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[2006-08-15] Bandit steals hearts, money
Ontario women looking for love are warned to look out for a parasitic "high risk" fugitive who may be out to steal hearts -- and money. James Taylor, 50, a career con, drug and booze addict, and parole failure has wooed many women who use dating services during his many past episodes on the lam. "We are cautioning unsuspecting women to be on their guard ... this guy just wants a place to hang out and to get his cocaine, food and cigarettes," said Det. Mike Amato of the provincial Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement squad. Taylor, who has seven years left to serve on a 28-year sentence for [...]
[2006-08-15] Dutch Farmer's Website Files Suit Against Google
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (AHN) - A website that helps Dutch farmers find a date has filed a suit against Google. According to the dating website pornographic sites are listed as sponsored links when you enter the dating site's name into the search engine. The Dutch dating web site claims membership of up to 3,000 and boasts itself as a "a respectable meeting website for farmers." Now, the farmer's union FNV Bondgenoten told the court that sponsored links paid for by companies appear when Web users key in "farm date" on Google, the world's largest search engine. It sa [...]
[2006-08-14] Missouri Sues Dating Service
A California online dating service has been ordered to stop making telemarketing calls to Missourians on the state's No Call list. Attorney General Jay Nixon obtained a temporary restraining order against, of Tujunga, Calif., after more than 140 Missourians on the No Call list reported receiving telemarketing calls. "This service has been blanketing Missouri with telemarketing calls and apparently paying no heed to our No Call law," Nixon said. Nixon is suing; its owner, Lourdes Y. Van Hoek; and a third company, Telephone Management Corporation, for making the telemarket [...]
[2006-08-14] Dating For Seniors, A New Age Option
You are 40 or above and want to take another shot at love? Dating has never had it better, even for the seniors, thanks to technology. You now have another opportunity to find a true love. The Internet is booming and one big section contributing to its growth is the senior online dating. People, who are single and are more than forty years of age and above, can now find new companions or even partners for long-term commitment. Just access the senior online dating sites for a new comfortable world of meeting other people of the same age group. As of today, the number of senior singles in Ameri [...]
When Eric Resnick started doing the online dating thing in his early 20s, his first few rendezvous were "tragically funny." He didn't know how to communicate who he was. "I didn't know how to read profiles or present myself in the best way or make me look like myself," Resnick says. His then-trials and errors, coupled with his successes, today serve as the methodology for his Orlando-based, a business he's so busy running that he no longer has time to date. How's that for irony? It's OK, though, Resnick says. Many of his clients are no longer single, and that's what's imp [...]
[2006-08-14] Living dolls
Thanks to the virtual suburban world of 'The Sims', today's little girls are learning to build houses, spend money wisely, raise children and arouse the suspicions of social services in spectacular style. Has Barbie ever looked more dated? Or safe? Julia Llewellyn Smith reports It's a muggy summer's afternoon in the village of Pill, near Bristol, and Bethany Howe, aged 11, is showing me around her house. Girls' fascination with 'The Sims' has made it the bestselling computer game ever 'It's got two hot tubs, a lemonade stand, swings in the garden, a pink-themed kitchen,' ra [...]
[2006-08-14] Profiles in online dating
By Catherine Specter Stacy Innerst, Post-GazetteClick illustration for larger version. Weigh the risks of dating sitesAbout 16 million people say they have gone to dating Web sites, and most of them say they have had positive experiences, according to a survey released in March by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which studies Internet issues.Moreover, 17 percent of them, or roughly 3 million people, say they have entered long-term relationships or married someone they met through the services.Many who use the Web sites, however, don't take that extra step to fo [...]
[2006-08-14] Online dating? Sometimes it doesn't click
"So, how did you two meet?" is a question asked regularly when meeting a new couple. Lately, I try not to ask, because increasingly, the answer is "Oh, we met on the Internet." The couple then goes on to tell of the pang of long-distance relationships, which of them conceded and moved, and how long the relationship took to develop. Call me old-fashioned, but there is something offbeat about meeting via a computer screen. Or maybe what makes me cringe are the horror stories we hear. For example, a man meets a woman on a dating site. After several months, she makes her way to Spokane to sp [...]
[2006-08-14] West Africans look to internet love to escape
At an internet café in Senegal's capital Dakar, a Senegalese woman skims through men's online profiles, zeroes in on a thirtysomething Canadian and says hello. A few computers down, a young man browses through photos of foreign women.They're looking for friends, conversations and possible romance just like internet chat users anywhere else, but Ndeye Mane Toure says many Senegalese also are looking for something more. She's hoping she might find the man who will lift her out of Africa to a comfortable life in Europe.Toure, a 22-year-old college student, has already met a French man online [...]
[2006-08-14] Net gains respect in realm of dating
Dan Bayse of Birmingham, Ala., read my July 31 column about Internet dating and said we'd had some similar experiences. Bayse, 58, had come to Salem to take a turn caring for his ailing father. He's a minister and professional counselor who divorced eight years ago after 28 years of marriage. About three years ago he started looking online for a mate -- someone who shared his traditional values. One woman said she was a manager with a transportation company and a strong Christian. On their only date, she turned out to be much older than she appeared in her picture. She hadn't been to church [...]
[2006-08-09] Foreign love denied
HUNDREDS of local women who signed up for the chance to attend a matchmaking party with 11 single or divorced men visiting town for a week from the United States have had their hearts broken by city officials. The Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau banned the event yesterday, saying no matchmaking agencies in Shanghai are licensed to set up dates between Chinese and foreigners. The event was set up by Shiji Jiayuan, an online dating agency established in 2003. The company, which is based online at, has offices in Shanghai and Beijing. "They will visit Shanghai on a group tour and also [...]
[2006-08-09] CBS preparing to launch online dating show
As of right now a launch date is unknown, but CBS will be producing a reality dating series for innertube, its broadband site that launched in May. The new original series will be called Hook Me Up and will follow four people as they're wooed by five other people over a series of dates. People watching the show can vote on who gets to stay and who gets kicked off the show. So really, I guess "original" isn't the best word to describe it since it sounds like about fifty other shows out there. Oh yeah, and "secrets" will be revealed on each show. Unless one of the "secrets" is that the show is a [...]
[2006-08-09] New Online Dating Website Giving Away $2 Million in Cash to Its Registered Members
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Here's an online dating service that pays to join! By signing up with the new Web site,, new members have the chance to find love and simultaneously qualify for a chance to win a portion of $2 million in cash."The Internet dating industry is booming, but there are still few Web sites that do online personals the right way," says Geno Altman, CEO of CupidSurfer, LLC. " does dating right by providing truly effective online tools and features to support its members in finding genuine compatibility." Basic membership is fre [...]
[2006-08-09] Western men duped in quest for net brides
Dozens of Western men looking for Russian internet brides have been fooled into falling for real-life Russian celebrities whose photographs were passed off as “ordinary” girls looking for love. One gang behind the scam is believed to have made tens of thousands of pounds out of its victims getting them to wire large sums of money to Russia to help their glamorous fictional girlfriends. The swindlers used photographs of models, pop divas, actresses and porn stars who were unaware that men in the West were sizing them up online as potential partners. The gang is thought to be one of many ope [...]
[2006-08-09] Shanghai calls off matchmaking party for foreigners
BEIJING (Reuters) - Shanghai has banned a party for a tour group of 11 American men wanting to meet Chinese women, saying matchmaking agencies lack licences to set up dates between locals and foreigners, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. Shiji Jiayuan, a Chinese online dating agency, invited women online to apply to meet 11 men from Washington state touring the city at a party on August 15, the Shanghai Daily said.The men, all single or divorced, were aged from 43 to 67 and included computer engineers, doctors, lawyers and bankers, the paper said. The agency chose 25 women out of 230 applic [...]
[2006-08-09] Americans who are seeking romance .........
There is now relatively broad public contact with the online dating world. Some 31% of American adults say they know someone who has used a dating website and 15% of American adults – about 30 million people – say they know someone who has been in a long-term relationship or married someone he or she met online. Yet, dating websites are just one of many online avenues that can facilitate a romantic connection. Three out of four internet users who are single and looking for a romantic partner have done at least one dating-related activity online—ranging from using dating websites, to searching [...]
[2006-08-09] Are "Wired Seniors" Sitting Ducks?
Currently, the vast majority of Americans age 65 and older do not go online. But that will likely change in a big way as the "silver tsunami" of internet-loving Baby Boomers swamps the off-line senior population in the next 10 years. That demographic shift, paired with a rising tide of viruses, spyware, and other online critters, is cause for concern since there is evidence that older users are less likely than younger ones to take precautions against software intrusions and fraud. [...]
[2006-08-09] How Women and Men Use the Internet
Women are catching up to men in most measures of online life. Men like the internet for the experiences it offers, while women like it for the human connections it promotes. A wide-ranging look at the way American women and men use the internet shows that men continue to pursue many internet activities more intensively than women, and that men are still first out of the blocks in trying the latest technologies. At the same time, there are trends showing that women are catching up in overall use and are framing their online experience with a greater emphasis on deepening connections with peop [...]
[2006-08-08] Safety Tips For Online Dating
(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Whether you're looking for a friend, a date or a long term relationship, the web is a popular destination for many singles. However, safety's is always a huge concern especially for women and CBS 3’s Natasha Brown has tips on how to stay secure. Online dating is a perfect match for Julie Brush, she chats on-line, then talks to potential dates on the phone and when she does go out, safety comes first. "I meet new people in a public place, and I often say, you know, I need to be home by a certain time,” said Brush.Julie also uses a new online security dating system. You crea [...]
[2006-08-08] Online Video Market to Grow Tenfold in Five Years
The worldwide market for online video content will grow tenfold in the five years leading to 2010, according to a report released Wednesday. The market for online content services worldwide is expected to expand by a factor of 10, growing from about 13 million households during 2005 to more than 131 million households by 2010, reports high-tech market research firm In-Stat (via MediaPost). Of all broadband households today, 12.8 percent are already regularly viewing professional content via online content aggregators. The number of broadband households is expected to double between 2005 and 2 [...]
[2006-08-08] New service that matches people via mobile phone
David Geere is a Sussex based internet entrepreneur who has just released a new mobile service. Having already had success with the anonymous text message service, the new site called takes things one step forward by allowing people to find out if the person that they admire feels the same way about them through an anonymous means. Many people have a crush on someone else but are too afraid to go ahead and tell them just how they feel. aims to help alleviate that issue by giving potential lovers a way of finding out if their feelings are retur [...]
[2006-08-08] New dating agency in Cambodia draws government ire
Kyodo) _ A dating agency launched earlier this year to help Cambodian men and women find their perfect match is raising government fears that such a service will jeopardize the country's cultural traditions. Seng Leakhena, general manager of Couple Service, said that since debuting in January, nearly 100 Cambodian men and women have registered. Of them, four couples are dating, with the agency already inspiring two marriages. Seng Leakhena said she initiated the business with experience she gained from Singapore. The dating agency, she said, is designed to help women find their partner [...]
[2006-08-08] Podcast downloading beats Online Dating and Blogging
Some 9M US American adults are using podcasts, reports Nielsen//NetRatings, specialist internet media and market research company. This figure of 6.6% of the adult online population (who have recently downloaded an audio podcast) is joined by 4% who have recently downloaded a video podcast.These figures put the podcasting population on a par with those who publish blogs, 4.8%, and online daters, 3.9%, according to other Nielsen//NetRatings findings. However, podcast use is not in the league of activities such as viewing and paying bills online, 51.6%, or online job hunting, 24.6%. Podcasting i [...]
[2006-08-08] Web scam: R you the one? Con artists troll dating sites
Like a lot of the women on dating Web sites, Lynn divorcee Carol Cormier was looking for love. What she found turned out to be too good to be true, and now she’s on a mission to save other singles from being ensnared in a shockingly widespread online romance scam. “The only thing I tell them is you opened up your heart and a jerk fell in,” said Cormier, 57, who almost lost thousands to a Nigerian who used a phony model’s photo to woo her and then tried to bilk her out of her savings. Cormier says she’s one of countless lonely hearts on sites like and wh [...]
[2006-08-07] Valentine Sues Over Dating Service Scam
The aptly named Sara Valentine, a 55-year-old divorcée from Brooklyn, was looking for someone to love with, share with, and maybe go on long walks on the beach with. So, hoping for the best, she signed up with the 30-year-old matchmaking company Great Expectations, not to be confused with the Dickens classic or the less-classic Mad TV Lowered Expectations sketches (aside: who woulda thought anything from Mad TV would ever be even close to 'classic'?). But Ms. Valentine was let down by the service and now she wants them to pay up. With good reason too. As part of the service she signed a [...]
[2006-08-07] From Russia with love: 'web brides' gang caught
Plenty of Western men looking for Russian brides on the internet have been conned out of their money, but a gang in the Urals has found a new twist. It posted photographs of some of the most beautiful and famous women in Russia on the net, claiming they were "ordinary" girls looking for love. The swindlers used photographs of models, pop divas, actresses and porn stars, who were blissfully unaware that Western men were sizing them up online as potential life partners. One 45-year-old German building engineer wired ˆ26,000 (£17,500) over several months to Russia in the hope of meeting a [...]
[2006-08-07] The shadowy world of sex tours
He lives at an undisclosed location in Tarrant County. His mail is delivered to a post office box at a UPS Store in a cookie-cutter strip mall on South Hulen Street. The 64-year-old is not a fugitive. Well, at least, not in his estimation. He keeps a low profile, he says, to avoid harassment by women’s groups and human rights organizations. They say he is a sex tour operator, shepherding men to Southeast Asia for trysts with young, subservient women. Gunter Frentz has been the proprietor of G.F. Tours for more than 18 years. And for almost a year now, since Hurricane Katrina cast him amon [...]
[2006-08-07] Zing go the strings of seniors' hearts
WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - Beth Cation's daughter calls her a "man magnet," and it's easy to see why. Beth was 76 when she lost her husband of half a century. Nine months later, she started dating Ted, a charming fellow who shared her love of dancing. He put a ring on her finger and they spent 10 wonderful years together before Ted died of colon cancer. Soon after, she met Erik. Like Beth, Erik loved line dancing and travel. They dated for six months before Erik, too, popped the question. The couple recently returned from Hawaii, where they celebrated their fifth anniversary. "When you're in re [...]
[2006-08-07] ‘Web brides’ gangs gets caught
PLENTY of Western men looking for Russian brides on the Internet have been conned out of their money, but a gang in the Urals has found a new twist. It posted photographs of some of the most beautiful and famous women in Russia on the Net, claiming they were “ordinary” girls looking for love.The swindlers used photographs of models, pop divas, actresses and porn stars, who were blissfully unaware that Western men were sizing them up online as potential life partners. One 45-year-old German building engineer wired $26,000 (£17,500) over several months to Russia in the hope of meeting a bea [...]
[2006-08-05] Cambodian authorities alarmed by nation's first dating agency
Cambodian authorities were rushing an inspection team to the nation's first dating service, concerned that the concept had the capacity to adversely affect the nation's culture, a senior official said yesterday. Phnom Penh Culture Department director Mom Soth said the business, Couple Service, was "very worrying" and went against Cambodian culture in a way that could severely damage the character of the nation's youth and even lead to serious social problems. The department's move came within hours of the existence of the agency was reported in local media. "This is not Khmer culture. It [...]
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