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[2007-05-30] Five Things a Man Must Never, Ever do if he Wants
So you've finally decided to meet the sexy woman of your dreams through internet dating services or a dating site. Congratuations!! You've taken your first step towards meeting your future sexy wife. Yes, there are tons of sexy model quality women looking to hook up with you through an adult dating site. Dating services are used by millions of attractive, sexy, wealthy people who have great success stories to share. If you'd like to be one of them, there are five things you must never do if you want to meet that beautiful sexy woman. Here they are:1. Tell a LieIf you're only five-foot-six and [...]
[2007-05-30] 4 Proven Methods For Finding a Girlfriend
If you're like a lot of guys, then finding the right girl is an important thing in your life. While it's great to have an fun social life and lots of friends, there is a certain void which only great girlfriend can fill.Now the one mistake men make is to sit back and HOPE a great woman will just walk through the door. Unfortunately fate usually isn't this kind. If you want to find a girlfriend, you have to be willing to go out and do a little bit of work.In this article, I'll give you four ways you can increase your likelihood of finding girlfriend. If you apply these four tips, you'll be able [...]
[2007-05-30] 7 HUGE Mistakes of Dating That Most Men Commit
...not getting much action on the dating scene? ...wondering why it's so hard for you to score a second date?I know...just when you thought you had the game figured out; here you are again alone on a Saturday night bonding with your TV. No date and no action...again!Don't worry, you're not alone; there is hope for you yet.Believe it or not, there are several major mistakes that you should never commit on a date that most men do. Here's a rundown of the 7 Huge Dating mistakes that you should never commit.Huge Mistake #1: The "All About Me" SyndromeYou need to watch yourself on this one. No one [...]
[2007-05-29] Online dating skepticism turns into enchantment
If Tanis Cogdell's dial-up Internet didn't take so long to connect, she would have been able to cancel her subscription to She and David Jamar would never have met, and they wouldn't be getting married June 9. But it did, and she didn't, and they did and they are. Welcome to relationships in the 21st century. Cogdell, 23, grew up in Eagle River. She is pursuing a nursing degree at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. When she and a friend saw a TV ad for the online dating site Thanksgiving weekend, the friend dared her to sign up. "They give you the first [...]
[2007-05-28] Beijing's Internet watchdog has accused 12 dating websites of being a cover for prostitution and has ordered them to clean up their act by next Friday.
The outrageous pimping content in some websites is very shocking," said a statement of the Beijing Online News and Information Panel, an Internet watchdog made up by government officials, experts and representatives of netizens. The 12 dating websites are loaded with detailed information on the sex trade, including "service items, pricing and contact information," said the statement. Sexually-explicit information makes up more than 95 percent of the websites' content, according to the statement. The panel has ordered a complete purge of such information from the websites by June 1. One [...]
[2007-05-28] Potential spouses should be over 21 and must pass English and citizenship tests
Other proposals include a code of conduct for entry clearance officers and Home Office officials in the UK which would include separate interviews of the spouse and the sponsor, and anew time requirement before those who have been previously married to a spouse from overseas are allowed to bring in another. "Too many young women are brought to England to marry when they cannot possibly integrate with our society," Green said. "They need better protection. It is not fair on them. Families where English is not spoken are much more likely to have children who struggle at school, and adults who [...]
[2007-05-26] Dating and friendship site MakeFriendsOnline is testing new versions of its landing page to determine their suitability for mobile services.
Website testing specialist Optimost has been brought in to investigate the possibilities of having an integrated web and mobile service. The site will also offer users mobile SMS alerts when they have new messages. "Many dating sites are looking at mobile but number acquisition is a sensitive area. The last thing we want to do is turn off current and potential members by asking for their number," said site co-founder Martin Bysh. "Testing will enable us to calculate risk and reward before committing to this course of action." Since launching in 2001, MakeFriendsOnline has gained over 1m regi [...]
[2007-05-26] Some suggestions from others' dating mistakes
Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for what you want on a date. Don't just say yes all the time. If you express your wishes, you'll have a much better chance of having them come true. • By the third date, it's time for the baseball hat, sweats and no make-up. Then you will find out how he really feels. The real you needs to be seen early. First impressions are important, but often aren't real. This goes for Internet dating, too. Put real pictures of yourself up on the site. • There's something called "husband-handsome."You don't want a guy who looks like he just stepped off a GQ page. He [...]
[2007-05-25] Russia takes the first place in the world as far as the amount of smokers per capita
Nikolai Gerasimenko, an academic with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, said that Russia also leads the world in terms of underage smoking , and that it is the third-largest maker of tobacco products after China and the U.S. Tobacco production in Russia has doubled over the past ten years - from 206 billion cigarettes 1996 to 413 billion cigarettes in 2006. “The death rate caused by smoking has grown up from 250 thousand to 400 thousand people over the past ten years”, - Gerasimenko said. He also noted that smoking is one of the main causes of the demographic crisis in Russia, becau [...]
[2007-05-25] Seeking love on the Internet is a lottery with prizes given away to handful of winners
Fairy tales about a knight in shining armor, the one who is waiting for you somewhere across the sea, has always been very popular with girls, especially Russian girls. However, there are different fairy tales featuring different knights.Problems arising from those fairy tales differ too.In short, there are plenty of examples to choose from. A foreign affair has its pros and cons, by and large. Dating on purpose In this case a woman deliberately seeks a foreign companion for marriage. She can use a large variety of web sites which can provide all the necessary information on a potential ca [...]
[2007-05-25] Russian man pretends to be American to escape legal persecution
A Russian man, who wanted to escape legal persecution, pretended to be an American citizen who ventured to travel across Russia without money and documents to set a new Guinness Record. In order to look like an American man, the swindler put on a doo-rag and arranged pigtails. Russian journalists believed his stories and sincerely helped him in spite of his clumsy English and Russian roots. Finally one of local TV channels made a report about the foreign “hero”. A professor of philology exposed the malefactor when he started talking to him in English. The “foreigner” could not say anything i [...]
[2007-05-25] Want to know the reasons why men tell lies when it comes to a relationship?
First off, a man lies to a woman to gain her approval because he simply cannot do without it. Second, he lies to prove that he can really stand out in a crowd, and therefore he deserves to find favor with her. And last but not least – he lies to her because it is easier for him to cut corners that way. Telling lies also helps him to get off scot-free when problems arise. Lots of men are no strangers to telling lies when it comes to a relationship. An inexperienced woman may be easily tempted into biting bait and hence get caught. Below are some of the most typical expressions men use in orde [...]
[2007-05-25] Phenomenon of a Virtual sex in Russia
Virtual sex as a phenomenon appeared in Russia at the end of the 1990s when Russians had no powerful leased lines, no resourceful gadgets and complex technologies. People had to get by just with an unstable dial-up connection, online chats and blinking ICQ windows. Online communication has made good progress since that time. Today virtual sex is more than just indecent talks with someone on the other end of the Internet connection. Sexual adventurers can choose from a great variety of modern technics and technology achievements. In chats and ICQ, one can have a so-called text sex. Two peop [...]
[2007-05-25] A woman’s beauty lies in her fertility
Women prefer to marry women aged 24.8 years on an average; women are thought to reach the peak of fertility at the age. Following his research into the subject, the biologist David Bass at the University of Texas in Austin concluded that men all over the world favored women who were 3.5 years younger on an average. Bass, a convinced Darwinist, believes that the difference stems from prehistoric time. Back then, men would show the best results in hunting at approximately 30 years of age while women’s fertility would begin to decline after 25. Dr. Ian Penton-Voak and Dr. Dave Perrett, two Brit [...]
[2007-05-25] The Conservatives want to make it harder for Britons to marry foreigners
The Conservatives want to make it harder for Britons to marry foreigners in a move that they say will protect vulnerable young women from abuse. Potential spouses should be over 21 and be subject to English and citizenship tests before being allowed into Britain, Damian Green, the Shadow Immigration Minister, will say today. The new policy, only the second announcement on immigration since David Cameron became Tory leader, would also prevent divorcées from marrying a second overseas person for up to ten years. And the party says that British citizens who want to marry abroad should [...]
[2007-05-25] More Chineese men are "buying" or looking for wives overseas
In the case of Chinese men, it had to do with their ego, said Women, Family and Community Development Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun.She said they would not want to marry women who were better qualified or had higher incomes than them. Chew was replying to a question by Datuk Abdul Rashid Ngah who wanted to know why many of the men looking for brides overseas were Chinese. She said creating a mindset of gender equality was the answer to the problem. "If this cannot be accepted, then men just have to study hard to better their lot," she said to laughter in the House. [...]
[2007-05-25] Is that a good enough reason to advertise within dating sites
According to a new study from comScore, one in every six people living in that region of the world visited a dating site in Q1, an increase of 3% from Q1 2006. Of the 2.2 million Nordic visitors men actually visited datings sites more often than women. visitors were 53% male and 47% female, visitors to DKBN.DK were 63% male and 37% female and visitors to E-KONTAKT.SE were 61% male and 39% female. Though the numbers aren't staggeringly different, it is clear that ads could be targeted to men more than women. As far as age, the majority of visitors to dating websites are primarily (6 [...]
[2007-05-25] Due to period of increased abortion of female fetuses, gender ratio to hit a low in generation of marrying age
In 2020, a 30-year-old office worker is distressed. He just asked a woman his age out on a date, but she refused him. This was his 101st rebuffed date proposal of the year. Park, although 30, has never had a girlfriend, not even to speak of coming close to finding someone to marry. It has been the same story since elementary school, when he rarely even found a female friend. According to estimates released by the National Statistical Office (NSO) on May 24, this scenario may become all too common. In a little more than a decade, the office’s report said, 12 out of ever 100 males aged betwe [...]
[2007-05-25] Foreign brides must speak English
The Tories claim the proposals would "protect" young brides and ensure spouses integrate into British society, but others have accused the party of reverting to type. Shadow immigration secretary Damian Green said anyone joining a partner in the UK should be over 21 years old and be able to speak a basic level of English. The Conservatives also call for a code of conduct for Home Office officials and entry clearance officers, recommending spouses and sponsors are interviewed separately. Mr Green said: "Too many young women are brought to England to marry when they cannot possibly integrate wit [...]
[2007-05-24] My naked truth on dating
IF THERE'S one thing Jane Ganahl knows how to do, it's get naked -- at least in a metaphorical sense. The former singles columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle regularly bared all for readers regarding the good, bad and ugly of her single life -- and she has kept it up in her new memoir, "Naked on the Page: The Misadventures of My Unmarried Midlife." While I admired Jane's writing -- and her guts with regard to stripping down to her emotional skivvies -- I'd just as soon eat glass as do the same. Unfortunately, my editor had different ideas. "I think that's an interesting angle," he s [...]
[2007-05-24] Analysis of visitation to dating sites in the Nordic region
According to the study, online dating and personals sitesattracted an average of 2.2 million Nordic visitors per month during Q1 2007,an increase of 3 percent versus one year ago.The Network of sites (headquartered in the U.S.) led thecategory among Nordic visitors, attracting an average of 573,000 uniquevisitors per month during Q1 2007. This was followed by Danish site Dating.dkwith an average of 309,000 Nordic visitors per month and the MeetIC Networkwith an average of 241,000 Nordic visitors per month during the quarter.Nordic Personals Sites, by Unique Visitors in Nordic Region, [...]
[2007-05-24] Singles searching for a spouse often believe that matrimony is the golden ticket to a lifetime of great sex, matching towels, funky artwork and meaningful conversations
But those of us mired in the muck of real marriage know that once the hormone-induced endorphine buzz wears off, marriage is pretty much your same old boring life. Only now, there’s another person who wants space on the couch. When I was younger, a married friend of mine once said, “You know you’re really married when you quit holding your farts in.” She later divorced. So just to be on the safe side, I’m still holding mine in. Yet despite my no audible gas policy, I find that marriage is more challenging than dating. That’s because dating is about possibilities, whereas marria [...]
[2007-05-23] A nursing student told women he met on an online dating site that he was a doctor, an astronaut or spy in a ruse to lure them out so he could drug and rape them
Jeffrey J. Marsalis, the 34-year-old on-and-off student, met six of the seven women he is accused of raping on, prosecutor Joseph Khan said in opening statements of Marsalis’ trial Monday.“He seemed well-spoken. He seemed well-educated. He seemed intelligent. He seemed charming,” the prosecutor said. “None of these people knew the real Jeffrey Marsalis.”Defense lawyer Kathleen E. Martin called the case one of regret, not rape. She said the women consented to sexual intercourse, even if they regretted it after learning they had been duped.“Told [by police] that Jeffrey was not a docto [...]
[2007-05-23] Groom and girlfriend face deportation if convicte
Authorities contend the marriage of Tori Crowther and Gassan Hassan Said was not a match made in heaven. Instead, they claim that the December wedding was a scam designed to keep the Venezuelan groom in the country - and that the arrangements were made by Said's girlfriend, Eva Daisy Aguilar, a wedding planner. On Wednesday, Said, 36, and Aguilar, 51 - who goes by Daisy - were indicted by a federal grand jury in Salt Lake City on a charge of aiding and abetting marriage fraud. At an initial court appearance on Thursday, U.S. Magistrate Samuel Alba ordered the two detained pending trial. A t [...]
[2007-05-23] Tips to avoid any potentially date-killing performances at the restaurant
Best Wines to Order for DinnerGlasses of wine at restaurants can range from five or six dollars, to eleven or twelve dollars or more. On the first date, you may simply look at the prices when ordering and let that dictate your decision, choosing a glass in the lower range. However, you don't want to order a wine you won't enjoy drinking --that defeats the purpose of ordering wine. Instead, order a wine that you think you'll like, but one that is not at the top of the price range. If you are enjoying a steak or a red sauce pasta, try ordering a decently priced Italian Cabernet Franc or a Pinot [...]
[2007-05-23] The Top 7 Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Married Again
7. After your divorce, you moved back in with your parents, who had never changed your room. Now you still haven't, either. While you want to stay close to your family once married, you also want to separate from them emotionally so your "family of choice" comes first. 6. You are still married. Enough said, in one sense. Beware the person that still has emotional and legal entanglements with a former spouse, as they are not ready to commit to a new relationship. 5. Quoting Billy Joel: "Well, you're 21, and still your mother makes your bed. And that's too long." Independence and self-suffic [...]
[2007-05-23] Russia's population will decrease by six million to 136 million by 2015
In the first stage of the concept implementation, the natural loss of the population should decline, while starting from 2011 the natural population growth should begin, he said. The number of the population should stabilize at the level of 140 million by 2015, and in subsequent years the population should grow to reach 145 million by 2025, Medvedev said. Providing an incentive for growing birth rates, lowering death rates and using the so-called method of "substitutional migration" should play a specific role in the accomplishment of this task, he noted. The state is pinning hopes on the in [...]
[2007-05-20] Singles over 50 have a tough time meeting one another
By his own admission, Norm Stout, of Cook Township, near Ligonier, has been down the road of marriage and romance a couple of times "at least," and at 68 he's a bachelor looking for ... well, he isn't quite sure. He is sure that singles over 50 have a tough time meeting one another, and he's doing something about that. The founder of 50 Plus Singles, he's been bringing together men and women who are looking for friends, too. For the last couple of months, they've been meeting informally at area restaurants, and on May 27 he's hoping to attract the regulars and some newcomers at a buffet at [...]
[2007-05-20] Bharat Matrimony offers a vocal edge
A candidate can `sound out' a prospective `would be' before going further with "I like the face, but I wish I could hear his/her voice before proceeding further." This has been the unspoken wish of thousands contemplating matrimony and using modern tools such as the Internet to find a suitable life-mate. Now Bharat Matrimony, a leading Web portal, has added technology to make this possible. In addition to posting text, pictures or videos, candidates can record a brief statement about themselves and upload it using a mobile phone. One can also listen to the expectations of a prospective partn [...]
[2007-05-20] Shocking new figures showing a high level of early and frequent sexual encounters among young women should be a wake up call for all New Zealanders
“The number of young New Zealanders with sexually transmitted diseases is spiralling with gonorrhoea cases up by 52% and Chlamydia up almost 28%. “And now this survey has given us an explicit and damning explanation of why that is. “Young women are having sex earlier than boys – 25% say they had sex at age 15 or younger. “Almost twice as many young women as men claim to have had more than 10 sexual partners and are less likely to use a condom. “Young women in particular must understand that sexually transmitted diseases don’t just deliver chronic pain, they are running the terrible ris [...]
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