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[2006-08-04] Open Casting Calls To Be Held in Los Angeles on August 5 and ...
CBS TO HOLD OPEN CASTING CALLS FOR "HOOK ME UP," AN ORIGINAL ONLINE REALITY SHOW ON CBS.COM'S INNERTUBE WHERE SINGLES SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE AND VIEWERS GET TO VOTE ON THE OUTCOME Open Casting Calls To Be Held in Los Angeles on August 5 and Boston on August 11 HOOK ME UP, a new online reality series that follows four singles as they brave the world of online dating and, ultimately, let America vote on their perfect match, will run on CBS's broadband channel, innertube. HOOK ME UP chronicles a series of dates that the contestants go on as they are courted by four suitors, each vying for t [...]
[2006-08-04] Woman charged for 'free' trial of online dating service
An Isanti woman who signed up for an online dating service said she was charged a subscription fee despite canceling her service. Sherri Ronning contacted 5 FIGHTING FOR YOU to help get the $49.99 she paid to back. Ronning decided to try the online dating service after going through a divorce. ”I'm not a bar hopper,” Ronning says. “It just isn't my style.” Ronning signed up for the free week the dating service offered, but when she tried to cancel, the Web site offered her a free month. However, when she tried to cancel after that free month, the company told her they had already [...]
[2006-08-04] Finding the right one, for the right reasons
A "Backstory" article that ran in the Monitor recently, "A Town of Foreign Marriages," described a phenomenon in Taiwan where rapid cultural changes challenging age-old concepts of marriage are leading to "mail-order" brides and arranged marriages ( July 20). It brought to mind a time when I was in my early 20s and frustrated with dating. While I loved the idea of home and family, I hadn't met anyone I wanted to marry. I knew, however, that no aspect of human life was beyond God's reach. I could appeal to Him for help with the anxiousness I was feeling. I realized I needed to trust God more, [...]
[2006-08-04] Secure Dating
Safety is always on Julie Brush's mind when she finds a date online."I meet new people in a public place. And I often say, you know, I need to be home by a certain time."Julie also uses a one of it's kind online security system. It's called Here's how it works: first you create a personal profile that includes information about the people you agree to meet."They can upload emails that the person has sent, they can put in their photo, they can put in any personal or private information that they have on the individual," says Joe Tracy of Online Dating Magazine.You also provid [...]
[2006-08-04] Personal-ad activists won’t swallow racism
Say you’re browsing through singles ads. Imagine that you repeatedly find profiles for people whom you find attractive and have a lot in common with, and whose requirements you satisfy. With one glaring exception. Take an ad for a guy who is handsome, sexy, and “pretty much attracted to all types of guys…except [insert your ethnicity here]”. Most people would ignore it. Imagine, however, encountering numerous statements like that on a regular basis. Numerous people don’t have to imagine this. For many, it’s their reality. Although this problem is not exclusive to gay men, awareness and activ [...]
[2006-08-04] Couple who've ad enough hope for TV slot
A COUPLE who recently split are getting over their break up by entering a competition to film a live TV advert to find a new love. Andrew Gaskell and Beatrix Monoki split up two months ago but have remained firm friends and still live together in Steeple Drive, Broadway. Beatrix, an administrative assistant at Contour Housing, says the relationship ended because the couple just drifted apart. Advertisement P.incontentad, P.incontentad H5 { display: none } DIV.incontentad { display: none } “We lived together and decided to break up because it didn’t work out but we stay [...]
[2006-08-04] Most Divorced Men's Marriage Ruined by Family Days
Men cite the agony resulting from family events as the main reason for marital discord and women their husbands’ career failure, a straw poll shows. The nationwide poll of 524 divorcees bent on a second marriage found that 24.4 percent of male respondents said that family events were the biggest reason for arguments with their wives before their divorce, while 44.2 percent of female respondents cited their husbands’ lack of business acumen. The poll was conducted by dating agency Only You, which caters mainly to the divorced, via e-mail and the Internet. For men, the second biggest reason wa [...]
[2006-08-03] Rapist who tracked down victim he met online is jailed for life
A convicted rapist who became obsessed with a woman he met in cyberspace was jailed for life last week after he hunted her down and subjected her to a series of sexual assaults in a night-long ordeal. David Jeanette, 42, from Portsmouth, was found guilty of making a threat to kill and three counts of rape at Southampton crown court. The jury heard how Jeanette had met his victim in 2004 through an internet dating agency and declared that he wanted to marry her. But when details of his criminal past came to light, the woman fled. It emerged he had served more than seven years in jail for twi [...]
[2006-08-03] Nixon sues dating service for No Call violation
A California online dating service was ordered to stop making telemarketing calls to Missourians on the state's No Call list, due to a temporary restraining order obtained Tuesday by Attorney General Jay Nixon. The temporary restraining order, against of Tujunga, Calif., comes after more than 140 Missourians on the No Call list reported receiving telemarketing calls during June soliciting memberships to the dating service, according to a release. Nixon is suing; its owner, Lourdes Van Hoek; and another company, Telephone Management Corp., for making the telemarketing ca [...]
[2006-08-03] The Virtual Hitchhiker's Guide to Russia
Want to hail a ride to the Black Sea coast without leaving your office? New 'find a travel partner' web sites springing up all over the Russian Internet are making it possible. With just a month of summer left, Natalya is desperate to get out of Moscow and spend some quality beach time, but she needs to find someone to travel with to avoid feeling like a third wheel. "A girl and her boyfriend are coming with me, but I am alone," Natalya said in her posting on, which can be loosely translated as "Let's go." She hopes to find a man or woman to join her two-week vacation to the resor [...]
[2006-08-03] Couples find a balance for outside friendships, interests
C hris Crytzer loves theater, everything from children's productions to traveling Broadway companies. Her husband, Robert, enjoys watching sports of all kinds on TV and in person. They love each other but aren't equally passionate about each other's pastimes. So they often socialize separately with friends who share their special interests. "It's always been that way, and it works out great," says Crytzer, 41, of Robinson, Pa. "Then you can come back (together) and have different experiences to share and have more things to talk about." For a couple, mixing life, love and friends -- old [...]
[2006-08-03] Email shows buy-a-bride link
A FORMER federal Labor minister has been linked to plans for an Asian mail-order bride network directed at lonely, "redneck, blue-collar" Australian men. A confidential business plan sent on former Hawke government minister Peter Duncan's email address has been uncovered by the Herald Sun. It was sent to Mr Duncan's long-time friend Donald John Storen, who is an Australian citizen fighting child sex charges in Indonesia. The so-called "Lombok project" was to involve coercing men who frequented Australian hotels, TABs, clubs and blue-collar workplaces such as sugar mills to travel to the i [...]
[2006-08-03] Korea sees international marriages surge
Dramatic rise in Koreans marrying foreigners reflects rapid transition to multiracial society This article is the sixth of a 10-part series dealing with multiculturalism. - Ed. By Cho Chung-un Maybe not love at first sight in the traditional sense, but Kim Hee-sun, a 32-year-old ethnic Vietnamese woman, knew that she had found the right person when she met a Korean man on a "bride-seeking" trip to Vietnam three years ago. As she had also caught his attention, Kim and her future husband, then 38, decided to get married after only three dates. It was his tender smile that drew her to [...]
[2006-08-02] Immigrants Sue Over Citizenship Delays
The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, asks that a federal judge review the files and administer the oath of citizenship. It also seeks class-action status to include all immigrants who have been waiting at least six months for naturalization after filing applications at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service in Los Angeles. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Muslims and immigrants from the Middle East and Asia have often complained of unexplained delays in the processing of immigration applications. The Southern California lawsuit follows a handful of others [...]
[2006-08-02] Russia celebrates Day of Airborne Troops
Russia celebrates the Day of Airborne Troops today. Airborne unit of 12 people first landed during trainings of Moscow military district on August 2, 1930.Celebrations on occasion of Airborne Troops Day will be held all over Russia. Laying of flowers to memorial of warriors-paratroopers will take place on Suvorov Square of Moscow at 9:00 a.m. Religious procession along Ilinka street, action of thanksgiving on Lobnoe place and solemn liturgy in Cathedral of Ilya the Prophet will be held from 11:00 to 14:00.Warriors-paratroopers will demonstrate their skills. Trade fair and open-air merrymaking [...]
[2006-08-02] Website simplifies search for (rich) mate
Even Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex and the City" couldn't come up witha concept like this: a map that can help simplify your search for a mate -- a really wealthy one that is.The so-called 'Man Map" was created by converting itsreal estate data on commercial and residential properties into onlinedating, networking tools. The New York City-based company said it has mapped somemajor U.S. city neighborhoods based on the density of available singles. Themap also adds in the wealth factor, showing dollar signs for whether the men or women in those spots havea lot of money or just ave [...]
[2006-08-02] Illinois lawmaker hopes to keep cyber singles honest
You may have heard stories of first dates gone awry when two people meet on the internet and hit it off, but then when they meet face to face, one of them is nothing like the picture perfect partner portrayed online. It may not be too serious a problem if the man or woman lied about their weight, how much hair they have (or don't have) or what they do for a living. But what if they lied about their marital status or criminal record? That's what one Heartland lawmaker is trying to guard against. Stephanie Jordan of Dykersburg has dabbled in on-line dating. "In a sense you get to know some [...]
[2006-08-02] THE DATING GAME
Last semester, Bill Gostic, a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, started hanging out with ''this one girl. It was sort of romantic,'' he said, ''but I told her I didn't want anything serious, just to have fun. And she said, 'Yeah, just for fun.''' Gostic smiled ruefully. One night not long ago, he was clicking around, a social networking Web site popular with college students, and noticed that the girl's profile had changed. The box indicating her relationship status, which used to be checked ''single,'' was suddenly, chillingly blank. He asked her about it; she sa [...]
[2006-08-02] ”Destiny” to offer more than mere matchmaking
Matchmaking has a long and storied history across many cultures and countries.But according to Gail Case, matchmaking is almost always the bread - but with little if any butter.She wants to change that for South Floridians in launching a new South 'Florida matchmaking service that she calls, "Destiny."She describes Destiny as "upscale personal matchmaking service, and with a concept that stands out among the rest."That's the bread - and butter, part.Beyond creating a plan for "bringing people together for a meaningful relationship," Case said she has put together "a team of experts and highly [...]
[2006-08-02] Don't rewrite the rules of online romance
T hey are widows and married millionaires and Yalies. They are Christian nonsmokers and truckers and Republicans. And they all want to date you. Well, maybe not you. But someone you could pretend to be, with a little imagination and a working laptop. Everybody is blond and skinny in cyberspace. And that can be a problem. Just consider the number of marriages ending because one of the parties just met their one true love through Yahoo Personals. As one divorce lawyer recently told Lawyers USA: "A client will come in -- man or woman -- and say there's someone across the country I want to mar [...]
[2006-08-01] Active Tourism Offers The Ability to View Russia From A New Angle
If you ask a glamorous suntanned lady with a big suitcase returning to Sheremetyevo airport from Sharm-el-Sheikh and a bearded guy in dirty hiking boots sitting next to an enormous backpack outside the Kursk train station whether they consider themselves tourists, there is a high probability that both would answer in the affirmative. But there is an equally reasonable chance that the two would have different ideas about the concept which, in a broader sense, represents diverse lifestyles. For many of its adherents in Russia, self-organized tourism is a sort of a lifestyle and a set of values, [...]
[2006-08-01] Citizens of Denmark, Finland, United States got freedom to travel without visas
Citizens of Denmark, Finland and the United States enjoy the greatest freedom to travel without needing visa, according to a study published Thursday. The report, compiled by the Zurich-based firm Henley & Partners AG, found that Danes, Finns and Americans can travel to 130 countries or territories a visa. These three are followed by mainly European countries, including Germany, Ireland and Sweden whose citizens can visit 129 countries without a visa then Britain, France, Italy and Japan on 128. "In today's globalized world, visa restrictions play an important role in controlling the movem [...]
[2006-08-01] Shades of change felt across U.S.
After years of battles over immigration, affirmative action, racial profiling and other issues, it appears that the United States is becoming a genuine melting pot. An interracial tide has transformed friendships, dating, cohabitations, marriages and adoptions in just one generation. If the wave continues, it could begin to erode racial stereotypes and categories, as well as the rationale behind affirmative action and other broad protections for minorities. The average American today, young or old, is 70 percent more likely than a generation ago to count a person of another race among his [...]
[2006-08-01] 'Dating' game at work is very dangerous
By Marie G. McIntyre By Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D. McClatchy-Tribune News Service Q: I have been "dating" a guy at work for about three years. We are both married, so of course everyone gossips about us. The problem is he is very popular with other co-workers, and I don't feel I get as much attention from him as I used to. He says he cares about me and doesn't want to end the relationship, but I don't know what to do. When I try to put some distance between us, he just acts like it doesn't matter and it makes me crazy. Should I break it off? Lonely at Work A: For starters, let's be honest. [...]
[2006-08-01] Some computer dating sites are organizing -- gasp! -- live events
A handful of online dating services -- once the go-to places for finding that significant other -- are realizing that the best way to meet is by actually -- meeting. At last count there were 26 million people searching the Web for love, like or lust. But nowadays more social networking websites are determined to get their subscribers to log out and get out. Of the house, that is. ''We use the Internet to get people off the Internet,'' says Myles Weissleder, vice president of public affairs for, an online social networking service that boasts a membership of more than two million. [...]
[2006-08-01] $5 million in goods stolen from Hermitage
Russia's famed State Hermitage Museum on Monday reported the theft of more than 220 works, including jewelry and enameled objects, worth around $5 million, an incident that highlighted the poor security at Russian cultural institutions. The Hermitage — housed in the ornate Winter Palace of the Russian czars in St. Petersburg, overlooking the Neva River — said museum employees were likely involved in the thefts. In a statement, the museum said staff members learned of the missing items during a routine inventory check. When the check started, the curator in charge of most of the collection [...]
[2006-08-01] Online networks make dating drama a click away
Last semester, Bill Gostic, a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, started hanging out with “this one girl. It was sort of romantic,” he said, “but I told her I didn’t want anything serious, just to have fun. And she said, ‘Yeah, just for fun.’ ” Gostic smiled ruefully. One night not long ago, he was clicking around, a social networking Web site popular with college students and noticed that the girl’s profile had changed. The box indicating her relationship status, which used to be checked “single,” was suddenly, chillingly blank. He asked her about it; she sa [...]
[2006-08-01] The 10 plagues of dating
The world of dating is like a terrifying battlefield in which there are two types of women: Some are dating champions, who can get any guy they want, make an excellent first impression and get marriage proposals on the first date. Then there are those who never stop making faux pas, terrifying even themselves and returning home just as they left – desperate and alone. This is natural genetics, or in some cases, as I've learned the hard way, acquired skills. My bitter dating experience began in eighth grade with my first informal date. My mother’s looks stayed with the frightened Yoni until [...]
[2006-08-01] When tall and handsome turns out short and pudgy
More than a decade after the Internet became a dating hot spot, the debate over what is real and what is snake oil is at full boil, with lawmakers and Web sites clashing over legislative proposals to keep clients from being scammed."You guys can either be part of the solution or feel like you're victims of someone taking over your business," Florida state Rep. Kevin Ambler told industry insiders at a conference in San Francisco this month. "But this is going to come ... like a freight train roaring down the track." New York already has passed a consumer statute to regulate dating sites. A hal [...]
[2006-08-01] True Confessions of an Online Dater
I decided to try out online dating a couple years ago when I felt like I was not meeting the right person in everyday life. At the time, the whole online thing was suddenly becoming popular, and I figured I had nothing to lose. I first checked out some of the more mainstream online services, but they just seemed too random, and most of the profiles did not appeal to me. A friend suggested a well-known Jewish dating service. This made more sense to me – it seemed reasonable that someone with a common ethnic and cultural background may have a better chance of working out than someone through a [...]
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