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[2007-07-19] Much of Canada is experiencing a male drought.
According to the 2006 census released yesterday, until we hit the grand old age of 25, there is one guy for every girl in most provinces and territories. After that, though, the pickings become progressively more slim, and the gap is widening. In 2001, there were 96.1 men for every 100 Canadian women; that ratio has dropped to 95.9 men for every 100 women. It will be another two months before Statistics Canada releases figures on the dispersal of wedding rings across the country, but women who would like a head start could do worse than heading to Alberta. It's the only place in Canada wher [...]
[2007-07-19] The government is planning to toughen regulations on unsolicited bulk e-mail, including for matchmaking services
The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry intends to submit a bill next year that would prohibit the sending of commercial e-mail messages to people other than those who have agreed in advance to accept them, they said. Officials believe the regulation would deter unsolicited e-mail more effectively than the current law, which prohibits sending commercial messages to people who have indicated they do not wish to receive them. The law would also come down harder on violators, who already face penalties of up to 12 months in prison and a 1 million yen fine, they said. Given the rapid s [...]
[2007-07-19] The UK is the battlefield for the World War of dating
The UK is the battlefield for the World War of dating," according to Marc Simoncini, the Frenchman who set up the online dating business Meetic. the UK dating website Dating Direct and is going head-to-head with the world's biggest dating site: Mr Simoncini says it is not just a clash of companies. He reckons it is about whether the British date in a manner more similar to people elsewhere in Europe or like the Americans. "If you use a US website they promise you will fall in love," he says. "They promise you to be married in 6 months, which for a French guy or a Spanish guy o [...]
[2007-07-19] Online dating poses a tough challenge for women aging out of the 40-to-55 bracket.
'Women in their 50s aren't that interested in sex," a friend told me on a night not long ago when we were trading stories (mostly his) about love and romance. Like me, my friend is 55, and he pretty much confines his dating to women in the 40-to-55 age range. That's true of many of the middle-aged guys I know who are single and searching. "It's not that we don't want to date women our age," my friend said. "It's just that we want sex, too. And we're more likely to get it with younger women." That number - 55 - is hanging over my head like a stressful job. And my job is to find someone quick, [...]
[2007-07-19] Finding love in Saudi Arabia is practically impossible, especially for young Muslim women
That’s the premise 25-year-old author Rajaa Alsanea tackles in her novel, Girls of Riyadh, which has already created a stir throughout the Arab world. “In Saudi, there are a lot of restrictions,” she said during an interview at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Dentistry. Alsanea is pursuing a master’s degree in oral sciences before returning to Riyadh to live with her family, practice dentistry and continue writing fiction. “We’re living in the 21st century and there are still traditions from the 19th century, and that’s just insane,” she said. “You have the Internet ... an [...]
[2007-07-19] Paid dating sites are dipping into the social networking playbook to freshen up the look of dating 0
British dating site Dating Direct, whose tagline reads, "Same game, new rules," offers the serial daters of the online world a suite of staples: instant messaging, compatibility quizzes, video chat and even the photo albums of potential love interests' pets. Recently, they launched a mobile phone component in tangent with Vodafone. Dating Direct is just one site run by Meetic, a French company and Europe's most visited dating destination. Its global network supports a range of users from Brazil to China, operating in 10 languages and boasting a doubling in net profit to ˆ10.1m in 2006. "In t [...]
[2007-07-19] I made one fatal error: I lowered my age in the profiles
I've been a member of a dating Web site for almost two months. I wrote a heartfelt magnum opus of an introductory essay and answered questions with brutal honesty. The photos I posted are so current I don't even need a haircut yet. I don't pretend to love sports or to know the names of players to get men's attention (actually, I do love sports and could talk about, say, LeBron James until the cows come home.) But I made one fatal error: I lowered my age. According to my profile, I'm 38 - a full six years younger than I actually am. My rationale for such wild exaggeration was that many men [...]
[2007-07-19] AN Australian woman charged in the US with trying to lure her teenage internet boyfriend to Adelaide will remain behind bars until she can pay bail of nearly $1 million.
Tamara Broome, 31, has spent the past 15 days at the Pitt County Detention Centre in Greenville, North Carolina. Looking pale with dark circles under her eyes, Ms Broome faced Pitt County District Court yesterday. The university student is accused of attempting to coerce 17-year-old Jonathan Martini to leave Greenville and live with her in Australia. The pair met online more than a year ago playing the medieval game World of Warcraft. An online romance blossomed and the pair even discussed marriage. Under North Carolina law, a minor is aged under 18. Investigators believe Jonathan ma [...]
[2007-07-19] If you are feeling a little lonely or at loose ends, a growing number of cell-phone services offer a chance to see if true love is just around the corner.
Here’s how it can work, as told through the experience of 27-year-old Juston Payne:Headed to a bar in Manhattan recently, he was in the mood to get to know someone new. So he logged on to Meetmoi, a mobile dating service.He then scrolled through a list of profiles on his mobile phone and found a like-minded stranger in the area. The two swapped text messages and soon met up for a drink and a game of Skee-Ball.“It’s simple and it’s immediate,” said Payne, 27, who checks in with Meetmoi, once a week. He’s already been on two casual, on-the-go dates in the city.“It just takes away the whole kabuk [...]
[2007-07-19] Mobile technology company Mobestar Holdings PLC said it has entered into a partnership with online-dating site operator Bone Fish to deliver a mobile phone interface to its customers' dating web sites.
Financial details were not disclosed. Mobestar said Bone Fish will incorporate its mDate technology into its portfolio of dating services. It said mDate replicates the look and feel of traditional web-based dating services on the mobile phone platform, providing fully integrated access to user profiles and delivering text and picture messaging services. [...]
[2007-07-19] Dating sites are among the hottest new slices of China's emerging Internet market.
In a nation where young people have traditionally relied on parents, friends and even professional matchmakers to help find a mate, the Internet is emerging as a great leap forward in the search for Mr. and Ms. Right. Dating sites are blossoming in what could become the greatest matchmaking market known to humankind: China's 130 million (and growing) online users. "Society is changing very fast," observed Gong Hai Yan, founder and chief executive of, one of China's early dating Web sites. "Young people are moving to the big cities, but they don't have friends and family living th [...]
[2007-07-19] Fascination for Indian style marriages has led a Russian girl to travel all the way to India to tie the nuptial knot.
Anna Zubin and Milan Vora worked together in Russia, fell in love, and decided to marry."We met for the first time in St. Petersburg. He was getting tickets to Moscow and I just helped him. So, later he started to call me from time to time," Anna said.Anna's parents also accompanied her for the traditional Hindu marriage, which took place in Rajkot. Following Hindu customs, Anna, dressed in a colorful bright dress, garlanded her husband to be. The marriage with its open culture and secular mindset attracted lot of attention in the relatively orthodox city.The story does not end here. Anna's fa [...]
[2007-07-19] Dating Stats and Dating Facts
76% of Men: Prefer brunettes over blondes. Top Conversation Killers: Past relationships—49%, dieting or body image—21%, politics—15% and marriage—15% 11: The number of single friends the average 27 year old has. 1 in 8: The chance you have that a first date will call you for a second date after 24 hours have passed. 43% of Singles: Have Googled someone on the internet before their date. 15 Minutes: The time it takes for a man to determine whether or not he wants to see a woman again. [...]
[2007-07-16] The crisis in the family has many causes: selfishness, atomism, changes in housing. But the root cause is the change in the respective role and accomplishments of the sexes
The other day, I was giving a lift to a group of 14-year-old girls and, as we waited at the traffic lights, I became dimly aware of something remarkable about their conversation. They were all bright sparks, in the process of being coached up by their schools to become captains of industry, Members of Parliament and all the rest of it. But as I inclined my ear, I realised that they weren't discussing their dotcoms; they weren't preparing for the time when they would be joining each other on the pages of Fortune magazine or Business Week. No, they were discussing marriage. They were planning [...]
[2007-07-16] In Chosun (North Korea), free dating between male and female students is prevented during middle school years and even in college
If an unmarried man and woman are walking down the street arm in arm, then they have to worry about the glare of passersby. However, marriage from dating is a gradually increasing trend, but most of the time, people marry through arranged marriages. Before the period of the food shortage before 1990, the best husband material was males who "had joined a party, performed military service, and graduated from college." However, since 2000, a huge shift has taken place in the mentality of people. Lately, three levels of husbands have been common. The first level is males who are included in the fo [...]
[2007-07-16] Online dating site eHarmony is using new technology to bring the telephone back to matchmaking, says Fortune's Stephanie N. Mehta
Finding love in the 21st century - a pursuit these days that involves meeting up via online dating sites and furtive text messages - has come full circle. Thanks to a new service from Internet dating purveyor eHarmony, modern would-be lovers soon could find themselves waiting by the phone once again. Pasedena-based eHarmony is expected today to announce a new service that lets its members connect via phone - without actually giving out their home, work or cellular phone digits. "Online services have brought a new way for people to meet, but the structure of how two people come together hasn [...]
[2007-07-11] 40 percent of single women use cell phones for nearly everything -- from relationship aids and organizers to fashion accessories
"A cell phone does much more than make calls for the 'single mobile female,'" Randy Smith, vice president of Channel Marketing for Samsung, said in a statement. "The cell phone is an integral part of the SMF's life, serving as a pocket-size detective, matchmaker, wing-woman and beyond. It is now officially a girl's best friend." Overseas, cell phone companies are already attempting to deal with text shame. In Australia, Virgin Mobile's Dialing Under the Influence program allows users to dial 333 and then the number they want to block at the beginning of the night; the women will not be able [...]
[2007-07-11] Sex, like eating, is a biological drive, and you will lose your mind if you repress it for too long. But some women stave off the need much longer than others.
Canvas my works in the SirensMag archives, and you will discover a theme: I enjoy the male form, and I have a healthy sex drive. I also live in New York City, which has a notorious-yet-accurate reputation for wringing the romance right out of life. (Normal-people life, not Nora Ephron-scripted life.) Happily, New York also has a lot of people in it, many of whom are attractive and sex-starved. Do the math, and there you have it: I exist in a world where sex is easy, love is hard, and either way, I still crave sex. So yes, it's true: I have had sex minus the love, or the promise thereof. And [...]
[2007-07-11] The Internet dating and "friend-making" industry in China is forecast to be an $80 million industry by next year
As the Web love markets in the United States and Europe mature with slow-growth forecasts, China's increasingly upwardly mobile young people -- who still face intense parental and societal pressures to get hitched in their 20s or early 30s -- are causing U.S. Internet giants to look East. Foreign investors and companies can't help but be attracted to China's Internet masses, though so far the love has been one-sided as U.S. Internet powerhouses, from Google to Amazon, have struggled to figure out a way to woo Chinese consumers. "The middle class is emerging in China," observed Diane Wang, co- [...]
[2007-07-11] If you are in dating stage, entering a relationship, attracted to a mysterious guy, in doubts about your relationship, want to protect yourself or whatever reasons you have and you need to know his marital status and history, you can do your investigation
Years ago, if you want to background check a person or to find out if he is really telling you the truth, you need to hire a private investigator to do the job for you. But now almost everything can be accessed through the internet, you can even know his marital status in minutes. It is true, you can do that now at home without hiring a private investigator. Public records are now accessible through internet if you know where to look and obtain the information you need. If you want to know his marital status, in just minutes you can find out important information about a potential date or hus [...]
[2007-07-11] Tax breaks to support marriage are back on the political agenda
Would a tax break of around £20 a week encourage you to get married or stay married? Supporters say it strengthens families, while critics see it as discriminatory and a waste of money. A tax break of £20 a week or around £1,000 a year clearly is not going to turn a frog into a prince. Anyone who really wanted to marry for money would be looking for a lot more compensation than that. Nor is it going to save a marriage that has broken down because of infidelity or years of abuse. And the Conservatives' social justice policy group accepts those arguments. But it believes t [...]
[2007-07-09] Working mothers who "do it all" are rebelling against having more than one child unless their husbands roll up their sleeves at home
A study of fertility among two-income couples suggests that women who go out to work full or part-time want a more equal balance in responsibilities at home. They are deterred from having a second child because they say they already carry the triple burden of a job, most of the child care and the majority of the housework. However, if men share the child care, or do more than a third of the housework, the likelihood of a second child rises by up to 50 per cent. The study of 2,000 couples, which draws on data from the British Household Panel Survey, was collated by Pia Schober of the Departme [...]
[2007-07-05] Search by upwardly mobile for their life partners driven by both hearts and wallets
When May Yao talks about love, she could be discussing a business plan, not a matter of the heart. She is 25, attractive, successful - a graduate from the prestigious Peking University. She works for a real estate company, owns two apartments - valued at $260,000 each - and drives a BMW. Now, she is looking for success in her romantic life, too: She hired Internet "love counselors" to help her find a husband. "After age 25, you are not as beautiful," she said. "It is like the stock market: You want to sell at the peak." It's girl-wants-to-meet-boy, modern Chinese-style. There is a ce [...]
[2007-07-05] People planning to use a dating service to search for a life-long partner should shop around before signing up
Germany's central consumer protection bureau in Stuttgart said there is a range of options when it comes to the various agencies that provide match-making services. Therefore, potential clients should carefully compare the prices and conditions of several agencies. A requirement of complete payment in advance is not an acceptable policy, however, payments over the course of a contract are. And a client who wants to cancel his or her contract should have the chance to do so at any time without being required to state a reason, the consumer protection service said [...]
[2007-07-05] Underwear is most important when sizing up a new date
Peter Spelton, who runs said women particularly "have always judged a potential partner by first appearances". He added: "She's after someone who can care for children, so she needs someone who is capable and able to create income for the family. "A drawer full of holey underwear suggests he doesn't look after himself, so he won't be able to look after her. "It's much the same with a man - a woman who looks after herself and looks good will turn you on more than a woman who doesn't." But he also cautioned against entirely superficial first impressions of a new girlfrie [...]
[2007-07-04] The Husband Store
A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City,where a woman may go to choose a husband.Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of howthe store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE!There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase asthe shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a may choose any man from a particular floor, or you maychoose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except toexit the building!So, a woman goes to The Husband Store to find a husband.On the first floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 -These me [...]
[2007-07-04] While parents are crazy about their kids, they no longer view them as a reason for marriage
In fact, out of the nine factors being measured by Pew as essential to success in marriage, children came in next to last. A mere 41 percent of those responding to the Pew survey said that children are important to a good marriage. In contrast, in 1990 fully 65 percent of respondents claimed that children are part of a good marriage. In other words, marriage today is all about the adults’ preferences; it is all about “me.” If couples get married at all, the “until death do us part” aspect is disappearing; many couples get together or stay together only when they see some personal benefit in [...]
[2007-07-04] Relationships don't come with handbooks.
So when teens hit a bump in the road they need to know the difference between a good relationship and a troubled one, said Kathy Schrader, a worker at the Women's Interval Home. That's why a group of local teens, lead by Schrader, spent eight weeks learning and talking about dating and domestic violence. A barbecue and public awareness day was held recently to get the word outThis isn't something that's taught to teens in schools," Schrader said. "The only examples they have are what they see at home. Sometimes that is good, sometimes it's not." The program, sponsored by the Jessica Nethery Fo [...]
[2007-07-04] Survey of single women in New York
Was it a subconscious aversion to the scary jungle of a single lady's psyche, or just the horrendously illustrated cover that turned us off? Perhaps we just couldn't handle the truth. Okay, Time Out. Lay it on us. The first woman we meet is Monique, 34. She's a freelance events coordinator. So Monique, asks TONY, "Are you into women, men or both? (Monique has short hair.) "I'm into Christ!" Monique replies. We immediately retreat. Christ is okay but that's like answering "Would you like cheese on your burger?" with "No, I'd prefer Christ." It doesn't actually make sense. The next single layd [...]
[2007-07-04] Older women with younger guys.
How many times have you seen this couple -- the older guy parading around with a younger woman? Stroll downtown in any major city on any weekend and you are bound to see them as often as you see a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin behind a bar. But one thing you don't find a lot down here is the reverse -- older women with younger guys. Cougars with Jacks. What's a Cougar? Think Samantha from "Sex and the City" -- a woman who dates men at least eight years their junior. What's a Jack (short for Jackrabbit)? Think the young gardener from "Desperate Housewives" who was ready to marry Gabrielle. [...]
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