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[2007-09-25] Police in southern Vietnam broke up an illegal matchmaking ring, raiding a karaoke bar where 65 young women were awaiting their potential South Korean husbands
Authorities fined the broker and the owner of the karaoke bar 2 million dong (US$125, euro89) each for running an illegal marriage brokerage for foreigners, a police officer in Ho Chi Minh City said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. Commercial matchmaking services are illegal in Vietnam, although the government allows nonprofit services run by the Women's Union. The broker was suspected of taking women to the karaoke bar on Sunday where they were introduced to two South Korean men, the officer said. The women, aged between 18 to 36, we [...]
[2007-09-25] THE old Bhai Bhai (brothers) slogan that underscored India's relations with the erstwhile Soviet Union is long passé. But the "brothers" could now become brothers-in-law.
No, this is not a romantic, crazy idea. It has actually been mooted in Moscow.The traditional Indian blessing, "may you be mother of a 100 children", can be showered on Russian brides. And eligible, enterprising Indians can multiply their earnings, and keep them within their new families in Russia.Maria Arbatova, a Russian feminist, has proposed this radical solution to her country's falling birth rate: importing Indian bridegrooms for Russian girls.A writer and TV moderator, Arbatova, who married an Indian businessman a few years ago "after 25 years of keeping marrying Russians", thinks India [...]
[2007-09-25] With difficulties in defining a “relationship,” women tell exactly what they want from one.
What do women want? “Orgasms,” said Kevin Walker, Kansas City, Kan., junior. But when it comes to relationships, women are definitely looking for more than just that. In fact, some women do not want anything sexual at all. “I’m Catholic and I’m waiting until marriage,” said Diana Toro, Leavenworth freshman. Toro is in a serious relationship and is content with the monogamy. Many women want the clarity of a monogamous relationship, but there are also women who enjoy the muddiness of not having a completely defined relationship, including me. The fact that our generation can’t exactly define a [...]
[2007-09-25] Though Indians continue to use Internet primarily for emailing, online dating, and matrimonials along with social networking are gaining prominence
"With almost half the online urban Indians (48 per cent) undertaking it, online matrimonial search has established itself as a 'mainline' online activity. Twelve million online urban Indians are using online matrimonial search, making it the 13th most popular online activity. It has also been one of the biggest 'gainers' in users among the online activities in last one year," says India Online 2007, a survey conducted by JuxtConsult, an online research solutions consultancy firm. The survey conducted to understand the Internet users in the country adds, "Almost 60 per cent of users of both the [...]
[2007-09-25] A priest in Stockholm has come under fire for not allowing a bride to be walked down the aisle by her father. But church authorities have defended the decision, saying that the tradition is foreign and sexist.
The row started when a bride due to marry on Saturday in a church in the Stockholm archipelago asked to be given away by her father. The priest conducting the ceremony refused the bride's request."These are two equal people, and being given away has never been a Swedish tradition," said Rev Yvonne Hallin, priest in charge of the Church of Sweden parish of Djurö, near Stockholm.The decision caused consternation in the bride's family. The mother of the bride, who chose not to be named, said it was an old tradition in her family for the bride to be walked down the aisle."I think my daughter [...]
[2007-09-25] Running out of options of people to drink with, date, or do on the weekends? Online dating websites might have the solution to your weekend woes.
According to, over 40 million Americans, or 40 percent of the single population in America use online dating services. And college students are quickly catching onto the trend.From subscription sites such as to free sites such as, online dating is emerging as the newest way to meet singles and expand your social network. Frustrated by the lack of variety at Macalester, Alison Johnson* '10, joined as a joke with her friend. "I am using an online dating service because, as much as I love Mac guys, they are either overly-confident and self-centered or t [...]
[2007-09-22] Gabriele Pauli, glamorous contender for the leadership of the Christian Social Union, believes anyone wanting to stay married for longer than seven years should renew their wedding vows.
A CONTROVERSIAL politician has shocked Germany by suggesting the so-called "seven-year itch" could be dealt with by limiting marriage contracts to that period. Twice-divorced Gabriele Pauli, who is attempting to become leader of the ultra-conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), believes anyone wanting to stay married beyond seven years should have to apply for an extension. The partnership would otherwise be automatically dissolved. [...]
[2007-09-21] Some look to the skies or use astrology to find The One
Some people say love is in the air, but could it also be in the stars? That's likely, according to astrologers. "Hey baby, what's your sign?" isn't just an antiquated pick-up line. Some people take it literally and use astrology to find their true soulmates. Not that there are other reasons why someone would or wouldn't be attracted to the opposite sex, but, according to local astrologer Leslie Marlar, there are reasons why you hit it off with some people and not others. Marlar says astrology is about more than sun signs; it's much deeper than that. Traditional astrological charts usually [...]
[2007-09-21] Detective Lt. Hal Kluttz says three Lincoln County residents have been used by the Nigerian scam operation since June of 2006 and all three were contacted as they surfed love connection and dating web sites.
Lt Kluttz said an Iron Station woman was convinced she was in love with a person she met on the internet who pretended to be a mid level management person working in a foreign country. That person eventually approached the woman in Iron Station about shipping some items to England. The imposter went so far as to set up a business web site with the Iron Station address but phone numbers that contained the wrong area code and e-mail addresses in Nigeria. The person then placed a large computer printer order with a company in Texas.USA Impact LLC was given several different credit card numbers th [...]
[2007-09-21] Celebrities Singles Want to Date
For the Singles on Yahoo Personals that are confused as to WHY you are single, one look at your weirdo list of celebrities you actually think about banging would a good indicator. MEN: * George Clooney* Matthew McConaughey* Kanye West* Ricky Martin WOMEN: * Jessica Alba* Jennifer Aniston* Queen Latifah* Jessica Simpson Alright, I will give the older ladies George Clooney. He is a gentleman. But Matthew is a barbaric ape, Kayne is a raving lunatic, and Ricky is gay. Jessica Alba I will let slide because she looks okay enough I guess. Jennifer is a “good girl,” but has serious relationshi [...]
[2007-09-21] Is there such a thing such a perfect date?!
Since the definition of the word perfect is subjective, thus making perfection an impossible universal idea, probably not.But that won't stop me from trying to figure one out! I suppose that, before we even get started, it’s important to point out that the perfect date could probably not be planned. While perfection requires great practice, it also requires the right amount of spontaneity. If a perfect date must follow some pre-set schedule to a T, then the date will place entirely too much pressure on all participants. Also, in order to accomplish the perfect date, you must also have the p [...]
[2007-09-21] Are we more attracted to taken men (or women)?
Modern women are one hell of a choosy bunch and it seems to me it's only getting worse. Some recent studies assert women pick out a gent that will assure them financial security. A bunch of English scientists have declared women prefer feminine-faced blokes to square-jawed types to get our pheromones going. And oddly enough, the same bunch of researchers found that women go for men whose looks resemble their fathers. (Who would have thought?) But there's another, albeit weirder, attractive quality: if they've already been picked out by someone else. That's right folks: it seems true that we'r [...]
[2007-09-21] Marriage is still important – may it remain so!
I’ve recently been reading “Mockingbird,” a biography of Harper Lee, author of the acclaimed “To Kill A Mockingbird,” for my book discussion club. Charles J. Shields wrote this biography. In his introduction to it, he recalls mentioning to friends that he was researching the book and being repeatedly asked the same three questions about Harper Lee. The first was, “Is she still alive?” Answer: Yes. The second question was, “Is she married?” Answer: No. The third question: “Is she gay?” Shields writes that he doesn’t know if she is lesbian, heterosexual, or just asexual. I have found that much [...]
[2007-09-21] There's a dating Web site for Deaf and single
Paraplegics need love too. So do cross-dressers, dwarfs, addicts and burn victims. Oh, and we can't forget the impotent, diabetic and irritable-bowel sufferers. How do they find true love on, eHarmony and Yahoo! Personals? Dating went digital a long time ago, but the options these days are dizzying. Web sites cater to people with HIV and herpes, people who are tall or short, who are "married but looking," who love pets, wine, tennis, scuba diving and golf. There are niche dating sites for every political affiliation, religion and ethnic group. There are ones for Trekkies (TrekPas [...]
[2007-09-21] Take some advice: Be selfish in relationships. Think of you first.
"O-M-G! Like, no way. I can't believe he moved you out of his top eight on his Myspace," I said in a dramatized Valley Girl accent to my distressed friend after she dished her latest boyfriend drama. I realize that comes off as insensitive but I was trying to emphasize on how immature our conversation was getting. My friend constantly is freaking out over little things like moving from No. 1 to the third "top friend." You may be thinking this is another rambling Myspace article, but it's not. It's about relationships that stem from them. You seem unstable if you analyze your significant oth [...]
[2007-09-21] Australian senator calls for lesbians, singles IVF ban
A senator from the Australian prime minister's Liberal Party wants lesbian couples and single women banned from publicly-funded IVF services.Guy Barnett says the government should reintroduce laws to enable states and territories to adopt the ban.He says publicly-funded IVF services should only be available to heterosexual couples.A lesbian couple is suing a Canberra doctor for implanting two embryos into one of the women, after the couple had requested one. [...]
[2007-09-21] Madison County has started a new group to give people the skills and confidence they need to become self-sufficient.
Having previously lived and worked as a single mother who used to depend on food stamps, Hallie Duckworth knows the difficulties that such women face on a daily basis, from finding daycare to affordable housing.In an effort to help these women and others in Madison County who are dealing with these issues and living on low incomes, Duckworth has started a new group to give people the skills and confidence they need to become self-sufficient."We are about giving a hand up, not a hand out," said Duckworth, who previously worked at Christmas Village, a Christian home for women with unplanned preg [...]
[2007-09-21] Sex and Dating - the infamous couple!
Some would say their relationship is meant to be. They live in complete harmony, and nothing could ever come between them. I am not writing this week to argue that Sex is better suited for Dating's older brother, Marriage. With enough emotional security in the mix, Sex and Dating go together just fine, but maybe high school and college years are too young for Sex and Dating to be so seriously involved.The relationship between Sex and Dating is nothing new. They have been together for a long time and have reached such an exclusive status that one has come to imply the other. Sex involves Dating [...]
[2007-09-21] Commitment is solid regardless of expensive wedding ceremony, say parents who delay their vows
Ariana was a year old, wearing a white satin dress that matched her mother's, when she walked down the aisle as the flower girl at her parents' wedding. She was cranky that day but the pictures show her smiling between her happy mother and father. Ariana is part of a growing number of children born to unmarried parents in committed relationships who don't rush to the altar when they are expecting. "We were both kind of in shock at first," says Carrie Grenier, Ariana's mother, about the day she and Justin learned they were going to have a child. "We'd been together at that point for three ye [...]
[2007-09-21] The number of those under 30 who are being sterilised is increasing every year, and the NHS sterilises more than 40,000 women annually.
On a beautiful April morning four years ago, Charlie McCann left her home in Dorset and boarded a train to London. Arm in arm on the platform with her mother, Frances, they chatted easily, and looked, to all intents and purposes, like any mother and daughter setting out on a day trip to the capital. But shopping and lunch were far from their minds. Instead, Charlie and Frances were travelling to an NHS hospital where Charlie had an appointment to be sterilised. The operation was a 30th birthday gift to herself, so certain was she that she would never want children. Her mother, far from [...]
[2007-09-21] I don't believe in love anymore.
have been sitting here, thinking about my past relationships, and how they have failed. I don't believe in love anymore. I used to. I used to believe that someday I would fall in love; I even fancied myself in love once before, but I don't think that was love anymore. Not everyone gets married, or has a significant other when they get older. Society seems to view this as lonely, and questions are always asked. Why? Why isn't she married at such and such an age? Maybe no one loves her. Maybe she was too cold for anyone to stay very long. Maybe she was too afraid to ever be in a relationship. [...]
[2007-09-21] The number of people looking for love online in the Washington region alone is staggering.
Take for example -- in the D.C. area, there are more than 163,000 members. On the newer start-up, another 90,000 people in the area use the service. As the numbers continue to grow, profiles slice across every demographic. Dave Keyman, 51, met his fiancé online. "I didn't think I wanted to hang out at bars," Keyman said. "Of all the couples we've known, especially couples like us who've met each other later in life, a lot of them met online. You have to put yourself out there and take some risks." Still, despite its multiplying popularity, online da [...]
[2007-09-21] Parents Need To Heed Kids' Reactions But Not Give Them Too Much Power
The cellphone calls would start a couple of hours after she left. "Mom, it's 10 o'clock, when are you coming home?"And later, "Mom, where are you now, Mom?"When Anita Garvey started dating a couple of years after her divorce, her teen daughters said they were happy for her, but even so, it wasn't easy on the kids - or Garvey."It was almost like I was a teenager. It was like a role reversal," said Garvey, who was divorced four years ago. It was perhaps made harder, she said, because she had been an at-home mom for most of her children's lives, leaving the house to work only six years ago."They [...]
[2007-09-21] Why are we, generally, so bloody incapable of separating lust from love? We value our time so much, yet waste oodles of it on shoddy investments, quick-fix schemes and escapist strategies.
To those unable or unwilling to see beyond the superficial pleasures of a vaguely crappy romantic situation, grow the heck up. It's tough love Thursday. A couple of months ago, I pixled a blog titled 'Relationships; for adults only' in which there was a message I feel warrants further exploration. The fact is that proper, grown-up relationships are not for the shallow amusement of children giddy with delusions of maturity; they are instead the domain of the socially responsible and selflessly reasonable. You see, in my book, the height of immaturity stems from the inability to be honest [...]
[2007-09-21] Understanding the science of love isn't as complicated as it seems.
Ah, young love. Do you remember first falling for your spouse? Those late nights talking on the phone? Surprising her with a dozen roses you picked up from the local flower stand? Skipping sleep to write him that epic love poem? Can you recall those countless hours when thoughts and images of your sweetheart seemed constantly to invade your mind? How your hands got sweaty when you thought of him? Your heart pounding moments before you went in for that goodnight kiss? Love is so emotional, straight from the heart, right? Wrong. Although it's strong, it's powerful, it connects our souls, and ca [...]
[2007-09-21] LONELY mother Anan "Annie" Liu had a lover and became a member of an internet dating site in a desperate bid to find "true love" in the months before she was killed.
In a personal secret blog with one entry titled "There is a kind of love called letting go", Ms Liu tells of a love affair with a married man who has a child -- moving in with them for almost two months. In internet postings on July 12, August 29 and September 10, translated by the Herald Sun from Mandarin into English, Ms Liu says she is "deeply in love with a 'cute, bad, guy' ". The love affair began in July but ended suddenly in August a week before her lover's wife returned home, she wrote. Ms Liu calls the mystery man's house the "love nest". It's in another New Zealand city, away [...]
[2007-09-21] BENDIGO'S the place to be if you're single, male and straight.
Bendigo has the highest proportion of single women compared to single men in Victoria. Across all age groups, there are almost 28,000 singletons and women outnumber men by 10 per cent. The gender divide grows with age – more than 60 per cent of all singles aged 30 are women. The statistics did not surprise students at La Trobe University's Bendigo campus – about two-thirds of enrolments are female. "A lot of girls who move here to study stay on, whereas a lot of guys leave," Megan Young, 27, said. "Girls reach that age where they get settled and buy a house, get a job." She said Be [...]
[2007-09-21] An increasing number of heterosexual couples have been shacking up without plans for a trip down the aisle.
According to a 2003 U.S. Census Bureau report on families and living arrangements, 4.6 million U.S. households were occupied by unmarried couples of the opposite sex. That's up from 2.9 million in 1996. "People don't question, 'Why did you get married?' They only ask you, 'Why haven't you gotten married?' " points out Marion Willetts, an associate professor of sociology at Illinois State University. "I think a lot of people feel if you were really serious about your partner and your relationship, then you'd get married." But from what Willetts has found with the life partners she's spoken to [...]
[2007-09-21] More people are lookin' for love on their mobile phones, and a new report from Juniper Research Ltd. estimates that revenues from mobile dating and chatroom services will hit $1 billion by 201
Online dating Websites like and Webdate are starting to offer subscriptions to access their services via mobile phones. This year, there are about 40 million people looking for love over the airwaves, and that number will increase to 260 million in 2012. Japan and India are the biggest mobile dating markets by users. The growth in mobile dating services has spawned startups with far too silly names, like Flirtomatic, a mobile and online flirting service that boasts "Fabulous Flirty Fun!" The company had 100 million WAP impressions in the month of August and wants to expand into the [...]
[2007-09-17] Double Your Dating Confidence
The first step to becoming the confident guy you’ve always wanted to be is to close your eyes and imagine every aspect of his character. Without a very vivid picture of who you want to become, you’ll never become him. I want you to take a moment to ponder each one of these questions: How does he walk? How does he move? What does his voice sound like? Does he hold his head high? How does he dress? I want you to go through every aspect of his character. Get an extremely clear vision in your head of this fictional character. Now I want you to say to yourself, “If I can see him, I can be him”. Tak [...]
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