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[2007-04-05] How to Celebrate Russian Easter
In the Russian Orthodox tradition, preparations for Easter begin long before Easter Sunday, which this year coincides with Western Easter on April 8. The Thursday preceding Easter Sunday -- or "Clean Thursday" -- is when you are supposed to begin cooking holiday dishes. It is customary to clean the house and burn juniper branches in the rooms to clear the stuffy winter air. Special salt to be used in Easter dishes was traditionally prepared on this day: Salt was wrapped in a piece of clean cloth and baked in an oven, then ground and sifted to be purified. On Thursday night, a long service of [...]
[2007-04-05] IS there something wrong with the Malaysian male psyche that prevents them from marrying better-qualified women?
Women, Family and Community Development parliamentary secretary Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun yesterday jokingly suggested that men were to blame for the high number of women who remained spinsters."There would be fewer single women if men were willing to marry women who were more educated and earning higher salaries," she said."My advice to men is this: Focus on your education."Her reply to Datuk Baharum Mohamed (BN-Sekijang) was met with laughter and approving nods, even from male members of parliament, who seemed to concur with the Petaling Jaya Utara MP.In his supplementary question, Baharum h [...]
[2007-04-04] Women were advised to avoid going to clubs or parties alone because of the growing risk that their drinks will be "spiked".
A report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) warned women never to accept a drink from a stranger. ''Don't leave your drink, even when going to the lavatory,'' it added. ''Take it with you.'' Its advice followed a review of the threat of sexual assaults linked to drinks which are either spiked with alcohol or drugs. A medical study last month had suggested that many alleged victims of date rape had been rendered helpless by binge-drinking. It found no evidence that Rohypnol and GHB - drugs said to be favoured by predatory rapists - were widely used. But the ACMD, the Gov [...]
[2007-04-04] Does it seem like no matter what you do, the wrong people keep contacting you?
It's deceptively simple to sign up wit an online dating site, but creating a profile that attracts the right kind of person to you can be a little tricky. Does it seem like no matter what you do, the wrong people keep contacting you? Does it really matter what you put in all of those little interest and hobby fields? The answer is yes - sometimes. What you say in your headline and in the details, and how you say it can make all the difference. A Great Headline A great headline should sum up who you are and what you're looking for in one short and witty sentence. Some good headlines might [...]
[2007-04-04] DEMAND for a seniors' version of the most modern way of finding true love has been answered.
Speed dating for the 55 plus age group has arrived courtesy of Hailsham-based introduction agency UK New Faces.Agency manager Dan Selden was persuaded by disappointed older locals the quick first impressions arrangement — offered in three minute slots with 15 suitors — was what they needed to find a match.Mr Selden, 31, who said the agency's traditional dating programme for all ages and speed dating for younger groups has resulted in 14 weddings in six years, explained, "We have had a few people who have been a bit disappointed that we didn't do speed dating for that age group. "We had quite a [...]
[2007-04-04] If Your Online Dating Ad Gets No Response
Having a bad hair day, a missed flight, or a burned fried egg, can be endured by most people, but to have a bad date is like living in agony. When love becomes decapitated, life becomes a survival of the losers. No wonder why everybody is trying hard to come up with something unique and quirkily entertaining when it comes to personal ads. These ads are not the typical ads that people see on televisions or on print medium. Personal ads are more like profiles, though; the main purpose is also to advertise one’s self. People who vie for personal ads are those who hope that somebody love begets [...]
[2007-04-04] Malasian men to buck up if they want to marry locals
Local men must buck up and improve themselves if they want to marry local women, Women, Family and Community Development Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun said. She said local men should stop complaining they could not secure brides locally and thus had to resort to "foreign mail order schemes" to find their spouse. "Men in this country need to pay attention to their education in order to improve their standing and bring themselves to the same level as women who are better qualified," she said. Replying to a supplementary question from Datuk Baharum Mohamed (BN- Se [...]
[2007-04-04] The free online dating website, which targets college students, ranked Duke No. 8 last week in the Top 25 Colleges for Online Dating.
Students frustrated with Duke University's hookup culture may need to explore new methods to find that special someone - and according to, that is exactly what they are doing.The free online dating website, which targets college students, ranked Duke No. 8 last week in the Top 25 Colleges for Online Dating.The list ranks schools based on how many students from a college use the site, what features they use and how often they are contacted by students from other schools, said Clifford Lerner, CEO of eTwine Holdings, Inc., which owns last week, Duke wa [...]
[2007-04-03] A MATCHMAKING service for firms looking to research or expand into overseas markets has been set up by the University of Manchester
Its `International Talent' scheme involves assigning students from abroad to companies to help them with business development plans.The students in turn gain work experience to boost their career aspirations.The scheme is being run by the careers and employability division of the university's leadership programme.One of the first to use the service is Paul Banks, 60, the managing director of Sale-based digital photography and printing equipment company Image Alchemy, who hired students to help him explore markets in Europe and the Far East.He said: "The International Talent service is way ahea [...]
[2007-04-03] Asian Brides Changing The Face Of Taiwan
Vietnamese Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong was hoping to find answers when she decided to marry a Taiwanese man four years ago."I wanted to look for my elder sister's ex-husband in Taiwan and ask him why he treated her that way," she said.Her sister was sent back to Vietnam with her son after her marriage ended in divorce.Fortunately, life in Taiwan has turned out better for her. The 24-year-old married a Taiwanese man two years her senior whom she had known for less than two weeks through a matchmaking agency.She is among Taiwan's growing number of spouses from mainland China and other regions, especi [...]
[2007-04-03] Marriage and family life in Britain have declined dramatically in recent years and one of the causes is government policy
This is the thesis of Patricia Morgan, in a policy brief entitled: "The War between the State and the Family: How Government Divides and Impoverishes." The study is published by the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs. The number of marriages has fallen notably, while the age at which couples marry has risen and the proportion of births out of wedlock has rocketed from 8% in 1970 to 42%. It is true, Morgan admits, that around one in four women with a child born out of wedlock goes on to marry in the subsequent eight years. But a quarter or more of children now have lone parents, who bea [...]
[2007-04-03] Many women content to be single
They are the new majority -- women who find themselves, by choice or not, living spouseless. Divorced, widowed, never married, they are women discovering new strengths.Many rejoice in their independence, their achievements and their ability to go it alone, happily.They are doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, supporters of the arts, civic activists, volunteers and yes, the poor. Living without spouses, they constitute a new demographic of the American landscape."I view my spouseless life as serene, peaceful and content for now," says Amber Harper, 26, of Fort Lauderdale. Jeannette Markus of Delr [...]
[2007-04-02] Realities of online dating
A happy couple stands embracing each other on the television screen as music plays in the background. They tell their story of meeting online and describe it as the best experience ever. Is logging on a computer to find a soul mate easier than meeting in person?"On average, each month receives news of more than 400 marriages or engagements from members of former members," Maida Goodman, public relations coordinator for, said.As Goodman mentioned, some couples from this count are former members, so even with this statistic, there is no guarantee that the couples in question [...]
[2007-04-02] Online dating services were the biggest earners among Russian web-sites last year
The total turnover of online dating services grew fourfold last year, to $35 million, according to a report iKS-Consulting released on Friday. The Internet content market gained $73 million on the whole. Online games were second-biggest gainers with $30 million, music and video come next with $9 million together.Experts at iKS-Consulting forecast this trend to remain this year. Some analysts expect the turnover of online dating companies to double after the RBC media holding launches its own dating service, LovePlanet.The Mamba company, which cooperates with major portals Mail.Ru, Rambler and [...]
[2007-04-02] She's a matchmaker and advisor on matters of the heart, but Alma Rubenstein may not practice what she preaches.
One afternoon, across a crowded coffee shop, The Professional Dater saw a man she liked. Uncomfortably aware of herself, she grew still, losing her train of thought. She pulled at her sweater, perspiration breaking fast."I'm so nervous," said this woman who makes a living teaching others how to find love.The Professional Dater, despite all her years of know-how and experience, is neither infallible nor impervious to worry.She wrote her phone number on a scrap of paper. Just her number. No name. No explanation. When the man in the blue shirt walked by her table, she abruptly turned in her seat [...]
[2007-04-02] Not your father's dating service
Chana Frankle knew that it was time to leave her on-line dating Web site when she chanced upon her father's profile. The 26-year-old New York native had been on for two years with little luck when she came upon her father's profile as a "Sensitive, Stately Stunner." "It had literally become my parents' dating site," said Frankle. "So I started exploring other sites which my parents probably never heard of, let alone figure out how to use." There are dozens of Jewish dating Web sites, but the ones that Frankle was drawn to had a young alternative hook that the others didn't - [...]
[2007-04-02] For many seniors, dating is a mix of friendship and romance that doesn't necessarily need to lead to marriage
The love of Rose Pepe's life was her husband, Joseph. She was only 38 when he died after 16 years of marriage and two children. In the 46 years that have followed his death, the 84-year-old grandmother and great-grandmother from Chicago has never met anyone else who could fill that void in her life. "Well, was this the 50-cent tour?" asks Kermitt Mowbray, 97, at right, of his date, Gertrude Curtis, 84, about the tour of the SS Peter and Paul Cemetery she gave him during their morning walk last fall in Naperville. "Seventy-five cents!" Curtis said. The Naperville pair met three years ag [...]
[2007-04-02] Singapore has awarded cash grants to four agencies with creative ideas on how to attract more young adults to the dating scene, and hopefully the wedding altar, as part of an effort to reverse the city-state's declining birth rate.
From online "speed-dating" _ a popular technique where couples spend just a few minutes talking _ to a concierge service that arranges flowers and movie tickets, the four companies were chosen out of 19 submissions for their novel ideas and proven management records. A total of $93,000 was awarded by the Partner Connection Fund on Thursday to fund the plans. "One common element in all four proposals is their strong understanding of the singles' lifestyle and their needs," Claire Chiang, co-chair of the evaluation panel, said in a statement announcing the successful bids. "The idea is to prol [...]
[2007-04-02] Man who ran site touting ‘sexy, exotic’ Latin women gunned down in street
An American entrepreneur who introduced foreign men to “young, sexy, exotic and beautiful Latin Women” via the Internet was killed in the western city of Cali by gunmen on a motorcycle, police said Saturday. Robert Marshall Vignola, 50, of Hamden, Conn., claimed he created the Web site The Cali, Colombia-based company, in business since 1999, claimed it “has assisted hundreds of clients in the search for the Latin Woman of their dreams.” In addition to offering contact with women pictured in bikinis for $20 each, the Web site promoted vacation packages to Cali i [...]
[2007-04-02] How are the Muslims in Russia?
While Russia wants to become a member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), it currently holds "observer" status. I've always believed that Russia's membership in the OIC would be positive. Russia claims its Muslim population is larger than many OIC member Muslim countries. That is certainly true. But when we look at the status of Muslims in Russia, we see that life is tough. We hear claims that the Muslim existence in the country is under threat. Most recently many important Muslim figures, including Nafigulla Ashirov, the chief mufti of the Asian part of Russia, submitted [...]
[2007-04-02] Russia has banned all foreigners from working as retailers in its shops and markets under a new law which came into force on Sunday.
Up to 20,000 non-Russians currently work in Moscow markets alone in a tradition going back to Soviet times. President Vladimir Putin said earlier that the interests of Russian citizens were at stake. Migrant groups have condemned the law, passed after ethnic violence last year, as unfair and unworkable. While foreigners will not be allowed to sell directly they still have the right to work in markets as loaders, cleaners, wholesalers or managers, according to an official from the Russian Federal Migration Service, Vyacheslav Postavnin. The law was introduced after a number of incidents [...]
[2007-04-02] Lessmarriages - more poverty
It’s one thing to write policy recommendations; it is quite another to develop effective policy. Ironically, some of those who develop policy recommendations oppose those same ideas when implemented into policy — especially when the wrong party does the implementing. For instance, the Brookings Institution’s Center on Children and Families just released a report entitled “Attacking Poverty and Inequality: Reinvigorate the Fight for Greater Opportunity.” Here’s how the press release for their paper begins. “The nation’s poverty rate is higher now than it was in the 1970s, and there are large a [...]
[2007-04-02] Research shows unions of college graduates are occurring more often, last longer than others
Today, many UCLA undergraduate students are coming back from their spring break. Few, however, are coming back from a honeymoon. Irina Capuano, a third-year psychology and Russian studies student, is one of those few. She is returning to class in Westwood this week after a honeymoon in Jamaica with her husband Gregory Capuano, a 2005 graduate of Ithaca College in New York. The two – who were engaged since August 2005 – were married March 4 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. In order to make it happen, Irina Capuano said she squeezed wedding dress fittings, cake tastings and appo [...]
[2007-03-30] About paid dating services
When we were doing our research for our new book FAST FOOD DATING YOUR 2 CENTS we examined all of the different types of dating services and venues people were using. In the end, professionally facilitated services tended to provide the best bang for your buck and time. Our findings showed people looking for dating and romance who used fee per service venues were the most “satisfied”. For all intents and purposes fee per service dating services are not to be confused with “pay for play” services offered by sex trade workers. From what some people told us, you would swear some of the dating ser [...]
[2007-03-30] Officials have urged more victims of forced marriages and domestic abuse within black and ethnic minority communities to seek help.
A conference has been held in Glasgow aimed at raising the profile of the culturally sensitive support available. The practice of forcing brides to get married may be rare but detectives believe many cases go unreported. The event on Thursday brought together women's groups, police and Foreign Office officials. Peter Abbott, of the Foreign Office forced marriages unit, said: "We deal with around 300 cases a year. Around 65% of cases involved people of Pakistani descent, and 25% are of Bangladeshi descent. "Around 85% of cases are women, just 15% are men, but in reality the figures for [...]
[2007-03-30] Research indicates couples can overcome all kinds of marital horrors like infidelity, heated political disagreements, even sagging body parts
Relationships are funny things. They torment us, they make us say and do things we never thought we could do. They can make us feel sullen on a sunny day and often energize our fantasies in ways we can’t talk about in polite society. Yet everyone I know wants one. Research indicates couples can — with great effort — overcome all kinds of marital horrors like infidelity, heated political disagreements, even sagging body parts. Yet couples who become mired in an intractable conflict roundelay are not looking good for going the distance. When there is contempt, their chan [...]
[2007-03-30] Dating site gives fate a hand
Picture, if you will, this heartwarming exchange, circa 2037. "Grandma?" inquires little Junior. "Tell me the story of how you and Grandpa met." "Well, dear," explains Grandma, "it all began when Grandpa posted a message looking for the hot girl from Starbucks with a piercing above her lip." "That's right," Grandpa chimes in. "I was fed up with and and, so I decided to do things the old-fashioned way." "Old-fashioned?" Junior asks. "That's right," says Grandma. "He had his eye on me for weeks but was too shy to say anything. So he tracked me down on the We [...]
[2007-03-29] Matchmaking proves huge hit
THE government’s youth entrepreneur promoter, the Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF), has started to encourage big business to give contracts to small ones, to help them gain points in participation in enterprise development . This is a requirement for broad based black economic empowerment scorecards. Government has identified entrepreneurs as essential to SA’s economic growth. Big business was often stumped about where to find small businesses offering the services it needed, said UYF CEO Malose Kekana in Johannesburg yesterday. Fledgling businesses often did not have the benefit of social n [...]
[2007-03-29] Ukrainian Migration to Portugal
Between 2001 and 2004 Portugal endorsed 100,282 stay permits to immigrants from Eastern Europe (Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Romania). Stay permits granted through Law 4/2001 reveals the development of immigrant communities that previously were quantitatively of small significance. For the first time, Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldovan, and Russian immigrants appeared among the main immigrant groups in Portugal. This new migratory flow allowed taking conscience that immigration in Portugal was no longer confined to the traditional regions of destiny, but was increasingly spreading all over Portugal [...]
[2007-03-29] Britain has announced double-"strength" immigration controls, with a bold new focus on rules governing entry-by-marriage, in a move that will mean an estimated 3,000 mainly Indian women will be barred from coming to the UK.
The British Home Office announced on Wednesday that it was raising the minimum age at which foreign nationals can receive marriage visas from 18 to 21. This is expected to plug the perceived gap in Britain's immigration regime, mainly with respect to Indian girls imported into the country as wives of British Indian men. Officials say about 15,000 British nationals marry non-Europeans each year, the brute majority being on the Indian sub-continent and that India featuring as the largest single provider of wives. Observers said this is the only the most recent of a range of government measures t [...]
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