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[2006-10-19] Money can’t buy him love, but he’ll still try
A lonely Waltham florist is tired of surfing for love on the Internet. So he’s circulating a flier offering $1,000 to anyone who can set him up with the woman he’ll eventually marry. “WANTED: Wife for this Man!” scream the fliers. “I’ve got a bounty on the wife,” said Dave Greenberg from behind the counter of his flower store. The lucky woman could be any age, but must be one who “looks young, thinks young, dresses young and plays young.” No ladder climbers or work fanatics please. Must have sense of humor, not be prudish and be willing to vacation by car or tra [...]
[2006-10-19] Waltham Romeo offers cash reward to matchmaker who finds him wife
A Waltham man hopes he has discovered the secret to finding true love. Dave Greenberg, a florist and flower shop owner for the past 21 years, has grown tired of scanning the Internet for love. So, he has created a flier offering $1,000 to anyone, who can help him meet the woman he will eventually marry. "I'm desperate!" Greenberg said. "Wanted: Wife for this Man!" flashes the fliers, which have been scattered all around the Waltham area. The lucky bride-to-be could be any age, but must be one who "looks young, thinks young, dresses young and plays young." "Sexual, playful, not religious [...]
[2006-10-19] Don't be afraid of commitment
Today I want to broach upon the subject of what it means when people say that they are afraid of commitment. Let us first begin by defining the word commitment. The online dictionary has a few different references: 1. the act of committing, pledging or engaging oneself, 2. a pledge or promise; obligation, 3. consignment, as to prison, 4. confinement to a mental institution or hospital. So listen… I really appreciate all the e-mails and text messages received over the course of the week about last week’s article on taking chances. I had no idea so many people were in need of a pep talk. Gla [...]
[2006-10-19] Mail-order brides in an Internet age
Let's not just make it tougher for American men to hook up with "mail order brides" over the Internet and import them, let's ban the practice altogether. In one of the more laudable acts of his tenure in the White House, President Bush earlier this year signed into law the "International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005" or IMBRA. The law imposes some tough restrictions on men seeking to import wives. Some of the men complain the law presumes all such American men are abusers. But I say the mere act (to wit, the bizarre act) of deciding to marry someone from a foreign country who is [...]
[2006-10-19] Show me the singles
If there is one dating mantra Amy Schwelling has heard from other single woman over and over since she moved to Vail last season it’s this: slim pickings.“Up here you tend to run into men with the Peter Pan attitude,” Schwelling said. “Women I run into up here say you’re not going to find ‘the one’ here in the mountains.”When I tell Schwelling, 39, The Vail Trail has decided to embark on an adventure focused on finding and showcasing the valley’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, she agrees to take part, as long as one thing is understood: eligible does not mean desperate. And, she ho [...]
[2006-10-19] A Dating Industry Insider Rant 10-18-2006
I will treat dating sites with respect when they do the same for their members. I try hard to say nice things about the industry, but it's difficult, and I am generally a positive person. Dating sites think singles are sheep with credit cards tattooed on their foreheads. I look forward to the day when dating and social networking sites begin to respect their members and cater to their deeper, more evolved needs. I have belonged to 50+ dating sites and have read over 3,000 profiles for research projects. Right now I don't belong to any dating sites, a protest against the current state of th [...]
[2006-10-19] Slavic fundamentalists, new to U.S., rail at gays
Organizers of the annual Rainbow Festival were prepared for trouble. The Q Crew, a local "queer/straight alliance," distributed cards telling people what to do if approached by hostile demonstrators. Sympathetic local church groups formed a protective buffer along the festival ground's cyclone fence. Mounted police were on patrol. Jerry Sloan manned a table for Stand Up for Sacramento, a recently formed gay self-defense organization. "So far, so good," he said. "No Russians." The festival, held last month amid the gay bars, restaurants and shops of midtown's Lavender Heights neighborhood, [...]
[2006-10-19] Only 15 percent of Americans ages25 to 29 in 1970 were unmarried.
No one can be sure why, but according to the latest U.S. census data, 49.7 percent of the nation's households in 2005 were made up of married couples. This percentage is down from 52 percent five years ago and a whopping 84 percent in 1930. The dip in married households could be attributed to many things: 1. More people living with partners or people of the same sex. (In the rural Midwest, the number of male partners living with each other has risen 77 percent since 2005.) 2. Baby boomers defying the norm that was set before them by their parents. 3. The growing number of single adul [...]
[2006-10-18] Ave Maria Singles becomes the first Catholic Dating Site to Launch Personality Assessment Powered by Thomas.
Thomas Technologies International, a leader in private-label behavioral assessment software and reporting, announced today that Ave Maria Singles (, a premium online Catholic singles network has kicked off the fall with the integration of the Thomas suite of personality assessment tools. Ave Maria Singles will provide its members with Thomas' personality assessment as well as Personal Feedback and Compatibility Reporting. According to Anthony Buono, Founder and President of Ave Maria Singles, “Many personals sites use demographic information and interests to match m [...]
[2006-10-18] U.S. men and foreign women face roadblock in walk down the aisle
Adam Weaver thought everything was set to bring his Colombian fiancée, Yesenia Meza, to the United States. But Weaver did not count on being hindered by a congressional effort intended to protect women from potential abuse by American men who seek brides from other countries on the Internet. In June, the federal immigration service froze 10,000 visa applications for foreign fiancées because they did not conform with a law that had gone into effect in March. Weaver and Meza, who were expecting to be together here by now, were caught in the net. "Smuggling a ton of cocaine into t [...]
[2006-10-18] U.S. delays foreign bride arrivals
The United States is making it more difficult for men to bring so-called mail-order brides into the country. The New York Times said the federal immigration service has frozen 10,000 visa applications for foreign fiancees because they did not conform with the new International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. The law, known as Imbra, is intended to give foreign women and the U.S. government more information about the men who seek foreign brides. Supporters of the law say they aren`t trying to stop marriages between American men and foreign women, but say the women should be informed about wh [...]
[2006-10-18] Students' matchmaking service taking off
Four university juniors in Nanjing have recently set up a club to help single fellow students find their life partners, winning both applause and objections on campus. Xu started the club with three other girls. Days after posting their ad, they received their first call seeking help in romance. So far, the club has attracted 20 members and numerous calls. Sun, a university student majoring in engineering, said he needed help from the club as the department he was studying in has few female students. Some, however, argue that romance is a personal affair and it is unnecessary to let a thir [...]
[2006-10-18] Do smart girls finish last in love?
Answer: No. In fact, the success penalty is a myth. High achievers are marrying and having families — they’re just doing so later in life. And that’s something to address with thenext generation. Back in my single days, my friends and I used to joke about a dating dilemma we called "dropping the P-bomb." "Where did you go to school?" a gentleman would inquire at a party. "Oh, in New Jersey." We'd smile and try to change the subject. No luck. "Where in New Jersey?" "Um, Princeton?" We'd grip our drinks and wait. Would he scurry away? That's what we expected — especially as we [...]
[2006-10-18] Online dating relationts leads to real-life beating and rape
She found him on the Internet, on a dating site called American Singles. He called himself COWBOYBOOTS38. When they met for drinks at Alli Gators one night in August, he talked sweet and held her hand. But by the end of the night, a 32-year-old Hudson woman's date with a cyber-cowboy had devolved into beating and rape. Authorities say David William Prentice, 40, a Brooksville produce manager, struck the woman's face, choked her with a pillowcase, bit her chest, raped her and forced her to perform oral sex. The woman, whose identity is being withheld because of the nature of the charges, sai [...]
[2006-10-18] Instant phone translations connects immigrants
Foreigners here will soon be able to get a Spanish "hola" or Korean "yeoboseyo" translated into "hello" by dialing up an interpreter who can instantly help them pay a utility bill, apply for credit cards or buy opera tickets in the comfort of their own languages. Starting Wednesday, a toll-free telephone number will connect immigrants, tourists and business travelers to translators standing by to communicate a caller's needs to the city government and a handful of businesses that have signed on to the eight-language pilot program. The Your World, Your Language service is a collaboration betw [...]
[2006-10-17] HIV+ dating and other connections
Positive Connection is a South African online dating services with a difference: It is aimed at HIV sufferers. The service was set up by a salesman living in Johannesburg after a couple of his friends complained it was impossible for them to date because of their HIV status, The Economist reports (subscription required). The website is a positive move in a country where around 5.5 million people live with AIDS - one of the highest rates in the world. The site also serves an educational purpose as it carries articles and research information about the virus, lists support groups, treatm [...]
[2006-10-17] Love at first byte as couple find romance on internet
ALONE in front of her computer, Susan Duffy sat watching the flickering screen waiting to see who else was online. Like so many singletons looking for a relationship, she had signed up for the dating site out of curiosity more than anything else. A little notice flashed up - there was one other user from her area online. With a deep breath she decided it was time to dive in. She sent off a quick e-mail to see who he was and find out a bit more about him, and within minutes had started a conversation that would change her life. Two years later as she and her fiance Andrew Char [...]
[2006-10-17] Married Couples are Minority in the U.S.
Married households are no longer the preferred living arrangement in the United States. The findings, which were released in August by the U.S. Census Bureau, but have escaped public attention until now, indicated that marriage did not figure in nearly 55.8 million American family households, or 50.2 percent.T he number of traditional households with married couples at their core stood at slightly more than 55.2 million, or 49.8 percent of the total.The shift was first reported by the Bureau in its 2005 American Community Survey. Analysts say the shift could mean long-term changes in U.S. home [...]
[2006-10-17] £30 billion spent on looking for love
Lonely Britons spend £30 billion a year looking for love. Some £14.8 billion is spent on the search for the perfect partner with a further £15.2 billion going on keeping love alive, says the internet dating firm Parship. [...]
[2006-10-17] Desperate wives seek peace of mind but no divorce
IT USED to be an easy hit for cheated partners everywhere. Just hire a private detective to provide the evidence and a lucrative, and probably well- deserved, divorce would follow. But Scotland's housing boom is having an unexpected consequence. Although philanderers are still being tracked by suspicious spouses, the evidence is simply being filed away, rather than ending in an acrimonious court case. Private detectives say there has been a huge increase in so-called 'peace of mind' investigations from wives and partners who believe 'golfing weekends' and 'business meetings' are actually a [...]
[2006-10-17] Proposing to keep the romance alive
ACCORDING to a survey out this week, romantic marriage proposals are going out of fashion. Almost a third of couples simply "agree" to tie the knot, rather than making the grand gestures of love and commitment about which we so often read in chick-lit books. Once, many couples met at the local dance, when the man plucked up enough courage to stride across the ballroom floor and ask the young woman on the other side for a waltz. She had to wait to be asked, he had to risk humiliation by doing the asking. These days, couples often meet as equals and friends, at university or college, at work [...]
[2006-10-17] EC moves to clarify divorce process in Europe
MOVES to make life easier for divorcing couples have been proposed by the European Commission. Increased mobility for workers around the European Union means more marriages between nationalities. To end confusion, the commission is planning to give individuals a say in which country's legal jurisdiction they choose to preside over the end of their relationship. "This will simplify life for couples in the EU," said Franco Frattini, the justice commissioner. "It will increase legal certainty and enable couples to know which law will apply to their matrimonial property regime and their divo [...]
[2006-10-17] Working-class marriages 'shorten lifespan'
BEING working class or marrying into the working classes could dramatically reduce an individual's lifespan, new research has claimed. A study of hundreds of female twins found those deemed working class - employed in a manual, unskilled job - can expect to age significantly faster than their middle-class peers. It could reduce life expectancy by seven years. And moving into the working class through marriage could have an even bigger impact, adding nine years to a woman's biological age. The association between the rate at which people age and the social class they belong to cannot adeq [...]
[2006-10-17] Hungry men find big women sweet
MEN who have skipped lunch find larger women more attractive than their slimmer counterparts, new research has revealed. A team of psychologists established that men who are hungry are attracted to plumper women, but the researchers found that, once they had eaten, men's taste in women reverted to those with slimmer figures. The academics suggest the phenomenon arises from primeval associations between larger body sizes and health and survival. The latest study in the British Journal of Psychology suggests that although modern western cultures are dominated by images of skinny models, me [...]
[2006-10-17] Is this the world's bitterest husband and most devastating divorce case?
NEW YORK authorities are investigating whether a doctor who survived the explosion of a four-storey home on Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side might have blown up his house rather than sell the property as part of a divorce judgment in his ex-wife's favour. A police official said that Dr Nicholas Bartha, 66, had recently contemplated suicide in a rambling e-mail to his former wife. He wrote: "When you read this ... your life will change forever. You deserve it. You will be transformed from gold digger to ash and rubbish digger. You always wanted me to sell the house. I always told you I wil [...]
[2006-10-17] Only 2 percent of those with learning disabilities married
Only 2 per cent of people with learning disabilities in Scotland are married, according to a major new survey. The report by ENABLE said that the figure compares with a rate of more than 50 per cent in the general population. [...]
[2006-10-17] For richer and for poorer
IN ADDITION to sorting out the traditional last-minute wedding details, Michelle Smith is squeezing in a few other arrangements before her big day. Tomorrow, between her dress fitting and the writing of her vows, the 32-year-old sales director will pick up her husband-to-be and they will iron out the final creases of their prenuptial agreement. "It hardly has the romance of Romeo and Juliet, I know," says Michelle, laughing as she flicks through Brides magazine. "But then, Shakespeare is a work of fiction; life's not like that." After a painfully drawn-out divorce from her childhood sweeth [...]
[2006-10-17] £250,000 for life for wife who gave up lucrative career for family
JULIA McFarlane's QC told the Law Lords that she was entitled to £250,000 a year for life because she had put the "spadework" into her 16-year marriage to her husband Kenneth. She could have had a shot at a high-flying career herself as a city solicitor, but instead gave up the chance of earning big money to look after her children, said Barry Singleton, QC. In making their judgement yesterday, the Law Lords appear to have agreed with this assessment. The couple met as students at Durham University and started living together in their 20s as their respective careers took off. Mrs Mc [...]
[2006-10-17] US judges rule girls can marry at age 12
AN AMERICAN court has lowered the age at which a girl can marry to just 12. Three Colorado appeal judges overturned a previous ruling that a 15-year-old girl, who is now 18, was too young to marry a 38-year-old man. The girl, known only as JMH of Weld County, sought the ruling after becoming pregnant with Willie Lee Rouse's child. Her mother consented to her marriage after the girl began living with Rouse at age 14 in 2002. Rouse is now in prison, serving four years for stalking, after sexual assault charges were dropped. While the ruling does not alter the state's statutory marriage a [...]
[2006-10-17] Wives rush to file for divorce before law change wipes out their windfall
WIVES who have split from their husbands are rushing to file divorce papers before a change in the law which could deprive them of a financial windfall. Current rules about the valuation of a couple's assets can hand a big bonus to the partner who keeps the matrimonial home, usually the wife. But from Thursday, the rules will change. Today, lawyers said they had seen a surge in business ahead of the deadline for the new law. At the moment, all of a couple's assets, including the matrimonial home, are valued at the date they separate. That means if the husband transfers his interest in th [...]
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