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[2007-04-23] Common online dating offenses to avoid
POSTING OLD PICTURES “Old” as in pictures dating as far back as the Reagan administration, back when you proudly sported a Members Only jacket, could still fit into a size 6 or owned just one chin. The problem has gotten so bad that, a popular online dating portrait service, can now certify its pictures to ensure portraits were recently taken. ME AND MY PROP Both sexes, several dating experts said, are equal offenders when it comes to bad pictures, except when it comes to car props — it’s usually guys who pose in front of their muscle cars or luxury sedans, often with t [...]
[2007-04-23] It's Often Hard To Break Up With Online Services
West Hartford resident Jack Bass found it easier to cancel his credit card than to cancel a dating service's automatic renewal program.EHarmony, the online matchmaking service that advertises frequently on television, is one of those companies that has figured out how to make tons of money by channeling folks into its products and then charging them for repeated, unrelenting renewals until the customer finally says stop.Now, I am not saying that eHarmony is any worse than any of the tens of thousands of other companies that practice this legalized form of stealing. Remember when there was the [...]
[2007-04-23] Technology and love
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) wrote that nature is good and beautiful as long as it remains untouched by humans. He believed that the more we tune in to nature, the more we will be able to enjoy freedom, serenity, peace and equality. Recent studies support his view; spending time in nature does a person good. Nature is the most appreciated setting for lovers. What's more romantic than a stroll in the woods, a sunset over the ocean or the rustle of leaves? Yet this is a myth. Nature is not the only ideal setting for love. Technology provides a worthwhile alternative. The crude, the smel [...]
[2007-04-23] Survey finds fifth of immigrants from former Soviet Union feel Independence Day is their favorite holiday.
Fitting in well in Israeli society, but not quite at home, is the conclusion arising from a survey taken with immigrants from Russia the former Soviet Union by the Immigrant Absorption Ministry, ahead of Israel's 59th Independence Day. Eighty-nine percent of the 600 participants in the survey said that they would be using the holiday to celebrate with their families, but only a fifth stated feeling like Independence Day is their favorite holiday. The rest, 80 percent or so, said they consider Rosh Hashana and Passover – religious Jewish holidays – as more meaningful holidays. Most of the i [...]
[2007-04-23] Show's twisted purpose to watch women fight, see them humiliated
The Bachelor reality franchise hit the jackpot this season with Andy Baldwin -- a real-life Dr. McDreamy. Baldwin -- a 30-year-old doctor, Navy lieutenant, humanitarian and triathlete -- is the perfect guy with perfect teeth, and a houseful of wide-eyed, marriage-minded women competing to be his one and only. But it's not Baldwin or his predecessors who capture the show's overwhelmingly female audience. Rather, it's the catfights, blatant scheming, tears and rejection. Those irresistible dramatic elements have managed to keep the series afloat, observers say, despite declining ratings, an em [...]
[2007-04-23] Keep An Eye On "Other Russia!"
Keep an eye on “Other Russia.” It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin is following in the path of so many in term of the corrupting influence of power. Using old style Communist police tactics, Putin has tried to violently suppress those that disagree with his policies. If “Other Russia” has its way, these efforts to stifle dissent would come to an end. The following is part of the closing statements made by “Other Russia” at the close of their 2006 conference. “The conference has succeeded in showing that Russia still possesses a civil society capable of defending its rights. It is [...]
[2007-04-23] Internet dating making relationships 'a commodity'
Internet dating is superficial and reduces human relationships to a commodity, Bishop of Killaloe Willie Walsh said today.The president of Catholic marriage service Accord made his comments at the launch of a major survey which polled more than 700 couples on their first seven years of marriage.The study by Amarach Consulting found that 23% of partners met in a pub, followed by 10% bumping into each other at a party.According to 'Married Life - the first Seven Years' more than half of the couples had been together for at least three years. The average age at marriage is 32 and rising."I suppos [...]
[2007-04-22] Sham marriages happening every day in Scotland
AT LEAST one sham marriage a day is taking place in Scotland in a bid to get round immigrations laws, Scotland on Sunday can reveal. Already this year, registry officials across Scotland have recorded 22 cases of fake marriages taking place, usually involving Scots women who marry immigrants for money. Officials believe the real figure, including those who get away with it, is at least five times higher. The number of cases is growing. In the whole of 2006, 52 sham marriages were exposed and 49 in 2005. Last week, five people were detained in raids both sides of the Border aimed at crack [...]
[2007-04-21] Who Are the Russians?
Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of sheer geographic space. But who are the people who live in this huge country? As it turns out, the question is not an easy one to answer. The citizens of Russia are termed Rossiiane. However, not all Russian citizens are ethnic Russians - russkiye. It is true that ethnic Russians are in the majority, an estimated 82% of the population today. But there are significant numbers of other ethnic or national groups in Russia too: Tatars, Chechens, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Armenians, Finns, Germans, Jews, Buriats, Bashkirs, and many others. Currentl [...]
[2007-04-21] Does Russia Matter?
In a report on the September 2003 Camp David summit between Vladimir Putin and George Bush, TV journalist Ray Suarez, on The PBS Newshour, asked his guest a question being posed with increasing regularity: "Does Russia matter?" The guest's all-too-obvious reply was, essentially, "Yes, of course Russia matters, but just not like it used to and only on a certain range of issues [e.g. nuclear proliferation, combatting terror]." I hate obvious answers. They're so ... obvious. The truth is, Russia has never mattered to US policymakers. What has mattered has been "what damage could Russia do to u [...]
[2007-04-20] Suddenly single
The last time I went out on a date was as a somewhat naive 22-year-old student. Of course that was 15 years ago, when "You've got mail" was something you heard from your mom. Now I'm facing the new realities of dating as a 37-year-old recently single mother of three.After 12 years of marriage, I was sad to discover my generation's hook-up spot had shifted away from the bar scene. A drink accidentally spilled during a get-to-know-you chat will mostly likely end up on your keyboard these days, and don't get me started about the crippling case of carpal tunnel syndrome.Safely ensconced in the con [...]
[2007-04-20] Two local residents want to help area singles bring a little more love into their lives with a new matchmaking business.
For Rob Carleton and Lisa Cook, the idea to start a local matchmaking service evolved out of a speed-dating event they helped run in Gravenhurst. After seeing the interest that successful event sparked, Carleton and Cook felt there was a demand in the area for ways for singles to meet potential mates, and the idea for Jack and Jill Matchmaking began to form. "I said to Lisa, 'We should start this,'" said Carleton. Although the speed-dating event served as the catalyst for the two roommates to venture into playing cupid, it wasn't Carleton's first experience with the business of matchmaking. Se [...]
[2007-04-20] FIVE people are in police custody today after a sham marriage racket was smashed with raids in west Scotland and England
The scam involved pairing off Scottish women - drug addicts and prostitutes - with West African men to get them permanent residency in the UK. Police and officers of the new Border and Immigration Agency stormed homes in Paisley, Cambuslang and Reading at 6am in Operation Warren. Two men, aged 27 and 22, and a 26-year-old woman were detained following the raids on two addresses in Paisley and one in Cambuslang. advertisement OAS_AD('Frame2'); //--> The woman was detained in a raid on a ground-floor flat in Argyle Street, Paisley. Officers spent 90 minutes searching the property [...]
[2007-04-20] New Singles Group Matches Dental Hygiene Fanatics
Boston - This city with its many colleges and universities is a mecca for young men and women looking for that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with. "I'm having a blast with my single friends right now," says Caitlin Morgan, a senior at Boston University, "but I'm always on the lookout for Mr. Right."The high level of education among young adults here means there is less emphasis on the bar scene as a source of dating and mating prospects, however, and there are numerous social groups that cater to singles with specific interests. "There are clubs for tall people, outdoorsy ty [...]
[2007-04-20] Online ordinations increase in popularity as more ministers earn the power to preside with the click of a mouse.
When two KU journalism graduates recited their marriage vows last Sunday in Des Moines, Iowa, the presiding “minister” was Mohamed El-Hodiri, an observant Muslim and a reverend of the Universal Life Church ordained via the Internet with a quick click of a mouse. Mohamed El-Hodiri (middle) officiates Sunday afternoon at the wedding of C.J. Jackson and Johanna Maska in Des Moines, Iowa. Johanna Maska and C.J. Jackson, both 2004 graduates, said they preferred having their good friend and former professor officiate their wedding rather than a “standard minister” presiding at a “typically reli [...]
[2007-04-20] 118 online dates, for those keeping score at home
By Angela Benfield After jettisoning the perfect Mr. Wrong, I was ready, at the ripe young age of 39, to throw in the towel on finding even a slightly unperfect Mr. Right. Then, a good friend, one with a shiny new beau, encouraged me to get modern and try online dating. When I hesitated, she pointed out how easily the computer helps separate the dudes from the duds. OK, maybe I was up for just one more dive into the dating pool. Turns out, that pool is Olympic-sized. The U.S. online dating industry is worth about $500 million and is expected to climb 9 percent a year. And according to revenu [...]
[2007-04-20] Not a single thing wrong with being single
A story is normally told from the beginning, but I'm going to start from the end. Before leaving the sexy singles Schnitzel event Thursday night, I got into a debate with a fellow named Rob. He thought I should be extremely subtle about calling a singles event, a singles event, because it may embarrass people who are single, and discourage them from coming out because they'll feel like a loser - cuz they're single. He made it sound like being single is like having some incurable disease, even though he assured me he's very comfortable with his status. But I still had to classify this event. Fo [...]
[2007-04-20] A man has lost £16,000 A$38,345 in two internet dating scams after sending money overseas to girls who failed to turn up.
A man has lost £16,000 A$38,345 in two internet dating scams after sending money overseas to girls who failed to turn up.After being given a variety of arrival dates he went to Heathrow to meet her four times but she never arrived."I feel no ill in my heart. I did really love her," Hodgkinson told the BBC. Hodgkinson then tried a Christian dating site and stared chatting with a woman from Senegal. He sent her £6,000 (A$14,386) but again she failed to turn up.Hodgkinson borrowed money from his elderly mother and remortgaged his home to pay for the two girls. His mother is now taking o [...]
[2007-04-20] Russian orphans
The international adoption community is as small as it is vast sometimes. That is, when you are part of it -- as our family is -- you wind up knowing lots of other people who are, too. So it was painful to learn that another avenue for families who want to adopt internationally is now closed -- perhaps only temporarily. Russia, which has been a large and stable program has halted foreign adoptions, as of last week. Among the articles written about the situation was one in Christian Science Monitor, which shows how one family caught in the bureaucratic bind is trying to cope and raises the [...]
[2007-04-19] Working the room is the key to success at the latest singles party to hit the Twin Cities.
IIn her quest for a mate, Beth Cloutier has found herself looking for the person who holds the key. Not the key to her heart, but the actual key to a lock she wore around her neck at a recent singles party. Lock and Key parties - already popular in New York and Miami - have made their way to the Twin Cities. Next month, Miami-based will hold its second soiree at Trocaderos Nightclub in downtown Minneapolis. Upon arrival, women are given a necklace with a brass padlock; men are armed with keys. Both sexes work the room trying to match the two to four keys that go [...]
[2007-04-19] A second chance for divorcees was what French online dating agencies proposed when Marc Simoncini entered the industry.
Today things are very different. In five years, Mr Simoncini has lifted taboos, attracted younger customers and transformed internet dating into a popular pastime for a liberated nation seeking excitement. Now the founder of Meetic, the French site, hopes to do the same thing in Britain. “We’re going to shake things up a bit,” says Mr Simoncini, who purchased DatingDirect, Britain’s biggest online dating firm, for £27.3 million in January. In a bid to boost the firm’s turnover, he is promising massive advertising, instant messaging for British customers and a connection to Meetic’s 28 [...]
[2007-04-19] A happy marriage
You don't have to stop dating just because you're married with a family. I don't mean to say that I'm dating outside my marriage. I mean to say that I continue to date my wife in order to maintain a happy marriage. Please allow me to present this column as an unofficial Guide to Enjoying a Happy Marriage. I feel I'm qualified to write on the subject since I'm happily married. And so, the first bit of advice I offer to young family men out there is to pretend you and your wife are still dating. Give her flowers. Write her love letters. Surprise her every once in a while. Take her on a pic [...]
[2007-04-19] What, you think we won't notice?
Online dating has become a staple in the singles world, with sites running the gamut from one-night affairs to religion-based coupling. When I found myself back in the dating game, the online choices were overwhelming. Which service should I use? Friends had different opinions, debating the finer points of vs. eHarmony. No, try AmericanSingles, one would say. Or PlentyofFish, it's free. What about Yahoo personals or MySpace? As I cruised through the sites, the photos started to look the same, and the profiles read identical. Nearly every woman I clicked on in the 25-to-33 age bra [...]
[2007-04-19] Australian singles keep it simple
When it comes to first date ideas, singles like to play it fairly safe. A recent poll conducted by Australia's largest online dating site, RSVP, ruled dinner and a movie as the most popular first date idea. Coffee and cake at the local cafe and a picnic in the park also proved popular first date choices. ''Online dating is a lot of fun and a great way to build confidence and take control when meeting new people. However, when reaching the point of taking online contact with a potential partner offline, the normal first date butterflies and anxiety can be magnified,'' Lija Jarvis, RSVP dating a [...]
[2007-04-19] Drowning victim was mail-order bride
Svetlana Coontz loved her husband. The Russian mail-order bride praised Jeff King and the Rockville-based company that introduced them on the Encounters International Web site in 2005. "It was a long and not easy search. We spent almost 30 years looking for a life partner on our own," the 46-year-old Harwood woman said after her Sept. 14 wedding. "I love my husband Jeff and now we are the happiest couple. We are a family. I cannot believe that it happened so fast and easy." But Sunday afternoon, police said, Mr. King found Ms. Coontz - a native of the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia [...]
[2007-04-19] A shelter for destitute women in eastern India is set to celebrate its sixth wedding next month, after it set up an innovative matchmaking scheme to find husbands for its residents.
Officials at the shelter in the Jharkhand state capital came up with the idea to arrange marriages for the women -- many of whom have been abandoned by husbands or got involved in crime -- two years ago, after struggling to find them new homes. "The process begins with a search for a suitable groom once a probation home inmate gives her nod for marriage," said Jharkhand shelter spokesman Deepak Vidyarthi. "We begin looking for a suitable boy by publishing matrimonial ads in newspapers and also through word-of-mouth. Once we find someone genuinely interested in marrying a resident here we f [...]
[2007-04-19] Matchmaker, Matchmaker... Make Mine A Mooney?
If you're having difficulties finding your one true love -- of the winged variety, that is -- Mooney Airplane Company may just have the matchmaking program for you. At a Wednesday morning press conference at Lakeland 2007, Mooney formally announced its "Mooney Match" program -- a concept that, appropriately, was originally unveiled on Valentines Day this year. "We couldn't pass up such an obvious opportunity to introduce a program that is designed to introduce a program that is designed not only to match customers with the right airplane, but to bring potential buyers with compatible usage p [...]
[2007-04-19] Matrimonial websites now want to grab a share of the Rs 70,000 crore wedding management market.
Last year, started a pilot wedding planning service in Mumbai and has plans to launch it across the country in 12 months. The company also launched its Shaadi Service directory two days ago, wherein vendors provide details on catering, venues, rental services, etc. Even is mulling offering pre-marriage services such as booking marriage halls, catering and decorations. Bharatmatrimony group founder and Chief Executive Officer Murugavel Janakiraman said, “By 2008, we will launch pre-wedding services.” Other websites are likely to follow suit. [...]
[2007-04-19] It seems that in today’s society, traditional ways of dating are a thing of the past.
It seems that in today’s society, traditional ways of dating are a thing of the past. The ever so popular dinner and a movie date, has taken the back seat when it comes to social outings. The idea of the perfect date is no longer defined as dining in fancy restaurants and a trip to the movies. Though some people prefer a causal night out with someone they would like to get to know, others choose to turn the excitement up a notch when it comes to dating.Sophomore radiation therapy major Shiesha Watson says when it comes to the perfect date, things should be spontaneous. She loves surprises when [...]
[2007-04-19] Matchmaking moving to corporate world
Single female seeks "the perfect fit." Likes long walks on the beach and stock options. No mamma's boys or micromanagers.The art of matchmaking, once reserved for meddlesome aunts and online dating services, has found its way into the corporate world. A new service identifies, profiles and matches job seekers with employers through a process that's not so different from series of assessments includes questions about the candidate's management style, problem-solving abilities and personal motivators, followed by a resume review, reference calls, and, gulp, background check, said Ash [...]
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