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[2006-12-01] Client spurns dating service
Dear Lemme -- I believe I have let myself be taken by a dating service. On July 12, I went to the office of Together at 105 Vieux Carre Drive. While there, I hesitantly signed up for dating services after receiving many personal assurances from my interviewer. So far, all I have received are two bogus phone numbers and lots of double talk on the phone. So far, I have given them $1,223.75 with three more payments of $323.75 due. At this point, all I want is nothing more to do with this service or the people it claims to represent and a full refund of my money. Please help. This is a lot of mo [...]
[2006-12-01] Internet date led to rape, N.H. police say
Like many contemporary first dates, this one began in cyberspace. Joseph A. Silva traveled from his East Providence home to Portsmouth, N.H., to meet a woman he had wooed on the popular online dating site But he was hardly a gentleman, according to authorities. Silva, 31, pleaded not guilty yesterday to a charge of aggravated felonious sexual assault. Prosecutors said that he drugged the woman's drink and raped her. Silva was held yesterday in Rockingham County Jail after failing to post $25,000 cash bail. He is scheduled to appear on Dec. 8 in Portsmouth District Court for a pr [...]
[2006-12-01] Looking for Love
Attractive, intelligent professional over 30, 40, or 50 years old seeks compatible person to date and potentially fall in love with in the Cayman Islands. If this is you, here are your options: “Truelly Honest lives in Whitehall Estates and is seeking a Man between ages 30-99 for Marriage, Activity, Partner, Casual Dating, Friendship, or Serious Relationship.” Self-described as, “a young and beautiful fun-loving and God-fearing lady looking for a man that will be capable of taking very good care of me and my needs.” With such a knack for grammar, it was surprising to learn that Truelly Hone [...]
[2006-12-01] Instead of Internet, some go to coffeehouse dating service
Lambrecht wants to find a woman who is fun, energetic and outgoing. The 41-year-old bachelor has tried other dating options including the online variety. "I think the most important thing is having the same interests," he said. "Those are some of the traits I'm looking for." In an effort to find his ideal mate, Lambrecht was the first to participate in the "Percolate a Date!" service at a downtown coffeehouse. "Someone's got to be first," he said. "I guess I'm just assertive. Why wait?" Layla Gigax, an office manager, said she was having a drink and chatting with a friend w [...]
[2006-12-01] Romance Scam Targets Alabama Woman
Romance scams are crimes that have been gaining popularity, and one east Alabama woman found herself targeted. Gloria Tolbert was in an online chat room when she met what seemed to be the man of her dreams, a man who went by the name of Peter Robinson from Florida. Tolbert said Robinson began sending her expensive gifts and tried to get her to cash two money orders worth $16,000 a piece. Tolbert later learned that she had become the victim of a scam artist from Nigeria. She also discovered that the items Robinson sent her were purchased with a stolen credit card. No arrests have be [...]
[2006-12-01] Love is strange: Wait till you see my feet
If your romantic fancy leans towards serial embezzlers, self-harming flautists or beardy physicists known as Naughty Lola then you should advertise for a mate in Europe's biggest-selling literary review magazine. The venerable London Review of Books has published a compendium of the weirdest and funniest advertisements from the eccentric readers who write to its personals column seeking love, sex or simply correspondence with like-minded people. Long seen as cold fish compared to the torrid Latin lovers of Italy and France, the book, titled "They Call Me Naughty Lola", shows that Britons are [...]
[2006-12-01] Russia loses over $9 bln/yr from illegal immigration - govt.
There are currently about 10 million illegal labor migrants in Russia, who cause losses of over 250 billion rubles ($9.3 billion) to the economy each year in unpaid taxes, the head of the Federal Migration Service said Friday. The service said earlier this year that over 20 million people come to Russia every year as part of a post-Soviet "migration boom", and half of these are in the country illegally. "According to expert estimates, there are about 10 million illegal labor migrants on Russia's territory," Konstantin Romodanovsky said. He said migrants evade taxes and duty payments, and [...]
[2006-12-01] Straight people finding love on the Internet can thank gay men
Tossed out by many who received them, those America Online CDs that maintained a ubiquitous presence in mailboxes across the country in the 1990s helped dramatically alter gay culture, particularly the way people find romantic or sexual partners. For almost a generation now, an increasing number of gay and lesbian youth have taken their first steps into the enigmatic “gay community” by passing through an online chat room door. What often awaits them is an oasis of images and personal ads, where Mr. Right or Ms. Tonight is one click away. “Online is the way we meet people these days,” says Da [...]
[2006-12-01] Matchmakers make a comeback
Online daters, disappointed by potential partners lying about their age, weight or marital status, are turning to professional matchmakers to find love. Rather than risk taking pot luck online, chief executives, entertainers and politicians are among those paying thousands of dollars to matchmakers to discreetly "headhunt" and vet the perfect partner. "In the old days you had your extended family, or in some societies an actual matchmaker, trying to find someone for you," said dating expert Mary Balfour. "Nowadays people have a personal matchmaker in the same way they would have a person [...]
[2006-12-01] Dating Industry Offers Escape From Loneliness
The latest census has revealed that as many as 50 percent of Moscow residents are living their lives in solitude, without burdening themselves with any long-standing commitments. But many still dream of finding a significant other. Last year the Center for Demography and Ecology at the Demographic Forecasting Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences released the final results of the 2002 census. Sadly, it transpires that nearly one-half of adult Russians had no spouse at the moment the census was held, the magazine Imeyesh Pravo wrote this month. Anatoly Vishnevsky, head of the center, say [...]
[2006-12-01] Rapid Romance
“It’s spiffy,” said Renee White, a senior engineering major at the University of Alabama.White’s pep and enthusiasm when talking about speed-dating both confuses and comforts me. I was personally terrified at the prospect of going on a speed date, and not for the obvious reasons. I have no problem talking to complete strangers. As a journalist, it is what you do. However, I was completely mortified about admitting my dating desperation. I am hopelessly single and not always comfortable with it. So agreeing to go on a speed date seemed like publicly admitting that I needed one. Still here I am [...]
[2006-12-01] Parents create matchmaking corner
Parents in Tianjin have spontaneously created a "Matchmaking Corner" in the city's Central Park to find boy or girl friends for their adult children. Every morning from 9 am, parents from all parts of the city gather in the park and talk to each other, hoping to find the ideal Mr or Miss Rights for their children. They talk about their children's occupation, character, interests, health, habits or even whether parents have time and energy to look after grandchildren. Some parents write on boards their children's profiles and requirements for future husbands or wives. [...]
[2006-12-01] The Perils of Online Dating -- Potential Rapists Choose Their Victims in Advance
For most lonely hearts trolling for a love connection, the biggest risk tends to be discovering that Prince Charming is just a swampy frog. But some women who use online dating services have faced real danger when their suitor turns out be a sexual predator or rapist. Jeffrey Marsalis, a 33-year-old Philadelphia drifter accused of drugging and sexually assaulting seven women, is currently in jail and faces trial on eight counts of rape and other related charges. At a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, five of the alleged victims claimed that they met Marsalis through b [...]
[2006-12-01] Online Dating helps HIV positive people
Online dating and matchmaking services definately help HIV positive people to conquer HIV stigma. Not only can anti-retroviral therapy (ART) prolong the lives of HIV-positive people by more than 20 years, infected couples can now get uninfected children, thanks to advances in medical technology. In an effort to help people, Ben Sassman, founder of The Positive Connection, self-funded his own online dating service. Since its start in 2003, thousands of HIV-infected people were able to find love through his website - [...]
[2006-12-01] Modern Ukrainians prefer marriage, premarital sex
Ukrainians prefer living in a nuclear family more than a decade ago, but their old-style values stop when it comes to premarital sex, according to the results of a national made public Friday. A whopping 68 per cent of modern Ukrainians said the proper way for people to live is in a traditional husband-and-wife relationship, as opposed to a mere 14 per cent believing marriage is a social custom that had outlived its usefulness, an official for the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) said. The numbers for Ukrainian society in 1991 were 57 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively, acc [...]
[2006-11-30] Millions more caught in the web
Internet use is spiralling, with the average surfer now online for more than 11 hours a week, according to a survey. From downloading films and music, to running their finances and organising their social lives, Britons are increasingly turning to the web. While TV viewing showed no rise last year, surfing the web grew by six per cent in Britain in the past 12 months. It means the average surfer spent almost an extra hour a week online. A Europe-wide study by the European Interactive Advertising Agency shows that, while 16- to 24-year-olds are using the web to keep in contact with friends [...]
[2006-11-30] Dating A Professional Single
At one time or another and maybe in some people's cases all the time we've dreamed about dating a rich guy or gal. You know the successful lawyer or doctor or the on the edge entrepreneur. It's that perfect scene we play in our head that allows us to see things just the way we want them to be but in reality dating a professional single may not be quite so picture perfect. Now I don't mean that in a negative sense I mean that more in a realistic, scheduling, goal reaching, aggressive personality sense. What is a professional single? I guess in technical terms it would be any single person who [...]
[2006-11-30] A Dating Service You Long Ago Abandoned Teams With Show You'll Never Watch
We first saw a promo spot for TBS's new show My Boys last night. The premise: Single girl has only guys for best friends; hilarity ensues. It's a storyline we're nearly certain that even Metro dating columnist Julia Allison passed on. The show premieres tonight, which gives NYT ad man Stuart Elliot the timely opportunity to explain why we'll soon be able to replace Emily's Reasons Why Not as the punchline for shows that get quickly canceled. It's all thanks to a "match" made in advertising heaven. (Forgive us that one pun.) Dating site – which is like MySpace, but with fewer hooku [...]
[2006-11-30] Why Do People Date Online?
Once upon a time, people generally met their future spouses when they were in high school. Then came the advent of the practically mandatory four-year college degree and people began putting off marriage until later... and later... and later. Now it isn’t uncommon for people to wait until they’re in their early thirties to get married, if they marry at all. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder to meet people when you aren’t going out to football games and rec-room parties, so... enter the glorious age of online dating. Because gone are the days when online dating was thought of as strictly for [...]
[2006-11-30] Dating After 50
Today, there are over 30 million singles over the age of fifty. Rising divorce rates and longer life spans have caused a tremendous increase in the number of older singles. Almost forty percent of Americans over the age of fifty are single. Over half of these singles are reentering the dating scene. As a person gets older, they become much more realistic in their expectations. Single adults over the age of fifty tend to be more flexible and unbiased in their searching. This age group is also the least likely to enter a relationship expecting something long-term. Men and women over fifty are [...]
[2006-11-30] Love songs disgust, not romance
“What you doing tonight? I wish I could be a fly on your wall.” To most people that line seems a sort of random and odd thing to say. If you find it appealing you're either a nut job or an entomologist (that's big people's talk for bug person). If you actually know where that line came from I hope with all my heart you're a girl. Because a man should be ashamed for knowing who said that. I feel a little less masculine just writing it in my column it's that bad. “What you doing tonight? I wish I could be a fly on your wall.” To most people that line seems a sort of random and odd thing to s [...]
[2006-11-30] Online dating becomes popular for students
Living the single life can make online dating websites very appealing because of their enormous and still growing popularity. Living the single life can make online dating websites very appealing because of their enormous and still growing popularity.Forty-four percent of adult Americans are single, according to U.S. Census figures. This means there are more than 100 million unattached people out there, according to Out of those, 40 million Americans have used an online dating service, which is about 40 percent of the entire U.S. single-people pool.According to a Janua [...]
[2006-11-30] 3 Mistakes You Must Avoid when create your profile for a dating service
Well, after 4 years of reading far in excess of 10,000 profiles of men and women searching for a partner through online dating services, I’ve laughed at my fair share of poorly written introductions... Of those 10,000 online dating service profiles, no more than a dozen captured our attention enough to make the first move. I’m sure that you wish to get lots of reactions to your online dating service advertisement, otherwise why would you bother joining a site, and paying a fee to meet new people? If that is the case, then make sure you avoid the following 3 mistakes at all costs: 1. "I May [...]
[2006-11-30] Na Zdoroyve! (To Your Health!)
The Perils of Vodka in Post-Soviet Russia Six hundred tons of hazardous liquid, intended to be sold as ‘vodka’ to the members of Russia’s lower class, were recently seized in the southern city of Voronezh. This particular batch of solvent contained cleaners, car window fluid and dust-removal chemicals, yet this is not the worst of what Russian home-brewed alcohol, usually referred to as samogon, has to offer. Other ingredients commonly found in these poisonous concoctions are de-icers, perfumes, aftershave products and anti-rust treatments. The seizure is part of the government’s effort to [...]
[2006-11-30] Turning to matchmakers
ONLINE daters, disappointed by potential partners lying about their age, weight or marital status, are turning to professional matchmakers to find love. Rather than risk taking potluck online, chief executives, entertainers and politicians are among those paying thousands of dollars to matchmakers to discreetly “headhunt” and vet the perfect partner. “In the old days you had your extended family, or in some societies an actual matchmaker, trying to find someone for you,” said dating expert Mary Balfour. “Nowadays people have a personal matchmaker in the same way they would have a persona [...]
[2006-11-30] A woman joins a singles club to find love, goes out on a date with a wanted man
A Holon resident who joined a singles club to find the love of her life, ended up with something she didn't bargain for: According to the woman, the dating agency hooked her up with a murder suspect. At the beginning of the year a woman contacted a club that specializes in matchmaking. In exchange for the match she was asked to pay the club NIS 4,800 (USD 1,000). She received a list of names and met with several potential beaus, although she was not happy with any of them. According to the woman the worst part of the affair was when she met with a young man who had been apprehended a month [...]
[2006-11-30] The results of the recent dating poll shows that the traditional avenues of meeting a partner still dominate
It had to happen. Consumer has ventured into the realm of romance. They have sent forth four intrepid white-coated testers to try out internet dating, speed dating and a matchmaking agency. "We all went out there looking for a good time, and maybe a soul mate" says Lois* one of the Consumer testers. "We had fun - but did find the white coat and gloves turned off for some of our dates." The results of the recent dating poll on shows that the traditional avenues of meeting a partner still dominate, with almost a quarter of respondents meeting their partner through friends and [...]
[2006-11-30] Online dating service relies on the spoken word
Online dating services may be convenient, but they're not the most personable way to meet a potential mate. What's been lacking, Chief Executive Jim Safka believes, is a way for would-be couples to hear each other talk. A new service from the company called matchTalk aims to do just that. Free for basic subscribers beginning Thursday, matchTalk will let users go online and signal if they're interested in speaking to each other anonymously over the phone. The system protects privacy by assigning the couple a unique number that they can use to talk to each other without fear of [...]
MINISTERS are set to ban teenage brides entering Britain after arranged marriages. The controversial move is being discussed at the highest government level, The People can reveal. It means the age a foreign spouse will be allowed into Britain would be raised to 21. Tackling the heartache of arranged marriages is the next target for the Government after Commons leader Jack Straw provoked Muslim uproar for saying veiled women stopped integration. Ministers believe that as many as seven out of ten marriages in the Asian community are organised by parents. Three years a go the minimum age ov [...]
[2006-11-30] Money-making dating game
Can't buy me love ... Friends or fate, that's how you find your perfect match. Not by forking over money for online dating, speed dating or other singles-themed events. Only desperados, cheaters, social deviants and other undesirables resort to these. That's what ignorant romantics like me believe. But the owners of Toronto's successful singles services will tell you a different story. They'll talk about a market of more than 10 million singles in Canada, a dating industry in the United States that is worth $1 billion, and of the dozens of dating services available in Toronto alone. On [...]
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