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[2007-07-04] Top 10 mistakes that could leave you alone and single if you don’t change your ways:
1. You can’t beat the singles blues so you are a bit depressed. Why a mistake? You should be happy and optimistic to have such a great opportunity to meet men. 2. You don’t come alone to the wedding and you talk to other girls at the wedding and reception. Why a mistake? Single guys can’t approach you. Guys can approach you more easily if you are alone, so talk to men or be alone. 3. You wear a bra. You don’t dress sexy. Why a mistake? Guys are sexual so you should be sexy to attract attention. Men love to look at and are attracted to nipples and jiggling breasts (also; it’s sexy). 4. Wh [...]
[2007-07-04] 85% of all labor immigrants from Uzbekistan end up in the countries of the Commonwealth
Experts estimate the number of labor immigrants from Uzbekistan (legitimate and illegal) at 1-1.5 million and the figure increases by 5-8% every year. Tong Jahonim, the international organization that researched labor immigration between 2003 and 2006, claims that three regions of the Ferghana Valley alone provided up to 250,000 immigrants every year even though the authorities withheld the permission to leave the country to almost 90,000 potential labor immigrants in 2005 because of the tragic events in Andijan. According to official estimates, 85% of all labor immigrants from Uzbekistan end [...]
[2007-07-04] Married people are healthier for nearly every measure of health
Married couples live longer lives, suffer less from heart disease, back pain, headaches and serious psychological distress. They are also less likely to smoke and drink heavily.More recently, an Ohio State University study out this year found that depressed people gain more from being married than single people. They fared better on depression tests than when they were single, but they do report less-happy marriages overall.The one area where married people did worse? Weight gain. No surprise there. I must admit that this trend started long before the nuptials for me. I like to call it happy f [...]
[2007-07-04] Russia's population is currently ageing faster than almost any other country in Europe.
The workforce/pensioner ratio has shrunk by a factor of 1.5 over the past 15 years. The idea of solidarity between generations no longer works in the Russian pension system, hence our big headache-old people living from hand to mouth and a snowballing Pension Fund deficit. Regular federal subsidies are not a long-term remedy. Russia faces a hard choice-either to go on paying token pensions or take drastic measures and risk a public outcry. The Pension Fund deficit is growing quickly. How to replenish it? This will be one of Russia's most acute social questions in several years. The country i [...]
[2007-07-04] 10 Years of Marriage Worth $4,802
It's a story as old as time. A man and a woman meet, fall in love and marry -- but after 10 years, they become bored. So the husband asks the wife to begin sleeping with other people in front of him. The wife obliges, then falls for one of her lovers. Heartbroken, the husband sues the lover under an arcane statute. OK, so maybe this story isn't exactly universal. German Blinov, of Cook County, Ill., has been ordered to cough up $4,802 for "stealing the affections" of Arthur Friedman's wife, Natalie. Using a little-known state law, Friedman successfully convinced a jury that he was entitled t [...]
[2007-07-04] As smokers are driven outside, could the pavement become the new place to meet a perfect mate?
Sex and smoking. They go together like vodka and tonic or tequila and salt. Think of Uma Thurman, sultry through the smoke in Pulp Fiction, or James Dean, the epitome of cool with a fag permanently hanging from one side of his handsome mouth. Of course, we know that behind that smoke, Uma had breath that smelt of an old ashtray, and that James's untimely death in a car crash quite probably prevented him from dying a deply unglamorous death of lung cancer. The reality of smoking - the shortness of breath, diseased lungs, sallow, lined skin, smelly breath and stained fingers, not to mention [...]
[2007-07-03] Most working parents rely on the kindness of granny and grandad for their childcare
This generation of thirty- to fortysomethings has done rather well out of its parents. They bankrolled us through university, gave us a leg up the property ladder and now that we've all had children, we're expecting them to babysit - for free. According to research published today, most working parents rely on the kindness of granny and grandad for their childcare. Since the middle classes don't even start families until well into their thirties, grandparents who might otherwise have been looking forward to a life of relative leisure are, after retirement, saddled with a new career at the Sil [...]
[2007-07-02] There's nothing like that feeling you get before a first date.
The last thing you want is for date night to become a chore, or a dull 'not a dinner-and-a-movie again' routine," says Lisa Sussman, author of new book, 'Great Dates'. “Even those who are swoony in love need a kick in the pants now and then to liven up things romantically. Candlelit dinners and sultry music are only going to get you so far."The average person is said to date between three and four people before we meet 'the one', and take a further twelve months of romancing to decide if they are really right for us, according to Lycos research. That's a lot of romantic rendezvous to rack up i [...]
[2007-07-02] AN AUSTRALIAN woman accused of travelling to the US to abduct a teenager she romanced over the internet has been arrested in North Carolina as she stepped off a train.
Tamara Broome, 31, from Adelaide, has spent the past three nights behind bars at the Pitt County Detention Centre in Greenville, charged with one count of abduction of children. She is being held on a $A2.4 million bond and faces more than two years in a US jail if found guilty. The unemployed Australian began an intense internet relationship more than a year ago with a boy, 17, from Greenville, North Carolina. Their relationship began when he was 16 with emailing and they played the medieval-type online role-playing game World of Warcraft. Romance apparently blossomed and the p [...]
[2007-07-02] With its chats, platforms and bulletin boards, the internet has become the courting place of the 21st century. Still, Germany lags behind in the e-love trend.
Helen Morrison was a pioneer of modern love: In 1727 she placed the first known lonely hearts ad in a Manchester newspaper -- and was immediately sent to a madhouse. The first person to place a partner ad on the Internet remains anonymous, so we'll never know if they winded up in a psychiatric unit as well. Since then, the Internet has revolutionized dating. Instead of relying on chance, millions of lonely hearts these days are taking the matter into their own hands and proactively looking for a suitable partner online. Something for everyoneIn the German-speaking areas alone there are hundred [...]
[2007-07-02] Though people in Assam and the Northeast have generally been reluctant to use the services of online matrimonial sites, the trend is picking up among members of the younger generation who are using such sites with gusto.
SANTWANA, an Assamese girl working as a receptionist at Assam Bhawan, [...]
[2007-07-02] The Home Affairs Ministry has once again advised those who marry foreign women to go personally to the National Registration Department to register.
Its deputy minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said they should never seek the services of middlemen who could be members of syndicates, which preyed on Mlaysians seeking foreign wives. He said the authorities has identified one such syndicate, which issued fake marriage certificates to married couples and the marriages were also not recorded with the department. "We have warned Malaysian men who wanted to marry foreign women to go personally to the department to register their marriage. "This way their children will have Malaysian birth certificates and will be regarded as Malaysians," he said a [...]
[2007-07-02] Dating do’s, don’ts
To better your odds of a smooth office romance, here are a few tips to consider: Do - Check to see if your company has a policy about office dating or codes of conduct. - Consider what will happen if the romance doesn’t work out. Will you feel comfortable going back to the office? - Be discreet. Focus on work at work and keep office interactions professional. - Inform your supervisor and be upfront if you think it can be beneficial and help eliminate rumors. - Be careful. Relationships can change. If a co-worker doesn’t want to pursue one any further, respect that to avoid office harass [...]
[2007-07-02] One of the more incredible components of love is that element of it that makes us see those we love as we want them to be. Not as they are.
We want to believe that the love we have for someone, the passion we extend, the faithfulness we demonstrate, will be enough to lengthen any shortcoming they may have.We refuse to believe our intuition about them, or understand what their past behavior says about them, or even what our very eyes show us. We are after all, in love. And there is nothing logical about love.Illogical. That would be the only explanation for why Jessie Davis was involved with Bobby Cutts Jr.You must have heard the story by now. Davis had one child from Cutts and was pregnant with a second child from him when she dis [...]
[2007-07-02] DATING, AS ANYONE WHO'S been to the carnival can tell you, is like a rollercoaster
It's a lot to pay for something that could make you nauseous. But sooner or later we all take the ride. The breathless thrills, the highs, the lows, that tingling in places you didn't think could tingle (press button to stop metaphor), dating is love's amusement park. My dates would say it was love's chamber of horrors, but you get the idea. Those of us experienced in such matters know there are three phases to the dating cycle: 1) Pre-nuptial; 2) post-nuptial; and 3) going to the 7 p.m. movie because you have to get home to fold clothes. By taking the following test, known as the Date-O-M [...]
[2007-07-02] What happened to handwriting? What happened to privacy on a date? What happened to friends-of-friends? What happened to it not being so easy to pretend to be something we’re not?
Yesterday, at my corner bodega, the cashier was wearing a T-shirt that said, “You looked hotter on MySpace.” As far as I know, she doesn’t speak English. Last night, out on a date with one guy, I received a text from another and then answered it in the bathroom. (In fact, I have often taken to silencing my phone when I’m on dates because, when it rings, it always seems to provoke awkward questions. But, oops, not this time.) And a month ago, a bed-ridden friend of mine found out she’d spent a year in an online relationship with a person who literally did not exist. I am not a Luddite. In fact [...]
[2007-07-02] In a bid to attract only the best people, an online dating site in Arizona has decided to publish the pictures of only attractive people on their sites
The decision, says the site owner Allena Brown, was prompted by the submission of pictures by a man who was seen in flannel underwear and holding an axe. The Arizona Republic reported Tuesday that the site, the Beautiful People Arizona, has about 300 vetted members who pay $9.99 a month. The newspaper quotes Brown as saying, "It's not just for the super-hot. It's for people who put their best foot forward with their photos and are looking for that kind of person." The Arizona online dating site is not the first dating site to screen for good looks. Earlier the international us.beautifulpeo [...]
[2007-07-02] Dating is supposed to be fun but for many people, it just brings disappointment.
If you’re 20-something or older and still single, you might be one of the many people out there who has trouble finding true love. Dating is supposed to be fun but for many people, it just brings disappointment. This is where Patti Novak comes in. She’s been matchmaking in Buffalo, NY for years and now has her own show on A&E, titled ‘Confessions of a Matchmaker.’ Similar to shows like ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Criss Angel: Mindfreak,’ ‘Matchmaker’ is a reality series that takes a look at another niche occupation: matchmaking. Throughout each episode, Novak works with one or two clients [...]
[2007-07-02] A man who faked being a doctor, an astronaut and a spy to dates he met online was convicted Wednesday of two counts of sexual assault but acquitted of raping several women who accused him of drugging them.
The jury reached its verdict on the fifth day of deliberations that were so contentious jurors were overheard shouting at each other earlier in the week. He was acquitted of eight rape counts and a count of impersonating a public servant. Prosecutors said Marsalis, 34, of Philadelphia, was a smooth talker with a tony address and a penchant for chic bars and restaurants. The on-and-off nursing student spun tales about being a doctor, an astronaut or a secret agent. Marsalis‘ lawyer said the women were suffering from "buyer‘s remorse" after being duped about his accomplishments and d [...]
[2007-07-02] About 40 percent of Louisville households headed by single mothers are bunched largely in high poverty areas west and south of downtown
Housing advocates say the study shows the need for more affordable housing throughout the city, including subsidized apartments and public housing. And such housing should be required in every Metro Council district, according to the study released today by the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, a nonprofit agency that supports fair housing issues. The mayor's office stopped short of endorsing mandated affordable housing, instead endorsing incentives to encourage developers to build homes of different price levels. Experts say the importance of blending low-income residents into middle-income [...]
[2007-07-02] Ninety-five percent of the population is undatable
"Have you been to the motor vehicle bureau?" Jerry asks to prove his point. "It's a leper colony there."Internet entrepreneur Allena Brown doesn't go that far, but she bumped into enough undatables online - including the guy wearing flannel and holding an ax - that she decided to start up an Internet match service that weeds out the "undesirables.""I know how that probably sounds," says Brown, 37, whose Web site, Beautiful People Arizona (, refuses membership to any applicant whose photo isn't up to snuff."That's the way it is in life, anyway," she continues. "You want to [...]
[2007-07-02] If you do something positive for your mate, does it matter why? The answer is yes, according to new research
To answer one of the most common conundrums of romantic relationships, Patrick asked 266 men and women in relationships to document either their own or their partner's pro-relationship behaviors (PRB) for two weeks. Pro-relationship behavior can be any sacrifice or accommodation made out of consideration for one's partner or one's relationship. Patrick found that partners who engaged in PRB because they wanted to -- not because they felt pressured or obligated to -- were more satisfied in their relationships, more committed to them and felt closer to their mates following PRB experiences. [...]
[2007-07-02] Recently divorced singles face a slew of dating challenges that their never-been-hitched counterparts seldom endure. From where to find appropriate men and women to how to get their dating game on, there is much for the newly single to relearn.
Prime-time television is wising up to the fact that divorced people date. The six-part miniseries "The Starter Wife" (USA) and the reality show "Ex-Wives Club" (ABC, 9 p.m. Mondays), which both premiered in recent weeks, represent TV's summer fling with freshly unmarried singles. The programs depict the recently divorced finding their way in their new, spouse-free status. They also serve up their share of implausible scenarios, such as when the still-hurting "Starter Wife" Molly (Debra Messing) serendipitously runs into the mysterious yet alluring Sam (Stephen Moyer) the moment a promising d [...]
[2007-07-02] Single Mobile Females (SMFs) -- young single women who have cell phones -- are using their phones as much more than a communication device.
The SMF survey shows that women's cell phones play an important role in relationships and dating, organizing their lives and fashion. Specifically, the survey found: -- Nearly four out of ten (39%) single women have suffered from "text shame:" sending a text message and then waking up the next morning realizing that they said something they shouldn't have. -- More than seven out of ten women (73%) have ditched traditional, paper address books for their cell phones to keep track of contacts. -- Nearly three-quarters of females surveyed look at their cell phone, rather than their watch, to get [...]
[2007-07-02] It was the first time I had put an ad in the paper and I met 50 of them
“Fit, fun and friendly seeks attractive male” began the Evening News advert which five years on led to marriage.Ann Jack, 50, placed a personal ad in the paper in 2002 in the hope of finding her dream partner.With 500 responses and 50 unsuccessful dates she finally met her Rob Jack, 54, and now the couple have just tied the knot.Mrs Jack, a legal adviser from Munnings Road, Heartsease, said: “It was the first time I had put an ad in the paper and I met 50 of them - sometimes it was for a cup of coffee or a tea and sometimes we went to a pub - but it was always somewhere public to be safe.“Some [...]
[2007-07-02] Matchmaking has become a lucrative business
“I’ve been a matchmaker for some 10 years now and I’ve helped lots of men and women marry. My customers include businessmen, sheikhs and religious scholars,” said Aisha Al-Waheeb, a 50-year-old matchmaker who operates in Makkah. According to her, Saudi religious and social customs separate men and women and therefore there is a need for matchmakers to work as intermediaries to bring couples together. Speaking about the prospects of marrying women to unsavory men, Al-Waheeb said, “As female matchmakers it’s not our responsibility to ascertain the manners and behaviors of prospective grooms. Th [...]
[2007-06-30] Latvian girls are being urged to steer clear of one-night stands with tourists as part of a campaign to prevent the capital, Riga, turning into the "Bangkok of the Baltic".
The move comes following a huge increase in visitor numbers to the country, which has become popular with British stag parties looking for cheap alcohol - and sex. Over the next month, Latvian girls will be asked to consider very carefully whether they should agree to have sex with a visitor in return for a drink. The campaign also suggests that "sex tourism" should more accurately be called "sex terrorism". "We want Latvians to accept that there is a problem and to start discussing it properly," said Evita Bille of the Alfa Centrs advertising agency involved in the campaign. "We don't want t [...]
[2007-06-30] Unmarried Americans are a growing segment of the population but vote less than their wedded counterparts in elections, tending to favor Democrats over Republicans
Single Americans 15 years of age and older now account for 45.2 percent of the US population, against 34.4% in 1960, Women’s Voices Women Vote said in its study titled “Unmarried America 2007: America’s New Majority.” “Unmarried America represents the biggest change in American politics in 40 years and a defining divide in politics today,” said the group in the study it commissioned to Lake Research Partners. Women make up 56.4% of America’s unmarried, said the study, adding that 47% of all US women live without a spouse, up from 35% in the 1950s. But regarding civic duty, single peop [...]
[2007-06-29] Marriage has slumped to its lowest level since records were first kept more than 150 years ago
The proportion of couples tying the knot has fallen back into line with its declining long-term trend following a clampdown on sham weddings. The popularity of marriage has been waning since 1973, but in recent years it has been artificially boosted by such bogus unions. In London alone, new rules which make it harder to use marriage to win the right to stay in Britain cut the number of ceremonies by more than a third. But the report from the Office for National Statistics said the crackdown was responsible for only some of the steep decline. It said the long-term fall in the popularity o [...]
[2007-06-29] New TV show helping residents of Buffalo, N.Y., find love and happiness through blunt analysis
My new guilty pleasure, and one of the best finds of the summer, is A & E's new Confessions of a Matchmaker. Patti Novak is the star of this show, helping residents of Buffalo, N.Y., find love and happiness through blunt analysis. Think Simon Cowell, but with a method to the madness. Her clients are a diverse group of single folks - all ages and sexual orientations are welcome in the doors of her office. So far, the episodes have featured a variety of dating hits and misses, with some following Novak's advice to great success while others panicking under pressure, asking hysterically inapp [...]
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