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[2006-12-06] Russia police annually expose 100,000 drug crimes
The Russian police annually expose about 100,000 crimes connected with illegal drug trafficking. Chief of the office of the Department for Combating Organized Crimes and Terrorism of the Russian Interior Ministry Stanislav Orlov told journalists about it on Tuesday. As he said, 60 percent of drug crimes are connected with drug trafficking and activities of organized criminal groups in this sphere. “This year alone our staffers have already exposed 66,000 grave and especially grave drug crimes, prevented more than 550 facts of drug smuggling and disclosed over 2,300 crimes committed by groups [...]
[2006-12-06] At least 5 million women suffer from depression in Russia
At least five million women in Russia suffer from manic-depressive disorders that need correction, Professor Yuri Vasyuk told on Wednesday a news conference at Itar-Tass on problems of women’s health. “Depression is widespread among women for the reason that they suffer to some or other degree from cardiovascular diseases – ischemia and arterial hypertension, which have the common genetic origin,” he said.Vasyuk said treatment of hypertension in women in Russia became much less effective in the past five years. He believes this is connected with the fact that a large number of various biolog [...]
[2006-12-06] Islam thrives as Russia's population falls
Asteady stream of devout Muslims pours into the Sobornaya Mosque on a cold, grey Friday afternoon. The Arabic call to prayer echoes incongruously among Soviet-era apartment buildings and monolithic relics of Moscow's 1980 Olympics. As usual, the mosque's blue walls cannot contain the hundreds of people looking to pray. "I'm sorry, it's full," a bearded man in a white skullcap repeats again and again to worshippers showing up at the doors. Soon, the courtyard outside the mosque is crammed with men removing their hats and shoes to pray. Some lay down elaborate prayer mats of finely [...]
[2006-12-06] Top 10 Russophile Myths
10. MYTH: Boris Yeltsin was loved by the ignorant West but hated by Russians.REALITY: When Yeltsin told Russians to vote for Putin, they did so without hesitation.9. MYTH: Russia is an oil superpower.REALITY: Russian oil is worth pennies per capita, many countries have much more. Oil is a very bad, harmful thing for Russia, much more of a curse than a blessing, because it dilutes the need for immediate reform.8. MYTH: Russia tried democracy and it failed.REALITY: Russia has never once had a true contested election.7. MYTH: Russia tried capitalism and it failed.REALITY: Russia has never been go [...]
[2006-12-06] Matchmaking methodology
Back in the day when I used to sling pizzas for Domino's, I found myself entering many strange places. Though, my delivery to one address on Alberta Drive was probably one of the most peculiar destinations I've ever encountered. It turns out this address lead to the office of a legitimate matchmaker. You're probably thinking the room was brimming with potions, self-filming grotesques describing their favorite Billy Joel album and heart shaped boxes of chocolate. Instead, there were a bunch of professional looking women who apparently had a hankering for mediocre pizza. As I handed over the p [...]
[2006-12-06] You’re Beautiful
Whenever my guy friends allude to a woman’s physical traits, I always pay attention to the adjectives they use. It’s interesting to me how the way a woman looks could possibly place her in a particular dating category with them. For instance: Cute – When guys use “cute” to describe a girl, they consider her attractive like a kitten or puppy. Someone they would probably feel bad for never calling back and would be more prone to want to date long-term. Hot – This usually means her body shape, cup size, or butt. (or ALL three) is just “hot” to them. This also means that guys probably think of ( [...]
[2006-12-05] She is Cupid's first woman client
MISS Cheung Chiu Nuen is the first woman to approach him for help to find a spouse, said Mr Martin Wong of Mr Cupid International Matchmakers. Mr Wong (above) says his agency is always looking for new markets. His clients so far have all been men. He doesn't foresee any difficulties in finding her a match. Mr Wong said: 'We have a ready pool of graduates and white-collar workers whom we will be able to tap on to find a good match.' He has about 400 members and about 40 per cent of them are graduates. He will look for someone who suits her energetic and outgoing personality. [...]
[2006-12-05] Is Dating Making You Crazy?
About three weeks ago a friend and I went to see a play about crazy people, or rather how their world makes them a bit mentally unstable. One of the scenes included a young woman and man, both single, who met at a party, and presents the excitement, confusion and the anticipation of making the initial phone call to ask someone out. As I watched, I realized that these two slightly off kilter people were not abnormal from the rest of us who are actively dating, and I began to wonder if dating is making us crazy. Consider all the self-help books, dating advice columnists (I consider this column [...]
[2006-12-05] MDs make hearts flutter in the dating game
Doctors are the most likely to get pulses racing when it comes to dating potential, while politicians are among the last choices of the romantically inclined. While the news about politicians may come as no surprise, survey results released this week by the speed-dating service FastLife and the online-dating giant Lavalife, are also encouraging for architects, who rate right up there behind doctors as being in the profession of choice for women choosing dates. While both women and men gave doctors tops rating for "dateability" among the 400 clients surveyed by FastLife men moved more quickly [...]
[2006-12-05] Russia holds beauty contest for pregnant women
A beauty contest for pregnant women held over the weekend in the city of Yekaterinburg tried to send the message “pregnant is beautiful” to a country where the population is declining catastrophically, daily Novye Izvestia reported on Monday. Forty-five contestants, all under the age of 25 and at least five months pregnant, sang, danced, recited poetry and paraded in evening gowns before a panel of judges in this city 1,700 kilometers (1,000 miles) east of Moscow. “Our goal was to promote healthy, happy, desirable motherhood,” Novye Izvestia quoted Larisa Rozhnova, Yekaterinburg’s chief p [...]
[2006-12-05] Russia's Most Profitable Banks. Top 10
Rank Name of bank City Profit (thousand rubles) Profit/Assets (%) Profit/Capital (%) 1 Sberbank of Russia Moscow 29848633 2.27 21.33 2 Gazprombank Moscow 4578135 2.22 15.26 3 Vneshtorgbank Moscow 4288329 1.94 8.98 4 Russian Credit Moscow 3865007 23.48 ** 5 Neftegazbank Moscow 3018390 56.78 96.59 6 Citibank Moscow 2538822 4.85 28.7 7 International Moscow Bank Moscow 2351159 2.97 37.42 8 Raiffeisen Bank Austria Moscow 2245058 4.15 47.47 9 Promstroibank St. Petersburg 1817525 [...]
[2006-12-05] Russian Banks with the Largest Corporate Accounts. Top 10*
Rank Name of bank City Settlement account balances (thousand rubles) Market share (%) 1 Sberbank of Russia Moscow 183688035 19.22 2 Gazprombank Moscow 66537569 6.96 3 Trust Moscow 46560313 4.87 4 Alfa Bank Moscow 30445778 3.19 5 Vneshtorgbank Moscow 28808131 3.01 6 Rosbank Moscow 23366468 2.44 7 Bank of Moscow Moscow 21882214 2.29 8 International Industrial Bank Moscow 18009526 1.88 9 MDM Bank Moscow 14670754 1.53 10 Transcreditbank Moscow 14451787 1.51 *As of October 1, 2003 [...]
[2006-12-05] Russian Veteran Regional Leaders. Top 20
Rank in the rating Name Federation subject Position Total experience as leader of the region* 1 Magomed-Ali Magomedov Republic of Dagestan Chairman of the State Council 15 years 4 months 2 Egor Stroev Orel Region Governor 14 years 8 months 3 Mintimer Shaimiev Republic of Tatarstan President 14 years 3 months 4-5 Leonid Potapov Buryat Republic President 13 years 8 months 4-5 Murtaza Rakhimov Republic of Bashkortostan President 13 years 8 months 6 Anatoly Guzhvin Astrakhan Region Governor 12 years 3 months 7-10 Vladimir [...]
[2006-12-05] The 33 Officially Richest People in Russia
Rank in 2003 rating (2002) Name Company Company shares owned by the given person (%) Company’s market capitalization ($ million as of Dec. 1, 2003) Given person’s share capital ($ million) * 1 (--) Vladimir Evtushenkov Mobile Telesystems (MTS); Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS) 38.709; 35.180** 8198.55; 852.18 3473.4 2 (--) Mikhail Prokhorov Norilsk Nickel Metallurgical Combine 28.87 11877.1 3428.9 3 (--) Vladimir Potanin Norilsk Nickel Metallurgical Combine 28.5 11877.1 3385.0 4 (1) Vagit Alekperov LUKOIL 10.38 18244.6 1893.8 [...]
[2006-12-05] Ovulation makes women fall in love with machos
During ovulation women fall in love with handsome machos but when it is over they prefer to stay with not really attractive but rich men. Often, women take the reproductive instinct for real love. It is incredible but not women’s hearts but their menstrual period phases determine whom they may choose as objects of love and care. This is a conclusion that researchers from Michigan made when investigating female sexuality problems. Men think that if they become cleverer, stronger, richer and more charming than others they will win more women’s hearts. However, they have no idea that at diffe [...]
[2006-12-05] Russian men compare women drivers with monkeys
The problem of women drivers is a thorn in the side for women and a reason to numerous jokes for men. One can say that it is something that originates from discrimination between males and females. It is considered a usual thing when a drunk man drives a car on a busy highway, but if a woman takes a moment to check her make up in a mirror while driving, people think of it as a potential danger to road traffic. Chauvinistic men compare women drivers with monkeys playing with bombs meaning that you never know where a monkey could throw it. It goes without saying that women can be [...]
[2006-12-05] Ten things men hate about women
No doubts that men heartily love women. However, numerous opinion polls reveal that there are ten basic factors with females that strongly irritate men. 1. Men do not like women pretending they are chaste. Men believe that women should stay themselves and give up every attempt to seem better. Indeed, women these days are not restricted in entertaining themselves and can enjoy life to the utmost, just exactly the way that men do. 2. Men hate it when their women criticize other females. This is a proven fact that women often treat other women as rivals. But remember that a woman will gain no [...]
[2006-12-05] Beautiful girls make 5 mistakes that make them ugly and boring
Every woman wants to be beautiful. They read fashion magazines, check out the latest beauty advice online, and drop lots of money at the cosmetics counter. The truth is, many women make at least one major beauty mistake in their lifetime. The following are 5 biggest beauty mistakes and ways how you can improve the situation. Mistake 1 You smooth on foundation to even out your complexion, but are left with a too-dark or too-light kabuki-mask effect. Fix: Splurge on the proper shade of foundation. Base is one of those cosmetics that you have to get exactly right. If your foundation is off [...]
[2006-12-05] Each of 7 million Russian alcoholics drinks 27 liters of alcohol a year
According to an opinion shared by some scientists and members of the public, the rapidly increasing alcohol abuse is a nationwide calamity. Statistics show that a steady increase in the use of alcoholic beverages has exceeded population growth over the last one hundred years. As by official statistics, Russia has about 7 million alcoholics. Experts indicate that real national totals are a lot higher. Each Russian drinks 27 liters of alcohol (the number includes both legal and counterfeit alcohol) per year. The statistical average is based on every group of the population, the newborn, elderl [...]
[2006-12-05] Feminism is a just a moth-eaten myth that destroys the cult of beauty
Dick Francis, the famous British author of “horse detective novels,” was a jockey before he became a writer. He had no chances of winning in a flat race because he was too tall in stature. So he rode the horses in a steeplechase. His career seems quite impressive. Francis won more than 350 races and become Champion Jockey one year. The story could have been different if Dick Francis had acted like a feminist and launched some campaign against the discrimination of tall jockeys in flat races instead of riding his horse better than the others and winning the races. He could have demanded that [...]
[2006-12-05] Migrants face new 'Britishness' test
Tests in the English language and the British way of life will be compulsory from next year for foreigners wanting to settle here, the Government said yesterday. It will bring long-term immigrants into line with people who seek UK citizenship, who already have to sit the tests. Liam Byrne: migrants must recognise responsibilities Last year 180,000 people were granted settlement to stay. Some go on to seek British nationality but others may choose to retain their own while staying permanently. Liam Byrne, the immigration minister, said: "It is essential that migrants wishi [...]
[2006-12-05] Find the right match for online dating
For our recent study of the world of Internet dating, we asked visitors to to share their experiences with the online singles scene. We also assessed the privacy policies at five of the industry’s biggest and best-known sites, and recruited an unmarried staff member to subscribe for one month to each of those sites. Here’s some of what we found: •Of the five sites — AmericanSingles, eHarmony,, True and Yahoo Personals — only True states that it checks the background of applicants at registration, screening information against a criminal database and pu [...]
[2006-12-05] Dating isn't a job interview -- unless you're a doctor
A survey by FastLife, a speed dating service, has revealed that 92 per cent of its 400 clients chose doctors as their top date. This should not come as a surprise in Canada where timely health care is unavailable and a million people can't find a family physician. In the absence of a datable doctor, men picked models as their second choice while women chose lawyers (tied with architects). If it weren't for lawyers, an anonymous pundit once quipped, we wouldn't need them. No. 3 best date for men: air hostess (the classification used in the survey to refer to flight attendants); followed by [...]
[2006-12-05] Singles Think True Love Is Hard to Find During the Holiday Season
Finding true love may be on the Christmas list of millions of Americans this year, but according to a recent survey, most singles don't expect to meet that special someone during the holiday season. When more than 1,200 singles were asked whether they or someone they know had ever met someone special during the holidays, both men and women responded "no" overwhelmingly (79 percent). "While we know singles are wishing for their special someone, it's not surprising to see that most don't think they'll meet this person during the holidays," said Fite, TRUE's relationship expert and profile coac [...]
OVER the past five months, The Post surveyed hundreds of New Yorkers from all five boroughs on their dating and sexual habits. We crunched thousands of numbers and read scores of pick-up lines. And frankly, at this point, New York, we don’t know whether we should high-five you or wash our hands. In this town, the stereotypical “boy meets girl” courtship is an anomaly. In figures gleaned from daters in our Meet Market pages and visitors to, we found lots of singles - 45 percent, to be exact - happily hopping from bed to bed. That a lot of hot sheets, especially since New York is [...]
[2006-12-04] Cambodian Brides in Taiwan Face Beating, Other Abuse
Gift-bearers stand in line at a traditional Cambodian wedding in Phnom Penh. Photo: AFP/Philippe Lopez TAIPEI—Cambodian women who move to Taiwan as brides in arranged marriages often suffer beatings, social isolation, and abuse, according to Khmer women here and a Cambodian Buddhist monk who works to help them. Venerable Yong Theng, founder of the Khmer Culture Buddhist Center in Taiwan, said his group provides interpreting for abuse victims in cooperation with Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior. My family was poor, and I heard that other people who came to Taiwan could help their fam [...]
[2006-12-04] Single women ask 'Where have the good fellas gone?'
Reannan Tyson is already lamenting the man drought - and she's only 22. The MAC make-up artist, who turns heads when she poses for a photo in Auckland's Chancery courtyard, puts it in plain language. "There are just no guys around. There's a definite drought." The shortage of decent men to date is one of the most popular topics among the dozen women who work with Tyson. Eighty per cent of them are single, and they have all noticed the shortage of men. "And they're all gorgeous, they're all smart," she says. Tyson's ideal date would be in his late 20s or 30s, smack in the middle of th [...]
[2006-12-04] Federal report finds jump in stay-at-home mothers among households of all incomes
Erin DeMund gives careful consideration to every dollar her family spends. Movies and restaurant meals are out of the question. The bills get paid but there's never money left to save -- for day-to-day emergencies, much less college or retirement. DeMund, 29, is a stay-at-home mom. Husband Corey Nutting, also 29, is an elementary school teacher. And they are part of an increasing number of U.S. families in which mom stays home with the children. "I wasn't really eager to go back to work. I was enjoying spending time with Wyatt and he was so little," said DeMund of her decision to quit her te [...]
[2006-12-04] Single moms with no 'I do' in sight
Society has a stake in any parent who raises a child out of wedlock. Poverty, drug use, and crime are usually higher in such - mainly fatherless - families. In 2005, a record 37 percent of US births were to single women. Is there hope they will ever marry? For a decade now, starting with the 1996 welfare reform bill, government has spent millions on the optimistic belief that unwed moms can be nudged to the altar through grass-roots programs that promote marriage (by incentives, not coercion) or teach relationship skills to teens. One program in Washington, D.C., even provides minigrants u [...]
[2006-12-04] Russian's Opinions on Russia
34% -Russia "is moving in the right direction" (in February the figure was 40%)47% - Russia "is moving along the wrong path" (in February -- 44%),19% - Haddifficulty answering (in February -- 16%). 5% - completely satisfied with what is happening in the country,25% -satisfied for the most part,71% are not entirely satisfied or are not satisfied at all. 24% - satisfied with the leadership's economic course 71% - unsatisfied with the leadership's economic course 13% - satisfied with the moral and ethical state of the country84% - unsatisfied with the moral and ethical state of the country [...]
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