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[2006-10-09] Know Yourself
These are just a list of general tips and procedures that you should keep in mind as you search for your Russian or FSU (Former Soviet Union) wife! Know Yourself: You need to know who you are. By this I mean you should honestly sit down and decide what kind of qualities and character you have. This should prepare you to be better able to determine what kind of woman you want/need to have in your life. You need to be very honest and realistic as you do this kind of soul searching. Know the Type of Woman You Want: Based on your qualities, character, attitudes, etc… decide upon the type of w [...]
[2006-10-09] How Many Letters Does A Russian Woman Receive?
This is a question I had been asking myself for a while. It has been simply a curiosity for me. Recently I have been thinking about this quite a bit, and think it might serve to make us men more effective by being a bit choosier with whom we correspond. I talked with a number of agency owners and workers, including some translators who are the main group that observe the flow of letters in and out of an agencies office. They all say basically the same thing. The prettiest 15-25% of their ladies receive about 75% of the letters! So, apparently, us guys are most concerned about finding a beaut [...]
[2006-10-09] How To Choose An Honest Russian Marriage Agency
Finding an honest agency is a huge help in this process. However, you should know that most of these places, especially the agencies that are based in the FSU, are only interested in separating you from your money. The advice in this chapter will save you much confusion, money and heartache. It is too bad that more Russian women and Ukrainian women do not advertise themselves independently. However, without having an internet connection of their own and with only limited knowledge of English the agency alternative is their most realistic choice. Also, many of these ladies are not aware of how [...]
[2006-10-09] Is my russian girl Real?
You must find out that the woman you are writing to is real, a woman, and genuinely interested in writing to you! This may seem very basic, but let me ask this question: how do you know you are writing to a real woman? How do you know she is genuinely interested in you? How do you know she is actually a woman? Yes, there are men in Russia and throughout the FSU (Former Soviet Union) that troll around these free dating sites and marriage agency sites (sometimes they even have a business arrangement with some of the agencies!) and impersonate women! They may even find a girlfriend, wife or mi [...]
[2006-10-09] Do really less Men Coming To Russia or Ukraine?
In the past year or two we have seen a significant decrease in the number of men who are visiting the FSU (Former Soviet Union) to find a suitable marriage partner. This is especially true for America, but also Europe and Australia as well. Why is this? I think there are several reasons. First, the news media has been very aggressive in reporting any type of terrorist related “gloom and doom” story they can find. I believe this has made many people a little concerned, if not downright afraid, of international travel. Never mind the fact that Russia, Ukraine and the other FSU countries are som [...]
[2006-10-09] Can Your Afford A Russian Woman?
At first glance this may strike you as an odd subject. After all how could a normal American man not be able to afford a Russian woman? Isn’t the average wage in the FSU around $100 a month? I make $3,500 a month (or whatever). Certainly this does not apply to me! Not so fast. All of the above may indeed be true. However life in America and life in the FSU are very different. The most basic difference is that Russia and the FSU is a cash economy. Meaning that if want to buy something, you must have the cash physically on you. There is very little use of credit, and checks are almost non-exist [...]
[2006-10-09] Meeting mates or mistakes online
“I love that band!” “That’s my favorite movie too.” “I think you’re beautiful/sexy/hot.” “We should hang out — we have a lot in common.” Ten years ago, this would have sounded like a script from a first date, but as the Internet casts its web across our lives, young people (and not-so-young people) are using the World Wide Web to sift through thousands of potential dates in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the creation of Web sites like MySpace and Facebook, anyone can log on, type in his or her personal information and interests in music, movies, books and television and upload photos of pote [...]
[2006-10-07] Avoiding Online Dating Mistakes
Online dating is fast and fairly painless and so if you have been dating for a while or getting back into it, or just starting out then you should try online dating. But those that are new to dating online often make a number of mistakes. Below are a few of the most common mistakes made by newcomers. 1. Failing to Initiate ContactFailure to make the first contact is one of the biggest mistakes. Women only initiate about 10% of what men write. So if your a man and don't start writing then the competition will get the woman first. Likewise if women want more control over who they meet then they [...]
[2006-10-07] Singled out
By wearing these rings, singles can let others know at a glance that they are unmarried and available for dating, writes Danielle White. Traditionally, in Western cultures at least, there are four significant rings: one ring to befriend them, one ring to engage them, one ring to betroth them and one ring to eternalise them. Well, not any more. In a society where people are marrying later and high-rating TV shows such as Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives make being single sexy, two young Swedish designers have wrung their creative bell and created a fifth ring. Founders of Swedish com [...]
[2006-10-07] Couple Service raises eyebrows in Cambodia
KER MUNTHIT catches up with the founder of the conservative country’s first-ever dating service.PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — On a busy day, Seng Leakhena fields more than 20 telephone calls from clients — men and women who, defying convention, are seeking her help in finding prospective marriage partners.From a second-story apartment on one of the busiest streets in the Cambodian capital, the casually-dressed 34-year-old entrepreneur runs Couple Service, the first-ever dating agency in this conservative Southeast Asian nation where arranged marriages are the norm.Seng Leakhena said her trailbla [...]
[2006-10-07] Appolinaria, Polina - russian female (woman) name
The full name is Appolinaria. This one descends from the word Apollo. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology Apollo is the god of the sun, medicine, poetry, music, and prophecy. He is usually shown in pictures and sculptures as a beautiful young man. Actually, Polina is one of rare Russian names. There are few people who can give the name Polina to their daughter. Maybe that is why there are not so many sacrificial and generous people like her nowadays? Among children Polina is sympathetic, appeasable and friendly. She is always ready to give a helping hand to others and to encourage them. She i [...]
[2006-10-07] ‘Holy War’ Focuses On Marriage
Father Tom Mattingly, a priest at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, received a copy of a pastoral letter from the Virginia Catholic bishops. The bishops urged Catholics in the state to support a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage.Photo by Nikki Fox With state elections in Virginia a month away, one issue on the Nov. 7 ballot has captured broad attention from numerous area churches: the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. A priest at an area Catholic church applauded a recent letter from Virginia’s bishops to members of Catholic churches i [...]
[2006-10-07] Should a woman have to Ask?
The rent is due, the cable, light and phone bills need to be paid; you've got to buy food to cook; you want new clothes to go out with your man. The only thing that you need now is.......the money to pay for it all. The question is, if a man and a woman are dating, or have agreed to enter a committed relationship, is the male financially obligated to take care of his girlfriend? There are some women who won't give a man the time of day if he ain't coughing up the cash on a regular basis. They want an allowance, or that special guy in their lives to foot every bill that they incur. But is [...]
[2006-10-07] Finding love
As a signle person, whether you are just starting out in life or close to retirement, finding a partner is probably on your to-do list. In a city of more than 120,000, this should not be a difficult task, but as any searching single will tell you, finding the love of their life is not easy."Finding companionship in the opposite sex is not easy. I was single 23 years before I met Jim," says Kim Garry, 49 and newly engaged. "We live in a very family and couple orientated city."So where are people meeting people and finding love in Sioux Falls? Four Sioux Falls couples share their stories. The s [...]
[2006-10-07] Make wedding planning less stressful
Once the marriage proposal has taken place, the couple should try to take at least a month, if not longer, to relax before the hectic planning process begins.Fortunately, I got engaged during the summer, when the most arduous task I had on my plate was showering and driving to summer school each day. If you have a year or more before the wedding, my advice is to not begin planning immediately. It might seem like a lot of fun to start hand-picking your wedding party and taste-testing cakes, but the more you relax while you still can, the better off you will be. When you tell your close friends [...]
[2006-10-07] Is marriage really worth it?
Single or married: Which is better? It's a question that just might be crossing Tie Domi's mind at the moment. It's always been said that single people want to be married while married folk long to be single again. But is this true anymore? With so many singles of all ages (over 7 million men and women in Canada between 20-65), especially in the 40-plus range, (the biggest growing demographic of singles), and the world more accepting of the single status than ever before, is singledom no longer such a reluctant state? After all, being single is being free-as-a-bird, only responsible fo [...]
[2006-10-07] To be in love. To be rich. Or both.
If you're Belinda Stronach or Tie Domi, who allegedly are in the midst of a steamy love affair, and who both most definitely have buckets of cash -- it may not be an issue. But it's a burning question for the unattached, who lust for a relationship, and perhaps the comfort of two paycheques. So, are you better off single? Or married? "Conventional wisdom says you're better off married," says Bev Moir, senior investment advisor at ScotiaMcLeod. "Two incomes are better than one." One of Bay Street's eligible bachelors -- who at 28 recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years and [...]
[2006-10-06] Leave pick-up lines at home
“You must be tired.” ... “Why?” ... “You’ve been running through my mind all day.” If pick-up lines and the bar scene have lost their appeal and the thought of internet dating makes you think of that creepy IT guy from your old high school, it’s time to welcome the newest alternative in getting acquainted—speed dating. DateandDash, a Chicago-based speed dating company, is the newest trend to offer a solution to the traumas of dating. DateandDash looks to side-step the pitfalls typically associated with first dates. Awkward silences. Incompatibility. Rejection. Or perhaps the biggest obstac [...]
[2006-10-06] Dave turns Cupid for town's singles
Dave Rowlands, who owns Dee Jays, is hoping his new singles night will be as successful as the one where he met his wife.He thinks the town is crying out for a proper singles night and is well aware of the problems faced by over-30s looking for love.After he was divorced at the age of 30, he found it difficult to get back into the swing of dating until he met his wife June at a singles night in Blackpool.He said: "It's fine for the younger singles in pubs because they seem to pair off quite easily."If you're over 30 you feel too old for most of the pubs in Leigh but too young for the older cro [...]
[2006-10-06] Swat’s dating service
Don’t trust the chatter about “making an impression” during the first few weeks — a first-year would like nothing more than to be inconspicuous. Speaking from personal experience, a first-year wants at the very least a grace period of six days in which he or she may fumble with lunch trays, forget to bring coins to the laundry room and ask where Paces is, and at the very most he wants an invisibility cloak with GPS. But inconspicuous first-years aren’t. Turns out, in fact, they’re being watched. Not stalked, per se, or even gazed at longingly, but watched by a large cross-section of Swatti [...]
[2006-10-06] Utah singles complain of social stigma
Salt Lake City's dating scene is woefully lacking. Mormons, non-Mormons, those over and under 30, all ethnicities, divorcees, single mothers, widows and widowers - everyone says the venues are sparse, the night life sputtering, and singles are left in the dark. What's keeping these singles separate? They're attractive, professional, sociable people of varying ages, religions and political viewpoints who have one thing in common: They are single and looking. When The Salt Lake Tribune convened a panel of single men and women last week for a lively discussion about navigating the world of dat [...]
[2006-10-06] An online nightmare
The Internet lets people search billions of Web pages in a fraction of a second and instantaneously tap information around the globe. One thing it couldn't do: Find Brian Wolf a girlfriend.Wolf was one of the 25 million Americans who visit online dating sites annually, lured by the industry's promise that there's someone out there for everyone. Four years and three dating sites later, he hadn't found a match. His profile - which said that he likes to travel and play basketball and is looking for a long-term relationship - found few takers."It's like 95 percent of these girls didn't like me," s [...]
[2006-10-06] Mr. Lonelyheart
Mayor Richard Daley had his moments, granted, but there's a good argument to be made that, from 1998 to 2005, it was Michael Beaumier who was the most powerful man in Chicago.If you needed a husband, a wife, a weekend fling, or someone with whom to share your amorous response to Civil War re-enactments, your last best hope was the head of the personal ads department at the city's leading alternative newspaper, the Chicago Reader.Singles turned to him with the most impossible of tasks: help me craft the "I Saw You" ad that will locate the beautiful stranger that I glimpsed, ever so briefly, in [...]
[2006-10-06] Experts warn of danger to social kids, adults online
Social sites on the Internet, along with online dating services, are quickly becoming a common place for meeting others and searching for a date or the perfect someone. The online personals business is a booming industry, with numbers in the millions and growing every day. Sources say the age group of 30 and under is the fastest growing segment of the online social market, but these services have members in all age groups, even seniors. The generation of young adults who grew up with the Internet is now coming of dating age and they are taking to the Internet and using instant messaging to c [...]
[2006-10-06] Former Russian Spy Sues Canada for Deporting Her
A former Russian spy who once lived in Toronto under a false name, found love and rejected her roots, is suing Ottawa for refusing to let her return here as a landed immigrant, said reports quoted by AFP. Elena Miller, 43, was deported in June 1996 after the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) blew her cover, the Globe and Mail reported.Her second husband, a British-born Toronto doctor, has since tried to sponsor her back into the country, only to be thwarted by immigration officers who found the marriage was legitimate but deemed her a security threat.Citizenship and Immigration Can [...]
[2006-10-06] Traditional marriage vows 'could be used to justify wife beating'
The traditional marriage vows in which the bride promises to "obey" her husband could be used by men to justify domestic violence, a Church of England report said yesterday. The report, backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, accused the Church of failing at "many points" to prevent abuse. It said that theological ideas such as male "headship" had been enshrined in the marriage service and could be misinterpreted as supporting the idea that the wife should submit to the husband. In the traditional vows, the husband promises "to love and cherish" his wife "till death us do [...]
[2006-10-06] Promoting safe dating
When one first thinks of Women’s and Gender Studies, visions of tailgating are probably the last to cross one’s mind. However, the University of Northern Iowa’s Women’s and Gender Studies program is hosting a “Safe Date Tailgate” from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. before the homecoming game on the corner of the North WRC parking lot, complete with free food and drinks.A group of faculty, students and athletes will also be walking in the parade passing out information on domestic abuse and koozies outlining what a safe date is.“The best part of the tailgate and the parade is that it will be a time for c [...]
[2006-10-06] Eugenia,Zhenya- Russian woman (female) names
The female variant of Eugene. The name is of Greek origin and it means "noble". Little Eugenia lives in the world of her imagination with her own rules and laws. She takes great interest in Jesus Christ's life while her peers are fascinated by fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". Little Eugenia is calm, even-tempered and thoughtful; she can easily be influenced by other people. She loves do something with her hands and can play about in a peaceful solitude for hours on end. Traditional children's games are not totally foreign to her - she can run about in the yard with other girls or play wi [...]
[2006-10-06] Galina, Gala - Russian woman (female) name
The name is of Greek origin and it means “peace, serenity.” Since childhood Galina is “father’s” daughter and she prefers boy’s company. Not that she does not realize her feminine nature - not at all! She loves to dress up and spend a few hours in front of a mirror; she just feels more comfortable with boys. And when she is an adult the eternal women’s problems - who looked, who said - are foreign to Galina. In youth she loves to read adventure and historical novels. Since she is quite active she loves different social activities like camping trips and sports clubs. She is respected by boy [...]
[2006-10-06] Helen, Elena, Lena - Russian woman (female) name
The name is of Old Greek origin with its meaning being still not quite clear - it might be "clear, chosen." Since early childhood Elena loves fairy tales. She is a bit reserved and is never is complete tune with other children - she is always slightly aloof engrossed in the world of her imagination. Elena is trustful but if she faces deception based on her credulity she will definitely try to punish the person who has deceived her demonstrating remarkable creativity and imagination in the matter. Elena is kind but in childhood her kindness is not of energetic nature. For instance she can bri [...]
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