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[2006-08-01] Healthy Relationships: a crash course
“You got WHAT?”That was the text on the cover of a card I received a few weeks ago. It was a card congratulating me on my recent engagement. So, I got engaged, that’s what. And it’s changed everything. My relationship, like Google, has gone public. Everyone feels they can have a stake in it. Everyone wants to know about it.Not that people didn’t want to know before. But now, my engagement ring marks me as a relationship expert to some. What’s funny is, I kind of AM a relationship expert. My job involves talking with people about their relationships and trying to get people to think about what [...]
[2006-07-31] Lessons of online dating scene
A few months ago, after my longtime relationship ended, I entered the world of Online Dating. Two years ago, I never would have considered it. But it seemed to have become more respectable and, at 58, I hadn't, and still haven't, mastered the art of striding through life as if I own it and striking up conversations with women I don't know. Online dating, I quickly discovered, opens worlds of opportunity to exchange e-mails with and meet women who wear cowboy hats in their online photos, post pictures of their pets in settings ranging from the ratty couch at home to lovely evenings at some be [...]
[2006-07-29] Gregerson sites spun Web of lies
Craig Roger Gregerson, who is accused of killing Destiny Norton, spun a web of lies on the Internet posting profiles on at least two online dating sites, characterizing himself as an orphaned single man who doesn't want children and has a lot to say. However, in reality, his parents live in Orem, he is married, he has a 1-year-old daughter and he is said to have been very quiet around his neighbors in Salt Lake City. On both and LDSplanet, Gregerson's profiles make statements that differ from the now-public knowledge of the man charged with kidnapping, murdering and then r [...]
[2006-07-29] Online romance scams
UNDATED -- Online match making is more popular than ever, but we discovered some risks you need to know about. In his Fact Finder report, KRCG's Brandon McElwain has the story of one mid-Missouri woman who’s Mr. Right turned into Mr. Wrong. "Did I ever expect I would be a victim of a romance scam? Never!" says “Hope”. They promise to help you find your soul mate, to meet someone real. Statements that lure more than 60 million people a month to online dating sites. Hope was one of them. Instead of finding love, she found a date with deceit. Hope thought she'd struck up a relationship with a [...]
I read an interesting articlein the English language version of Moskovskie Novosti lastweek. It’s by James Scott, and it makes the unusual declaration that the author is having an affair. Scott explains that he came to Russia around a decade ago, met a Russian girl who he “thought was my soul-mate”, married her and had a daughter. Now, however, it seems the marriage is not going so well. He says the girl’s mother, the babushka, is annoyingly intrusive. And apparently the wife herself does little other than shop. This leads Scott on to a rumination as to whether he should have just settled [...]
[2006-07-29] Hi Infidelity
Ten years ago I came to Russia to live and work. Two years later I thought I'd found my Russian soul mate, so we got married and now I am the proud father of a beautiful daughter. After years of struggling with raising a child, in cooperation with the intrusive involvement of the mighty Babushka, I longed for the company of a calm and understanding Englishwoman. I thought that was what I really needed: someone who could understand my dry sense of humour, who had excellent English manners, someone with a similar education yet would happily talk about the weather. Eventually, however, I realized [...]
[2006-07-29] GoFish Launches Branded Dating Show
It’s tough to compete with the biggest video Web sites around, so to help promote its new online reality show contest, video site GoFish is hoping to get the word out by posting footage to sites like YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video. Launching today, America’s Dream Date is sponsored by JetSet Beverage’s JetSet energy drink. The show marks the first of GoFish’s sponsor-integrated content offerings, created in the hopes of setting the company apart from user-generated video sites as a branded video entertainment destination.Over the past few weeks, show hopefuls have registered with GoFish [...]
Newly single UMA THURMAN is so desperate to get back on the dating scene she's considering joining a showbiz dating service. The statuesque KILL BILL beauty, who is twice-divorced and recently ended a two-year relationship with ANDRE BALAZS, insists it's hard for celebrities to find love because potential suitors are put off by their fame. But Thurman is convinced she's found the perfect remedy for showbiz singletons. She says, "Wouldn't it be funny if there were a celebrity online dating service for all the lost and lonely, socially inept, dysfunctional celebrities... who don't know how to me [...]
[2006-07-28] European Social Networking and Mobile Dating Conference to be Held September 25-26 in Amsterdam
Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. announces the Mobile Dating Conference and European Online Personals Conference to be held on September 25-26, 2006 in Amsterdam at the NH Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel. New York, NY (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) July 27, 2006 -- Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. announces the Mobile Dating Conference and European Online Personals Conference to be held on September 25-26, 2006 in Amsterdam at the NH Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel. The Wireless and Mobile Dating Conference and Expo will focus on management, technology and marketing for the mobile and wireless dating industry. The European [...]
[2006-07-28] PluggedIn: Online networkers prefer computers to cellphones
Wireless companies hoping to emulate the success of online teen hangout Web sites like on cellphones are finding it hard to entice teenagers away from their computers. While young people happily use cellphones to send each other text messages and download ringtones, getting them to send video clips or post bulletins from their phone is proving difficult partly due to small screens and slow data speeds. A plethora of mobile social network sites, such as Rabble, SMS.AC,, Mixxer and JuiceCaster, have cropped up with an aim to cash in on the MySpace trend. Top U.S. cellphone [...]
[2006-07-28] Social Networks' Online Ad Revs to Near $2B in 2010
U.S. advertisers will spend some $280 million on social networking sites this year (mostly to create profile pages and sponsored promotions), or 1.7 percent of total U.S. online advertising spend, writes MediaPost, citing a new eMarketer report. (Advertisers in international markets are expected to spen $70 million.) And by 2010, social networking sites are projected to take in $1.86 billion, or 6.3 percent of all U.S. online advertising. MySpace is estimated to garner $180 million in U.S. ad revenue this year. "Obviously, advertisers want to go where the eyeballs are," Debra Aho Williamson, [...]
[2006-07-28] Tuscaloosa couple approved to adopt Russian child
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - It's a Monday night, and Nathan and Melissa Bridges sit down to a dinner of taco salad and conversation. Nathan, a Bibb County parole officer, talks about his efforts to transfer to the Tuscaloosa office to be closer to home. Melissa, a graduate student at the University of Alabama, mentions her upcoming 27th birthday. But after dinner is over, the conversation shifts. Out comes what has become known in the household as "The Box." Inside is a neat stack of papers: birth certificates, medical reports, powers-of-attorney, passport photos, financial statements, a marriage ce [...]
[2006-07-28] Something borrowed, something (black and) blue
The business of matching American men with foreign women looking for a better life is booming, thanks largely to Internet operations that promise love and companionship for both. In many cases, that's exactly what each finds. But growing evidence also suggests that some "mail-order brides" in the United States are suffering from physical, sexual and psychological abuse. An estimated 15,000 women, some with children in tow, put their trust in these businesses each year and enter the United States to join American husbands. Success stories are easily found; Web sites that profit from [...]
[2006-07-28] Get Gephardt: No Dates From Pricey Dating Service
Have you or a friend ever thought about trying an on-line dating service? When a Utah woman signed up with a company called Executive Utah Dating, paid them hundreds of dollars, and nothing happened, she decided it was time to Get Gephardt. It's like other dating services. You pay your money, they find out a little about you, and then they hook you up, on-line, with someone in your area you might like to date. Let's see if we can figure out just who Executive Utah Dating is. Kay Terry had been out of circulation for a while. But now, between her career and her new education she is looking for [...]
[2006-07-28] Forbest Best Cities for Singles List
Proving once again that Forbes should stick to finance, this year's listing of top towns for singles benefits from an "improved methodology." Leading off with Providence, RI as the #14 best city for singles in the US and 12th in nightlife cast an amateur-statistician pall over the remainder of the findings. I live in downtown Boston and let me tell you, Providence is not where one goes for love. Strip clubs maybe. The aannual listing of America's Best Cities For Singles ranks the 40 largest metropolitan areas in seven different categories: nightlife, culture, job growth, number of other sing [...]
[2006-07-27] Man shocked his photo is part of online dating scam
DENVER - Brit Clousing is a software developer and former model.He is also an unwitting participant in an online dating scam. His picture is being used throughout the U.S. on online dating sites without his permission and until last week without his knowledge. "It's an off-shoot of the original Nigerian scam," according to Lon Garner of the Secret Service. The original scam, based out of Nigeria, asked people to invest in oil and gas, and then took the money with no return on the investment.That evolved into sweepstakes-type scams where you had to send in money to win.This new version of t [...]
[2006-07-27] Cupid hits target through Internet
Just more than a year ago, Rita Manning lived in Fresno, Calif., and was trying to figure out what to do with her life. She had raised five of her late husband’s children, fought through major health problems and was looking for a way to shift gears and move on. She was 48. Rita registered for a free ad on BBW, an online dating service for “big, beautiful women and admirers.” Rita qualified. She’s attractive and in 1993 weighed 594 pounds. Following weight-reduction surgery, she lost 232 pounds and her acute diabetes, which had required four shots of insulin a day, disappeared. [...]
[2006-07-27] Social Web site makes dating 'complicated'
Last semester, Bill Gostic, a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, started hanging out with "this one girl. It was sort of romantic," he says, "but I told her I didn't want anything serious, just to have fun. And she says, 'Yeah, just for fun.' " Gostic smiled ruefully. One night not long ago, he was clicking around, a social networking Web site popular with college students, and noticed that the girl's profile had changed. The box indicating her relationship status, which used to be checked "single," was suddenly, chillingly blank. He asked her about it; she says [...]
[2006-07-27] Citizens with dual citizenship barred from civil service in Russia
MOSCOW. July 26 (Interfax) - President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law detailing requirements for federal and municipal civil servants, the Kremlin press service announced on Wednesday. Restrictions have been imposed on citizens claiming or occupying civil service posts at both federal and municipal levels who have foreign citizenship or residence permits or other documents authorizing their permanent residence in a foreign country. This restriction will apply to Sate Duma deputies and Federation Council members, members of regional legislatures and regional governments, members of [...]
[2006-07-27] Young British Women value Phones more than Telly
Young British adults have become dependent on their mobile phones. Their phones mean more to them than television reveals a social study of mobile phones from The Carphone Warehouse, advised by The London School of Economics and Political Science. This appears to be particularly true for young women of 18-24 years old. 32% named it their most important electronic possession, ahead of television (at 11%). Men in this age group are not quite as attached to their phones as women, but 19% still name it as their most important technology product. The "Mobile Life Report" presents a survey of 16,500 [...]
[2006-07-27] SMS Dating Could Cost A Lot: Websense
The company has detected a Web-based attack that takes the guise of an SMS over mobile phones. This one is for the SMS-freaks. Be particularly careful if you receive an SMS on your mobile phone thanking you for subscribing to a `fictitious’ dating service -- one you have probably never subscribed to. It could be a Web-based attack. Websense Security Labs has received reports of users being lured to install malicious code via SMS messages. Victims in such cases receive an SMS related to a dating service. The message states that the subscription fee of $2.00 per day would be automati [...]
[2006-07-27] Electricity in Russia
Everywhere in Russia electricity power is 220 Volt and 50 Hz AC current supplies are used. Most of the sockets are standard European-size for double round-pin plugs, the same as in France or Germany. Appliances from the US, Canada, Britain will need adaptors (it's better to buy them in your own country, as it's very hard to find them in Russia). Power cuts and not very common, but the electricity current is not as quality as in Europe (power surges), so if you have a sensitive device it's better to get a stabilizer for it, especially if you are traveling.Most trains have electricity sockets wh [...]
[2006-07-27] National Holidays.
31st of December- 1 of January - New Year's Day, which is the main holiday in Russia, everybody’s happy because people wait for the great new life in the new year and give each other the presents. There’s no Father Christmas, there’s Father Frost in Russia. He comes on new year’s eve and gives presents. Traditionally people gather with family or friends.7th and 8th of January - Orthodox Christmas. In Russia, contrary to many western countries, Christmas is being celebrated not on 25th December but on 7th January, because it’s orthodox’ Christmas. And the New Year is much more celebrated than c [...]
[2006-07-27] Photography.
The Films. The 35mm photo films are readily available everywhere in Russia, especially Kodak Gold (100, 200, 400) brands. If you need a professional or a slide film, either bring it with you, or buy them in Moscow or St. Petersburg (the price is usually the same as in other countries). See Practicalities section in city guides on our site for professional photo shops addresses. Processing. The film processing labs can be found everywhere - even in the smallest provincial towns and it usually costs about $0.3 to develop a film and $0.1 for one 10x15 photo and takes 24 hours. There are also digi [...]
[2006-07-27] Time & Open Hours.
The Time in the European part of Russia is 3 hours more than Greenwich meridian time or two hours more than central European part. (+3 GMT or +2 CET). During summer daylight saving time, Russia's time is + 4 hours to Greenwich. So if in London it’s 10.00 in Moscow it’s 13.00 (in Russia the 24-hour system is used).Every year the clock goes 1 hour forward in the last Sunday of March and back 1 hour in the last Sunday of October.There are 11 time zones in Russia - so when it’s evening in Moscow, it’s morning of the next day in Vladivostok (a Russian port on the Pacific Ocean). Open Hours. One gre [...]
[2006-07-27] Video & Audio.
Video system. The Russian TV system is Secam, but modern TV-sets work with Pal and NTSC formats as well. Video cassetes (MiniDV, Hi 8, VHS) are available in most shops (supermarkets, music & video stalls), but if you're traveling to the countryside or small towns, it's better to buy a stock in a big city. Normally, a MiniDV casette costs about $7, and a VHS casette can cost about $2-$3, depending on the brand you buy.A new DV video camera costs less than in Europe: you can get a good digital one for about $700 in major electronic chains (such as Tehnosila, M-Video, Eldorado) or at a huge m [...]
[2006-07-27] Weights, Measures & Numbers.
The Russian system of weights and measures is similar to the one used in Continental Europe. Russians use kilometers, meters and centimeters to measure the length, and kilograms and liters to measure the weight. 1 inch 1 foot 1 yard 1 mile 1 acre 1 pound 1 gallon 2,54 cm 0,304 m 0,914 m 1,609 km 0,405 hectars 0,454 kg 4,546 liters Also, decimal numbers are separated with a comma, not with a dot (e.g. two thousand two hundred ninety nine is 2,200.99 in the USA, and is 2 200,99 in Russia).The celsius temperature scale is used in Russia. 0 degrees celsius equals 32 degre [...]
The Russian Federation covers almost twice the area of the United States of America, and reaches from Moscow in the west over the Urals and the vast Siberian plains to the Sea of Okhotsk in the east. The capital, Moscow, was founded in 1147. The focal point of the city is Red Square, on one side of which is the Kremlin surrounded by a thick red fortress wall containing 20 towers. The tsars were crowned here; Ivan the Terrible's throne is situated near the entrance. Those interested in Russia's achievements in the field of space travel should visit Star City, just outside Moscow, which is a cos [...]
[2006-07-27] Founded in the 12th century........
.......the Principality of Muscovy, was able to emerge from over 200 years of Mongol domination (13th-15th centuries) and to gradually conquer and absorb surrounding principalities. In the early 17th century, a new Romanov Dynasty continued this policy of expansion across Siberia to the Pacific. Under PETER I (ruled 1682-1725), hegemony was extended to the Baltic Sea and the country was renamed the Russian Empire. During the 19th century, more territorial acquisitions were made in Europe and Asia. Repeated devastating defeats of the Russian army in World War I led to widespread rioting in the [...]
[2006-07-27] Russia ended 2004 with its sixth straight year of growth.......
......... averaging 6.5% annually since the financial crisis of 1998. Although high oil prices and a relatively cheap ruble are important drivers of this economic rebound, since 2000 investment and consumer-driven demand have played a noticeably increasing role. Real fixed capital investments have averaged gains greater than 10% over the last five years, and real personal incomes have realized average increases over 12%. Russia has also improved its international financial position since the 1998 financial crisis, with its foreign debt declining from 90% of GDP to around 28%. Strong oil export [...]
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