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[2007-03-28] A married Singaporean woman who met a man in an online chatroom and conned him into giving her about $45,000 (23,105 pounds) after she promised to marry him, was jailed for six months on Monday, court documents showed.
Maliha Ramu, 36, used a false name and photographs of Bollywood actress Gayatri Joshi when she began an online relationship with Bharani Indran, an Indian national living in the United States, according to the Straits Times newspaper. After Ramu promised in 2004 to marry Indran, she asked him to send her a total of about $45,000 for her mother's funeral expenses and for a friend's wedding, according to the court documents. Indran eventually grew suspicious of Ramu when she asked for more money and filed a police report in Singapore, the Straits Times said. The paper added that Ramu's husband [...]
[2007-03-28] Bride-To-Be Scammed Before Big Day
As if a wedding weren't enough to think about, 19-year-old Crystal Barber saidshe's on-the-hook for money stolen from her bank. She was using Ebay to sell a wedding dress that didn't fit. She learned that it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to alter the old one. Last week she thought she had found a buyer from England but instead of using Pay-Pal, a trusted internet paying system,thebuyerinsisted on sending her a cashier's check for $2,350 more than she was asking. He then asked her to wire the extra cash back to England. The check was a fake but the U.C.B. bank in Lawrenceburg cas [...]
[2007-03-28] Know the signs of dating violence
Is your teen dating someone who is jealous and possessive? Does your teen’s steady friend display controlling or bossy behavior? If you answered yes, then your teen could be headed for dating violence, according to advocates at Crisis Intervention Services (CIS), which serves Keokuk, Lucas, Mahaska and Marion counties. The advocates presented “Dating Violence: What Parents of Teenagers Need to Know” Monday night at the United Way building in Oskaloosa. “Dating violence isn’t a bad mood or an argument every once in a while,” said Catherine Perkins, a sexual assault advocate. “It’s a pattern [...]
[2007-03-28] The Dating Intelligence Agency
So you’re at a fabulous fundraiser or ritzy restaurant and you see someone who immediately captures your attention. Maybe there’s time for you two to get together and spend the next three hours swapping your life story, tax returns, and medical records, or perhaps you’re only left with a name and a number. While Prince Charming relied solely on shoe size, most players in the dating game are looking for a little more information about their new love interest. For better or worse the e-invasion is here and tech-savvy social sleuthers can use the World Wide Web as their own DIA, Dating Intelligen [...]
[2007-03-28] Woman develops Web site to bring singles of a certain age together
Seven years ago, Susan DiCola became a widow. When the time eventually came to rejoin the social scene, she had an abrupt awakening. DiCola, now 55, couldn't find anybody to date. She tried eHarmony and She also tried speed-dating and a matchmaking service. Twenty-five hundred dollars later, she was still alone and lonely. So in keeping with the personality that has made her a formidable force for more than 50 years, she took matters into her own hands -- and launched "When we were kids, we were all single and we met maybe 200 people a year, and they were al [...]
[2007-03-28] Top 10 bad reasons for Fast Food Dating using the web
1) People posting pictures from previous decades, even centuries as representations of themselves today. 2) Exaggerate their body type, size and shape which is hard as heck to extrapolate from a head shot alone. 3) Height. What happened to the other 5-6 vertical inches you claimed to have? 4) Damn, on the Internet you didn’t have bad breath! 5) Posted ages off by anywhere between 5 to 10...20 years! 6) Married men pretending to be single. 7) Failure to realize that chatting on Internet dating services doesn’t actually constitute a true career. 8) Playing people by chatting on the Intern [...]
[2007-03-28] Online Dating: Popular, but Perilous
In spite of its somewhat dubious and unpredictable nature, users seem more than willing to pour money into the Internet dating market. Since its inception in the late ’90’s, online dating has grown from a series of glorified personal ads-once seen as the last-ditch effort of the meek and the desperate-to highly detailed profile lists and highly organized, calculated compatibility and matching systems. U.S. residents have spent some $460 million in 2004 alone, according to a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association. But according to at least one free upstart, the paid subscription m [...]
[2007-03-28] Dating service questionnaire shows the plight of the state's singles, but experts suggest a fairly simple solution.
Maybe after last week's Forbes magazine "study" deeming the Timberwolves' Kevin McHale the best general manager in any sport, we should pay scant attention to any such "scientific" rankings. But here's one that actually makes some sense, in terms of symmetry: The online dating service has determined that Minnesota has the nation's loneliest women and shyest men. More than 12,000 men and 9,000 women from Minnesota answered questionnaires designed to determine compatibility at the website, CEO Sam Yagan said. Answers in each topic area were weighted and compiled on a [...]
[2007-03-28] What role does alcohol play in your dating life?
Homer Simpson once said "Here's to alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." Now, as regular followers of "The Simpsons" know all too well, Homer is not particularly known for his brain power. But when it comes to dating and relationships, that quote is often right on the money. The role that alcohol plays in one's relationships throughout the life cycle is something that just cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, even though the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, it is a rare young person who reaches that age without having at least tested the alcohol wate [...]
[2007-03-28] TURKISH dating website, Canim-benim, have set their sights on storming America after registering 15000 cyber hits in less than three months.
The administrators of the website this week announced new plans to target the States, revealing that the initiative is still in its early stages. The website, which offers networking opportunities and lifestyle features for Turkish singles in Britain and Europe will also be taking their flyer-posting campaign to Istanbul this month. Similar campaigns across London and the surrounding counties have already led to the website averaging 250 hits a day and being named by specialists as "one of the fastest growing sites" to be seen. A spokesperson for Canim-benim said: "Our mission is to bring [...]
[2007-03-28] Brief recap of how people rated the overall dating venues
For our research we wanted to look at the most contemporary and fun ways to meet while at the same time including “old school” ways to find your soul mate, the love of your life or one heck of a hot time. Our venues included; professional dating services, singles clubs, singles dances, singles cruises, Speed dating, internet dating, classified ads, bars/nightclubs, arranged marriages, reality television dating and blind dating. In the end we found if you subscribe to the world of “fast food everything” wanting things when you want them rather than letting nature take it’s course, then the paid [...]
[2007-03-28] Men's Health analyzed the outlook for singles in 101 cities across the U.S.
Sure, a GPS can take you turn-by-turn to the nearest Thai restaurant, but it's worthless if you're hungry to locate a mate — for that you need Men's Health. Men's Health pored through reams of research and stacks of studies to uncover the coordinates for the best places to meet your match. In order to find the latitude and longitude for love, the magazine crunched the numbers for 101 cities, analyzing their ratio of single men to women, percentage of divorced men (never married is more likely to stay married), the physical shape of the suitors (a fit man won't a widow make), the percentage [...]
[2007-03-28] Top 10 bad reasons for using telephone chat lines
Speed Dating was the last type of dating service I discussed in my last article. For those of you who don’t own a car, perhaps a telephone will serve you well if you like dating at a much slower pace. What I am talking about here literally is telephone dating using chat lines. Telephone dating is just like ordering a pizza. Well, not exactly in that it’s not 20 minutes or less and free. With that said, some of the services we looked at actually let you have all the fancy fixings and toppings but you have to pay for them…again literally speaking! When we were interviewing people for our new bo [...]
[2007-03-28] Check date's background online
Kimberly Hall was twice betrayed by men she met dating online. Both turned out to be married. So she started doing background checks on her dates using a Web site called Intelius. Now, the 33-year-old from Laurel, Md., is engaged to a man she met on, but even he had to undergo record checks. "He wasn't happy" about doing it, Hall said of her fiance. But eventually he turned over his Social Security number. HITTING THE MAINSTREAM In the past decade, sites such as Yahoo Personals, and eHarmony helped make Web-based courtship mainstream for 10 million current daters. But [...]
[2007-03-28] A year after Raymond Merrill of San Bruno was slain after being lured to Brazil by a woman he met on the Internet, friends and family will celebrate the former carpenter and rock musician's life at a memorial service on Saturday
Merrill's death at 56 made headlines last fall after Brazilian authorities and the FBI connected his disappearance with a burned corpse they had discovered. A woman Merrill had met online and traveled to Brazil to visit faces trial for her role in an alleged plot that involved drugging, robbing and finally killing him. A man who said he was paid to dispose of the body is also in custody, while two other alleged accomplices remain at large. Merrill's sister, Marcia Sanchez Loebick of Cleveland, said the memorial service will bring some closure, but it's not enough. "I won't rest until (the [...]
[2007-03-28] Older set hits singles scene
Move over twentysomethings, Grandma is joining the dating scene. Seniors are becoming a force to be reckoned with in online dating websites, singles dances and over-60 clubs. Some are widowed, while others are breaking their wedding bonds in search of a second shot at love – or a new friend or two. At a Mixed Singles Over Sixty social club on the Semiahmoo Peninsula, about 130 people come out to meet, mingle – and party with others in their twilight years. The club offers different activities such as golfing, walking bridge, dinners, bus trips and theatrical performances. Jessie [...]
[2007-03-28] According to a 2004 estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 95.7 million unmarried and single Americans (age 15 and over)
Singles comprise 43 percent of the adult population in the United States. Yet in American churches singles are often ignored. Or worse, unintentionally pushed out by acongregation's family focus. "I guarantee you 80 percent of churches are doing nothing to target singles," says Dennis Franck, national director of single adult ministries for the Assemblies of God churches. Appointed in 2000 to create a program for his denomination, Franck has spoken in other churches as well to address what he sees—and whatpopulation statistics clearly show—to be a significant ministry need. Franck spoke wit [...]
[2007-03-28] There are loads of sexy chemicals involved in love and work.
IF YOU only watch one Catalyst this fortnight, your selection will say a lot about your dopamine-to-chutzpah ratio. The Science of Success is a two-part dissection of predominant human aspirations that will divide lovers and fighters. From this testosterone-charged corner (I have the elongated ring finger to prove it), the difference between The Science of Dating: How To Catch a Mate and The Science of Business: How To Make It Big is the difference between a chance encounter with Jennifer Hawkins in a lift and a PowerPoint presentation by Alan Kohler. Simmering beneath his scientific demeano [...]
[2007-03-28] NEARLY 3,000 Shanghainese tied the knot with people from 55 overseas countries and regions last year, growing 297 percent from a year earlier
The average age gap between Shanghai women and their foreign husbands is 10.5, and 13 percent of the foreign husbands are 20 years older than their local brides, the report said.However, divorces in foreigner-involved marriages also reached 355 last year, the report said, claiming it to be a "significant increase" without giving a comparison. Some locals regard the marriage as a chance to become rich or go abroad, which causes the divorce, said Shu Xin, a member of the Committee of Marriage and Family Affairs.Some Shanghai women marry foreigners without considering the entire situation, and wh [...]
[2007-03-28] Tears and a kiss as family says goodbye forever to bride crossing the great divide
When Arwad Shahin first met Muhanad Harb, falling in love with each other seemed like the easiest thing in the world. Ms Shahin, a kindergarten teacher, was drawn instantly to Mr Harb’s quick sense of humour and easy smile. Mr Harb, a barber, was struck by her sprightly beauty and humble nature. Their chemistry was hardly surprising: they were first cousins and grew up in tight-knit Druze communities, on either side of the Israeli-Syrian border, yet mirror images of each other. But while their love knew no bounds, when the time came to get married the pair, both 25, found themselves divide [...]
[2007-03-28] 60 Years Ago Marriages with Foreigners Were Prohibited in Former USSR
Accordingly to State Statistic Committee, the ratio of men and women in Azerbaijan is 56 to 44%, with 70% of men, out of total number of people leaving the country as labor migrants. This is another reason due to which, accordingly to experts, our girls are looking for husbands on foreign internet sites.The only place in Azerbaijan where one can register his or her marriage with foreign man or foreign woman is Baku Palace of Happiness. In 2005, 27 such marriages were registered, in 24 cases Azerbaijani side was represented by women. After marring majority of Azerbaijani women leave for foreign [...]
[2007-03-28] Many singles are in no hurry to get hitched
Friends Kari Kellmann, Megan Zanocco and Jenna Matus embrace their single life and say they don’t feel pressure (or would ignore it if they did) to get married.Zanocco, a 23-year-old special-education teacher, just bought a house in Rockford. She’s working on her master’s degree and said she wants to establish her own life before getting married and having children.“I’m not in a hurry,” Zanocco said. “I’m just 23. I want to develop myself, and definitely, 100 percent do my own thing.”Kellmann, 24, and her friends like to go out on the weekends, and she envisions meeting her mate through her on [...]
[2007-03-28] Love is in the air: Middle-age techies ask romance experts for help
Silicon Valley, with its cerebral intensity and unrelenting sense of urgency, is an all-hours kind of joint, where napkin-jotters and bonanza-dreamers patter away at keyboards, determined to wring opportunity from every moment. That kind of all-consuming careerism comes with a catch. As the work-obsessed get closer to middle age, opportunities to find romance dwindle. These Silicon Valley Bridget Joneses, who embedded themselves in cubicles during the 1990s high-tech boom, are waking up to what they missed while they were logged on and tuned out to love. “When you are in your early 30s, you [...]
[2007-03-28] One of six men in Korea’s farming and fishing villages is now married to a Vietnamese woman
A report says of the 8,027 farmers and fishermen got married in 2005, 2,885 or 35.9 percent of them had foreign wives, with more than half of them (1,535) marrying Vietnamese women. What persuades so many women from Vietnam to come all this way to marry Koreans? Prof. Kim Hyun-jae of Youngsan University is the author of the first academic paper on the subject. Titled “Immigration of Vietnamese Women to Korea thorough Marriage,” it analyzes the reasons from the Vietnamese perspective. Kim stresses that most of the Vietnamese women who marry Korean men come from farming villages in t [...]
[2007-03-28] British men looking for love would rather find it with a Swede than with a woman of any other nationality, a new poll has shown.
A new survey commissioned in Britain by phone company Orange showed that men in the UK put Swedish women at the top of their list of desirable lovers, ahead of French, Spanish, Italian and Irish women.Swedish men did not fare quite as well, with Italian, Irish, Spanish, French and Greek men considered preferable. Still, British women said they would prefer to find love with a Swede than with a Dutchman, a Dane or a Swiss man.The poll, carried out by YouGov, interviewed 2,376 people in a representative sample. Pollsters asked respondents what they wanted from a relationship with a foreign lover [...]
[2007-03-28] Almost a million Brits are in long-distance relationships with lovers abroad
It's not only fashion and food tempting travel to the continent because finding a partner in a foreign country is also now high on the agenda.And for British men Swedish and French women are considered more desirable than our home-grown honeys, according to the study by Orange Broadband.The next best countries for desirable women are Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Scotland, Germany and Denmark.But for women the promise of Italian flair in the bedroom surpasses British boys in the world of romance, found the survey of 2,376 adults. Their other preferred destinat [...]
[2007-03-28] Constitutionality of International Marriage Broker Regulation Act Upheld
FALLS CHURCH, Va., March 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Yesterday, in animportant legal decision, Judge Clarence Cooper (U.S. District Court forthe Northern District of Georgia) rejected an international marriagebroker's claim that the 2005 International Marriage Broker Regulation Act(IMBRA) is unconstitutional. IMBRA is a new law designed to provide greaterprotection for foreign women who marry men through what are commonly knownas "mail order bride" agencies. The lawsuit defeated in Monday's decision was brought by a leadinginternational marriage broker, European Connections ("EC"). EC allege [...]
[2007-03-28] More than four out of 10 Korean grooms from rural areas married foreign brides last year
According to a survey of nationwide marriage data, of the 8,596 men from rural areas or fishing villages who married last year, some 3,525 or 41 percent chose women from overseas. That's a rise of 5.1 percentage points from the year before. Of those marriages, some 2,394 or two thirds were to Vietnamese women, up from 1,535 in 2005. The number of Korean men nationwide who married Vietnamese women reached 10,131, which is a 74 percent increase from 2005. Park Kyung-ae of the National Statistical Office said that the number of Vietnamese brides in Korea under age 20 rose in 2006, with some 7 [...]
[2007-03-28] The number of marriages in Korea grew last year at its fastest rate in 10 years
The number of marriages grew last year at its fastest rate in 10 years. The belief that the year 2006 on the lunar calendar will bring luck to those who got married encouraged couples to tie the knot. The National Statistical Office (NSO) reported Tuesday that the number of marriages totaled 332,800 in 2006 _ an average 912 couples tied the knot every day. Marriages had been decreasing since 1996, but have picked up from 2004. They increased by 5.2 percent last year, the biggest growth since 1996. The office attributed it to the effect of a double spring year, meaning there will be two [...]
[2007-03-28] The new generation of Yemenis is turning away from their conservative social habits and traditions
Although the relationship between man and woman is viewed with suspicion, the new generation of Yemenis is turning away from their conservative social habits and traditions, as far as the relationship between man and woman is concerned.Yemen is a conservative society that doesn’t allow relationships between the sexes; therefore, Yemeni youths prefer making relationships without their parents’ or relatives’ knowledge.Friendship between opposite genders differs from one society and culture to another. In talking about such a relationship, we hear what’s known as boyfriend and girlfriend, which i [...]
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