moscow’s room rates have soared by 19% on this time last year, surpassing the majority of principle cities in Europe including Rome, Madrid and Berlin. Mark Wynne-Smith, European CEO, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels said: “Moscow has seen a major increase in annual foreign visitors – from 1.5 million to 3.5 milli [...]
[2006-10-04] Moscow has one of the Most Expensive Hotel Room Rates in Europe
In the first half of this year average quality hotel room rates in Moscow have topped $290 per night coming behind to London at $370 per night, and Paris at $345 per night; making Russia’s capital one of the most expensive destinations to stay in Europe and the world. Over the same period, Moscow’s room rates have soared by 19% on this time last year, surpassing the majority of principle cities in Europe including Rome, Madrid and Berlin. Mark Wynne-Smith, European CEO, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels said: “Moscow has seen a major increase in annual foreign visitors – from 1.5 million to 3.5 milli [...]
[2006-10-04] Reuters UK Examines HIV/AIDS Group's 'Matchmaking' Efforts for HIV-Positive People in India
Reuters UK on Monday examined efforts by an HIV/AIDS advocacy group in India to help find partners for HIV-positive men and women who often are shunned by their families and communities. Thirty men and women living with the virus on Sunday in Surat, India, met at a session called "HIV+ Find a Life Partner," which was hosted by the local HIV/AIDS advocacy group Network of Surat People Living with HIV+, Reuters UK reports. During the two-hour "matchmaking" event, the men and women "shared their experiences, discussed their families, medical histories and professions, with some even introducing t [...]
[2006-10-03] Win tickets to party hosted by London's leading dating service
It's official. Single people definitely have more fun looking for love in a relaxed environment with like minded people. That's according to London's leading dating service Meet at Last' which has seen the number of people attending its parties and unique events triple in the last 12 months. To celebrate, 10 lucky readers will have the chance to win a free ticket to Meet at Last's Party Night' on Saturday 7th October 2006 at 3 Compasses in Farringdon, London. Singletons are more adventurous, outgoing and confident. They enjoy their freedom, do as they please and trying new things, yet many [...]
[2006-10-03] Singles Week spent speed dating
About 150 dating hopefuls with name tags plastered to their shirts strutted their stuff quick-style at the Speed Dating event Sept. 19 at the PUB. Three times as many males as females - and one robot ?- participated in the event. Student Union and Activities Advisory Board (SUAAB) Holiday Chair Yormynnelly Grajales chose the speed dating event to coincide with National Singles Week. "It's not necessarily for people to find dates or to find a prospective husband, but just to meet other people, even just for friendship," Grajales said. For each round of speed dating, participants chatted at a [...]
[2006-10-03] Maybe, you’re the one
Most guys would agree that finding love in a bustling environment like Kuala Lumpur is a challenging task to accomplish. Even blokes who are deemed to be good-looking or blessed with a good personality find that they really have to pull out all the stops to ensure that they get the girl of their dreams. This eternal quest for romance is the premise for Cornetto Love? Perhaps, Ntv7’s new reality show hosted by model/actress Stephanie Chai. Having made her TV debut playing a vixen in the comedy-drama KL Lights earlier in the year, Chai, who juggles her successful career as a model in the Asia [...]
[2006-10-03] Matchmaker, matchmaker...
The Krishnans have been looking for a bride for their son for over two years now. Local marriage bureaus, newspapers and even their family networks haven’t helped them find the perfect girl. They are now considering turning to the Internet — they’ve heard of these huge databases of prospective brides, available at the press of a button. Trouble is, the Krishnans aren’t computer literate, nor do they have access to the Internet. That’s the cue for the entry of Janaki Sharma, a Mumbai-based housewife who has taken on the franchise for an offline centre of one of the leading web-based matri [...]
[2006-10-03] October in Russian History
October 31 1914: Russian troops led by General Russki pushed the Germans under Hindenburg back to their original positions, ending the battle of the Vistula River. The Germans lost at least 42,000 men. 1961: Stalin's body removed from Lenin Mausoleum (Stalingrad was renamed Volgograd) October 30 1905: October Manifesto was signed by Nicholas II 1961: Soviet Party Congress approved an order to remove Joseph Stalin's body from Lenin's tomb. October 29 1918: Komsomol was founded at the 1st Congress of Workers' and Peasants' Youth Organizations October 28 1962: Cuban miss [...]
[2006-10-03] Elderly Internet Dating Scam
An elderly woman in Raymond is the latest victim of an internet dating scam. She's now speaking out to warn others about looking for love on the World Wide Web. 64 year old Eugenia Hynum just learned how to navigate the internet a couple of months ago. Her six children are all grown up so Hynum decided it was time to meet someone special. To her suprise a Mr. John Smith from Canada found her. "You look like a nice sweet Christian lovely lady," is whatHynum says he said to her. Eugenia Hynum met John Smith on a Christian internet dating service. They began chatting online, some conversations [...]
[2006-10-03] Sex and the Future of Russian Society
The prevailing Cold War perception of the Soviet Union and Russia was that of a very conservative, restrained society. In school, we were led to believe that this was simply a society of dark clad folks, mechanically going about their predetermined daily routines. They were not associated with images of promiscuity of any kind. Sex and Russia are terms not typically used together. Today's reality is much different and tragic. As a result of 'freedom,' sex related magazines, and other products, are sold openly and it's not unusual to see couples 'making out' in public. Ironically, a park benc [...]
[2006-10-03] Mobile Dating Sucks
At Idate lots of companies where trying to sell mobile dating, but every owner I talked to said thought mobile dating was a joke and would never amount to much. The basic problem is that there is no such thing as mobile dating. Sure you can put up profiles and make it look like a dating site but no one actuallyuses it. People who use “mobile dating” are mostly under the age of 24 and are looking to chat with others. Mobile dating as it stands today is nothing more then a chat line, and most of the mobile “dating” users don’t even have computers. Online daters on the other hand are between ages [...]
[2006-10-03] Teacher arrested for violating child prostitution law 'wanted girlfriend'
A teacher who paid a 17-year-old girl for engaging in "questionable behavior" with him has been arrested, police said. The teacher, Junichi Hirasawa, 31, has admitted to the allegations against him. "I knew she was 17, but I'm single and I wanted a girlfriend," Hirasawa was quoted as saying. Hokkaido Prefectural Police investigators said Hirasawa met up with the third-year high school girl, whom he met through an online dating site, at a hotel in Kushiro, Hokkaido, at about 1 p.m. on April 30, and engaged in "questionable behavior" with her after promising to give her a cell phone costing [...]
[2006-10-03] Flirting with danger
Elissa*, 43, is married with two school-age children, and loves the internet. She catches up on surplus office work via the home computer, regularly emails relatives interstate and, just to relieve the suburban boredom, shuffl es time spent on eBay with about an hour every few weeks having cybersex in adult chat rooms. She often accesses them via online dating websites such as and, which each boast memberships in the hundreds of thousands. Although they primarily act as online dating services, they also offer the forum to "meet" likeminded people who are ha [...]
[2006-10-03] Sex and the city and the English department
There's that awkward moment in a new romance when the other person says or does something that instantly derails the whole enterprise. You've been sailing along contentedly for weeks, giddy with fulfillment, and then suddenly, a minor provocation, and that queasy feeling sets in: What am I doing with this guy?The offense needn't be significant. For instance, if you're a person who cares about language, as does the English professor hero of "Tolstoy Lied," Rachel Kadish's cheekily titled new novel, the following gaffe in the middle of a philosophical discussion would sound the death knell.Tracy [...]
[2006-10-02] Guys over 40 find dating daunting, discouraging
Second chances at love don't come often when you hit your 40s. That's what many single men in that age group are finding out. Dating now has become a challenge compared with when they were in their 20s. John Drysdale, 46, divorced in 2001. He says finding someone his age who is educated, single and ready to settle down is a rare thing. "The demographics are definitely different," says the southwest Minneapolis resident. "When I was in my 20s, everyone was single and in the same boat. Now, the majority of people I know in their 40s are all married, and here I am — single again." Going to ba [...]
[2006-10-02] How to write a Content rich Dating Profile or Personal Ad
Are you trying to find the man or woman of your dreams? Online dating can help you find your potential date. You need to write a personal ad or a dating profile which will give you an opportunity to select your soul mate. An online dating ad which is written clearly is informative and full of good content will fetch you quality responses. We find certain profiles on online dating sites which are written spontaneously and they lack creativity. These kind of profiles will lead you to attracting the wrong kind of person. The common mistakes that people make in their dating profiles are mentioned [...]
[2006-10-02] Online play-dating puts families together
A new online service that matches families with similar interests opened last week to people in the Denver area. hopes to capitalize on shifts in Americans' moving habits. The United States is highly transient compared with other nations. More than 40 million Americans, or 14 percent of the population, moved last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Relocating families - often driven by job opportunities - are increasingly moving to areas where they have no relatives and weak social networks, said John McAuley, chief executive of the Asheville, N.C.-based compa [...]
[2006-10-02] Membership Sites on the Internet - Easy and Profit
The overall topics for successful members-only websites are as varied today as...short people, tall people, buying websites, unusual business ideas, trading stocks, paint ball, 2nd wives clubs, monetary, dating, fitness, marketing and countless mentoring and coaching sites on virtually every topic imaginable and probably a few you can’t imagine or wouldn't want to vividly imagine. It takes some work and certainly the right tools to set up a members-only website but the rewards (monetary as well as personal satisfaction) can be huge. Whatever you are passionately interested in or very adept a [...]
[2006-10-02] Dr. Hookup the Matchmaker
Gilroy - They call her Dr. Hookup because that's what she does for a living. But Rimppi Rai is not your traditional matchmaker. Although she works out of her home and uses a computer, she involves a third party to help make matches. The 34-year-old and mother of two daughters ages 4 and 6 starts her day by calling up her team of matchmakers that she manages on, an online dating site where family and friends become the matchmakers to help one find that special someone. "My team collaborates on issues that users are having as well as making sure all new users get the experienc [...]
[2006-10-02] More young Americans in no rush to get married
She has a master's degree in education and a head full of ambition.By day, she's a teacher. By night, she writes dramatic movie scripts. She's also developing a nonprofit tutoring Her name is Thais Council, and at 26, this Plantation resident knows exactly where she is going in the next several years -- and it isn't down the aisle."I don't see myself getting married until, maybe, when I'm over 30," she said, pausing. "Well over 30."Today's young Americans are putting off marriage in increasing numbers, census data show. Those in South Florida are waiting slightly longer than the national avera [...]
[2006-10-02] Singles looking to build new friendships
Singles looking to build new friendships, experience new things and even travel abroad should look no further than the Tri-Cities, writes Lara Gerrits Maurina Thomas giggles like a high school girl when she relays her latest tale of romance. But much has changed since the 50-year-old Port Moody woman began dating decades ago. Instead of eyeing someone in the halls of school, she looked for profiles that intrigued her on Yahoo Personals. Instead of shooting a smile across the classroom, she sent a virtual "wink" online. And after the initial contact, a two-and-half hour phone call mim [...]
[2006-10-02] Let Romance Motivate Us
All of us need motivation. We eat because we feel hungry. We drink water because we are thirsty. We do everything in life for a reason. For living, we only need air, water, food and shelter. But we are much more evolved than animals. So we want to achieve something in life that satisfies us. That makes us feel a success. All of us have our own goals. Some of us have goals that look highly impossible. But history tells us that this has been done. Unknown people born in unknown families have amassed wealth beyond imagination. Great painters were born in small places but today the whole world k [...]
[2006-10-02] Single best reason for a plan
A MAN is not a financial plan. And no one knows that better than 33-year-old Brisbane art director Kristin Poulter. "Money was not a problem for me when I was in an eight-year relationship, but that all changed when we broke up," she says. "Suddenly I found myself on my own with credit card bills and no real financial plan for the future. "I had a good job, but realised I was doing nothing constructive with my money. I met a woman at a party who told me I should see a financial planner and take control. "I did just that and worked out a five-year plan. Within 12 months I had bought an apar [...]
[2006-10-02] Why Foreign Brides Are Hot
One in four Singapore men married foreign brides last year, as such marriages hit a 10-year high.CH Yeo is 42 years old, has a bachelor's degree majoring in design from Australia, and works as an interior designer and part-time lecturer.It is a pretty decent resume for any prospective girlfriend, but when it came to dating Singaporean women, Yeo thought his plump, 1.5m frame put him at a distinct disadvantage."I've heard the girls look for handsome guys and will start looking at you 360 degrees. I don't want to be in that situation."So he joined a growing band of higher-educated Singaporean me [...]
[2006-10-02] Single or married: the pros and cons
Single or married: Which is better? It’s a question that just might be crossing Tie Domi’s mind at the moment. It’s always been said that single people want to be married while married folk long to be single again. But is this true anymore? With so many singles of all ages (over 7 million men and women in Canada between 20-65), especially in the 40-plus range, (the biggest growing demographic of singles), and the world more accepting of the single status than ever before, is singledom no longer such a reluctant state? After all, being single is being free-as-a-bird, only responsible [...]
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