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[2006-10-06] Inessa, Inna- Russian woman (female) name
It is an old Russian male name that is nowadays has been converted into female one. Both in childhood and as an adult Inna is noted for her exceeding obstinacy and difficult disposition. Little Inna's stubbornness often brings her (or her mother which is not at all seldom) to the verge of tears. As she grows up Inna can yield to a person she likes but that in such case she will have to break her internal resistance. She cannot put up even with the slightest weak points of her friends and she remembers all evil done to her even though she is not revengeful. She is intelligent and can strike p [...]
[2006-10-06] Inga - Russian woman (female) name
Inga is more close to her father; she recognizes his authority and ingratiates herself with him. Since childhood she drinks in bad examples as she is not always able to tell the good from the evil. She is prone to exaggeration and lie and her parents' attempts to wean her away from it by means of punishment are usually of no avail. Inga is exceedingly touchy and unforgiving and she is prone to making heavy weather out of the simplest and merest things. If she has a younger brother or sister she becomes extremely jealous of her parents. Inga is a controversial personality and often acts out of [...]
[2006-10-06] Irina, Ira, Iren - russian woman (female) name
The name is of old Greek origin and it means "peace." Since early childhood Irina is noted for her self-sufficiency and decisiveness. She is closer to her father than mother. She is gifted in her studies which as a result do not take much her effort. She takes a sensible view of things. She loves detective stories, science fiction, fantasy; she often goes in for sports. Irina is not at all sentimental and it is virtually impossible to find Irina crying over sorrow of soap opera's characters. She is sociable and easily gets in touch with unfamiliar people. In company she feels at ease and can [...]
[2006-10-06] Julia, Yulia, Yulya, Juliya - Russian woman (female) name
The name is of Latin origin and it means "curly, frizzy" Yulia is a thin-skinned and touchy girl with rich or even wild imagination. She is prone to sudden shifts in her mood when she might become sad and apathetic out of the blue. At that time she had better be left to her own and in a short time she will be back to her previous state again. It is difficult to reason with her since she will hold her own till the last ditch and finally she will be exceedingly reluctant to admit her fault. Yulia can be fearful as she does not like horror films and can lose her conscience at the sight of blood [...]
[2006-10-06] Ksenia, Oksana - russian woman (female) name
It is the Ukrainian speaking form of Russian female name Ksenia. It supposedly originates from Greek word "ksenna" meaning "hospitability" or the word "ksenos" meaning "foreign." Oksana has very interesting life. In childhood she comes across as a reserved, gloomy and stubborn girl. She is self-sufficient, perseverant, and always gets what she wants often by means of making a scene. Noisy games with her peers hold little appeal for her and she prefers solitary amusements which involve assiduity. She is not overenthusiastic about her studies at school; however she is usually among top student [...]
[2006-10-06] Larisa, Lora - russian women (female) name
The name is of Old Greek origin; Larisa used to be a town in Ancient Greece. However there is another point of view suggesting that this name means "seagull". In childhood Larisa is a reserved girl who prefers to keep to the background in the company of other active and self-assured girls. However Larisa can overcome her vacancy and inactivity provided she is presented a dog. In such a case she will assume responsibility for it and looking at her pet's devotion and affection she will feel her concernment. Larisa is everyone's blue-eyed girl since she is harmless, obedient and modest. As an [...]
[2006-10-06] Lera, Valeria - Russian women (female) name
Lera it is the female variant of Valery. Valeria is unpredictable. Sometimes her behaviour depends on trivial things. If little Valeria is offended it will last for a long time. It seems to be no reason but she is moody. And soon she will become joyful and delicate without any obvious reason. As she grows up Valeria remains a difficult and controversial personality. Sure it is not conducive to communication. However if you have enough patience to win her favour or if you are lucky to please her you will find the most devoted friend who will have eyes only for you and see only the best in y [...]
[2006-10-06] Lesya, Olesya, Olesia- russian women (female) name
In childhood Olesia is susceptible to colds and bronchitis. At schools she prefers girls' company and takes no notice of boys who are often in love with this slender, sportive and self-sufficient girl. Olesia takes her stubborn disposition after her mother while her agreeable appearance after her father to whom she is more attached. As an adult Olesia is straightforward and jealous. She is affectionate of her family and can be said to be a one-man woman. However this woman tends to be eccentric at times. Her actions can leave people close to her stupefied if not frightened. In youth she is c [...]
[2006-10-06] Lida, Lidia, Lidya - russian women (female) name
The name originates from area in Asia Minor called Lydia. Little Lidia is very curious - the one they always say, "Little pitchers have long ears." She takes interest in everything and may appear to be bustling but it is not true. Little Lidia fear to do something wrong and be cries at or punished. She is an obedient and careful child who tires to keep adults and particularly her mother. At school Lidia knows everything about everyone in order not to, Lord forbid, oppose herself to her peers. She listens to advice and owing to her indecisiveness and suggestibility she can be easily influen [...]
[2006-10-06] Lili, Liliya, Lilia - russian women (female) name
It originates from the flower of the same name. Lilia is attractive and fragile and she seems calm and unpretentious. But as a matter of fact she is stubborn and unmanageable. Lilia is a little tyrant. Her imagination and tricks produced by it seem to know no bounds. She loves to appear weak and offended by everyone and in any situation of conflict she pretends that she is ill. In youth communication with Lilia becomes easier. She does not virtually pick holes with her relatives and if there are quarrels in her family they usually stem from Lilia's desire to have the trendiest clothes. I [...]
[2006-10-06] Luba, Lubov, Luda, Luba - russian women (female) name
The name is of Old Slavonic origin and it means "love." Love is love and everyone who hears this name will definitely smile at little Lyubov and tell her some gentle words. Lyubov grows in the atmosphere of friendliness and affection; she does not go into to much effort to attract the attention of people around her and to win their favour. She is charming, playful and since early childhood coquettish. In her relations with parents Lyubov is kind and sympathetic; however her kindness is slightly superficial since it does not come from her heart. She is easy-going and in a conflict situation s [...]
[2006-10-06] Margo, Margarita - russian women (female) name
The name is of Latin origin and it means "pearl." Margarita is a highly independent girl. She has her own point of view on everything. She is straightforward and always speaks what she thinks directly to face of her parents and their guests which might be quite embarrassing for everyone but her. Straightforwardness and intolerance remain characteristic of adult Margarita; however with skillful and successful upbringing these features can be softened and smoothed. Otherwise Margarita will be perceived as an ill-bred and rude woman which will provoke conflicts with other people notwithstanding [...]
[2006-10-06] Maria, Masha, Marina - russian female (women) name
The name is of Hebrew origin and there are several versions as to its meaning. It might mean either "bitter" or "loved" or "stubborn." Maria is knows as a kind, gentle and calm girl. Still a child herself she nurses willingly her younger siblings and it seems to be the only occupation Maria does not grow bored of. Maria is thin-skinned and takes close to heart even the slightness remark or reproach. However she has enough dignity and firmness to stand up to herself. She is often self-will and loves to do what she wants. Sometimes her actions are fuelled with a momentary whim. Maria loves j [...]
[2006-10-06] Mila, Milena - russian female (women) name
Milena is often the only child in the family and she is pampered by everyone. The girl is usually weak, apathetic, with bad appetite, somewhat lazy but kind. She is used to obey to the words of the adults around her and therefore she lacks any form of self-sufficiency and independence. At school Milena remains equally infantile and taken care of by her friends. Fortunately she changes as she becomes an adult. "Winter" Milena is a difficult and controversial personality, she is stubborn, grumbling and loves to impose her opinion on other people; she is jealous and needs undivided attention. T [...]
[2006-10-06] Nadezhda, Nadya - russian female (women) name
The name is of Old Slavic origin and it means "hope." Nadezhda is often the only child in the family. She is emotional, slightly stubborn, musically gifted; she loves dances, noisy children's games and amusements. At school she keeps to girls' company where she aspires for leadership. Most often Nadezhda has somewhat man's character. She is firm, self-restrained, determined and not particularly affectionate. She is calculating and adventurous. Nadezhda might have whirlwind romances but after marriage and birth of children she settles down and her life acquires more order and organization [...]
[2006-10-06] Natalia, Natasha, Nata, Natali, Nataliya, Natalya - russian female (women) name
The name is of Latin origin and it means "native, dear." Among other children Natalia is an initiator of many games and amusements. She can bring something interesting and exciting even into the most run-of-the-mill pastimes. At school Natalia is socially active and she loves to be in the limelight; when she is praised she doubles her efforts. She has a firm and joyful nature with active kindness. She may fiercely protect her offended classmates who are too meek and mild to do it themselves. She is self-loving and seems to take her impetus from it. She is straightforward and short-tempered. [...]
[2006-10-06] Nina - russian female (women) name
It is the name of niece of Jerusalem patriarchy Uvenaliy who introduced Christianity into Georgia. The name is probably of Greek origin - the name of the founder of Assyrian state was Ninos. Nina is a short-tempered, stubborn and self-loving girl who is not used to taking into account the opinion of adults. Her determination knows no bounds. Her teachers often pay attention to the fact that Nina is a bully and trouble-maker; however on closer acquaintance it turns out that she was just protecting her weaker friend. "Winter" Nina is particularly emotional personality; she can easily lose co [...]
[2006-10-06] Olga, Olya - russian female (women) name
The name is of Scandinavian origin and it means "saint." Olga is a serious, thoughtful and touchy girl. She is very thin-skinned; even an inoffensive remark can make her retreat into her shell with tears welling up in her eyes. However she is stubborn; even is she is obviously wrong she will not ask for forgiveness "out of principle". She has equal relations both with boys and girls. She is capable but is not enthusiastic with her studies and does only what curriculum supposes. Olga prefers to keep to the background; she will never be impudent or trouble-making student. She does not mind cha [...]
[2006-10-06] Polina, Polya - russian female (women) name
It is the spoken variant of female name Appolinaria. It is of Greek origin - according to Ancient Greek mythology Apollo was the god of sun who patronized arts. Among other children Polina stands out with her malleability, sympathy and friendliness. In grief she will always console, sympathize and calm; in joy she will rejoice with other people never being envious. Sometimes Polina might seem to be over-flown with love for other people, animals and everything alive. At school she is her teacher's girl Friday; she is the soul of discretion in her relations with peers and she will never offend [...]
[2006-10-06] Regina - russian female (women) name
The name is of Latin origin and it means "queen, empress" Regina is noted for her kindness and determination. She is stubborn and persevering. She has a keen intuition she is used to relying on and rich imagination. Regina is very cleanly although she does not like washing the dishes. She is a perfect cook. Regina adores traveling and long voyages. In the morning she loves lying in. she does not waste money; however she is not thrifty either since she does not like to save money for a rainy day. Regina is resolute and determined. If her family life goes not as well as was expected she [...]
[2006-10-06] Ruslana - russian female (women) name
It is the female variant of male name Ruslan. In childhood Ruslana is nervous and irritable; she might suffer from nightmares at night. To cut a long story short she gives her parents a lot of trouble. At school Ruslana is a good student notwithstanding that fact that she does not easily get down to homework and loves lying in. Ruslana is brisk and forward with a razor-sharp tongue so she is not a person to trifle with. She has many friends the majority of whom are boys. Ruslana can make a good teacher, nurse, engineer or saleswoman. As she grows up Ruslana becomes milder and more tole [...]
[2006-10-06] Sveta, Svetlana - russian female (women) name
The name is of Slavic origin and it means "light, bright". Since early childhood Svetlana is noted for her difficult and controversial personality. She has an exaggerated opinion of herself; however she is a mediocre student at school and prefers social activities to studies. Svetlana is active and slightly overbearing; she gets what she wants by any means. However at the same she thoughtlessly takes everything she is told on trust. She is very kind person totally lacking any impudence and ready to help other people even to her own detriment. Svetlana is neat and she looks after her appearan [...]
[2006-10-06] Tamara, Toma - russian female (women) name
The name is of Hebrew origin and it means "fig-tree." Since early childhood Tamara cannot stand monotony. She is able to be carries away with a game for a short time or reading although she is curious and inquisitive by her nature; she takes interest in everything. She is artistic and takes obvious pleasure from performing in front of the guests; later she will willingly participate in a theatrical staging. Tamara is constantly acting: either she is an obedient and diligent girl, or an experienced woman or a character of the film. She is sweet and friendly with those she knows well whereas s [...]
[2006-10-06] Tania, Tatyana, Tanya - russian female (women) name
The name is of Old Greek origin and it means "organizer, foundress" Since childhood Tatyana is noted for her emotionality and ability to stand up for herself; she adheres to her principles and the only thing is that her principles undergo changes owing to her today's mood. Among her peers she tries to be a leader. At school she goes in for sport; she cannot resist the temptation of going to dancing. Tatyana gets bored with monotony. As an adult Tatyana is quite stubborn and authoritative; she knows what she wants and she stands no objections. She will always hold her own. She will cope wel [...]
[2006-10-06] Valentina - russian female (women) name
It is the female variant of Valentine; it is of Latin origin and it means “strong, healthy.” Valentina is noted for her boundless kindness since early childhood. She will share her toys, give her last candy and divide her apple. Her kindness if sacrificial and often lending a hand she runs into trouble. She does not expect a reward for her altruism; she does it not by calculation or selfish ends but because she cannot put up with other people’s sorrow. Valentina has a light and sunny disposition. She can easily run out of temper and fall out with her best friend but in less than two minute [...]
[2006-10-06] Varvara, Varia, Varya russian female (women) name
The name if of old Greek origin and it means “barbarian.” Little Varvara is a serene, kind and smiling creature. She is “father’s” daughter and takes everything after him. She is modest, hard-working, easygoing but shy which stays with her well into her adulthood. “Winter” Varvara is good at sports; she is prudent and reserved and prefers to keep everything to herself. She is not hasty and prefers to think every over before actually acting. “Summer” Varvara is touchy and exacting (of herself); she knows hot to dress tastefully and present herself. Varvara is a bit of a couch potato and [...]
[2006-10-06] Vera - russian female (women) name
It is the name of Russian origin meaning “faith, belief.” Since early childhood Vera is strikingly judicious and mercantile. She is an even-tempered girl with logical thinking. She is neither noisy nor fretful. She does well at school and does not mind nursing her younger brother or sister. She is full of respect for adults. Not conflicting by nature Vera however seldom has close friends. She does not try to get married early. Vera is reasonable and pragmatic, capable of thinking prudently. Vera is a gifted person but her life does not consist only of spiritual aspect. Vera knows what she [...]
[2006-10-06] Vika, Viktoria, Viktoriya - russian female (women) name
The name is of Latin origin and it means “victory.” Victoria often takes after her father. She is lazy and slow. When she plays with other children she is rarely the leader and prefers to keep to the background. She does not want to learn to read when she is a child so she constantly asks her parents to read for her. However she is calm, even-tempered and taciturn; sometimes she may seem reserved and hidden in her shell for no obvious to other people reason. In youth Victoria livens up and starts to take care of her appearance but her inside uncertainness and shyness stay with her; that is w [...]
[2006-10-06] Violetta - russian female (women) name
The name is of Latin origin and it means “violet.” Violetta is a brave and courageous woman which can be seen since early childhood. She is resolute and obstinate. And will never ask for forgiveness even if she realizes she is not right. She is quite young when she becomes independent and self-sufficient. As an adult Violetta is emotional but still stubborn and resolute. She is a typical “night owl” and loves to have a lie-in. She is assiduous but only with things which are after her heart. She enjoys a remarkable taste and she wears clothes which make her stand out of the crowd. Violett [...]
[2006-10-06] Yana - russian female (women) name
It is the female variant of male name Yan. According to another version this name originates from Latin name Janus who was believed to be the god of sun and light. In childhood Yana is stubborn and can easily make a scene if she wants anything. She loves to boast of a new dress, a puppy or an expensive toy in front of her peers. She is a bit arrogant. At school Yana is a mediocre student. She is prone to an early first love which she industriously hides and tries to seem unapproachable. Yana is her father's blue-eyed girl; she is pampered with his attention and care and in her husband-to [...]
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